I’ll Show You Mine If… Ch. 04

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I’ll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours Chapter Four

I had gone outside and mowed the front and back lawn trying to keep myself busy. But the entire time, I replayed her words over and over inside my head. Kris had made it clear to me that she couldn’t, or wouldn’t rather…continue on with a one on one situation between us. To some extent, I understood her reasoning. But the truth of the matter was for me at least, I had already come to accept that I had much deeper feelings towards her than I perhaps should have.

By the time I had finished, I was no closer to a decision nor an understanding of what I was going to do by the time seven o’clock rolled around. She’d stated that she had gone to discuss all of this with Susan and Michelle. And though Michelle had made it clear enough that she was more than interested in messing around with my being there, I wasn’t as sure that Susan would be. I sat pondering over the very real possibility that I could find myself enjoying three very beautiful women together, one of which was my own stepsister Kris. And now according to what she’d given me to know, it would be the only way I would ever be able to enjoy being with her again too.

It was a very strange, very odd position that I now found myself in. To anyone else, at least the guys I knew and hung out with, they’d have jumped at the chance at something like this. I was considering it merely because it was the only way I’d ever be with Kris again. And even then, I still wasn’t at all sure as to what that might include, or not include.

It was just after six when I headed back upstairs to shower. Mom and dad had just left for the evening for dinner and cards with their friends. They’d left word they’d be out late as they usually were, letting me know that Kris, Michelle and Susan, along with myself would have the entire place to ourselves. Even as I showered I knew they’d be arriving anytime now, and my appearance downstairs in Kris’s room would signify my acceptance of her terms and reasoning. I knew as I toweled myself dry, that if I did indeed go down to her room, it meant I’d accepted those terms and had agreed to them. Whatever happened then between all three of us, would mean there was no going back. If I didn’t join them, then Kris would likewise accept my decision, and that meant there would never again be any possibility of ever doing anything with her again either.

I sat on the bed looking at the clock on my dresser. It was 6:55; I’d heard the girls arrive well over ten minutes ago. They’re normal laughter, joking about, and the familiar sounds I had always heard when they’d come over before were the same as they’d always been. Why I thought it would be any different, for whatever reason, annoyed me. In a silly way, I felt like they should have been more subdued on their arrival or something. At least that Kris would have been perhaps if not the other two girls. But her laughter, her frivolity had sounded the loudest of them all as they eventually took their banter downstairs with them. Only after that, did the house once again become quiet.

I sat watching the minute hand slowly creeping towards seven. Rather than aroused, excited, anxious yes…I felt more like a condemned man on death row instead. If I stayed, I was throwing away any chance I had of seeing, and enjoying any form of pleasure with Kris again. If I went, I would have that and more…but I would also never have, enjoy, or ever hope to further the intimate closeness I thought Kris and I had been well on the way to having together.

“Fuck!” I said standing up. It was a minute past seven now. Having felt the gradual almost unwanted arousal growing between my legs, I knew then that my decision had been made. I took one last look in the mirror at myself as I opened the door and headed downstairs towards Kris’s bedroom. The eyes I saw looking back at me when I did were no longer my own.


The only thing I had worn was a pair of cutoff jeans and nothing else. I had no idea what to expect really as I stood there outside her door, but I figured whatever it was, whatever happened now, I wasn’t going to waste time with any more preliminaries either. If this was how it was going to be between us, then I was prepared now to submerse myself into it fully and completely. Even as I prepared to knock on her door, I listened momentarily, no sounds coming through that indicated what was taking place on the other side of that door. The fact I couldn’t hear much of anything spoke volumes. I’d have expected to hear the continued sounds of laughter, their talking, and their normal, typical female silliness as I saw it happening inside. There was none of that.

I knocked. One tap, and then two quick ones.

Long ago Kris and I had agreed upon a signal alerting each of us as to who was outside the door. Though there wasn’t any real concern about mom and dad coming back for any reason, especially as they’d left well over an hour ago now, I still knocked the way I ağrı escort always had, letting her know in an instant I was there. The door opened. Kris stood, beautifully and wonderfully naked, surprising me to some extent as I hadn’t really expected to find her, nor the other two girls so surprisingly displayed. But displayed they were, especially as I stepped in, Kris now closing and locking the door behind me as I did so.

One of the reasons things had been so quiet, at least to some extent anyway, was the fact that Susan lay on the bed, Michelle comfortably positioned between her legs. She looked back towards me briefly as I entered, as had Susan. Both wonderfully naked, Susan at the moment consumed by whatever magic it was that Michelle’s lips and tongue was performing on her wet succulent pussy. The very sounds of which I could now easily hear as I stood there. I wondered briefly what role that Kris might have been playing before my arrival, which she then answered to some extent as she stepped back towards the bed, climbing on, and then moving back to where I imagined she had been before coming in.

“Help yourself,” she told me, leaning over to again capture one of Susan’s sweet pink-tipped breasts between her lips, gently sucking on her hard puckered nipple. I don’t even remember doing it, but I unbuttoned, and then unzipped my jeans, feeling them fall down around my ankles as I walked towards the bed stepping out of them. In seconds, I had joined them, reaching out to capture one of Susan’s magnificent breasts within my hands, likewise now licking, and flicking it with my tongue just as Kris was doing.

“We’re all glad you came,” Michelle said pausing briefly as she looked up towards me, just her eyes revealed as her mouth remained hidden, still hungrily devouring the succulent sounding garden of her friend even as she spoke to me.

My initial reluctance at coming downstairs to Kris’s bedroom had evaporated like dry ice on hot asphalt. The pure sensuality of participating to the degree I now was, had planted the seeds of acceptance, cultivating the bloom of reasoning as it began to sprout within my mind and soul, just as my cock stiffened, sprouting in its own natural normal way as I sat there sucking one of Susan’s tits. With my free hand, I reached over, cupping one of Kris’s breasts as well, hearing her pleasured sigh, the smile that now appeared on her face as I did so. The worry and concern I had seen upon entering, now gone. For the moment at least, I was content with that as I playfully fondled Kris’s hard extended nipple between my fingers, my lips once again tickling and teasing one of Susan’s. Susan moaned and sighed pleasurably beneath us as Michelle continued on, happily and excitedly lapping away at her friend’s sweet naked cunt.

How long she’d been actually doing this I had no idea, but perhaps my mere presence, finally joining them had heightened her arousal to the level that orgasm for her seemed imminent. Susan suddenly sat up, her eyes opening wide, and then just as quickly closing. The deep-throated cry of release, followed by her back suddenly arching, thrusting her hips, her pelvis wantonly against Michelle’s face. Kris and I turned looking at one another, seeing Susan climaxing somehow reminded us both of the exquisite joy we’d both given and shared with one another previously. Even as she let go of Susan’s breast, now reaching over, her hand wrapping itself around my hard stiff cock, I could only wonder just how far she was willing to go here with me, what she would allow herself to do, or me to do, especially with a captured audience watching us when we did.

“Fuck that was nice!” Susan said finally coming out of her revelry. “That almost…and I said almost, has me reconsidering my gender choices,” she laughed as Michelle finally rose up coming over to give her a kiss, sharing the taste of her own pussy with her as she did so.

“So…who’s next?” Michelle sat grinning at Kris and I.

I don’t know what they’d discussed, talked about, or had decided upon, but I wasn’t about to sit there and wait to find out either. I had already made up my mind as to what I wanted to do, whether Michelle and Susan where there or not. Before Kris even realized my intentions, I moved over towards her, pushing her back onto the bed. She looked up towards me in surprise, began to speak, which at first sounded a little like a worried protest, but I quickly kept her from doing so by kissing her deeply. I think that act itself both startled as well as surprised the two girls. I heard Michelle gasp, just as Susan giggled at the sudden unexpected sight of me now lying on top of Kris, kissing her passionately and thoroughly. At first Kris struggled against it, as though trying to decide if this was part of what she wanted to do, but then she gave in to it, kissing me back just as passionately as I was kissing her.

“I wonder if he eats pussy as well as he obviously knows how to kiss?” Michelle aksaray escort said curiously, breaking the mood and the moment to some extent. Only then did I feel Kris’s hands release themselves from around my neck, onto my chest, finally pushing me off and away from her.

“I guess, she’s about to find out,” I said simply, and once again moved before anyone really knew what I was about to do. Once again Kris moved as though she might actually roll off the bed, but I seized her legs long before she could do that, settling in between them, one hand on each thigh, spreading her apart as though fighting with her over the wishbone of the turkey like we’d done in the past. I felt her begin to fight me, a vain attempt at dislodging me, her legs trying to come together, but I held her even more firmly, far stronger as I splayed her apart obscenely, decadently, holding her in place.

“No!” I said looking at her directly. “You and I both know what you said, what you meant…and if this is the only way that I can hope to know this, to share this with you, the way you’ve done for me, then so be it!”

Whatever hesitation she might have had, whatever emotions she might have been struggling with, simply melted away in that moment. I now lowered myself comfortably between Kris’s legs, which now remained parted, even spreading a little as I settled myself in. I closed my eyes, wanting to focus that first initial touch of my tongue to her most feminine of places. She was slick, already very much so, her arousal evident as I ran my tongue up her groove, the headiness of her aroma assailing my senses as I did so. But it was the sound of her delighted cry, her voice catching, her breath suddenly lost as my tongue slowly worked its way up her delicious center. I stopped briefly at her clit, her precious little pea sitting there expectantly waiting as I consumed it, lapping at it tenderly before continuing the journey back down, once again savoring the sweetness of her now very abundant fluids as they began leaking out of her in wanton need and desire.

“Holy shit!” Susan moaned, now sitting near Kris’s head as she lay on the bed. I finally opened my eyes, glancing up, watching her as she and Michelle both sat watching me, watching us. Susan stroked her own breast, one hand disappearing down between her legs. And though at the angle I was currently in, I couldn’t see much of what she was doing, her subtle hand movements gave away the fact she was indeed playing with herself, just as Michelle was now doing. “Is this hot…or what?” she moaned pleasurably.

I heard Michelle giggle in response. “Even I have to admit that it is,” she proclaimed. “As much as I enjoy doing that myself, and have always wanted to be the first one to go down on Kris here, seeing Rob doing it, is erotic as hell. And it would appear by the expression on her face, that she’s very much enjoying it too!”

Kris was. I could tell that much myself. Not by her sighs of pleasure even, but how the goose bumps seemed to appear everywhere at once, my hands suddenly riding on waves of them as they chased one another up and down her legs. The way she quivered beneath me, uncontrollably so, the fluids that now ran from her in tiny little rivulets of pre-orgasmic joy. The catch of her breath, the bounce of her ass, which my hands now held firmly, sliding beneath her as I helped to raise her sweet succulent split upwards, driving into her with my face.

“Fuck!” Michelle squealed delightfully. “For someone that’s never done this before, he’s sure as hell a quick learner by the looks of it!” She exclaimed.

Though hearing the praise from someone like Michelle, an obvious expert at cunnilingus, it was my own sisters welcomed praise that I derived the most pleasure in getting, and not through her words, but through the continued gasps, shivers and quakes of her entire being as I devoured her inside and out with my lips, mouth and tongue.

“Oh my God!” She finally allowed herself to expel, the words coming out of her mouth like a runaway freight train, repeating them again, over and over. “Oh my God, oh my God, oh…my…God!” she screamed the last, the explosion which now overtook her, the intensity of which had been so unexpected, unannounced when it came. Whatever I had done, however I’d been doing it, had obviously been the right thing. Capturing her blood engorged clit between my lips, I held it, sucking it like a tiny finger, my tongue lavishing the surface of it even as I did so, thrumming it, stroking it, somehow holding on to it as she thrashed, now bouncing about almost wildly. Only when her hands came down to rest themselves on my head did I sense her signal, the all too sweet tenderness settling in. And even then, I didn’t part from her, the faintest, lightest touch of my tongue tip, still connected to her, resting against her as she fought to regain her breath and sense of awareness.

She would later tell me when we were alone, that she had amasya escort felt much like a bowl of thawing Jell-O, as she lay there, unable to move, to lift her arms, or even to raise her head. So great had been the ecstasy of her pleasures, the all-consuming joy of her orgasmic release.

Almost comatose, Kris lay quietly beneath me as I finally sat up, my sister’s sweet essence still coating my lips. As one, both Susan as well as Michelle moved towards me, their intentions now obvious. As they did so, I again glanced towards Kris, though she lay unmoving, as though she was uncaring, yet she must have sensed the movement around her, especially as Susan spoke.

“Now…it’s your turn!” she challenged hotly. Hard, and about as stiff and erect as I could ever remember, I let the two of them now force me onto my back. Almost immediately two pairs of hands began fondling, stroking, and teasing me mercilessly. Admittedly aroused, I lay there allowing them to do that, quickly succumbing to their ministrations, moment’s later feeling yet a third set of hands that forced me to open my eyes, seeing Kris who’d now joined her two friends. The playfulness of that moment causing me to laugh now as well, just as they were. I felt Michelle wrap her hand around the base of my shaft, watching and then feeling Susan as she placed hers next to Michelle’s doing the same. And though there wasn’t quite enough of my shaft remaining for Kris to do that too, she instead grabbed the tip with her fingers, reminding me of days gone by when choosing up teams for a baseball game. It was the exact same way we would very often hold the bat. The last, like Kris now, gripping what was left as everyone else let go, an opposing team member kicking at the bat with their feet, trying to dislodge the hand. I laughed out loud.

“What?” The girls asked.

“Let’s just say, I had a momentary panic, wondering whose foot might kick the bat being held,” I tried explaining. The reasoning of which, went over Michelle and Susan’s heads, though Kris now caught on, laughing hysterically herself.

“I promise, no more kicking,” she told me. “Provided you warn me first before you do anything,” she then added.

Only then did the other two catch on, already having heard the story earlier of what I had so stupidly done, and how Kris had unintentionally nailed me between the legs, nearly knocking me out.

“Only kisses, lots and lots of kisses, sucks, and licks!” Kris now promised me, bending over as she lightly tapped the tip of my prick with her flicking tongue. Susan, immediately took her cue from that, lying down, her head resting upon my inner thigh. Admittedly it felt nice, the softness of her hair caressing me, the tingling sensation of her dancing tongue upon my shaft. Michelle now, much to their surprise, likewise lying down, her tongue now beginning to dance, lick and even fence with Susan’s tongue and lips as they lay devouring me together. But it was indeed the sensation of my sister’s tongue that again robbed me of all sense, of all reason. The way she speared my prick tip, or holding the head within the oval of her mouth, gently sucking, half-popping her mouth over it, reclaiming it over and over again that drove me wildly insane with pleasure.

“Oh yeah, make him cum, I want to see it!” Michelle requested a little too anxiously. “I don’t see too many guys do that obviously,” she then added grinning. I continued to hold out however, denying her request, and though the onslaught of my cock was beyond anything I had ever felt before, somehow I knew that when I finally did climax, that even that, was something I wanted specifically to give Kris, and no one else. If this was how it was to be between us going forward, then I was bound and determined to set my own set of demands and requirements during it. I continued to struggle with the delicious sensations of three mouths tongues and pairs of lips until I knew that I could no longer refrain from allowing myself the delicious sensation of eruptive climatic bliss.

“I’m going to cum now Kris, but this one’s for you…and only you. Either take it now…with your mouth, your lips, or leave it be, and I will do it myself.”

I was serious, though at first I don’t think Michelle or Susan believed me. They laughed it off, continuing to suck, stroke and fondle my prick until I actually reached down with my own hands forcing them away. Now realizing I was serious, they both sat up expectantly, their gaze now directed towards Kris as she continued to kneel there between my legs, though she’d likewise left off touching me just as they had. I now held my own rock hard prick in hand, pointing it towards her, the head swollen, purple and in need. But as much as I was, as much as it was, should she chose any other path here, I would fist fuck my hand squirting myself off against her, against them and deal with the consequences in having done so afterwards.

“Only you,” I said once again, softly, hopefully, aiming my pulsating, throbbing hard dick towards her. As though hypnotized, I watched as Kris slowly leaned forward, her mouth opening, moments later engulfing, and then sucking me, sucking me fully and deeply into her mouth. Only then did I allow the urgent need I’d miraculously held in check to burst forth.

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