I lost my virginity and had my first MFM the same


I lost my virginity and had my first MFM the sameRich and I met at the beach during the summer that I became a teenager, and were going steady just a week later. He was my first official boyfriend and I felt so cool since my boyfriend was a year older. I had kissed a couple of boys and maybe four or five girls before him but it was wonderful knowing I had someone I could kiss anytime I wanted.For the first few weeks we would just hang out on the beach and sneak off into the bushes to make out. We moved ahead pretty fast for our age and advanced to lots of hands inside swimsuits. By the end of summer our daily play time started with lots of making out and then I would give him a sloppy blow job. His was the first cock I ever touched and the first I ever sucked and I jokingly blame him from my addition to sucking cocks. He really was gentle and encouraging and I wanted so badly to please him. It took a few tries, but soon I was able to catch and swallow every drop of his cum every time he exploded in my mouth. The summer ended and we were back in school when we both decided we wanted to go all the way. Rich and I borrowed his older brother’s car to be the spot for our first time making love. We picked a Saturday afternoon and made out plan to meet. Riche’s brother, Scott, drove the car to the mall since he had just gotten his license and neither of us was old enough to drive. Scott parked his car in a spot away from the buildings and then went inside the mall to a movie. My mother dropped me off at the mall where I met up with Rich. We went out the car and slipped into the back seat. All the usual kissing and necking took place, and I stroked his hard cock a bit as his fingered me some, but it was just a few minutes later and I was on my back, jeans and panties off and Rich was fumbling with a condom. I helped him roll it down over his six inch hard cock and we were ready for the big moment. I had never been penetrated with a cock, so I was a virgin until that day in the parking lot of Lakehurst Mall. Rich tried to be gentle and a little romantic, but he was mostly just awkward and selfish. In retrospect he was only a year into his teens and I had only been a teenager for a couple of months, so I guess it was just destined to be awkward. I was dripping wet when he slid istanbul escort between my thighs and I reached down to help guide him inside. I honestly felt like he was blindfolded and was just randomly poking me with his cock, but eventually, he found the right spot and I felt the most incredible feeling of a hard cock entering my pussy for the first time. He was stopped by my hyman but only for a second. “I can’t get it any further in,” he whined. I said, “It’s ok. Just push a little harder and go slow please, it hurts some.” Suddenly he violently thrust himself inside and began to wildly pound himself against my hips driving his full length inside me. The rest of the experience is a short, stinging, sweaty blur, Rich was stroking inside me and groping my tits under my shirt. I was bleeding and my pussy was burning, but I still got very close to an orgasm. I was reaching for my clit, hoping to tease myself over the edge when Rich spasmed and went limp over me. The whole thing was over in less than five minutes.He was instantly paranoid, convinced we were going to get caught and telling me to get dressed. He freaked out when he saw my blood on his cock and balls, so I used my panties to clean him up and then to clean up Scotts’s car seat and finally to clean me up a bit too. I wiggled back in my jeans without my panties and stuffed my wet and blood stained panties in my purse. Rich all but d**g me back into the mall still convinced we were going to get caught. It was almost dark when Scott came out of the movie and Rich and I were waiting for him at Orange Julius. Scott was our ride home so we followed him out of the mall and back to his car. “You two didn’t fuck up my car did you?” he asked as we walked. “No, we cleaned up every thing,” Rich said.”What the fuck was there to clean up?” he responded,”Just a little blood, but Misty took care of it,” Rich said nervously.”Blood?! Are you on your fucking period?” Scott barked at me.”No, Asshole, I was a virgin until an hour ago. Thanks for your concern,” I snapped back. We were getting in the car by the then, and I took my place in the middle of the front seat between the brothers. “Damn Richie, you tapped a virgin for your first time. Good job Bro,” avcılar escort Scott praised his little brother. “I’ve got a few beers in the back, we should celebrate.”I was feeling a little awkward to be the subject of the brother’s celebration but when we pulled into a city park and Scott opened three beers, I was a little more ok with it. We all three sat on a picnic table for a while sipping beers and Rich and I cuddled. “So how are you two going to pay me for the use of the car and the beer,” Scott asked after few more sips.”I don’t have any money,” Rich replied quickly.”Then I guess I will be leaving you both here,” he said quickly.It might have been the beer, or the fact that I was still horny from being fucked without a climax, but out of no where I blurted out, “How about a blowjob?”The brothers were both shocked. Scott was the first to recover his whits and said “Fuck yeah! Payment in full Bitch.”Rich stammered and whined, “But Misty, you are my girlfriend. What are you doing?””I am your girlfriend, but I am also not going to walk home,” I snapped back. “So grow up Richie. And you can fuck me while I suck him, Get a condom on”Scott was already pulling his pants down when I told him to sit on the edge of the picnic table. I could instantly see that big brother was significantly better endowed than Rich. His cock was much thicker and was already seven inches long and was just half hard. I pushed my jeans to my ankles and bent at the waist as I gripped Scott’s cock and started to stroke it slowly. A few licks on the head and he was growing quickly. My pussy was wet just from the prospect of what was going to happen when Rich pressed his cock against me from behind. Again, it took a few tries to get his hard little prick inside but once he did, he got in a long deep grove pretty quickly. I braced myself with my arms on the picnic table and then started to bob on Scott’s hard and dripping cock. I am not sure he had had a blow job before, but I was going to give him a good one. I sucked in as much of him as I could and pulsed my mouth on him for a long time. He as wiggling and moaning when I pulled my mouth off and gave him a break. Rich was fucking me hard from behind and his tight balls were making slight contact with şirinevler escort my clit on each stroke, but I still could not get enough pressure on it to orgasm. I could tell he was already getting close to orgasming again, but I wanted one too, so I quickly hatched a plan. Being in control of two young hot horny teen brothers was intoxicating to me and I took advantage. “Rich, come over here, I want to suck you off. And Scott, if you can make me cum with your tongue, you can cum in my mouth too.”I guess both thought that was a good deal, because we changed positions in just seconds. I was on my back on the picnic table with Scott licking my freshly fucked pussy and clit like mad and Rich had tossed the condom and was feeding me he hard cock. I was successful in edging Rich until I got what I wanted. Scott was as lost down there as any first timer would be and I was directing him on how much pressure and even where to lick and suck. After a couple of minutes and a little help from one of my fingers, I exploded in my first ever orgasm from a tongue. Honoring my deal, I pulled Scott up and kissed his delicious lips and then told both brothers to cum for me. They took their places on each side of the picnic table, with me still on my back in the middle and each stroked their cocks just inches from my face. I took turns giving each cock a quick suck and lick and was pulling on both sets of balls when they simultaneously exploded. Their cum covered my face and I caught as much as I could in my open mouth, but like teen boys will do, they sprayed cum everywhere including my hair and even on one another. Still in control of the situation, I sat up and called Scott over to me first. I whispered, “Thank you Scott,” and then gave him a long wet kiss with lots of his and his brother’s cum still on my tongue. I was gripping his cock when he pulled back a bit but I held him tight. Then the same treatment for Rich, but to my surprise, he actually licked my face and sucked my tongue tasting every drop. We finished our beers and Scott made good on our word and drove me home. For the entire drive to my house I rubbed both bother’s cock through their jeans and kissed both before I headed into my house. I went quickly to my room, just hoping my mother did not notice that I still had cum in my hair. I secretly left my blood stained wet panties under Scott’s car seat as an additional thank you. Scott confided in me a couple of months later, that he had masturbated into my panties for weeks after he found them. I dated Rich for a few more months and then Scott for a couple of more, but by Christmas I had moved on to someone new.

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