Internship -part 2


Internship -part 2That next day and no sleep, I had still managed to make it into the office. Barb had taken the morning off to sleep in at my place. I felt good but weird not really knowing what to expect on my second day. I was lost in thought about Barb, she was nothing like anything I had experienced before. She infected my mind. The things she was into was only something I dreamed of or heard stories about. Now that I had had a taste, I wanted more. Just then Braden walked in. He had a big smile on his face and invited me into his office. I followed him in and he asked me to shut the door. “How was it last night?”,he said with a devilish grin…I felt my cheeks go flush. I stood there shocked, scrambling to think of what to say. Braden didn’t give me a chance to respond. “I’m just busting your balls. Barb is kind of a freak, right?” Again, I just stood there speechless. “It’s cool, I’ve hooked up with her too….then again, who hasn’t!” I felt cheapened by his last comment. It dampened my mood and my thoughts went to Braden’s wife, Katie, and if she knew. Braden noticed my expression on my face had turned from shocked to soured. He then said, “Yes, Katie knows.” I began wondering if she really did know or he was just covering his bases. Braden could tell I was uncomfortable sharing what Barb and I had done. He seemed disappointed and shifted gears back to work. “I want you to show a couple apartments off today. Don’t worry about the results today, just list the facts about them and try to answer any questions they might have. Make sure to read up on the material. He handed me a stack of papers and told me to go.It was pretty simple, just two apartments…a two bedroom and a three bedroom unit in the same complex. I met the young couple at the complex. I showed the two apartments, they took the three bedroom rather quickly and without having to talk it up. We went back to the office, where the secretary helped me with the correct papers to sign. I ran out to get some takeout for the secretary and myself. As we ate by her desk, Barb walked. She greeted us cooly and went straight into her office. I tried not to look put-off. Then the secretary whispered to me, “you better go in and talk to her.” She patted my hand and shoo’d me away. Did everyone know!!!!??? I trudged slowly to Barb’s door and lightly tapped on it. “Come in?” Barb’s cool voice sent chills up my spine. I walked in, shutting the door quietly behind me. Barb smiled at me. “Have a seat, we need to talk.” Barb went over ‘her rules’ for me. First, no hanky panky at work… keep it professional. canlı bahis Second, I wasn’t to every call her…if she wanted me, she’d just show up. Third, I wasn’t to talk to anyone about Barb….but I guess she could since she had texted Braden as to the real reason why she took the morning off. It was wierd, the rules were stacked against me but when I asked (trying to be cute), “what if I break one of the rules?”… Barb’s lips pressed hard together and her tanned face got red. “If you do, we are done…no better, you are done!” It was said in a ferce tone that got me a little scared. Barb stared at me in silence for a good long minute. Then her tone turned nonchalant, “you are welcomed to see anyone you like…in fact, it might be better if you started seeing someone.” Feeling like a side dish, I shook my head yes…even though I was hoping for more with Barb. She noticed my disappointment on my face and walked over to me. She took my hand and moved it up her skirt to feel her warm moistness. Confused and aroused, she let me fingers her a little before removing my hand to return to her chair. Barb decided a confession would inspire or aroused me even more. “I have needs and you meet my needs. Keep me satisfied and I’ll make it worth your while.” She left it at that. I was excused and left Barb’s office.It was a slow afternoon. I kept wondering if Barb would be coming over or not. I replayed what we had done and it only got me to want her more. I had materials to review but Barb was all I could think about. I couldn’t stand it and at 5:30pm, I walked into her office. I asked in a polite soft tone, “Can I see you tonight?” Barb smiled. “Now we don’t want to overdo it already….. I can’t for a few nights but we will get together this weekend. My husband is going on a fishing trip.” I got excited and smiled. “You’re so cute”, Barb walked up to me and moved her hand onto my cock and balls. She squeezed them so tight, I buckled over a little and grunted. She released and proceeded out for the night. I had to vacuum the office after everyone left so I didn’t make it back to my house until just after 6pm. Once again there was a surprise waiting for me. There was a note from Katie. It read ‘I left you a housewarming gift in the fridge. Enjoy!’ There were little hearts drawn all around the note. I got inside and there with instructions to heat up was a lasagna. I admit, it was really sweet of Katie to do that but it unnerved me that so many people had access to the house I was staying in. I had to satisfy my concerns by reminding myself I was living there for free. bahis siteleri I changed into shorts and t-shirt after throwing the lasagna into the oven. I decided to call Braden and thank him and Katie for the food. Katie answered. I thanked her for the food. She inquired if I liked it but I admitted it had just been put in the oven. Katie was silent for a few seconds. Then she asked,”mind if I join you? Braden is playing golf tonight” I had totally forgotten about Braden not being at his home when I called. “Sure, it would be nice to have dinner with you.” I said in a nonsexual charming way. Katie arrived promptly at my door ten minutes later. She was holding a nice salad in her hands. She smiled big and I noticed how big her eyes were. I got this funny feeling and began to wonder if …(as I check her out wearing this bright yellow sundress with flowers all over it as she kicked off her sandals ). I felt myself shift inside my shorts. I talked myself down as I offered Katie a glass of water. She had noticed my long hard stare and she got shy. I calmed down by telling myself nothing can happen. We sat down at the small dinning table and started eating our salads. I asked Katie loads of questions like how did you and Braden meet, did she grow up around here, and how big was her family… basically anything to stop envisioning me having sex with her. Katie answered all my questions then she shocked me with a question of her own….”did you already have sex with Barb?” I felt ashamed but yet I found myself almost unknowingly answering “Yes, I did.”There was silence. Katie looked down and played with her fork in the salad bowl. I looked at her trying to get a read out. “Oh!” Katie let out weakly. “She does get around.” She followed disappointingly. I saw tears forming in her eyes. I jumped up and grabbed the Kleenex box and set it on the table beside her. I watched as Katie cried and wiped tears for several minutes. We were interrupted by the timer for the lasagna. Katie got up and checked on it. She pulled it out and let it cool on top of the oven. I stood up and felt compelled to give Katie a hug. “I’m sorry.” I said quietly into her ear. Katie hugged me back. I felt myself getting hard and I hated it. I tried to shift away but Katie felt my excitement and pressed her body into me. She looked up at me with sad eyes. I looked back. Then I leaned down as she got on her tippy toes. We kissed. It was the softest and sweetest kiss. We held it for a few seconds. Then Katie let me go. She smiled. I was shaking a bit nervously, unsure as what might take place next. bahis şirketleri Katie seem to light up and it was like seeing her glow for the first time. She seemed more sure of herself as she manuvered around me to serve up the lasagna. I sat down, still in a daze from the kiss. “Have a bite!” Katie said with excited nervous energy…”of the lasagna, silly.” The joke was what I needed to snap out of the funk I was in. We ate as I told her my life story. It was pleasant and the food was pretty good too.I watched Katie from behind as she washed up the dishes. Her cute,chubby, hourglass shaped body moving under her flowing dress. I found myself transfixed on her thick curvy ass. I was so hard under the table that I was rubbing myself a little with my shorts still on. She finished and turned around. There was a look as she walked up to me. She pressed her body up against mine.”I want to take a shower.” Katie said with a soft, shaky voice. She pulled the string around her neck as her sundress floated down off her to the floor. I watched with my mouth open. Her perky small breasts looked firm but were perfectly sized for her frame. Her pudgy curves bounced as she walked towards the shower. I loved how the curves of her ass wiggled with every step. She had those sexy dimples that were between her lower back connecting to her pale fleshy backside. Just then a different sensation was hitting me….My stomach began to rumble and a strong terrible urge came over me. I bolted to the toilet. I felt weak as the food rapidly escaped me. Katie peaked out of the shower to check in on me. I told her I was fine. I felt like I had just done an enema but didn’t share it with her. I finally felt good enough to join Katie in the shower. She was just finishing up shaving herself. She looked so sexy being clean-shaven between her legs. She held up a razor and picked up the shaving cream can, “want me to shave you?” Katie had a cute grin….how else could I answer?? I watched her shave me smooth. I wasn’t too hairy and the skill that she did it with was impressive. Once hairless, we kissed as we closed our two bare bodies together. Katie grabbed my ass. I reached down with both hands on hers. “Let’s get out of the shower.” I turned off the water, Katie toweled off quickly and raced off to my bed. She laughed as she bolted away. I followed as quick as I could. Just as I entered my bedroom, I heard Katie talking to someone else. I froze…. There was Braden! He was standing by my bed on the far side. He was ripped! Every muscle on him was easily seen. I could tell he was fit but had no idea how fit he really was. There was Katie laying on the bed with her mouth around Braden’s tip. Then Braden stated in a booming voice,”we want you to join us!” In that instant, I understood my reason for being there…

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