I Know Where He Lives.

Amateur College

I Know Where He Lives.A good mate of mine works in the building trade. This summer, his company were renovating a number of old flats in a tenement building, gutting the insides, putting in replacement windows through a contractor and sandblasting the stone exteriors.As a lawyer, I’ve done some legal work for him in the past, and I agreed to go round and cast an eye over some paperwork for him – as usual charging him only “mates’ rates” for my services – late last month. His office is out of town, and we agreed it would be simpler for me to go round to the vacant top-floor property at the weekend and look at the documents there, rather than making a sixty-mile trip to his HQ.The keys were duly dropped off at my home while I was out and I drove over to the block on a Sunday afternoon a couple of days later. The legal stuff took no time at all, as all was in order, and I walked the apartment admiring the high, spacious rooms, which were going to look great when they were done.This particular flat had yet to have new windows installed and the vacant spaces were covered in plastic sheeting. I went over to one, pushed it aside where it had come loose and looked past the exterior scaffolding to the apartments opposite, which were bathed in sunshine.Straight across the road on the same level, there was movement at an open window. The frame had been completely pushed up, and a young lad was leaning on the ledge. As he spotted me, he stood up and stared boldly across the street at me from about fifty feet. Fuck, he was cute. Short dark hair with a fringe and a face that was undeniably handsome, whatever your tastes. My tastes have always stretched to pretty boys.He grinned across and stretched, catlike. To my amazement, as his arms raised above his head the t-shirt he was wearing rode up, revealing that he was naked below the waist. “Fucking hell,” I muttered, as my hand went to my crotch and squeezed my dick through the material of my jeans.The boy raised one foot on to the window ledge, and I watched mesmerised as his cock and balls dangled, just a few yards away. I clutched at my crotch again, rubbing in an unmistakable movement and his smile grew wider. “Three B,” he called out, and disappeared from the window.This side of the street may have been wholly deserted, but the opposing properties were all occupied, and anybody on the lad’s side could have seen me standing there, rubbing the business zone of my jeans like a fucking lunatic.I backed into the apartment and, replacing the plastic sheet and securing it on the pin it had shucked loose from, I found I was perspiring despite the flat’s cool interior.My mind was made up. I grabbed my briefcase, locked the empty flat and raced down the stairs and across the busy street. Heart racing, I was pressing doorbell 3B within two minutes of the lad’s unexpected peep show.There was no answer from the intercom. Instead, it emitted a low buzz and a click and the door of the building clicked and opened with a push.I walked up to the third floor, slipping my jacket off as I did so and loosening the tie I had worn as a matter of course, even though it was the weekend. When I got to this mysterious boy’s apartment door, it was ajar. “This is fucking madness,” said something in my brain. I wasn’t listening.I went inside, closing it behind me. “In here,” a voice called out.He was lying on an unmade single bed inside the first room off the hallway. trying to look casual and bold as brass. Failing to.As I entered the bedroom, he swung both feet on to the carpet and sat on the edge of the bed. That cock again, long and pale, though not as pale as the rest of him.”What the fuck’s your game?” I demanded. He grabbed at his dick, almost defensively, protectively, and I saw that he was getting hard. His balls looked heavy and full of cum.”I saw you,” he breathed. “I’m sorry, I thought it would be okay. I’ve been watching the workers on the scaffolding, but there was no-one there today.””And what? Jacking bursa escort off to them? Dirty little fucker.”He nodded. “I’m really sorry, mister. I never do THIS though, honest.”I laughed. “Fuck, I’m not their boss or anything! Bet they’ve been stripped to the waist all summer. Fucking horny little peeping Tom, eh?” I smiled again. Couldn’t help it.He grinned back. “God, yeah. Some right big muscle bastards. I’ve been going crazy in here! My mum’s been complaining cos I never go out. I finished school and don’t start uni for weeks.”My hand went to my crotch again. “So where is she today?””In town, shopping. She’ll be ages.” “University? So you’re eighteen?””Yeah. Nearly nineteen.””Cool. Strip.”He stared at me for long seconds. The he pulled off his t-shirt in a smooth movement, revealing more pale skin and a hairless chest. Not particularly muscular at all, but with a flat stomach and well-defined pecs. His nipples were bright pink.”Fuck, you’re a pretty one,” I breathed. I threw my jacket on a chair piled high with clothes, kicked my shoes off and slipped my jeans to my ankles. They joined my shoes in the corner.”You look good,” he breathed.”Bit of gym, cycling. Not bad for . . . twentysomething.”A lie. I won’t see thirty again.”You done this before?” I asked him.”No, I just masturbate watching them. Too scared. I want it really bad sometimes though.””So you’re not scared of me?” I laughed.”Well, you look like a nice guy. I’m fucking scared now though.””Don’t be. We’re gonna play. You had a guy before?”He nodded.”Just blowjobs, or did you get fucked?”Another nod, barely perceptible this time.”With a mate of mine when we were drunk. I fucked him too though!” he added, like he was determined to prove he was no sissy.”What’s your name, lad?”His stare drilled at the bulge in my briefs, which were starting to feel uncomfortable against my thick boner.”Adam.” He licked his lips.”Well, Adam . . . I’m gonna suck your cock.”He froze, eyes wide. I walked over to the bed.”Stand up.”He did, stiff young tool bobbing deliciously before him.”But I thought I . . .””Shh . . .” I said. “I’ll get you off first. Then we’ll see what’s up. I wanna taste that cock.”He swallowed hard as I squatted in front of him, stripping off my shirt and tie, leaving us both naked. Jesus, he was shaking like a leaf.I stroked and squeezed that tasty teen cock and licked at the head. He was circumcised and his skin felt like velvet as I kissed and tongued at his hard shaft, my mouth returning to take his cockhead and slurp at it every few seconds.He groaned and I gazed up at him, half the length of his tool in my mouth. Pulling back and kissing the head, I said: “Daddies suck dick too, Adam. God, I fucking love young cock. You like the way my mouth feels on your dick?””Fuck, yes. Suck me, mister.”I did, relishing the heat and flavour of his salty shaft and head. I took him in one hand and vigorously wanked his gorgeous tool, licking his balls as I did so and then taking them both in my mouth.He let out a whine and gasped as I tongued and sucked his big young bollocks.”You fucking hot young bitch. bet you’ve got a load of hot spunk for me in there,” I said, looking up at his ecstatic face again.”Ummm . . . oh God yeah, I haven’t even come today,” he hissed, throwing his head back out of my eyeline.”Well, you’re gonna fucking come for me now, aren’t you?”Still jacking his long, thick teenage tool with my right hand, I placed my mouth over the head again and sucked at him hungrily. Spit drooled down his shaft, wetting my fingers, and I took two of them and reached under his balls and between his legs, stroking his taint while he shuddered and groaned somewhere above me, then carrying on to his asshole, which I rubbed and pressed against, feeling the tightness of his boycunt against my soaked fingertips.My free left hand reached down between my thighs and gripped my dick, which was rigid. It felt so good to suck and wank at the same time, but Adam yelped: “Oh shit, I’m gonna bursa escort bayan come any time. Jesus fuck! I can’t stop it!”Distracted, but with my mind now ablaze with lust for cum, I took his youthful meat in my left hand and wanked him as I kept sucking. I slipped my right fuckfinger into his ass, my index joining it a second later, probing him. Fucking him.The boy howled, my mouth sucking hard on him as I jerked his cock on to the back of my tongue, which was still licking wildly at his thick shaft.”Yes!” he shouted, and I felt his first spurt coat the inside of my mouth. His thighs and stomach shook and spasmed against my body and face as he jetted twice more, three times, filling my greedy mouth with jizz as his eighteen-year-old penis throbbed.So much cum, thick and tasty. I swallowed. The feeling was mindblowing.Adam slumped back on to the bed and on to his back, breathing hard in the baking-hot bedroom.I glanced down. Some of his jizz had shot on to my neck and was trickling down my naked, hairy chest, mingling with the fresh sweat there. My cock was like a steel bar, a clear droplet of precum glistening at my pisshole. I stood and flexed my dick, hands behind my head, and watched as the droplet swelled and then trickled down my shaft.I took my stiff tool in my hand and gazed down at the boy, whose skin was glistening with perspiration, his neck and face flushed with his orgasm. Skinning my dick back and forth, I felt my nuts tighten.”Fuck, I needed that,” I said. “And so did you.”He sat up slightly, leaning back on his elbows as he regarded me, his face taking on a sly look.”Yeah, I did, mister. But now you have to go.”I almost burst out laughing, but I felt a red flash of anger in my head. What the fuck was THIS shit?”I don’t fucking think so, Adam.””Seriously, man.” he didn’t look quite so cocky now. “I was lying about my mum. She’ll be back any time. You really have to leave. Please!”So this was his silly little game. I almost felt sorry for him.”Listen, son. We both know that’s a lie.”Now. Let’s get real about this. I’m not going anywhere. I know where you live. Fuck it – I AM where you live!”Either you’re gonna give me what I want, or I’m gonna take it. And I want your arse. But first you’re gonna suck daddy like a good little slut. Get up.”He did, looking more than a little frightened. Shorter and skinnier than me. Frightened, all right. But oh, so cute.My thick, eight-inch cock bulged in my grip as I placed my other hand on his shoulder and looked into his eyes.”I think we understand each other, Adam.” His eyes mesmerised me. He nodded.”Yes, daddy. I lied. I’m sorry. We have a while yet.”I pulled him to me and we kissed, hard and deep. My tongue trawled his mouth and he licked hungrily at it, tasting the spunk he had shot into my greedy mouth minutes earlier. I clutched his muscular ass and our cocks rubbed together. The young slut was getting hard. Young cocks. Always ready to go again. That made me very happy.My aching dick throbbed against his hot, youthful tool, and he licked his palms and readily took both stiff lengths of meat in his hands and started to jack them off against each other, moaning into my mouth as we continued to french each other hungrily.I pushed him back on to the bed and was on him right away, hands roaming over that perfect pale body, crushing him in my arms as he moaned, licking at my chest and sucking my nipples in an incredibly slutty way.This teen was something special. “Ohhh, daddy. I fucking need it,” he said. I gave into the pressure of his hands and lay on my back, and he kissed down my abs, licking at me, until his mouth reached my tool.It felt so hot and wet inside that pretty little mouth, and he gave me an expert suckjob, hands caressing my thighs and torso as he sucked like a slut, tugging on my nipples as I urged him on with thrusts into my mouth.”Fucking hell, daddy, your cock tastes so fucking good,” he gasped, and I took his head in my hands and started to work escort bursa it back and forth on my meat, fucking his face as he knelt over me. He was fully hard again and I knew I want to have that big young cock come for me again – this time with my dick buried in his ass.As he sucked I kept my eyes on his body. He was in good shape – like I said, not skinny but with a boyish shape that looked good against my muscular man’s frame, his soft skin so white against my tanned flesh.Adam was a beautiful little cocksucker, and I wondered how often he and his little classmate had got it on. The thought of the two teens going at each other wasn’t helping my self-control, and as he swirled his tongue around my bulging cockhead and probed my piss-slit for the hundredth time, I sat up and took him gently by the shoulders.”I’m gonna fuck you now, Adam,” I said. He nodded, eyes shining and lips wet, his tongue so shiny and pink.He got up and opened a drawer at his bedside. Way at the back, behind his socks and undies, he found a bottle of lotion. He handed it to me, the sweetest blush on his face and a look that was three parts excitement and one part fear. He made to get on all-fours back on the bed, but I said “No. Do as I say.”Lying him on his back, I leaned in and kissed him tenderly, my tongue playing with his again. I got up and stood at the bottom of the bed, dragging him towards me by the legs, which made him giggle. Then his eyes locked on my dick, and he moaned again.I spread him wide and squirted lotion on to my fingers, then smeared it around his young pink anus, gently working a couple of fingers in there again. His rectum felt hot and tight, and my cock throbbed involuntarily.”Okay, honey boy. Work my dick in.”I placed my hand on my hips as Adam reached down and gripped my shaft gently, rubbing the head of my cock against his pink pucker.”Ohhhh fuck, that’s good,” I sighed. I thrust forward gently and the boy’s eyes went wide as he managed to steer the tip of my cock into his tight teenage hole. I felt myself go deeper as he worked his ass on me, and he gave a brief yelp of pain as my bulging cockhead slipped past his anus and into his rectum.Still wanking the exposed part of my shaft with one hand, he eased himself down deeper, taking more cock and letting loose a deep, satisfied groan.”Ohhhhh fuck, that’s so fucking big.” He let go his grip on my cock and lay back. Another wriggle from him, another gentle push from me, and most of my tool was inside him.”Hurts like fuck. Hurts good. Fuck me, mister.”I needed no more encouragement. I started to stroke it in and out of the boy’s tight asshole, slowly at first and then picking up the pace as I felt him thrust back at me. Long minutes past, sweat poured off my body and on to his, and we took turns jacking his own perfect dick as mine continued to own his boyish butthole.”You fucking love it,” I grunted, ten minutes in. “You fucking love it, you little slut.””Oh godddd yeah, fuck me daddy, fuck me!” he yelled. “I love your big dick in me! Fuck my cunt, I’m a fucking slut for you!”At that his cock, which he was tugging on frenziedly as I assfucked him, spurted cum. His second load of the afternoon sprayed over his sweat-soaked tummy and chest as I felt his anus flex and spasm around my thrusting dick. The combined sight and feeling were too much, and I howled with lust as I emptied my balls into the lad’s hot, insatiable little cunt.Shooting my load into the cute lad, breeding his rarely-fucked little bum with my cum, was just incredible. My eyes rolled back in my head as I fired my long-awaited orgasm deep into his rectum, with Adam hissing “Yess! Yessss!” as he took every drop I had.I lay on top of him and his fingers ran through my hair as he kissed and licked at my neck, eight inches of cock still inside him and his own perfect tool between our bodies as the sweat and cum dried on us.”Now you REALLY have to go. But I want this to happen again,” he whispered. “What’s your name, daddy?””I’m Tony,” I said, breath returning to normal.I propped myself up on one elbow and watched his face.”I want that too, Adam,” I said. “And it will happen again.”Of course it will. After all – I know where he lives.

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