In a New Neighborhood Pt. 02


Chapter 8: Eric’s View

The room was spinning. The ray of light coming in through the window and shining on Eric’s closed eyes, coupled with the unbearable heat in the room, only made his miserable state an unbearable agony. He couldn’t recall the last time he had been this hungover. Simply lifting his head from the pillow was enough to make it ache. He needed a glass of water if he was to survive the morning. He decided to muster his strengths and head for the kitchen.

As he got up he saw Karen was sound asleep in bed. She had clearly gotten warm overnight and had kicked off the comforter, revealing her toned sexy legs and beautiful ass with only a pair of small pink panties to cover it. ‘She’s absolutely gorgeous’ he thought to himself.

After downing a glass of cold water, and then another, Eric suddenly heard a noise behind him. He turned and saw a shape pass some distance away, headed in away from him. Once his bloodshot eyes were able to make out what the shape was, memories of the night before began rapidly flooding into his mind. Images of him and the girls at the club dancing, seeing Karen getting grinded on by Jason, Steph’s loud moans coming in through the thin walls, and finally his inability to give Karen a good fucking. Arousal, shock and shame coursed through Eric’s hungover body all at the same time.

All these feelings were brought on by what Eric was seeing, or better said, who he was seeing. Shawn had apparently been in the apartment’s only bathroom before Eric came out to the kitchen, and he was now walking back towards the guest room. It took Eric less than a microsecond to recognize that tall, hulking figure, so he didn’t even have to glance at his face to recognize him. What left Eric dumbfounded was the fact that Shawn was completely naked. His black skin highlighted his musclebound figure, but it was impossible for Eric not to notice his immense cock swinging as he walked. Eric had never felt self-conscious about the size of his dick, as far as he was concerned it was over the average size and women had always seemed pleased. But the image of Shawn’s cock shook him. It was flaccid and even so was considerably longer and thicker than Eric when hard. Shawn walked into the guest room and closed the door behind him.

Eric, slightly more alert now, walked quietly but quickly back into the master bedroom and shut the door. He opened the window more than it already was, desperate to get a cool draft into the stuffy room. Karen finally turned and looked at Eric, “What are you doing up already?” she inquired.

“Can you believe that Shawn is still here!?” he whispered loudly, lest he be heard across the wall.

“How do you know?” asked Karen, puzzled.

“Because I went out to get some water and I saw him. He was walking around naked! Who the fuck does this guy think he is??” said Eric in an irritated voice.

“What? Really!?” Karen was truly appalled by such disrespectful attitude. At the same time, though, the thought of such bold behavior and briefly picturing Shawn walking around with his large cock swaying heavily from side to side stirred something much deeper inside her, almost on a subconscious level, which began to arouse her.

“Yeah, guy’s out of his fucking mind!” chided Eric as he laid back down on the bed. His head was still pounding, so he rested it on his pillow while talking to Karen, who was lying down facing in that same direction, her back towards him.

“You need to talk to Steph. This situation has gotten out of control in every way imagina-” Eric was suddenly interrupted by peculiar noises coming from the next room. The few, interspersed squeaks from the mattress were louder than the ones he had heard last night, a sign that Shawn had given its springs a proper workout and they were now alerting to even the smallest movement on the bed.

“Ow…” a faint moan was heard over the wall. Eric couldn’t believe this. He looked at Karen to see her reaction but he could only see the silky dark hair on the back of her head.

“Is this guy serious?” Eric complained.

“Baby, I can’t believe it either. I am as shocked and appalled as your, and I am definitely going to talk to Steph later, but I’m not about to walk in there right now and stop them. You’re welcome to if you want.” Karen said in a stern voice from her position, not bothering to turn to face Eric. After saying that, the couple stayed silent for a few minutes.

Eric was not about to go knock on that door. How on earth was he to barge in and kick out that behemoth? Especially while he was fucking a stunningly hot girl. That would be next to impossible. Besides, to be honest, the growing sounds of Steph being ravaged by that intimidatingly-large man were turning Eric on. He had always found Steph to be ridiculously hot, by far the hottest of any of Karen’s friends. Hearing her in the throes of passion was bound to get Eric horny, but what was strange for him was that it wasn’t just hearing her moan while Betturkey being pleasured. It was picturing her slender frame taking the enormous cock that Eric had just seen. Perhaps it was also the taboo of her pale skin and blonde hair writhing under that black mass of muscle and sinew. Eric had gotten undoubtedly hard.

Just then, he felt Karen’s ass brush against his dick. He thought she might have merely been shifting positions in bed, but then he felt her ass again, decidedly pressing back against him. Eric didn’t even pause to think what was causing Karen’s arousal, and dove in to lick the back of Karen’s neck, one of her known weak points. His tongue was going crazy on her skin as Karen pushed her ass back, searching for contact with Eric’s cock, and the couple began breathing heavily.

Moaning from the adjacent room had grown into a loud chorus, adding urgency to the movements of Karen and Eric. Eric desperately grabbed hold of Karen’s panties and lowered them down to her knees. He did the same with his boxers and pulled Karen’s supple ass towards him. This time, his hardness was not an issue and her hot wet entrance welcomed him like a satin glove.

“Yes, baby, god that feels good!” exhaled Karen as she began massaging her tits. Her other hand crept down to her pussy.

“You’re so wet! It feels so good!”

Eric was starting to pick up the pace of his lovemaking, determined to give Karen a good fuck. He wanted to show her that the night before had been a fluke. His thoughts were interrupted by a suddenly loud outburst from Shawn in the other room.

“Nah, you know what to call me. Say it!” his voice boomed.

“Yes, Daddy! Fuck, I love your cock, Daddy!” squealed Steph.

Eric was extremely surprised. Steph had always been very decorous, much like Karen, and would have slapped anyone who made the slightest disrespectful remark towards her. He could never have imagined her submitting to such a level.

“Louder, bitch!”

“Own that nigger-loving pussy, Daddy! It’s all yours! Fuuuck!” Steph’s shrieks could probably be heard throughout the apartment complex at this point.

“Oh my god…” Karen was apparently just as astonished as Eric was.

All of this was too much for Eric, who had been doing so well up to that point. A sudden surge of arousal swept over him. He was unable to control himself and came loudly inside Karen.

“What? You came already??” complained Karen.

Eric was even more embarrassed than the night before. “Oh my god, babe, I don’t know what came over me! I was fine, ready for a nice long fuck like always but out of nowhere I just came. I’m so sorry!”

Karen’s look was not very sympathetic. She had been robbed of a much-needed orgasm and Eric could see the frustration on her face. “Ok, well, I don’t know, at least finish me off!” she begged.

“With my mouth?” Eric did not hide his disgust. “But baby, your pussy is full of cum!”

Karen was furious. She pulled up her panties and stormed off to the bathroom. Eric was left alone with the sounds of the rutting couple still going strong.

Chapter 9: Karen’s View

The waiter took away their menu’s after writing down the brunch order from the two beauties in front of him. He struggled mightily to not be obvious about staring but failed as far as Karen was concerned. It was hot outside but that made the terrace less crowded, and Karen wanted some privacy. They were able to find a table with plenty of shade.

Steph sipped on the glass of ice-cold water in front of her, clearly uncomfortable. Nevertheless, she took a deep breath and started “I know what you’re thinking. I must be the worst person on earth. I’ve completely betrayed every single moral principle I’ve believed in. And I definitely betrayed Mark, who’s done nothing but been the best boyfriend and fiancée a woman could ask for. All for a black guy I’ve only seen twice.” She took another nervous gulp of water then put the glass down with a more determined look on her pretty face, “But I have to tell you, Karen, it was worth it. All of it. Every single betrayal; I would do it all over again if I had the chance. And now that I’ve experienced THIS, there’s no way I’m going back to my life as it was before.”

Karen sat there in stunned silence for several, long moments. Her brain wasn’t registering the implications of what Steph was saying. Karen had thought this conversation was going to be far less direct, and this had caught her off guard. “Wait, what do you mean? Not going back to what?”

“Mark. My life with him. I guess maybe even sex with white guys in general. I don’t know, I just don’t want this to end. Ever.” Steph sounded somewhat remorseful, but nowhere near how she should be feeling after doing and saying all these horrible things, Karen thought.

“So that’s it?! You’re really going to end things with Mark, your wedding, all because of a night of sex?!” Karen was wondering what had happened to her best Betturkey Giriş friend and who this person was that had replaced her.

“Yes. I know it sounds hurried and extreme, but I’ve been thinking about it since last night and all morning, and I don’t even have a shred of doubt in my mind.” Steph exhaled, as if she had taken a huge weight off her chest, “Now I’m going to wait until he returns from his project. I can’t tell him all this over the phone. The least I can do is break it off in person, looking him in the eyes.”

Karen knew her friend very well (or at least she thought she did up until today) and if she was this dead set on something, she was not about to change her mind just now. Although she felt bad for Mark, Steph was her best friend and she would try to be as supportive as possible to her. “Listen, Steph, you know I love you with all my heart. I want you to know that I’ll always be there for you. If this is your decision then that’s fine with me. And obviously Eric and I want you to stay with us as long as you want, and definitely for the remaining three weeks of your vacation.” The girls held hands and looked at each other. They had been friends since they were teenagers, a bond much greater than what any moral principle could dictate.

The girls ate brunch and drank their mimosas. Things between them seemed to be back to how they were before the night before. At least they seemed that way. After refilling their mimosas more than once, Steph couldn’t help herself, “Oh my god, Karen, if I could only explain to you what it felt like with Shawn. You know I had already slept with my other boyfriends before Mark, but I swear to god it’s as if I had never been fucked before! He made me feel things I had never felt…ever!” Steph had this look on her face like she was reminiscing.

“Yeah, you guys got really loud last night…AND this morning.” Karen commented, trying to nag her friend. In truth, however, she was envious, even though she didn’t realize that was what she was feeling. The only orgasm she had had recently, though a great one, had been the night before thanks to the skills of her own hand, but that memory was tarnished by the illicit thoughts that had crept into her mind while doing it. This morning had been even worse. She had been so horny, the lack of a good fuck from the night before and the enviable cries of pleasure from her friend had gotten her wet. Eric had started fucking her, reminding her that they actually had a good sex life, at least she remembered it that way. It seemed like ages ago in any case. Ever since their first night it had tapered off substantially, and this morning had been an all-time low. Eric had orgasmed way too fast, just when she was getting started, and Karen’s attempts to get off in the shower had been fruitless.

Steph laughed, bringing one hand up to her face in slight embarrassment, “Sorry about that! I’m usually not loud at all but I don’t know what got over me. I felt like Shawn took complete control of me and was making me do whatever he wanted. And wow! I want him to keep doing it. I’m horny already just from thinking about it.” Steph playfully bit her lower lip and shifted in her chair.

“So, I take it you’re going to keep seeing Shawn.” Karen asked, almost rhetorically at this point.

“Oh yeah, definitely! But don’t worry. I don’t want to make Eric and you uncomfortable, so I’ll probably ‘see’ him at his place in the apartment complex. It’s on the other side of it. But I still want to stay with you and enjoy OUR vacation. What do you say?” Steph held out her hand to her friend.

Karen took her hand happily and the two girls smiled at each other. Steph couldn’t help herself and blurted out “God, Karen, if only you would try it too! You’d be a changed woman, I swear! I’m sure Jason would give it to you so good, I’ve seen how he looks at you. You’d cum like never before. You have no idea how much black guys love fucking white girls like us…” She stopped talking when she realized Karen was not amused.

Karen was indeed bothered by what Steph was saying. She would never cheat on Eric, Steph knew that, regardless of her newfound sexuality. It didn’t help that she was flaunting her sexual satisfaction at Karen, who was so frustrated that day. What Karen refused to acknowledge, even to herself, was the reaction her body had to the mention of Jason’s name, especially in the context of sex.

“I’m so sorry, Karen. I shouldn’t have said that. I know you and Eric are an amazing couple, and you guys probably have an incredible sex life. Forget what I said.” Steph apologized and asked a passing waiter for the check.

Karen forced a smile. She wished they hadn’t sat outside. Her pussy was moist, surely from sweating, she told herself.

Chapter 10: Eric’s View

Eric was awed by what he was seeing. Once again, he had come home late from work. Karen was already asleep in their room, but Eric had made himself a sandwich in the small Betturkey Güncel Giriş kitchen and was looking out the balcony. In the common patio, Jason, Shawn and Julius were sitting around talking to each other, drinking, smoking weed and listening to rap music. With the dark of night as well as of that of the guys’ skin, pale blonde Steph should have stood out like a sore thumb, but she looked right at home sitting there on Shawn’s lap, confidently talking with the rest of the gang. She looked downright slutty, in a pair of ripped jean shorts that showed the lower part of her ass cheeks and a white top so revealing that it may as well have been a just push-up bra. Shawn’s hands roamed wantonly all over her ass and legs while she talked, and she did nothing to slow or stop him.

Only a bit more than a week had passed since Steph first got fucked by Shawn, but her transformation during that time had not gone unnoticed by Eric. She had been spending less and less time at their apartment; the only night she spent with them in it was the night after her first fuck with Shawn. Since then, she had spent every night at his apartment, and half of her things were at his place already. She had basically become Shawn’s girlfriend for all intents and purposes.

That wasn’t all, though. Everything about her had changed. She had gone from being a prim and proper future housewife, naïve and sweet, always dressed sexy but classy, to dressing and behaving like a true skank. Increasingly over the past week, Eric had seen her sauntering around in anything that would show her ass and tits to the fullest extent without being naked. Undoubtedly, this had to be Shawn’s influence, getting her to dress the way he wanted. He would grope her lewdly in public, a reminder to Eric that, even though he actually enjoyed Steph’s new trashy, revealing wardrobe, she wasn’t revealing herself for his benefit. Steph was also talking differently now, in a very confident manner, even using phrases and slang that she had never used before.

Eric had also noticed that the relationship between Karen and Steph had drastically deteriorated during this time. Eric surmised that it was probably due to Steph’s transformation. After all, Karen wasn’t into this whole urban “street” culture, and would never dress, talk or act like that. Eric had noted, however, that things had changed between them for the worse much more sharply after Wednesday night of the week before, about five days after Steph had first slept with Shawn. But Eric hadn’t had the chance to talk about it with Karen.

As Eric finished his sandwich, he could see Steph leaning back and making out with Shawn, caressing his face and neck as she did so. She paused only to take a puff from the joint that was being passed around. Eric recollected that Karen had told him that Steph had only smoked weed one time, with her, back in high school and that neither of them liked it much. He almost smiled to himself at that thought. Steph certainly seemed to be enjoying it now.

Shawn had apparently had enough talking, drinking and smoking and wanted something else now, as he picked up Steph and carried her over to his side of the apartment complex after saying goodbye to the rest of the gang. Steph waved back to them as well.

Eric was envious. His own sex life had not been that active recently, and Karen had averted his last couple of advances. Normally this meant something was on her mind, given that Karen could rarely be aroused if she was going through a mentally stressful period or something of the sort. He was ashamed of the fact that his past couple of performances had left much to be desired. Still, the images of a hot, slutty Steph lingered in his mind, making him hard. Eric masturbated in the bathroom to those mental images before going to bed.

Chapter 11: Karen’s View

Heat emanated from the pavement as Karen’s rhythmic footsteps hit the sidewalk. Karen ran regularly, part of the reason why her body was in such spectacular shape. She was running with much more determination than usual this time, as she sometimes did when she was angry, unhappy or particularly stressed out. She was currently feeling a shifting combination of those emotions.

Karen knew that Steph was going to keep seeing Shawn, she had even told her as much. It didn’t even surprise her that much that they had so quickly become a “couple” of sorts, which was the reason why she had seen her friend less and less these last few days. But she had not expected her best friend to become a completely different person. She was dressing and acting like a whore just to please Shawn. He had taken her shopping a couple of days after she started spending the night at his place and bought her outfits that were completely unlike anything Steph would have even found approvable up until now. When Steph had showed them to Karen excitedly, Karen had tried to show some enthusiasm, but instead ended up asking her if she was sure she wanted to be seen wearing such risqué garments.

“Of course! I feel so sexy in them! Beside…all the guys love it!” Steph had responded. Karen didn’t even ask who ‘the guys’ were, with Steph’s brazen behavior it could have been Shawn, Jason and their friends or just all guys in general.

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