Incestuous 3some



“I need a drink” I said getting up in the dark “Would you like a beer or wine Jack?”

“Wine if you’re having that” you said remaining lying in the middle of the lounge floor.

I poured the wine and brought the two glasses and the bottle, which I suspected we would finish, back to where you were sprawled on the floor. Seeing you laid out like that suddenly reminded me of that night in my flat when I had gone to bed and you ‘trashed’ the place. Not a nice memory. Another vision also came into my mind, the bottle or a glass of red toppling over and making a fucking great stain on Carey’s cream coloured carpet; I had enjoyed fucking on it, but doubted I’d enjoy cleaning it.

“Come on,” I said, grabbing your hand.


“We aren’t drinking red wine on that carpet,”

“Where we going then, the carpet in the bedroom’s white.”

“Come with me, I need fag in any case.”


“You wanted us to have a fuck outside earlier, so now we can have a cigarette or two together out there, it’s a warm night.”

“Oh right, fucking brilliant.”

At the back of the cottage there was a small courtyard, it was totally secluded and even if anyone came to the front door they wouldn’t be able to see anything. We wandered out there and sat side by side on a low bench looking out to the countryside, which was lit up by the bright moon. My nipples were soon hard again, this time, though it wasn’t with sexual arousal.

You put your arm round me and I cuddled up to you and tucked my feet under my bum as we both lit Marlboro reds. I don’t smoke that much and never with non-smokers, but a few drinks before and a few fags after with a fellow addict is bloody marvellous I think.

We chatted quite easily. It wasn’t like before in the pub. There was no pretence of a date here, we didn’t need to make small talk or search for items of common interest. There was only one item on our agenda, sex. We talked about last time, of course, but didn’t get into the way we had fought when you had dominated me. We chatted about the pub and the walk home.

“God I so wanted to fuck you in that doorway” you said stroking my boob.

“I know baby.”

“Have you ever had sex in places like that Cat?”

“What sort of places?”

“Where you might get caught? Does that turn you on or am I just a pervy kid”

“I have actually yes and no you aren’t” I said looking up and pecking you on the cheek. “You’re aunty Cat’s tomboy, that’s what you are baby.” You smiled. I went on. “I think it’s quite a common sort of fantasy really, lots of people want to try it. Exhibitionism it’s called.”

“Can we some time?”

“We’ll see” I replied quite wary of thinking about what might happen in the future, that’s if there was one for us.

Our conversation became slightly more stilted and we began to run out of things to say or, was it that we wanted to discuss one topic in particular, I wondered as I felt your fingernails grazing across the top of my left tit? I stroked the inside of your leg and, looking down saw that you were hardening. Were you thinking the same as me I wondered as the sight of you mother, my sister Janis, filled my mind.

“So you enjoyed going out to dinner with me did you?” I asked.

“Yes it was fantastic, I want to do it more, can we?”

Again I was as non-committal as I could be.

“Maybe.” I changed the subject. Smiling I said. “Well it looked to me like you made a conquest in the pub.”

“What, who, oh him, the queer?”

“Not queer luv, gay is better.”

“OK gay, don’t be daft, I’m not that way.”

“You never know Jack” I said carefully. I was remembering that I had admitted that I had slept with women and may even have told you, or at least implied that something had gone on between Janis and me. This was a ticklish topic. “Lots of people Jack can enjoy both ways you know.”

“Yes I know and you said you did, didn’t you?”

I was stroking your leg as I said this and accidentally I ran it up too far and touched your balls; it took me a moment to realise that your cock wasn’t hanging down as it had been just a moment ago I looked down. It wasn’t at full mast, but it was at a good half lying horizontally across your lower stomach. Something was arousing you? Was it my nudity, talk of the gay guy or of me having gone with women? I decided to find out so I stroked your cock. Its warm half hardness was lovely.

“So my superstud, what’s caused this?” I asked. “Are you thinking about something in particular or…………” I paused before adding “Someone in particular.”


So many fucking brilliant things had happened to me since that first time I came to your flat. The few days there ending up with us having an afternoon and evening of awesome sex had been incredible and now, in a different way, similar things were happening.

We’d only been here about three fucking hours, I smiled realising that for once I was using fucking appropriately, and we’d already fucked three times. There was clearly more to come including you coming through with your promise to suck my cock. Alright you had done çorum escort that at your flat, but that was a bit forced. This time you had said you wanted to do it. I was wondering whether you would let me cum in your mouth and even more incredibly would you swallow my cum. I also wondered whether women really did that or whether it was just something you read about in dirty books and erotic sites on the net, like Literotica.

The fuck on the floor had been fantastic as you let me do it bareback and you’d followed that up by taking me outside and sitting smoking and drinking stark, bollock naked. How about that for grown up, classy fucking sex, I thought.

Since that time when I had held you down on the floor in your flat and interrogated you about sex as we sort of reversed roles and I took over, I had tried to make my mind up on a couple of things. I was sure you had admitted to having been with women, so I had accepted that you were bi. That actually fuckingwell thrilled me and I’d had numerous wanks visualising you with a number of famous birds. The thing I wasn’t so sure about, though, was if anything had gone on between you and my mum. I knew we had got onto that topic and I recalled saying that when I shot my load over your tits I was imagining that they were hers, which I was. I think I also told you that I fantasised about having sex with her. You were very understanding about that as you had been about so many things; that really had helped me ‘grow up’ so quickly sexually.

At the flat, as the evening had worn on I really had begun to think you were some form of slut. I had no comprehension of the concept of being wanton and lewd as part of sex, but being sophisticated and respectable at other times. So after you let me fuck you and we did all those things together, I was confused. I was also a little pissed and reached a totally incorrect conclusion. Over the ensuing months I had read a lot about sex and I had understood more about how you could do what we had done together, yet still be my well respected aunty Cat. You really were able to be a lady in the drawing room and a whore in the bedroom and by fuck, didn’t that make me a lucky boy.

All these thoughts and more: the near sex in the doorway, the way that gay had looked at me and made me feel aroused, thinking about you with other women, being naked with you and having your hand stroking up and down my inner thigh was making me harden. Not fully yet, that was too soon, after all I had only taken my cock out of you ten or fifteen minutes ago and I had cum three times in a short while. But I knew it wouldn’t take long. I had been with that young slag Tracy all one afternoon and evening and we’d fucked six or seven times and she wasn’t a patch on you.

To be truthful, though, it wasn’t just your naked body, your hand on my thigh, my fingers on your tit or the other things I had been thinking about, which was reviving my hard on. It was also thinking about my mum. Since I had last seen you at the party and between then and that first time in your flat, I had found it almost impossible to think of you without my mum’s image also entering my mind.

I was so fucking curious about you and her, I just had to know. Yet at the same time I was so horny about her. It had taken me a lot of soul searching and research and reading to recognise and accept that I wanted to have sex with my mother.

So when you asked whether I was thinking of ‘someone in particular,’ I knew the taboo topic was rearing its head.

I felt fucking terrible. I felt like a little kid being asked to own up to something. I was embarrassed, guilty and ashamed, but so fucking aroused that I’m sure my cock twitched.

I mumbled something like “Thinking about you and other women.”

“Really?” You replied quietly, your soft fingertips just millimetres from my balls.

“Yes, it excites me.”

“So it does most women Jack, that’s very common, men like a bit of lessy action.”

That made you laugh a little.

“Yes I watch it on the porn sites with me mates.”

“Naughty,” you said giving my leg a slap. “I bet you’ve got some girl rock or film stars you really fancy haven’t you?”

“Yes, yes of course I have.”

“So do you imagine me having sex with them?” You asked as your cool fingers snaked around my cock.

I didn’t reply for a moment or two as I enjoyed the sensations of your fingers on my cock and tried to imagine what it would feel like when it was your lips wrapped round it. It was probably a wrong move, for I let you work me up too much. Not so that I was near to cumming, there was plenty of time before that. It was so that my inhibitions seemed to vanish. I felt able to do and say anything.

“No Cat, not with them.”

“But you presumably visualise me doing it with someone don’t you?” You asked so fucking provocatively you must have known what you were doing.

“Yes,” I whispered.

“Want to tell me who Jack?”

In what was probably no more than a whimper I stammered. “I don’t know.”

“Jack I think you do know and I think you should say. Please?” You asked so pleadingly denizli escort that I simply couldn’t refuse, not that I wanted to really.

Just one word slid so quietly and easily slid from my mouth. Even though neither of us may have heard it we both knew full well what that three lettered was.

So there it was. It was in the open and on the table. The issue between us, the one that intrigued each of us and the one that in some ways bound us together, the almost unspoken, taboo had been announced.

I hadn’t even thought where it would lead when I raised the topic of the gay who looked at me in a very fancying wa,. As we chatted about me being bisexual I hadn’t considered that it could take us down the route it did. I guess deep down, though that when I asked whether you imagined me being with other women and who they were, I was starting to see a glimmer of light at the end of our tunnel of ambiguity. And when I ‘insisted’ that you tell me who I think I knew that the one word answer that you whimpered to me would be.


As you said that I felt your body shudder. You were crying and my heart went out to you.

“Come on baby, let’s go in?” I said stubbing my Marlboro out and making a mental note to clear the stubs up before Janis arrived tomorrow.

You held my hand as we walked in and I shut and bolted the doors.

“Let’s go to bed shall we Jack?” I asked softly.

Your sobbing had stopped.

“Sorry Cat, I’m acting like a kid.”

“Oh darling don’t be sorry, there’s no need,” I said feeling for you as I closed the gap between us, took your face in my hands and, standing on tip toe, reached up and planted little kisses all over your mouth. “It’s ok, you’re with me, you’re with Cat, your aunty, and you don’t have to worry or be sorry about something like that.”

We kissed properly then and moulded our bodies together. Your nearly full erection pressed into me and I squashed my tits against your firm, slim and so wonderfully taught chest. My hands ran up and down your equally taught and muscular back eventually finding the two pert cheeks of your youthful bum. I squeezed it and pulled you harder against me thinking ‘Young men are fucking wonderful’ as I savoured your body against mine.

I broke my mouth away and put my lips against your ear. I poked the tip of my tongue in a little and then whispered.

“Come on baby, let aunty take you upstairs and suck that fabulous cock of yours.”


I felt fucking stupid crying, but somehow it all just got to me. But why fucking cry? Fuck knows, whoever he is, I didn’t.

It was as though something was troubling me, but I didn’t know what it was, although I felt it might be mum. I couldn’t talk to anyone about the fact that I fancied my mother and wanted to have sex with her, it was simply impossible. But I had to get it out of my system, I had to bare my soul as it were and I wanted to tell you, so I did.

As usual you so amazingly understood. I had just told you, my aunt, twenty five years my senior that I fantasised about you and my mother, your sister, having sex and what did you do? You kissed me, shoved your tongue in my ear and said that you wanted to take me upstairs and suck my cock. How fucking cool was that?

“Do you fantasise anything else about Janis?” You asked as you laid me down in the middle of the bed. “Just a sec” you went on walking out of the room and down the stairs.

The sight of your bare arse wiggling as you went across the room was only matched by the sight of your bare tits jiggling as you returned. Each of those sights, though were almost surpassed as you went round the room placing and lighting a number of lovely smelling candles. Standing beside the bed you looked fantastic with the light flickering across your body.

“So do you?” You asked getting in the bed, pulling the light duvet over us and cuddling up to me, your fingers running up my nearly erect cock as if to check that it was still there.

In the bed, in the semi darkness, my arm round your shoulders, your head on my chest your brown hair grazing my body, I felt better, more relaxed and less inhibited. I felt more able to open up as I wanted to.

“Yes I do.”

“Do you want to tell me about it Jack or, shall I guess?”

“I’ll tell you” I replied loving the feel of your body in my arms. Fuck, I thought, it feels so good to be with a woman like this, sex is hardly needed. “I imagine having sex with , is that terrible?”

“No, it’s quite common, loads of blokes do.”

“Phew that makes me feel better” I replied as I felt you lightly kissing my chest.

“Good, that’s what aunties are for, to make their nephews feel better” you said quietly as you licked and kissed further down my chest, nearly to my waist. The duvet had slid down a bit, but half your head was now under it.

“Have you done anything?” I heard from under the duvet.

“Er no, well not really.”

“What do you mean, not really, have you or not?” You said as my body jumped when I felt your tongue licking my stomach.

“No, all I’ve done is sort of walked diyarbakır escort around a bit in my pants or wrapped in a towel.”

“How did she react?” You asked taking hold of my dick.

“I don’t know, once as I came out of the bathroom we almost bumped into each other and she looked me up and down.”

“What sort of look.”

“She looked like you did just now standing beside the bed.”

My body jerked for instead of replying you licked the tip of my cock. It was fucking amazing.

“How do you mean Jack, turned on as I was?”

“Yes, exactly.”

“I see,” you said just before I felt the most marvellous sensation as your mouth slid down my cock.


As I slid your cock into my mouth I was wondering whether, perhaps, more had gone on between you and Janis, than you were letting on to. I licked and sucked, slurped and kissed your dick, bringing it to another marvellously hard erection as I cupped and gently squeezed your balls. You were moaning, groaning and sighing, clearly loving all I was doing, but then I would fuckingwell hope so too. I as good as took it out and just held the bloated tip resting on my lower lip.

“Nice, baby” I asked stroking your balls?

“Fucking amazing Ca,” you groaned your hands running through my hair.

“So nothing more has happened between you and her?”

“No, just looks several times. I even left my door open once when I was naked and I saw her looking at me.”

“She didn’t do anything though?”


“But you wanted her to?”

“Oh God yes, I can’t explain it.”

I pushed the duvet back so you could see me sucking you. You tasted good and felt even better on my tongue and lips.

When I really fancy a man I simply adore fellating him. Isn’t that a great word? So much more evocative than the female equivalent of cunnilingus, what a crap word that is!

Although I’d ‘fellated’ you before, you tasted so much different this time. Now it was mutually tender lovemaking, well at least two way sex and not the rough ‘suck my cock bitch’ type of thing it had been on my lounge floor. I gave it all I had.


It was incredible. Fucking you is amazing. The feel of your tight, hot, wet cunt gripping my cock as I slide in is awesome. That’s better than the feel of your mouth, tongue and lips, but sucking, somehow, is more intimate and more giving on the woman’s part than is fucking. You are doing something to and for me; when we fuck we do it together. When you suck me I am totally yours, so I lay back and love it, fucking marvellous.

I had nothing to compare your oral skills to. The young birds I got didn’t do oral. Instinctively, though, I knew you were good, I knew that before you bobbed your head down my body, your chestnut coloured hair caressing my stomach. Before you licked me and kissed me, before you slid my hardened cock into your mouth, before you plunged it up and down and before you almost took it out and kissed and licked the bulbous end. I knew it before you licked my balls and sucked them individually then together as you softly masturbated me with your soft fingers. Before you took me back in your mouth and used your fingers to gently squeeze my balls and rub me between my legs on that patch between my scrotum and bumhole. God, I wondered, how did you know just the most perfect things to do and the by far best places to touch me? My entire body felt as it was undergoing a series of electric shocks, you were stimulating me everywhere. It was absolutely fucking amazing.


I love it when a man really reacts to me sexually. When his whole body responds to what I am doing and when our physical and mental states are in sync. As I used every trick, I knew ours were exactly that.

You were moaning and groaning, grunting and sighing. Your head was rolling from side to side, your eyes were clamped shut and your mouth was open as if you were gasping for air. My tits felt incredibly heavy and burning hot. My nipples felt ready to explode there was so much pressure and my clit seemed ready to explode. Your hands were alternating between gripping the bedclothes and my hair as mine moved from your now perfectly rigid cock to your nice big bag of balls and then to between your legs.

Your actions were giving you away; they were betraying you, signalling what was happening to you. Your cock was almost vibrating; it got even harder, your body tensed and your hips started to move. Slow at first and then slightly faster you started pumping, pushing with little surges, modest thrusts. Yes slowly, but surely you started to fuck my face, it felt wonderful.


Were you really going to, I wondered? Was it actually going to happen? Surely I couldn’t be this lucky?

A few guys I know had said that a girl had let them cum in their mouth and one boasted that his bird swallowed, but I had my doubts.

We were now well into the swing of it. We had gone past, it seemed to me, a quick suck, this was full oral sex or what my mind considered that to be. We had found a rhythm. My hips started to move in time with your mouth. Your fingers and hands were now fully part of what we were doing, they were wonderfully everywhere and I was loving every bit of it. I just wished I could get my hands to your tits or, better still your pussy, but I didn’t have the nerve to move you, I thought maybe not being able to touch you was part of the sucking etiquette.

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