Ingie Ch. 2


Chapter 2: The Rope

This is the second story in a series. While I still do not know how many I will write, all of the stories are true. They will all chronicle my yearlong relationship with a lady who was my sexual soul mate. I have changed only the names and a minor detail or two that I cannot remember as I put them down on paper. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, both in reality and in telling them.

After the Sunday evening that we had enjoyed such incredible sex, I wanted to see Ingie again as soon as I could although I was very glad that I had several days to rest up. Because she worked and lived on the west side of town and I lived on the east side, it was about an hour drive for her to come to my place. In addition, she was extremely busy at work so she would not be able to leave till 6 or 7 PM. So while we talked every day on the phone, I knew that I would not see her until Friday evening. I wanted to make our next get together very special but it took me several days to come up with a good idea.

I already knew that Ingie liked her sex a little rough and wanted to try a little B&D. So the plan I came up with was to find a nice soft rope and some good blindfold material. Then when Ingie arrived at my house on Friday evening, I would meet her at the door and immediately blindfold her. Then I planned to take her back to the bedroom where I would have setup the video camera in advance, slowly undress her, use the rope to tie her arms to her thighs, and have my way with her.

Finding the rope was hard enough but I finally settled on some ½” cotton piping material that I found at a Mill End store. I had a lot of fun with the sales clerk (who was a middle aged frumpy lady) because she kept insisting that she could help me better if she knew what I needed the rope for. So I told her that my girlfriend likes to be tied up when we are having sex and she laughed and led me right to the piping. It made me wonder if she had used it herself. As for the blindfold, she found some great black stretch material that was perfect.

When Friday rolled around I was ready by 5 PM. The video camera was setup and Starzbet qued, the lighting just perfect, and a big overstuffed leather recliner in the bedroom was positioned right in front of the camera. My 8″ cock was rock hard and dripping lots of pre-cum by the time I got everything setup from thinking about what was going to happen. I briefly considered jacking myself off to relieve the ache but knew I wanted to save my entire load for the facial I had planned.

Ingie arrived at about 7:30 PM and I met her at the side door. As she entered, I gave her just enough time to allow her to put her briefcase down before I tied the blindfold around her head. I then started to tease her by kissing her and sliding my tongue deep into her mouth while grinding my hard cock into her pussy. It was very clear that she was not wearing any panties because I could feel her very warm skin through the thin cotton robe I had on. I continued to tease her for another ten minutes or so by kissing and nibbling on her face, neck, and ears while one hand was busy pinching her rapidly growing nipples through her thin blouse and the other was stroking her very wet and hot cunt. When her knees started to tremble and her moans became almost continuous, I knew it was time to move to the bedroom.

As I slowly guided her down the hallway, I stayed behind her and from the back, continued to stroke her incredible nipples. They had grown to about ¾ of an inch in length. As we got to the bedroom, I carefully helped her to sit down and quickly helped her take her skirt and blouse off. As I caressed her big firm 36C tits with one hand, I carefully picked up the pair of nipple clamps that I had set on the end of the bed. I then backed off from her and paused for a minute before quickly putting both nipple clamps on simultaneously. This caused Ingie to throw her head back and moan very loudly. I pushed her slowly back into the recliner causing her legs to come up off of the floor and exposing her gorgeous shaved pussy. She was clearly on the verge of cumming. Her skin was flushed and there was already a small puddle of her pussy juice on Starzbet Giriş the recliner.

It was now time for the rope. I grabbed two short pieces and rapidly tied her wrists to her lower thighs just above the knees. Then I took a longer piece and tied it to one ankle, looped it around her chest so that it crisscrossed between, above, and below her breasts, and then secured it to the other ankle. The result was perfect! Ingie laid in the chair with her engorged breasts pushed up and out by the ropes and her legs pulled way back and fully spread causing her hot wet fuck hole to gape open.

I then grabbed a very thick 8″ black silicone dildo and without hesitation or warning, slid it into her slick pussy until it was buried up to the base. I pulled Ingie up to a sitting position so that she was partially sitting on the dildo’s base, thus preventing it from sliding out. Now it was time to feed her some meat. My cock was like a steel bar and I took it and rubbed it all over her face and allowed her to occasionally lick the tip until her skin glistened from the mixture of pre-cum and saliva, while she rocked back and forth on the dildo buried in her cunt. I could already feel the pressure of my cum building in my balls as I rammed my shaft almost all the way into her mouth and throat.

It was at this point that Ingie screamed that she was cumming and looking down, I saw her squirt a stream of girl cum all over the chair! I knew I would not last very much longer. I reached behind her head and grabbed her hair tightly with one hand while I used the other to grab the nipple clamp chain. As I pulled the chain tight so that it forced her tits to become cone shaped, I started to really fuck her mouth hard. As I increased my speed, I could feel her very talented tongue rubbing against my shaft as I felt her trying to suck all of the cum out of me.

Looking down at this vision of Ingie totally bound, with a huge dildo filling her, skin flushed, nipples distorted from the clamps, and my balls bouncing off of her chin each time my cock bottomed out in her throat took me right to the edge of Starzbet Güncel Giriş exploding. I quickly let go of her head and pulled my cock out of her sucking mouth with a loud pop.

Positioning myself so that my very engorged purple cock head was just inches from her lips, I proceeded to stroke my shaft rapidly. As I felt the cum start to boil up through my dick, I jerked Ingie’s head back hard so she was looking almost straight up as the fist stream burst from my cock and arched high up into the air and then landed across her cheek and nose. Feeling the hot gooey cum hit her face and hearing me groan caused Ingie to open her mouth wide for the next spurt, which went right on her tongue. The remaining 3 or 4 streams I directed all over her face. What a sight it was! My knees were very weak and I knew I needed to sit down but not before I had smeared the cum all over her face and let her lick the remnants off my cock.

I slowly sank to my knees in front of her and gently pushed her so that the recliner went about half way back. This put her drenched pussy at the level of my face and I was anxious to make her cum again. I knew that I had to taste her sweet juices. As I lowered my face between her widely spread legs, I noticed that, as before, there was already a large pool of pussy juice on the chair and her hot cunt glistened with her girl cum. I buried my tongue deep in her hot hole and slowly started to lick and suck on her huge clit. After only about five minutes, Ingie started to tremble and moan softly. As I renewed my attack on her clit, her moaning slowly started to build until she was arching her cunt in to my face and squeezing my head with her thighs. Suddenly, my face was dowsed with her cum, and as I pulled my head away, I witnessed several more strong ejaculations of cum from her pussy. The juices were literally dripping on to the floor!

As we both collapsed on the bed and our breathing started to slow, we talked about how much we were in tune sexually. As we talked, we gradually drifted to some of our fantasies. I told her how I had always wanted to have sex in a theater with an audience looking on and how I was also looking forward to sliding my hard cock deep in her pretty ass and filling her with my cum. As we drifted of to sleep, I remember her saying that there was this place downtown called the Jefferson Street Theater…

Next up… The Jefferson Street Theater…

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