Kneeling on the floor naked, I am intensely aware of everything around me. Every sound, every smell seems magnified. I can hear my own breath and feel my heart pounding in my chest. My mouth is dry and my palms feel clammy. I hear you move across the room towards me and instinctively I lift my head, my eyes meeting your gaze.

“Did I tell you to look at me?”

Your voice is level and its tone is enquiring more than annoyed. I lower my eyes, feeling a shiver of apprehension race up my spine as I whisper, “Sorry Master. I forgot myself, please forgive me.”

“Forgiveness is not an option here,” you say as your fingers twist into the silk of my hair. “You broke the rules and you must learn that is not acceptable.

“You are my slave and as such I expect total obedience.” You pause, almost for effect before saying, “So what do you think should happen now?”

Nervously I lick my lips knowing that the moment I have been anticipating is near. My voice quivers slightly as I speak, “You must punish me master. In whatever way you see fit.”

“Indeed I must punish you and I intend to do so in many and varied ways. Some no doubt you will enjoy, others you will not.

“By the end of today I want to see the tears flowing freely down your cheeks. You will learn that your pleasure is in my hands, to mete out as and when I see fit. Have you chosen your safe word yet?” you ask questioningly. “It is essential before we begin.”

I hesitate for a moment, thinking carefully before replying. I know that the word needs to be easily remembered in times of stress and high emotion but also a word are unlikely to come up in the course of normal conversation or role play. “Yes Master I have my safe word. It is Mercy.”

“That is acceptable,” you say with a slight nod. “However you must be aware that I will still use my discretion. If I Betturkey believe you are using these words just to spare yourself from a little punishment I will not stop straight away.

“Be aware that if you persist in using your safe word at times I deem inappropriate, I will punish you harder and possibly ignore it completely. You must realise that it is to be used ONLY when absolutely necessary.

“The objective of what we are doing here is to push your boundaries and explore your limits. If you stop before reaching these limits you will never learn or grow. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master I understand.” I hear you move away from me and sit on a chair. I long to watch you but I resist the temptation remaining motionless on the floor awaiting your command which soon comes.

“Come here.” your voice is a silky growl. Shakily I stand and walk towards you, head still bowed. I stand before you naked and compliant.

“I am going to spank you. I want to feel your flesh warming beneath my hand as I punish you. Bend over my knee.” Quickly I comply, the excitement building within me the anticipation of your touch making me wetter.

As I lie across your knee I feel your hand stroke down my back. Not so much a caress as a voyage of exploration. It continues down across my buttocks, cupping each one in turn before pushing roughly between my thighs parting them. Your fingers encounter the burning wetness of my cunt lips and I shiver under your touch. They part my lips and slide over my clit before two of them plunge into my hot, silky depths. I moan softly and you withdraw your hand immediately. Your voice is still so even, so controlled as you speak

“This is not for your pleasure, though I can feel from your wetness that you are more than ready for whatever I chose to do next. Let’s see how you feel once I begin Betturkey Giriş to punish you.”

I gasp as your palm cracks across my left buttock. I had expected the first blow to be lighter, more teasing than punishing and there I realise my mistake. This isn’t meant as sexual foreplay as I have previously experienced. This is a lesson in obedience and the weight of that first blow focuses my mind. I gasp again as you slap my right buttock and then bite my lip as you pick up the pace, raining slaps on both buttocks in quick succession. My flesh is soon burning and tears have started to my eyes but the heat between my thighs is also increasing.

Suddenly the blows stop and your hand returns to my cunt. The instant your fingers touch my clit I come, unable to hold back. I hear your soft chuckle as your fingers play idly with my clit, teasing it between your fingers as you ignore my squirming.

The amusement in your voice is clear, “Someone was incredibly turned on considering they were supposed to be being punished. Did I tell you that you could come?”

I fight to find my voice my mind still centred on the sensations your fingers are causing between my thighs, “No Master, forgive me I could not control it.”

“Good!” you exclaim, punctuating the word with another stinging slap to my already pain soaked buttocks.

“That is another lesson I want you to learn and accept. Control is no longer yours. You will react as your body or I dictate. In time I will teach you to come on command, to bend to my will completely but that is still some way off.

“However, this was a punishment session and I feel you need to experience true pain to focus you correctly. Stand up!” I struggle to my feet, legs weak from orgasm, backside smarting from the sound spanking I have just received.

My mind reels, Betturkey Güncel Giriş ‘true pain’, what was this stinging if not real? I watch from beneath my eyelashes as you stand and begin to remove your belt.

“Go to the couch and lean over its back, NOW!” your voice rings out in the otherwise silent room.

My legs comply almost without conscious thought; I am bent over the low back of the couch, arse proud and high. Your hand caresses my backside and I flinch as your fingers stroke my burning flesh.

“Nice.” you whisper hoarsely. “You should see how red it is. I think, however, it maybe necessary to keep your arse covered in the presence of your husband for a while because it’s going to get a lot redder and I am not sure how quickly these marks will fade.”

Without warning, your belt cracks across my backside. The blow, unexpected, forces a scream from between my lips. The biting pain more intense than anything I have experienced for some time. Instinctively I make to stand up but your voice stops me in my tracks.

“Don’t you dare stand up or I will double the lashes.” You hiss. “You will stay there for another five strokes and I am going to make each one harder. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master,” I whisper as tears begin to roll unchecked down my cheeks. The next blow lashes across my backside and I scream again but you don’t stop, three, four, five lashes the pain so intense I think I may faint. The final blow lands and you step back.

“Stand up, face me.” Your breath is uneven and I can hear excitement in your voice as I turn and face you, my face wet with tears. “I want you to kneel and thank me but I also want you to know we are a long way from being finished here today.”

I kneel slowly before you, I can see how hard you are but the fact barely registers in my pain drenched mind.

Your voice commands me, “Look at me and thank me.”

I raise my face to yours and speak with trembling voice, “Thank you Master. Thank you for punishing me as I deserve.” Without bidding my eyes return to your feet and I kneel quietly awaiting your next command.

To be continued …

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