I Remember Bethany Ch. 04


(In which Beth strips in public and finds that she enjoys exhibitionism)

Beth tried to back off from the relationship because of my coming departure and she succeeded in keeping it on a platonic level after our Christmas idyll. I respected her feelings and didn’t do anything to reignite our affair. Adele in her way helped by insisting that I come home right after work and taking the Mercedes because she said that she and the girls needed the transportation while I was left with the MG and there was no way I or anybody else but a contortionist could fuck in a MG.

We tried to be just friends but it was hard on both of us, I often found myself staring at her and I occasionally caught her staring at me with longing. Sometimes the pangs of desire were almost unbearable. I tried to council her to seek out somebody new but she said that she didn’t want to start up with anybody at school because of gossip and she didn’t want to start picking guys up in bars especially at the Goldrush. I think we both meant to keep it on a platonic level but sometimes events have a way of conspiring against even the best of intentions.

The period after New Years is always a dead time in any bar so Jimmy had come up with the idea of a wet t-shirt contest a few years back and it had grown into a local institution. As a part of the competition, he told all the waitresses that if they wanted to work that night they had to compete in the contest. Beth at first hesitated but because of financial desperation and the lure of large tips plus my encouragement caused her to sign up for that Saturday night. I told her how beautiful and sexy she was and that she should show off her newfound persona.

Saturday night came and Jimmy had all the girls exchange their white blouses for French cut white t-shirts that stated “I got soaked at the Goldrush” across the midriff. The place was packed in anticipation of the contest and the liquor was flowing freely. The first part of the contest was for the female customers and jimmy had hired a couple of ringers from the topless clubs downtown. Jimmy handed out free t-shirts to the contestants. Several guys had brought in their girlfriends and a few sorority sisters got in on a dare and were egging each other into upping the ante.

I remember that I was playing a lot of songs by an acquaintance of mine from New Orleans named Henry Byrd (Professor Longhair) mostly stuff like ‘Big Chief’ and Tippitina’ when the female customers started to get drenched in warm water and dance in completion on our makeshift stage. Jimmy had designed the contest in successive single elimination steps so that the girl with the least applause had to quit before the next round. They also had to down a drink between each round. The first girl up was a ringer and sill had a bikini top under her shirt and undid the strings and pulled off the bikini from under the shirt to wild applause. The rest of the contestants got the point and their was a short delay while the girls removed their bras from under their shirts. After that they danced across the stage with their breasts on display under wet fabric.

For the second round the contestants were lightly sprayed with ice water to make their nipples stand up. By the third round, the girls were much less inhibited with some bending forward to display their freely swinging tities. At the end of that round the second ringer pulled off her pants to dance in her bikini bottom and t-shirt. The couple of contestants who refused to follow suit were quickly eliminated and soon all the women were dancing in cotton briefs or opaque pantyhose. At the end of that round the second ringer pulled up her shirt to give the crowd a flash of her naked tits. At the start of the next round, the first ringer just pulled off her shirt and threw it out into the crowd. After that each female was greeted with stamping feet and cries of “take it off- take it off!” They all complied and one by one they all pulled off their shirts to wild applause. The contest was won by an initially shy sorority sister who ended up shaking her large, well shaped breasts over the cheering crowd.

During her break, Bostancı Yabancı Escort Beth and I shared a joint and she confessed to being very nervous but I reassured her that she was very beautiful and that she had my vote.

“And now what you’ve all been waiting for — the Goldrush Girls.” Jimmy announced. “This part of the contest will only have one round.” Obviously Jimmy did not want to have his wait staff not serving drinks for an extended time. “Each girl will have one and only one chance to win your vote and you vote by putting your dollars in this.” And he held up a plastic bucket which he place in front of the stage.

The first woman up was a veteran waitress and she set the pace with a slow bump and grind routine in which she stroked her breasts and played with her nipples before unzipping her skirt and dancing around in her wet t-shirt and pantyhose before pulling off her shirt and swinging it around her head to toss it into the cheering crowd. Several of her regulars rushed forward to leave large tips in the bucket. Jimmy counted the money and put the total next to her name on the chalkboard near the darts board. Each waitress followed suit in a similar manner to play to her regulars and tantalize the others while stripping down to her pantyhose and pumps. Only one was different, ending up in a tiny opaque bikini bottom to great applause.

Beth was last and when Jimmy poured water on her it was clear that still wearing a bra. A few disappointed jeers died out when they could see that it was a demi-cup push up that left her small but perfect breasts high and her hard dark ½ inch nipples prominently displayed. I started playing Edith Piaf’s ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’ and she smiled and started a slow sensuous dance that was distinguished by her total self-adsorption as she stroked her arms and chest before working down to linger at her waist before slowly unzipping her skirt to step out of it and reveal her black silk stockings and garter belt. Her underwear was a bikini cut French silk trimmed in lace and I am sure it was opaque when dry but wet it was completely transparent. Her beautiful black bush was clearly visible as was the crack between her cheeks. The crowd gasped but Beth seemed oblivious as she turned her back on the bar and slowly pulled the t-shirt over her head while staring at me as I played. The crowd started to whistle and stomp at the sight of her nearly nude backside until she spun around with her hands over her head and her legs spread in triumphant display, her pubic hair and coral lips visible to everyone. Beth beamed in her glory to the howls of the crowd before glancing down to notice to her horror that she was practically naked in front of a large crowd of men. She turned scarlet and dropped her hands to cover her privates before rushing off the stage. The crowd loved it and cheered and clapped before rushing forward to fill the bucket with money. Beth paused to whisper “Thank you George.” Before she ducked onto the restroom to redress.

She easily won the contest and half the total tip money and the crowd continued to give her large tips just for the pleasure of seeing the tops of her breasts as she bent forward to serve them. I noticed that she accommodated this by leaving one more button undone than usual.

When she brought me my drink she whispered “Is there any way that we could get together tonight?”

I replied that my wife suspected that this was more than a casual fling and she was waiting up for me and the MG or even Beth’s Mustang were no place for a quickie.

“But I’m so hot for you right now, all of this has made me extremely horny.” She complained.

A thought occurred to me and I said “Prove it to me, give me your panties and I’ll see what I can do.” She didn’t even hesitate but instead ducked behind the piano to quickly peel them off. When she stuffed the tiny wad in my hand they were still damp I lifted them to my nose and inhaled deeply. Beth smiled but blushed furiously as I got up to talk to Jimmy.

A short while later I approached to give her the key to the storeroom downstairs. “But Jimmy Bostancı Yeni Escort never gives this out. He guards his liquor like a hawk.” She exclaimed.

“Well I asked him for a favor. Meet me down there when we close. We don’t have much time because I have to give the key back to him before he closes up.” I warned her.

After the last customer as Jimmy was locking up and doing the books, I stole down to the storeroom to find Beth standing under the single bulb with her blouse open and her skirt pulled up to display the naked glory of her silk framed pussy. “You see I’m ready for you, are you ready for me?”

As I stepped forward to embrace her, our tongues met and her hands flew to my belt buckle and zipper. She quickly pulled down my pants and boxers. She squatted and began and lick and suck the black sausage that leaped out to greet her ruby lips. Beth put her hand behind my nuts to pull my cock into her until it was past her tonsils and half way down her throat. We both trembled as I held the back of her head while she blew hot breath from her nose on my pubic hair. She held my balls against her widespread lips and chin until she had to pull back to gasp for breath. “Did you lock the door?” she paused after felating me into a rock hard state.

“No” I replied “the key only works from the outside. We don’t want to be locked in here when everyone is gone.”

Beth laughed. “And how would you explain that to your wife?” as she neatly folded my boxers and trousers and placed them on a clean box. I lifted her up and she shinnied up my torso to lock her legs around my middle and poise her center over my tumescence.

“I bet you climbed trees as a kid.” I joked.

“Lots; but this is the first time I did it in silk stockings and heels and I was trying to get stuck on a branch.” She gasped as she sank her hot, wet, silky organs down onto my old nine iron. Our tongues met and thrashed while I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her to me so that we were groin to groin. “Oh my god, this is so good! I’ve missed this so much. Now fuck me!” she exclaimed with a feral grin.

I responded by lifting her up and pulling my hips back only to slam both of us together. “Ugh, like that? ..Ugh! Is that what you meant?…Ugh!”

“Fuck! Oh shit! Fuck, yes that’s it!, Gasp: Oh Wonderful George, give me that wonderful big nigger cock. Oh, oh, oh, fuck me, fuck me! Oh, my big black lover, fuck me hard, please!”

When she was really starting to increase the pace of her self-impalement and her face was turning scarlet, I worked my middle finger into her rosebud. She threw her head back, screamed and ground herself against me until she drenched both of our thighs with her juices.

For a while there was only our panting and the squishing of our genitals, but gradually the slapping of our wet thighs increased in intensity as I could feel Beth’s hot, wet breath on my neck and ear. Suddenly she thrust her tongue into my ear and I started to loose it. Before I could erupt into her hot womb, she reached down to grasp and squeeze my Johnson by the base, remove herself and clamber down to squat in front of me and wrap her smiling lips on my manhood. When she finally released her grip, I yelled and began to spurt load after load into her mouth. Looking like a chipmunk, she tried to swallow as much as she could but the force of my sudden release and the involuntary jerking of my hips caused a great deal to escape her lips and dribble down her chin and fall to her breasts and thighs.

“I bet I look like some cheap Parisian streetwalker.” She smiled up at me and continued to milk and stroke and suck me while I looked down on her in wonder at the shy self-professed Midwestern prude of a few months back . I noticed the engagement ring was still sparkling on the hand that was fondling my dripping black testicles. Somehow I found that to be incredibly erotic and I began to grow again inside her mouth until I was against her tonsils. Examining my parabolic state, Beth grinned in self-satisfaction and reaching into her purse, she produced a tube of KY jelly and liberally coated my ebony Bostancı Masaj Salonu phallus until it shined. Standing and turning around, she placed Mr. Johnson between her cheeks and began to rub them up and down on the slick length of it until we were both gleaming. “Take me around the world again. Please, George.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice and pressing my cock head against her rectum I encountered the familiar initial resistance. She keened softly until the glans penetrated the muscular ring of the entrance and then the rest of me followed with a rush and a gasp and a groan of pleasure from us both. My jewels were flush with her wet pussy and I held it there while we got used to the heat and intensity and tightness of her anal passage.

As I pulled back she began to tremble and I worked just the head back and forth until she was panting and I slammed back into her. “Oh Jesus, Oh God!’ she moaned and her legs threatened to give way under her. I gradually began to pick up the pace, and she put her foot up in the shelf in front of her and grabbed the shelf above with both hands to brace herself as my thighs began slamming against her reddening cheeks. I could feel my testicles slapping against the wet curls of her pussy with each thrust.

“Oh shit! Oh fuck! Fuck me; fuck my ass with your big black nigger cock! Fuck me deeper; fuck me in the ass until I scream. Oh God, Oh God, harder! Oh God I’m gonna cum. FUCK ME! AHEEEE!” She cried and again drenched our joining and twitched and gasped while her glut muscles clenched and trembled around my swollen dick. I reached under her to support her heaving chest and abdomen. Her face was crimson and her chest and belly were bathed in sweat. She was incapable of speech but she reached back to lovingly caress my sopping wet balls.

I had just resumed laying pipe into Beth’s hot tight asshole when suddenly she froze in alarm and gasped in the middle of a low moan when she glanced at the entrance to the storeroom. “There’s someone outside the door!”

“Relax, it’s only Jimmy. He just wants to watch. Why do you think he gave us the key?

She jerked her head down so that her hair hid her burning cheeks as she suffered the embarrassment of realizing that her black boss had just watched her guzzling cum and getting fucked in the ass while begging for her older, married, black lover to bugger her harder. But what could she do? She could cover herself and run from the room past Jimmy or cower in the corner behind the boxes. She was torn with indecision plus there was nine inches of thick black cock lovingly lodged up her sweet colon.

I offered to stop and started to withdraw but she moaned “No-oo.” She pleaded with her voice shaking she reached back to pull my buttocks back into her. “Don’t stop! Please don’t stop.” She kept her head down but pushed her ass back at me until I resumed her impalement.

Resuming the pace, I watched from the side as her hair and her tits rocked with each thrust. At first she just grunted in pleasure but soon she was screaming at me to fuck her harder and faster as she clutched at my thighs and told me to come deep in her ass. I thought she had forgotten all about Jimmy until I noticed her staring at the door in the thrall of lust and humiliation and the excitement of being watched. Finally, she closed her eyes as she surrendered to another screaming, squirting orgasm that drove me over the edge with her until I exploded and emptied my nuts into her hot bowels with her yelping in mindless pleasure with each hot jet of my sperm.

We ended our long climax with her leaning with the side of her red sweaty face against a case of Jim Beam as she clutched me up against her twitching ass and she watched her old black boss masturbate into her lacy silk underwear until thick ropy sperm spurted through the wet silk. She watched with a small smile as he grinned and carefully folded them up to place in his pocket and disappear back up the stairs.

As I extracted my self from her reddened cheeks a stream of pearl trickled out and down her silk-clad leg. Beth looked back to smile at me. “So that’s what you wanted them for.” She remarked hoarsely as she slowly pulled her skirt back down over her beautiful gleaming butt.

“I think you liked being watched.” I remarked in wonder.

But Beth only gave me her best Mona Lisa smile before she kissed me and we walked out of that door.

To be continued…

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