II That Hot Aftertnoon


II That Hot AftertnoonSandy and I went up to the Ocean Bay Park village for something’s that our Moms want for dinner then we stop in the ice cream parlor for a hot fudge sundae, Oh my gawd they are so good. On the way back we ran into Sue and Jim and they ask us if our Moms were home they like to stop and say hello, we said yes and they walk with us to the beach house Sandy and I were both thinking about his big cock Wow yes. Sandy and I were holding hands and Sue ask us if we always held hands, we said yes then Sue said I bet you two are in love, we said I guess we are kind a, Sue said that’s wonderful I had a girlfriend like that when I was your age to we did every thing together even sexual things. Then Sue said do you two do sexual things together as well. Sandy and I look at each other and we said well yeah kind a little, Sue just smiled at us and said that’s lovely. At the beach house our Mom were naked on the porch and as we walk back we told them that Sue and Jim are here, Mom said tell them to come out back, Sue and Jim walk back and everyone said hello, they said they love a beer and Mom ask us to please get some for all of us. Sandy said Cindy I hope they get naked like our Moms are would love to see that big cock in the daylight, Oh Sandy so would I. We brought the beers out to them and Mom ask us if we would mine if Sue and Jim got naked with us, Sandy and I just look at each other and smile Wow not at all Mom. Moms look at us with just a sheepish grind. As they took off there suits and lay down on the lounge istanbul escort with there beers. Sandy and I just stared at Jims cock and though Wow. Mom said come on girls you too, suites off. We said Ok Mom were going to jump in the shower first, In the shower I grab Sandy’s pussy and said think you could handle that cock up here, Sandy said Cindy if we could handle Moms dildos I think we could and it would be fun trying anyway. We got out of the shower-soaking wet and went over to our Moms with Sue and Jim and we laid down in the double lounge chair. Out the clear blue Sandy Mom ask Sue can I ask you a personnel question, Sue said sure, Mom then ask Sue just how big does Jims cock get with a hardon and how do get it in your pussy. Sue laugh like crazy and Jim was just smiling. Sue the said there is only one-way and that’s to show you, pointing to us said can I, Mom girls Ok with this, we smiled eagerly and said sure Mom.With that Sue held Jims cock and stroke it and then put in to her mouth and suck it valiantly. Sandy and I had our eyeballs glued to Sue sucking Jim’s cock as it got bigger and bigger we noticed our Moms playing with there pussy so was Sue while sucking Jims cock. Sue stop and they turn the lounge around so they were facing us then Sue climb on top of Jim and put his cock to her pussy and just slid down on it with little big grunt. Them she started going up and down slowly then faster, we were fingering each others pussy as was our Moms, then avcılar escort all of a sudden Jim held out oh fuck honey I’m going cumm he let out a scream as did Sue screaming I’m cumming too, none of us stop fingering our pussy as Sue and Kim with his cock still up Sues pussy just watch us. When we were all satisfied our Moms went over to Sue pussy and kiss and lick it as she got off Jims cock, gawd cumm was all over her and Jims cock. Sue said Wow first time doing that in company then pointing to us said I love watch you two fingering each other pussys. Mom girls go in and get them some wet wash clothes. When we came back out Mom said you girl do then the on’ers of washing then off. We both thought holy shit fuck Ok, Sue had a pretty neatly trim hairy pussy, we took our sweet time wiping her pussy, then on to Jims cock who still a hardon we both held his cock and wipe all the cumm from his cock, Sue knelt down with us and ask if we wanted to kiss his cock we both said yes and as we did as I was at the top licking his cock head I just open my mouth and put it and suck on like it was Mom clitoris. Then Sandy did it also but she did going up and down I hear both Sue and Jim saying Oh My Gawd Yes. As we knelt there Sandy and I kisses very passionately Sue still keeling with us reach down a finger our pussy, which made us kiss harder and I heard Sue say Wow soaking wet pussys. As we got up and feel in to the lounge chair Mom said gawd can’ take you two any were, then Sandy Mom said I think we have şirinevler escort to have Sue and Jim over more offen, both Sue and Jim agreed full with a sure anytime. Mom asked us to get four more beers and Sandy asked could Cindy and I split a beer with a, I guess so honey. We went in to get the beers, in the kitchen wee both look at each both and said holy fuck shit. Cindy could you imagine if we got to fuck that cock Wow. We kissed again and felt each other soaking wet pussys. Then went out on the porch with the beers. Then Sue said can I ask you two Moms some personnel question, our Moms said sure Sue shoot, then Sue ask how long have you two been having sex Mom responded with since we were younger then them, pointing at us Lin said property about eight or so. Then Sue asked I presume theses two have been having sex for a while. Mom said No not really only since last month then she explained the situation of us catching then sexually. Sue thought that was hilarious and started laughing. Then Sue said I would really love to see you four sexually it must be a wet situation, Sandy and I laugh and we both said it sure is Sue. I couldn’t believe when Mom said Sue anytime you want your more than welcome to, then Lind said Aaahhh you can bring Jim once in a while also. Jim said that’s about all I could handle five girls and pointing to us said and these two Mmmmm Oh my gawd YES. Sue said that they had to get going they had a reservation over in Ocean Bay for dinner. Moms and them starting walking in the house when Sue turn and lean down to us and said give me a big kiss as I did she open her mouth as I did and slip her wet tongue in my mouth Wow and as she kiss Sandy she did the same, I could see Sandy return the favor with hot dirty kiss as well. As she turned and left I’ll be seeing you two real soon, Sandy and I both said Yes Good.

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