Incidents in a cross dressers life. Part Two (A tr


Incidents in a cross dressers life. Part Two (A trMy first “outing” was with a female fuck buddy. She loved sex. Any time, place, or person. Damn she was a great fuck buddy! She asked about any fantasies I had. I mentioned I always wanted to cross dress in pantyhose, panties, bra, and a great wig. We spent the afternoon shopping and found all of my needs and a great wig that matched my natural hair color. There is a nice pic of me labeled “first pic.” in the gallery. My nipples and cock were rock hard the whole time, especially while she dressed me. While assisting me with the pantyhose (I pretended I never tried on a pair), my boner was front and center. I was so hard that I would punch holes in a one inch piece of plywood. She of course, kept popping it in and out of her warm lips driving me crazy. I wanted to cum on her face SO bad that it hurt. The tight feel of the nylon was delirious. The tight bra pushed my man boobs together and high so it looked like I had lovely B cups. I was surprised that my nipples did not chew their way out of the cups. The wig was next! Once on, kayseri escort she combed it out which sent my asshole into spasms. When she did my face, I was trembling. The lipstick! The red lipstick did not stay in place long. She pushed me on my back and pinned my body down. She ****d my mouth with her talented tongue. Her pelvis was grinding into my nylon entombed cock, forcing my ass tighter into the hotel mattress, and forcing my ass cheeks to fight the nylon fabric holding them together. Her massive and lovely tits were massaging my bra giving me multiple nipple orgasms (YES they do exist!). She moved down between my legs and started to lick my hardon through the fabric. This was payback for when, on our first encounter, I chewed through her pantyhose to get at her pussy. (A story for another day). She tore a hole in the crotch to get at my asshole. One finger, then two, then three, and I was nearly in a sex induced c***. Fingers in the ass and a tongue on the cock; does it get better that that?! YES!!!She produced, out of nowhere, konya escort a 10″ vibrator and up it went!!!! (I always wondered where she kept it?). She hit the power and I was off to the races. My ass slammed up and down as my I blew my load hard! Trapped in the nylon, my cum shot through the weave like a water stream from a garden hose through a screen door. I’m sure I arched my back as I came and then slammed back down (usually arch up from habit from trying to hit my face and mouth with my cum shots). All I wanted was to breathe and enjoy the full body convulsions. NO – she did not stop fucking my ass with the plastic cock! That sent me off again with a whine and whimper. I was lying on my back with my beautifully coiffed head hanging off the bed, my arms and legs outstretched like I was about to become the center of affection at a bondage party. Just then, our girlfriend walked into our room and stopped dead in her tracks! I was looking at her upside down as she sputtered and stammered in shock. It’s not that she had never seen us naked; izmir escort it was she was surprised to see another woman and realized that it was me!Just then, my fuck buddy, rolled me over, pulled me onto my knees and started to piston the vibrator in and out of my sore hole. This was the first time someone else was shoving something up my ass. I wanted MORE! I started to rock back and forth. She reached up and pulled my hair back forcing me to look upward. My eyes rolled back, my mouth opened (I would have been the perfect time for a hard cock to have been forced into my waiting and open suck hole), and I was close to seeing God! She let go my hair and my head slumped down as my ass arched up. I felt her hand sliding up and down over my engorged cock as she gave me a lesson in Femdom.I came so hard a catapulted off the firmly held dildo, shooting off the bed head first onto the floor. I rolled over (very slowly) and looked up at our girlfriend who, still in shock, was looking down at me. I was panting hard and shaking from the ass fucking. As I was looking up, wondering if I would ever have a real flesh cock fucking my brains out, the girlfriend started to rub her nylon clad foot over my face ordering me to lick it. What was a guy to do; dressed up in pantyhose, his hair and make-up all asunder, fucked out like the slut I am, with a throbbing asshole to do?

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