Indecent Connections Ch. 07


The final moments of a long wait are always the most painful. I was currently sitting in my chair at work basically staring at the time on my computer screen. In a couple moments I would be out of work and heading home. Then finally I would be able to call Ava and see if I could pick her up tonight. Five thirty rolled around and I was up and in my car before anyone could ask where I was going. My job was close enough to my house that I was there in twenty minutes. When I pulled up in the driveway I was surprised to see the light already on in my house. I couldn’t imagine who would be there besides my family neighbors so I just assumed it was one of my cousins came in to visit. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the door.

Ava was relaxing on my couch. Her legs were curled up and she seemed a little shy looking up at me. I came forward smiling and opened my arms to her. She jumped off the couch and ran into my chest. Her face was buried into my chest but I felt like she was humming gleefully. I was overjoyed to have her in my arms. My arms tightened around her and I kissed the top of her head.

“I missed you.” I let her know rubbing her back lovingly.

“I can bet I missed you even more.” We chucked but kept each other close.

“How did you get here, I was going to call you when I got home.” She took her face out from my chest to rest the side of it against my chest.

“I was with Ella and I told her I was spending the weekend with you again, so she dropped me off. Mom already knows that I am spending at least tonight here.” We were enjoying the time we had together but it had to be ruined by my cell phone ringing. The caller ID said that it was Eric ruining our moment again.

“Hey man, what’s the matter I’m kind of busy right now.”

“Well, I was hoping we could go out for a drink. I haven’t seen you since you dropped me for a girl last weekend.” I looked down at Ava who was looking a little disappointed, but understanding, since she could hear who I was on the phone with. She might have thought that I was going go out with him just so he wouldn’t ask any questions.

“Look, I know I ditched you last weekend but I have something going on right now and I still have work tomorrow. Maybe Sunday we can get together for a while.”

“I’ll hold you to that Aiden.” I said my goodbyes and hung up. I heard Ava’s voice thank me but I had to be honest to her.

“Honey I was serious about having work tomorrow. I have to get up early.”

“I’m sorry, I can go home. If you have work I don’t want to disturb you.” She tried to leave my arms but I drew her back in by the waist.

“Ah, ah, ah that’s not what I was saying.” I looked down at her with a cocky smile. “What I was saying that we’ll only have time for one round, tonight.” She giggled and reached up to kiss me. The connection lit the same flames that we had felt together all last weekend. We began kissing each other more vigorously and I started tugging on her clothing to get it off her. Ava started doing the same thing to me. We started laughing between the two of us as we went after each other. To surprise her I reached under her ass and lifted her up on my hips. She responded by wrapping her legs around me for support. Her arms were wrapped around my shoulders so he was attached to me like a koala to its mother. I started walking whisking her away to my room and she pulled back to smile at me. It seemed to me like she had something that she wanted to say.

“What is it honey?” I tried to coax it out of her nicely.

“Why are we going into your room?” I was a little uncertain if it was a trick question or not.

“Well depends on if you want to go to my room.” She understood what I was asking about and shook her head.

“No I didn’t mean it in that way. I want to go to your room. It’s just…I wanted to know whether or not you were going to fuck me or…make love to me.” We were in my room by this point so I sat down with her in my lap. She was nervous again; but mostly because she didn’t know how to say what she wanted.

“What do you want me to do?” My hand slid down to her ass, “I can fuck you again; happily. But, it seems like you want something a little different from me this time. It’s up to you; what do you want to do?”

“You’re teasing me; are you going to give me an answer or just continue to pick on me.”

“Look Ava, I’m getting inside you either way, or either hole as it may be. This is your decision; I’m not going to make a decision like this for you.”

“You really know how to make me confused.”

“If you are confused about this then it’s not worth it. You need to be sure, about all of it.”

“I am sure that I want this. It’s that you making me beg for it, it makes me self-conscious; which makes me confused.”

“Why would that make you confused? Ava, maybe this is a little too soon. Tonight we should just curl up with a movie and have an early night. We have the weekend to figure everything out. See this is why erzincan escort I thought we needed some space before coming back together.”

“No, no please I don’t think I could go another night without this. Please just make love to me like you promised. I need you.” I didn’t need to be told twice as I quickly flipped us so I was on top of her.

“I’ll make love to you all night long if that’s what you want darling. See it wasn’t so hard for you to be honest with your desires. I won’t know how to satisfy you if you’re not honest. New rule, complete honesty; don’t even dare to keep something from me.”

“Yes sir.”

“I’m not saying this as your master Ava; tonight I’m your boyfriend.” I had already half undressed her so I started kissing up and down her neck while fondling her tits.

“A boyfriend that’s going to fuck that sweet pussy of yours” I had to add at the end for added effect. Ava moaned in pleasure as I worked her body. My hand moved down to her slit and began teasing her clit to get her nice and wet for me. She gripped my back in an attempt to get her bearings straight while I sensually attacked her body. Ava didn’t have very long nails but they were just long enough where when they raked across my skin I could feel it scratching me. As my fingers played with her clit I enjoyed planting kisses on her neck and chest.

Eventually I started sliding down to place my tongue on her lower lips. As I reached my destination Ava’s hand came and gipped my hair. A smirk came across my face as I enjoyed her reactions, which to me were even better than last time’s. I took a few teasing licks at her clit at first dragging my tongue fully across her pussy slowly before pulling back. Her hips rose to meet up with my retracting mouth but she knew it was in vain. Her moans were quite loud and she was clearly happy with what I was doing. I began to take more licks and start sucking on her clit. She laid there moaning and tossing on the bed as I continued to eat her out.

“Aiden, you too; let me make you happy too.” I knew what she was asking for but couldn’t let her have it. If Ava started giving me a blowjob with my dick as hard as it was at that moment there was no possibility of keeping myself from cumming.

“I’m fine Ava; in truth I’m actually not going to last much longer.” As I was talking to her I slid my middle finger into her snatch. Her back arched in response and she moaned.

“Ahhh, Aiden; stop I’m going to…please I can’t hold it.”

“So cum baby, let me watch you cum for me.” Her hands started gripping at my arm just to find support and attempt to push my hand away if only a little. I added another finger to my fucking and she moaned even more. She came on my fingers with vengeance. Every muscle in her pussy tightened on my fingers and reminded me just how much she was enjoying this. She relaxed back down onto the bed and I came up to lie beside her. Ava was looking over at me with a smile on her face. Her brown hair framed her rounded face; the smile she wore was dazzling. Ava’s deep hazel eyes sparkled at me making me feel loved more than I ever have before.

My hand stroked her cheek while I smiled back at her. She rolled onto her side so that she could put her arm around me. I dropped my hand lower so I could stroke her back. Ava shifted closer to me so her tits lightly leaned up against me. Our foreheads were the first to make contact with each other. It was a calming moment to just take in each other and feel the love in the room. Ava was the first to lean forward and give me a kiss. That started us into a downhill spiral of intense making out. Our bodies became meshed together as we attempted to find any way to be as close as possible. I rolled Ava back onto her back so I could press up against her.

When I pulled back we were both breathing heavily. I leaned up on my elbow in order not to crush her completely. Her hands were on my shoulders looking like she was in a daze. I stroked her cheeks with underhand side of my fingers. She was so beautiful, and I couldn’t believe she was all mine.

“Baby I’m not going to be able to last much longer. Before I go any further did you do what I asked you to?”

“Yes, I’ve been on the control since Tuesday. But the doctor said it doesn’t work immediately that its needs to have time to run through my system.”

“Yes I know that babe; I just wanted to know so that I could call the hotel to give them the go ahead on our room reservations.”

“Aiden! What did you do now?”

“What I promised; you did what I told you to so now you get a reward. Thursday through Sunday the two of us in a honeymoon suite in New York City, it’ll be all about us Ava.”

“You can’t be serious!” Her eyes were wide with amazement and joy.

“I am, and I have other surprises for when we are there but that’s for another time. Now honey, grab one off the stand for me.” I pointed to the box of condoms so she knew what I was asking for. erzurum escort She helped me slip it on my engorged dick which left me free to focus on kissing her. When she was done I lined myself up with her pussy opening. I pulled away from kissing her because I wanted to see all for myself her reactions as I entered her for the first time. She had a nervous smile and looked down to see us coming together. I stopped her and tilted her chin back up to look at me.

“No, Ava, look up here. Look only at me right now.” She her smile grew as she put both of her arms around my shoulders. Her eyes interlocked with mine and I knew it was time to start pushing myself in. My dick was very hard so it met resistance as I entered her unused hole. The head of my dick pushed past her threshold and I paused for her. I wanted to let her get used to it for a minute before continuing. Her cheeks had become even more flushed and I could see she was in a little bit of pain. I held myself there letting her get used to my size while stroking her cheek and giving her light kisses.

“I’m going to push myself all the way in Ava. Just keep holding onto me; I promise it will feel better soon.” She nodded her head but still gasped when I pushed in further. With gentle pushing and thrusts I made it all the way down to where my balls touched her ass. It was like pure heaven to me. Her muscles had a vice like grip on my cock but they were slowly loosening for me. Ava wiggled her hips against me in an attempt to find a more comfortable position for herself. Unconsciously her movements were turning me on even more to the point where I might explode any second. However, the straw that broke the camel’s back is what she moaned to me.

“Aiden, it feels good.” Those words were the end of me. I started thrusting in and out of her sweet pussy. At first it was a slow delicate pace but gradually worked up into something much more intense. Ava raised her hips with each thrust to meet me with the same excitement as I had.

“Yes, yes Aiden; more fuck me more, please…so fucking good.”

“That’s right baby feel it all. God that’s a sweet pussy, the best I’ve ever been in.”

“I can’t take any more Aiden, I want to cum together; please tell me your almost there.”

“Fuck yeah babe I’m almost at the boiling point.” Our lips connected and my thrust got even stronger. Now her pussy was completely open to me. I met little to no resistance with each thrust and I could feel her pussy juices flowing freely from her. Both of us met our climaxes at the same time. I wrapped my arms around her delicate back and pulled her in close. My face was buried into the crook of her neck as I let out a loud moan of pleasure. Ava let out her own satisfied moan and clawed at my back.

When we finally finished we were heaving wrecks. Sweat covered both out bodies but we didn’t care much. I rolled over first and laid on my back. Ava turned to her side so that I could keep my arm around her shoulder but she could use my chest as a pillow. We were both satisfied and tired from all the activities.

“I missed you this week Aiden. It seems stupid to say but just those three days together and I already feel like I never want to go back to the way it used to be.”

“I missed you too Ava; especially after the day we had Sunday. That was intense.”

“Yeah, it definitely was.” I could hear the sound of her having fond memories over it like I was. Since we were just relaxing I felt it was the perfect time to get some clarity on Ava’s likes and dislikes. She had given me the list and I did look over it but I had also done some more research and I wanted to figure out what exactly she was looking for from me.

“So babe I need to know, last weekend we did a lot of things. I was a lot of different levels with you. It will probably sound a little ridiculous but I need to know which one of those times you enjoyed the most.” She looked up from my chest looking a little confused.

“I liked all the times I was with you Aiden. What do you mean which did I like the most?”

“You know exactly what I mean Ava, don’t play coy with me.” I knew she had an answer for me that she just didn’t want to share.

“I’m sorry it was just embarrassing for me to say to you.”

“Nothing should be embarrassing for you with me. I want you to be honest about everything. I’ve already said it once that you are not allowed to keep anything from me.” Upon my reprimanding Ava reached across my chest to make herself as close to me as possible. It sort of reminded me of a dog in a sense. The more you scolded a puppy for misbehavior the more it would attach to you and follow you around.

“I still don’t hear an answer Ava.”

“I’m thinking sir, I really loved everything so it is hard to choose between all of them.” I gave her another minute to think of her choice carefully.

“Aiden, I think I know.” I looked down at her so she knew I was listening to her. It had really been eskişehir escort an area of intrigue for me so I was excited to hear her answer.

“Go ahead Ava, I’m listening.”

“Sunday, what we did all day Sunday I enjoyed the best. I like you to be rough with me; a little pain feels good to me.” She didn’t look at me while she told this but I knew her cheeks would be bright red from embarrassment.

“Sir, does this mean that you won’t make love to me anymore?” I knew her fear was that I was asking so that I would only do what she had like the best and that by saying her favorite she would lose everything else we had done. I rolled over with me in her arms to turn off the bed lamp and then went back to lying on my back. Ava thought that I had done that to tell her to go to bed but that is not what I had in mind.

“Ava come straddle me.” She got up to do what she was told. When she was perched with her knees on either side of me, I pulled her down to lay on me and give her a strong kiss. She responded enjoying my attention. While we were making out I reached down and started playing with her ass and stretching it out. I used her pussy juices as lube to make sure that she was lubricated enough.

“It means, Ava that I’ll still do whatever I feel like to you.” I reassured her and moved to her neck since she had pulled back from my lips to arch her back and throw her head back. I stretched her for few minutes then pulled my fingers out so I could put them in her mouth. She sucked on my fingers while I told her what I was doing.

“You’re going to get fucked again Ava. I want you to ride me until I’m ready cum. You’ll get the fucking in the pussy but when I cum its going to be deep in your ass. Can you do that baby?”

“Yes sir, I can do anything for you.”

“Ava I’m not going to use a condom in your pussy. But, I don’t want you to worry because I have the morning after pill. So when you’re ready you can put it whenever you want.”

She looked down seemingly to gain enough courage to put my dick in. With another glance up at me she lifted herself up on her knees. Reaching between her legs she took my dick in her hand and position herself for me to enter. I was only inside her a little when she stopped. Her breathing was rather heavy and I would describe her as being perched on top of me. She was using her hands on my chest and knees on the bed to keep herself up so that she would not fall too far down on my dick. It was clearly a lot to ask of her so I decided to help her out a bit more.

“Give me your hands Ava.” She obliged but without the extra support from her hands on my chest she fell farther down on me. Ava sucked in a breath but stayed where she had landed. I intertwined our fingers and leaned against my elbows so it created a stable area for her to lean against. She smiled gratefully at me and relaxed herself farther down onto me. Again it was becoming difficult for her so I tried something else to help her.

I was already completely inside her pussy so I let go of one of my hands to encircle around her waist. Gently I pushed my body up so I was leaning against my bed frame in a sitting position. Ava responded by putting her hands on my shoulders. She just remained still for a moment opening and closing her eyes and taking deep breathers. It is always simpler when someone else is doing the work; but it is always more difficult when you have to do it yourself.

“Come on baby you can do it. I know you can. Just start moving those beautiful hips of yours.” She nodded and looked over to me from her long lashes again. With slow gentle movements she started rising and falling on my cock. Ava started to moan and arch into her movements. It was a good testament to how much she could be pushed into trying something new. Her movements remained even but I was alright with it. She wasn’t ready to ride me really hard and the sensual way she was doing this was getting me excited enough. Ava leaned in and gave me a heartfelt kiss; my cock throbbed inside her.

Gently I lifted her up by the hips and pulled out of her. She seemed confused and disappointed but not for long. I drove myself into her ass hard with one jagged motion. She squeaked but I didn’t give her time to recover. It became my sole purpose in the world to fuck her ass into oblivion. I took hold of her body by wrapping both arms around her so she couldn’t escape me. Ava moaned, she started to desperately beg for release.

“Oh my god Aiden! I’m gonna cum, shit that feels fucking good.” I chuckled at her honesty. Pulling her in close I whispered sensually into her ear.

“Don’t cum babe. You don’t have permission yet.” She shuddered and wrapped her arms around my neck so that I couldn’t see her face. It was her way of holding back so I let her do what she wanted. Our position did make it a little harder for me to fuck her but it didn’t bother me that much since I could still continue. I myself was getting remarkably close to my orgasm but held it down only so that I could enjoy this for longer. Finally it reached the point of no going back and I spilled out into her waiting ass. She arched her back into it throwing her head back and moaning loudly. But, she still didn’t find her own orgasm which pleased me greatly because I know how hard it was for her.

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