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From that first moment I saw my wife impaling herself on that giant Black cock I knew it was not going to be a one off. She was hooked and would certainly be repeating the pleasurable experience at any cost.

I was not complaining, aside from the amazing erotic image that stayed with me and provided hours of great jerk off fantasies, she was also in a new state of heightened sexuality. That one incident had flicked a switch and she had become even more wild and passionate. She seemed to be more in control and took a more dominating roll, calling the shots whether it was harder, more, quicker or a new favorite “eat me out!”

The last of her commands always raised suspicion, several times after that night I would feel sure that I could taste cum again and that she had been out fucking. Nothing was ever said and I happily cleaned her up. I was still desperate to see it happen again, it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen and was not content for it to be the only time I got to see it. I know she enjoyed it and suspected she still was, the final barrier was for her to know that I knew and accepted it.

A few weeks had gone by and aside from my occasional suspicion of her sopping gaping cunt during oral or her evasive behavior when committing to when she would be home from friends or what she was doing, I had no idea how we were going to move the situation forward.

To make thing worse, I was on a project that took me out of town. I was working long hours and was tired and lonely, each night going back to the motel and jerking off imagining what my beautiful wife was up to. When we spoke on the phone a few times she sounded like she was caught with her hands in the cookie jar but claimed that she was helping her friend with some work. I felt sure that she was getting her fill of cock.

It was Friday afternoon and there was a chance to wrap work up early and break for the weekend. I did not want to spend more time away so raced for a flight home. Three hours later I arrived outside our house, which was in darkness. My wife’s car was in the drive along with two other vehicles I have not seen before.

I went round the back of the house and let myself in quietly through the kitchen door. The house was a mess; there were a couple of empty bottles of wine in the kitchen and a trail of clothes leading towards the stairs. Following the trail I worked out there was more than two people involved. I could recognize my wife’s clothes, but also came up with what appeared to be two pairs of men’s pants!

As I went up Bostancı Olgun Escort the stairs I could hear sounds of a serious fucking, my wife was crying out and was begging to be fucked harder. At the top of the stairs I had a perfect view of our bedroom. This view included my wife and two huge black cocks. She had one thrusting in and out of her pussy, and the other wagging across her mouth for her to suck between her cries

I was transfixed at how beautiful she looked; her ass was bright red with large handprints from a good spanking. Her tits were hanging down and being sucked as she fucked her stud while the other was pawing her asshole.

The bed was soaked and the room smelled heavily of sex, this scene had clearly been going on for a while. Her thighs were streaked with dried cum, as was her hair; it looked like this was at least round two for her two studs.

Her pace was quickening and I could tell she was close to an orgasm; she was pushing harder and harder down on the cock in her pussy and was making her best effort at taking the other all the way in her mouth. Suddenly she let the cock in her mouth go and pushed back one last time on the cock she was riding, She let out a long moan and came all over him, as she slid off his cock I could see that it was slick with their combined juices. She then told her studs that she wanted them both to fuck her. She climbed off one cock and instructed the other to take its place.

The cock she had been sucking was not overly long but thick and menacing looking. The cock she had been fucking was a good 10″ of rock hard flesh. It looked like it had been oiled it was so slick from her last orgasm!

She repositioned herself over the new thick monster and slowly slid down its length gasping as the girth stretched her wider than before. Once she had bottomed out she pulled her other cock into position on her asshole. Slowly he eased in and they both took a steady rhythm of fucking her, as one pulled out the other pushed in deeper. She was in total ecstasy, her head rolled back as she lost herself in the passion. Her orgasms were continuous and getting more powerful. I could only imagine what her muscles were doing to the two pistoning cocks.

I was right, after a few minutes the guy fucking her ass let out a long moan as he pumped his cum inside her. This triggered his friend who shortly followed by filling her cunt with cum. The next vision will stay with me forever, as the guy pulled out of her ass, she lifted herself off the other cock. I Bostancı Sarışın Escort watched both her holes slowly close and a flood of cum leak out on to the guy beneath.

“I have a job for you she announced” I figured she was addressing one of the guys until she called my name. My heart was pounding, how did she know I was there? More importantly if she knew why did she carry on?

All I could do was obey, I had been caught watching her get fucked and had was clearly turned on by the whole situation. As I entered the room the two guys laughed as I tried to cover my own erection. After the laughter passed, my wife gave me one simple instruction “clean me up.”

I knelt on the bed behind my wife and set about licking her freshly fucked pussy. Her cunt was burning hot and soaking wet with a combination of all their sex. I kept cleaning her up and moved up to the swollen bud of her asshole. I gentle licked around her ass cleaning up all the cum that had leaked out. While I worked on her clean up she set about sucking the guy that had just fucked her ass.

Once my job was finished I stepped back taking in the scene. I was abruptly brought back to the situation as my wife instructed me my job was not complete. With this comment she moved aside from the cock she had been straddling and told me to clean him and have him ready for her again.

I stood looking at this beautiful black cock covered in sperm and her juices, I did the only thing I could. Cradling his balls I started to lick up the length of his shaft, after a while I actually got into it. I could feel the hardness return and this only went to encourage my efforts. Having removed all traces of the previous fucking I wanted to make him ready for an encore. Placing the tip of his cock in my mouth I gently sucked and bobbed my head forward inch by inch I took in more of his swollen cock. He was really getting hard now and ready for my wife who was still sucking off the other guy while fingering her own cunt.

Keeping hold of the cock I had been sucking I guided him back to my wife’s pussy. She was still super wet and stretched out from all the previous fucking so he slid in with little resistance. I watch just inches away from this coupling amazed that all that cock would fit so easily inside her.

She was still sucking on the other cock, which was now back to full hardness and looking as thick as ever. She gave one last deep suck, coating the whole shaft in saliva. “Now your turn” she said as she stared deep into my eyes.

I Bostancı Şişman Escort was both excited and terrified. I have always been Bi-curious but never had chance to fully explore. An extreme way to start I know, but what the hell!

I undressed and moved up the bed so I was on my hands and knees next to my wife. I lifted up my ass and reached out my hand to hold hands with her. I felt a cold liquid being smeared over my ass followed by intense warmth as he positioned his cock at my opening. “This is going to hurt you more than it is going to hurt me, cracker! But it is what your missus wants…” He sneered before he pressed forward. I could feel my ass slowly open to this huge invader. The pain was incredible but so was the pleasure. He was hardly moving yet I could feel his cock pulsing red hot, I must have only had a couple of inches in but I was loving it. The pain was still there but the waves of pleasure made it worthwhile. My cock was rock hard and dripping precum. Ten minutes must have past and I finally felt his balls slap against my own.

Here I was next to my beautiful wife being fucked while she was lost in her own orgasms. Every thrust he made was even more incredible sending jolts of sensation throughout my body. This was like nothing I have felt before. His hands gripped my waist and he continued to thrust into my while pulling me onto his cock. I reached behind me and fondled his balls, I did not want it to end, but also wanted to feel him cum. Lubricating my finger around my wife’s dripping cunt I returned my hand to his balls and then reached beyond his “taint” and started to probe at his ass. This was enough for him and as his paced quickened I knew I was soon going to be filled up. The anticipation was amazing but nothing could prepare me for his last thrust as he held me tightly on his pulsing cock. I could feel jet after jet of hot cum as it was pushed deep in my ass. The feeling set off my own orgasm and without being touched my own cock started to spurt over the bed sheets.

I collapsed forward, sliding of his softening cock; I was exhausted and light headed after such an intense experience. I lay for a moment listening to my wife being fucked. Soon she was crying out as she was filled again with another fresh load of sperm. She fell forwards and was lay beside me. What a sight it must have been a man and wife both sexually spent, dripping in cum with two black lovers knelling between them.

We both rolled on to our backs and I smiled across at her and she smiled back. This moment was our joint acceptance, me of her infidelity and her of my fantasies. Our moment was cut short as our two guests came to the top of the bed and presented each of us with their cocks to clean. Again I found myself sucking on a black dick watching my wife do the same.

This day would change us both for good…

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