InductionInduction!Di was bored, work was its usual mind numbing self and her mind kept drifting to the fun of last weekend. As she entered yet more numbers in the computer she squirmed slightly as she remembered he had hit that particular spot perfectly.’I wonder if I can sneak off to the loos’ she thought.She looked around, her bitch of a supervisor Sharon has just come out of her small office and was looking around menacingly.Diane! could I have a word please. Di, sauntered over, ‘Yes she muttered half expecting a bollocking.This is the new starter said Sharon, indicating a young man/boy over her shoulder. He’s on an internship and we get to show him around.That’s ok, isn’t it? oh and it won’t stop you finishing what you are doing will it? She said with a viper’s smile.No,Sharon, it won’t happy to show ‘young men’ round the office said Di, they need something good to look at.Sharon shot her a withering look and marched back into her office and shut the door. Bring him back in an hour she said.Looking at him, Di thought, god he can’t weigh more than a tea towel wet through.HI, I’m Ben he said, and she looked at his face, caught by his warm brown eyes. Pleased to meet you. Well that voice was definitely something and he had kağıthane escort a straight sort of chin.So, you’re my tour guide are you? Do I get to see all the attractions?Di started, was he flirting with her, she looked at him, but he was all butter wouldn’t mouth but there was a ghost of a smile on his lips.Oh, to see all the attractions you have to be above a certain size she deadpanned back.Well, lead on, he said, I’m sure I’ll be fully grown soon!Di led him round the office, the warehouse, got the usual coarse remarks from the drivers and then somewhat later sauntered back into the office. Right then she said, conscious that hardly a word had passed since, I think Sharon wanted you to wait in here and she knocked and entered Sharon’s office.It was empty.Ben entered behind her and closed the door. Oh look, he said she’s not here and with that he moved right behind Di and reached round her waist rubbing her side as he kissed the back of her neck.Shocked, but not knowing what to do,Di stood there. Then, as her body reacted and her mind took her back to the weekend, she pressed back against him. Holy shit, was that his cock, it felt huge.By now, Ben’s roaming hands where bakırköy escort all over her tits, finding and popping buttons and kneading and squeezing.She moaned slightly, as his hand darted down and rubbed her mound through her skirt.We can’t, she said Sharon’s office!!Yes we can said Ben and spun her round, his hand working the zipper on her skirt as it pooled by her feet.He guided her backwards, her mind spinning as her kissed her and had her sit on the edge of the desk while he sat in the chair.Guiding her hands to his trousers, she unhooked his belt pulled the zip down and stuffed her hand in. OMG, his hot hard cock was in her hands and as she pulled it out, it looked huge.Mesmerised by its scent and immediacy and with Ben butting it against her nose, she opened and mouth and started to suck.Ah, god, that’s right moaned Ben, suck it you dirty slut. Wait and I’ll give it to you. Bet you are all wet.Di couldn’t deny that, a patch had formed on her knickers and she couldn’t believe the situation, she slurped on the big cock in front of her and then looked up at him.Cocky bastard, well prove you know what you are doing and she lay back on the desk.Not asking twice, Ben şişli escort stood up, pulled her plain white work knickers to one side and slid in.Of fuck thought Di, oh fuck, as he moved in her, god he is big.Am i the right size for the big curves he asked, pushing her bra cups up and slavering his hot tongue over her nipples. Better make this a fast ride as he picked up the pace and his cock, nicely lubricated with Di’s wetness slid faster and faster in her wet cunt.Oh shit, Di panted, oh shit, as his balls banged against her arse and her juices trickled out of her wanton hole.I need to cum she panted in his ear. Sure, he grinned back and pulled her legs over his shoulders so his cock started rubbing her cervix. Reaching down, he wet the end of his tumb and started rubbing over her already large clit.Di’s chest started to flush and she was about to scream out as his tongue quietened her noises with kisses.As he rode her and rubbed, the peaks of pleasure got more and more intense and then with one shove, she exploded over his prick, muttering muffled screams into his mouth.But he wasn’t stopping, he kept going and she exploded a second time feeling herself squirt around his thick cock.Ah, that’s right he said, as he pulled out, leaving her suddenly feeling open and wanked his hard shaft. The cum fell over her thighs and onto the desk, spattering the picture of Sharon’s husband on the desk.That’ll do, said Ben. He loves to clean up from her in any case.What!! said Sharon her mind reeling. ‘Nothing’ said Ben, Sharon just has some extra work for you he smirked!

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