I Feel Girlie


As I sat in the chair, my ankles crossed and tucked in, my little boy clitty was twitching as it lay tucked tightly in the white with cherries thong. It was tight, pulling at my boy hole so that whenever I moved it dug tighter into the crack of my rounded ass. My nipples itched in the cotton bra that fit tightly around my chest reminding me of the work the hormones had done on my small but defined breasts. I felt sexy, I felt so girlie!

“Loose the shirt bitch!” the black man said as he stood across the room from me. Immediately I took off the pink hoodie and the plum colored top I was wearing, placing the garments gently on the arm of the chair.

“You like wearing that bra don’t you!” He said, more of a comment than a question.

“Yes sir!” I said in my most feminine voice. It was an easy thing to do since of all the things I was wearing, the bra made me feel the most feminine.

“Rochelle says you’ve got nice titties even thought they’re natural! Lemme see um!” He ordered. Without comment I simply slid the straps from my shoulders and reached around and unfastened the stretched material. The bra joined my other clothes on the side of the chair as he walked around the bed until he was in front of me.

“Show me your tits!” He reached down and pulled at my protruding nipple as I cupped my breasts between my thumb and index finger. I looked down at his black hands on my white body and again my boy clitty went crazy. “They’re not bad but you’re gonna have to get um bigger bitch!” By now his other hand was toying with my other nipple.

“I see’s why Rochelle sent you over, but why did you come?” He asked looking down at me.

“Rochelle said that if I had a pimp I could make more money!” I said answering truthfully. He laughed.

“You know dat niggar bitch be my bottom ho! She make her money turnin out bitches fo me. All dat money you been makin fo her’s been comin to me anyway.” I didn’t know what t say. Rochelle was a beautiful Kartal Esmer Escort black woman dyke who had been my lover for a couple of weeks and was the reason I had started working the streets anyway. She had convinced me that whoring was a quick way to save enough money so I could have my operation. He let go of my breasts and sat down on the side of the bed.

“I usually don’t keep no bitchboys!” He said as he looked at me. “But I tell’s you what…” he paused and put his hand on his chin as he leaned forward to face me. “I’m a gonna train you to be a good little white ho, hep you gits yo real pussy and owns yo ass… lock stock an barrel.” He stood up in front of me.

“You gots yosef a new black daddy bitch, now gits over here an suck my cock while I gives you da rules.” He reached over and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me to my knees in front of him. Without hesitation I started un-buckling his pants, freeing his cock from the boxer underwear he wore. Roughly he pulled my face to his black organ.

“First!” He said as I slipped his cock into my mouth. “you gonna call me daddy an you gonna do whatever I tells you to do wifout any shit got it!”

“Yes Daddy!” I mumbled as he began pumping my mouth.

“You be workin da white boys and givin da nigga’s half off!”

“Yes Daddy!” I said as I rocked y head back in forth on his cock.

“Ummm,,,” I moaned.

” Dat’s it, fuck dat face of yours slut. You lke dat black cock don’t you?”

“Ummm huhhhh!” I replied before he pulled out of my mouth. He grabbed his cock and began slapping my face with it and then just as quickly shoved it roughly back in my mouth till it touched my throat.

“Swallow it bitch!” He said as he held my face to his groin. I wanted to gag but I put my hands on his hips to steady myself instead. “Dat’s it milk my cock!” Instinctively I kept working my throat muscles swallowing the long black organ as if I were giving Kartal Eve Gelen Escort it a massage.

“Umph!” He moaned as he pulled out releasing me from his grasp as he laid face down on the bed.

“Git’s over here and worship you daddy’s black ass!” he ordered as I crawled up onto the bed beside him. Quickly I did as he asked burying my face in his dark crevice. The smell wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and my tongue quickly darted between his cheeks seeking his puckered hole.

“I said worship it bitch! You best be tellin my how much you like dat black ass for I gives you lesson two!”

“Oh daddy I love your black ass. I need your fucking daddy! Please please treat me to your beautiful black cock. I love being your whore daddy!” Just uttering the words made me feel even more like a woman and I once again dove between his ass cheeks, this time letting my tongue flicker and probe his asshole.

“Dat’s it whore!” he said as he pulled away from me. “Now bend over dat chair so’s I can fuck dat tight white ass of yours.” I rolled off the bed and grabbed the arms of the chair as I stuck my ass out for him.

“Where’s da lube?” he asked.

“On the table Daddy!” I said. “I’ll get it!” I quickly grabbed the liquid lube off the table and after pouring some in my hand, and moving my thong to the side, I began massaging my fuck hole for his pleasure. “Do you need a rubber Daddy!” I asked.

“Dat’s a good bitch!” He said as he watched me. “nobody but me fucks dat ass wifout a rubber, got it?”

“Yes Daddy, Oh…” I was so excited as I readied myself for him. “Oh Daddy I need your black cock in me!” I pleaded.

“Bend over bitch!” He said as I steadied myself by holding onto the arms of the chair. Then, with on single motion he thrust himself into my tight fuck hole.

“Aughhh!” I cried as his manhood passed my sphincter. My anus tightened around his cock as he started to pump backwards Kartal Evi Olan Escort in me.

“Damn bitch yo be tight!” He said as he started fucking me in earnest.

“Ummmm…” I moaned as my fuck hole grew accustom to his dark meat. “Yes daddy, fuck me. Fuck your little white bitch!” I said.

“Ride it bitch! Ride your black daddy’s cock!” he said as he humped back and forth.

“Ummm yes Daddy. Oh Daddy you fuck so good. Do you like it daddy?” I mumbled as my little clitty grew hard as he screwed me.

“You gonna come like a good bitch!” He said as he slapped my ass. “You like dat dick up your ass don’t you?”

“Oh, oh oh yess daddy, fuck me, fuck me harder daddy!” I said as my hand started milking my little boy clitty. I could feel the veins in his cock start to thrust as he pounded in and out of me. I knew he was going to fill me and I wanted to cum with him. He grabbed my hips and pulled me close to him.

“Dat’s it whore ….. god fuck me. Get’s my seed!” He said as I started spewing cum. He too, unable to control himself started emptying himself in my fuck hole. His throbbing cock dumping squirt after squirt into me.

“Ummmmm….” I moaned trying to keep from falling to my knees after the fucking I had received. Slowly his cock slipped from my hole, his wetness leaking between my ass cheeks and down my leg. I turned around and saw him standing there holding onto his semi rigid cock.

“Now comes and cleans me up my newest ho!” I dropped to my knees and crawled in front of him replacing his hand with mine on his cock. Quickly I slipped it into my mouth savoring the taste of my secretions and his thick cum.

“Ummmm, thank you Daddy!” I mumbled as I continued to lick and suck at his cock.

“Hand me my clothes bitch! I got’s to be goin! You tell Rochelle you’se now one of my bitches an fo her to set you up wif a crib! Give her yo credit card and drivers license so’s she can get you covered.”

“Yes, daddy, oh thank you daddy!” I said as I watched him dress and walk out the door. I fell face first onto the bed smiling still full of his cum up my boy hole. As my hands found their way to my breasts I savored the feeling of at last having a pimp and bein one of his bitches. God I felt so girlie.

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