Introducing: Black Master Olu Ch. 03


Arnold was diligent at his job. In the week since he arrived, he’d taken him less time to settle in and get adjusted to the rhythm of his work office, which was as Projection Design Manager, located at the Federal Light terminal of the Port Harcourt/Onne Jetty. His routine was simplistic and downright frugal, an observation that wasn’t lost on the other expatriate workers around, most especially his fellow Britons, and it hoped that by the time of his next work rotation, he would have loosened up and learn to take due advantage of not only his office but the whims and excitement of being a foreigner in this part of Africa.

Arnold was well aware of the whims they were referring to, much of which involved a lot of the foreigners sampling the city’s local girls, especially the ones that resided close to the camp. He could easily indulge himself too into getting a sure taste of them … though he was yet to meet anyone that caught his fancy. And anyway, his work for now was what took up his time the most.

He operated on a simple routine. His alarm clock wakes him up at 5:30a.m at the large residential camp where he was being quartered, along with a majority of foreigners and some nationals working at the Onne Jetty. He goes out for an early morning jog around several blocks before returning to his apartment and jumping into the shower. Sometimes he makes himself a cup of coffee and then sits in the apartment’s living room to watch cable on TV, or if he wasn’t interested, he’d stroll down towards the camp’s restaurant building and eat there along with several other expatriates. His transport vehicle—a white Hilux jeep—arrived almost always between 7:00a.m and 7:20a.m to pick him up, which was about the same time most of the expatriates too left the camp to their various offices. The drive down to the jetty was three miles. He would remain there at his work station till 11:30a.m when he would depart for lunch break and be back at the office an hour later or thereabouts to continue with the work.

Closing hour was 5:30p.m, with a drive back to the camp. How did he spend his evenings? Sometimes he strolled down to the camp’s poolside bar (he preferred being at the poolside than at the bar) and had a beer or two and talked shop with some fellow Britons as well as other expatriates, before deciding whether to eat at the restaurant or return to his apartment and cook himself something. It was either that or he stayed indoors and watched cable. Each time he starved himself of the urge to pick his cell phone and dial Becca’s number. He missed her not being there with him. All he wanted was just the sound of her voice … to know how well she was getting with Olu, and if possible to ask when she’d plan to come down to Port Harcourt and visit him. It sure would be lovely having her here. At least then he could show her off to the numerous Brits he was friendly with, so then they too know who what he has. Several of them too had their wives here in the camp as well, and Becca sure would make friends easily with them.

Fortunately he didn’t have to make that call to find out her answer; master Olu called him at his office on a Wednesday afternoon, a week and two days after his arrival, to let him know two things: the first was that he’d made a request of extending Arnold’s stay in the country for another two weeks, as the duration of his rotation stated for him to remain in-country for four, by which time his back-to-back reliever would arrive from Europe to take over from him while he returned home to convalesce. Arnold had been aware of this only recently and was surprised how Olu could know of it.

“You’re forgetting, white boy,” Olu sniggered at him through the phone, “I’m the master, and you’re the slave. There’s just about nothing you’re doing down there that I’m not aware of. I can even tell you what your office chair looks like. Would you want to know?”

“No, no, master. I was only wondering how you—”

“Never mind about the how,” said Olu brusquely. “Just for you to know that I’ve got fingers and tentacles over there in P.H and I can reach you whenever. Anyway, enough of that. The second thing I’m calling you about is to let you know I’ve got a two week break from my office, and I figured it’s time I had me a vacation with Becca. We’re heading over to Port Harcourt this Friday to see how your ass is doing.”

Arnold paused for a moment, not knowing whether to be elated by this or not. Privately, he was elated. Of seeing his wife after more than a week now … and of seeing master Olu with her. All this time that he told himself that it was only his wife he was missing, but it wasn’t until later on that he came to realize that he missed the master’s presence as well. He missed the brusqueness of his voice and his intimidating presence. Never before had he ever thought he could be so cowered or subjugated by an individual but he was truly one of a kind.

“Hey, white boy!” Olu yelled into his earpiece. “Your ass still there?”

Arnold Kadıköy Fetiş Escort returned to the present. “Oh yes … yes, master, I’m here. That’s really good news, of both of you coming down here.”

“I figured you’d be happy about it. You itching to suck some more black cum? I know you’re just about starved of it over at that residence camp.”

“Yes master, they don’t serve such in their menu.”

“They don’t have to, white boy. Black cum is like caviar—too precious to go to waste. But there’s got to be some Nigerians staying there at the camp with you. Don’t tell me you haven’t begun mixing with any?”

Arnold bit down on his lip. “Well, em … no, no, I really am not much of the friendly sort.”

“You don’t have to be the friendly sort to get yourself some new friends, white boy. For God’s sake, this is Africa and not England. No wonder Becca’s so unhappy being with your dull ass. Here’s an assignment for you, white boy. You listening closely?”

“Hold on, master.” Arnold left his desk and went to his door and turned in the lock so as not to be disturbed before returning to his chair. “Yes master, go ahead.”

“You’re going to find yourself a black friend there at the camp. I don’t care if he resides there, or if he’s a staff worker, but that’s what you’re going to do. And you’re going to befriend him and tell him how much you’d like to get a taste of his cock. And you’re going to take a snapshot of you sucking his cock with your phone and send it to me, and you must get it done on or before Friday. I don’t care how you do it, but make sure it gets done. You hear me, white boy?”

“I do, master. But … what if I don’t find someone? Or what if he thinks I’m gay or something and runs out on me?”

“Focus, white boy!” Olu snapped. “No black man is going to walk around with a sign hanging off his neck saying he loved feeding white men his cock. This isn’t Belgium or Greenwich Village, New York. You’re just going to have to get past that hurdle yourself by whichever means you can. I really don’t care, but just get it done on or before Friday. And don’t think about crossing me if you don’t.”

The line disconnected. Arnold sighed before then returning to his work. An hour later he was off for his lunch break.

Early evening arrived when he returned to the camp. He took a bath and then wore a shirt and khaki shorts and sandals and then left his apartment and strolled towards the camp’s poolside bar.

There were only a handful of white men there; majority of them were only just arriving at the camp from work, thus the bar won’t be feeling lively till the next hour or so. I noticed a white couple swimming in the pool. The white women looked nothing like his Becca, still, watching the woman only made him long for her. He got to the bar and ordered a Becks beer and then turned around.

A black man was at that moment seated alone at a table facing the swimming pool. He had a glass of beer standing close to his arm. Arnold remained where he was at the bar counter, sizing him up, wondering how he would make his pitch. Already he’d noticed how divided a majority of the foreigners at the camp seemed to be: the Americans tend to stick to themselves, same with the Brits, French, and even Asians. On few occasions he’d observed them mingling with each other. He kept thinking of reasons why he shouldn’t do what he needed to do. But then he recalled the words of his master. And he’d been right about another thing when they’d talked on the phone¬—he really was starved of black cum. The desire of having the taste of it in his mouth was overwhelming. Night after night since he arrived here, in his dreams he saw himself kneeling before his master, taking his black cock into his mouth and just sucking the cum out of it. It had taken Arnold a short while, during that unforgettable moment when he and his wife had shared black master Olu’s cock and then his cum, to realize how induced he now was towards blacks. Like his wife before now, he too had spent his entire life living in conservative England, pretending to be liberal outward while maintaining a strong line of bigotry in his heart, especially whenever he read the papers and became aware of the strong influx of immigrants flooding into the island, stealing jobs that weren’t meant for them. It wasn’t like he hated blacks … just hadn’t had anything to connect them with. But more than that, he preferred it when they simply kept to themselves while he too did likewise and remained on his side of the fence. But look at it now, the situation has undoubtedly changed for him and Becca. Prior to them setting foot in Nigeria, they were happy¬—or where they really? ¬—at least as happy as any couple could be. Now they were different.

Arnold sipped his beer at the same time pretended not to stare at the black man who was seated less than three feet from him. In his mind he envisioned how he was going to approach him. Should he be bold¬—walk up Kadıköy Gecelik Escort to him and just ask him straight out if he could escort him to his apartment and suck his black cock? No, that would be going all out. He decided to be subtle. He made like he was strolling past the man’s table, then turned and glanced his way and smiled.

“Hi there,” he said, waving a hand and then indicating at the nearly finished glass of beer the man was drinking. “You look like you could use a refill.”

The black man looked at his glass like he was surprised seeing his beer now at low level. “Could you imagine that,” he said. “I thought was just of coming down here and having myself a single glass and then pushing off.”

“Mind if I get you another?” before even the man could protest, Arnold had signaled one of the female waiters there to get both of them a second round.

He sat down and shook hands with the man, introducing himself as well. The man introduced himself as Abbey Williams. He worked as a junior contract staff for a multinational construction company tasked with expanding the key-side of the Onne jetty. Arnold felt himself warm up to the man’s company. He seemed affable enough, and he was in his early-thirties and unmarried. What made him even better was that he seemed to have almost a similar build as master Olu. As the young man laughed at one of his anecdotes, he could help but wonder how big his cock might be. At that moment, a couple of white men were strolling towards the poolside with a couple of scanty-clad young black girls with them, frolicking together. The group went past their table; Arnold noticed the disgusted look on Abbey’s face and was piqued by it.

“You don’t like them?” Arnold cocked a thumb back at the group.

“You referring to the white men or just the women?” asked Abbey.

“The women.”

“Nothing to be liked about them¬—they’re fucking trailer-thrash sluts, and that’s all they’re every going to be.”

“You’re not married?”

Abbey sipped his beer and then refilled his glass. “Not even engaged to be. I’m still having fun being single.”

“I thought you Nigerians tended to marry early? At least that’s what one of my colleagues told me.”

“Depending on if you’ve got a nagging family and have the means already,” Abbey replied. “Down here the jobs are often hard to find, and the women can be hungry sharks in just the blink of an eye.”

Arnold laughed. “But I thought you’re having fun with them.”

“Depends on the fun,” said Abbey. “Sometimes it’s like eating with the Devil¬—you just need to have yourself a long spoon. And anyway, I’ve got plans for the future.”

“Such as?”

“Going abroad is one. I’ve been putting off getting involved in a Masters program for long. And also, I hear the women of Europe tend to be very easy with blacks, and I know once I’m there, give or take a couple of months, or even a year, I’ll have something doing. Something that won’t burden much of my spare time as the one I have down here.”

“A job with less burden, and then with lots of women to screw and all the free time in-between, I’ll bet.”

“That’s the problem down here¬—there’s hardly any free time,” he said. “And besides, Nigerian women are much too greedy. I keep thinking of just packing my bags right now and heading straight to Europe, or even the U.S, and settling down with a white broad there.”

“That’s a good dream,” said Arnold, sharing his newfound friend’s enthusiasm.

They sat there talking for what seemed a long while. When the hour got to seven, the young man got up and said he needed to be somewhere else. Though before he left, Arnold exchanged phone numbers with him and promised to be there at the poolside this same time to meet with him.

He went to the restaurant after Abbey had gone to get something to eat. Afterwards he stayed behind to share some beer and bonhomie with several Brits before returning to his apartment. He’d left his laptop on the table, connected to the apartment’s internet modem. Prior to when he left the apartment, and since he arrived at the camp, he’d been surfing the web, visiting various interracial sites and sex forums to search out interracial videos as well as mingle with other white couples who too have suddenly found themselves become a part of the lifestyle. As he visited one of such sites, he clicked on their Cuckold section and found numerous uploaded videos of amateur wives and hubbies getting sexed by black gods. He searched out the one he figured appeared most promising to him and then clicked a button and sat back and waited while the video took its time to download fully into his system. The video was more of a group sex special¬: a husband and wife, both getting fucked by a trio of black men. Though what captured Arnold’s gaze was the sight of their semi-erect cocks when they pulled them out of his jeans. Arnold too unbuttoned his shorts and pulled out his cock and gently began Kadıköy Genç Escort stroking it while watching as the husband and wife both bent over on the bed and offered their asses to the men as they took turns fucking them from behind. Arnold watched with excitement as the men smacked the hubby’s face with their cocks, cursed at the same time jammed their cocks into his mouth almost the same time. His hand that was busy jerking his cock was gradually increasing speed and he realized he was starting to breath heavy. He watched as the black men took turns emptying their sac of cum into the wife’s pussy and then pressing the hubby’s head down her choochie (what he heard one of the black men refer to the woman’s pussy as) for him to slurp every drop. It was about this time Arnold felt his body tense and then he grunted repeatedly as his cum shot out of his cock and splattered over his abdomen. He downloaded several more videos to watch afterwards while he went into the bathroom to clean up. Later that evening, his phone rang. It was Becca; from the excited way she was talking to him, it was obvious the master was fucking her.

He lay there in bed, listening to his wife’s moans and high shrieks while his hand returned to his cock and went on stroking it. A smile was on his face while he did.


Arnold gave his newfound friend, Abbey, a call the following morning and during lunch break they met at the camp’s restaurant for lunch. Before they left they again made an appointment to meet at the poolside same time as before. Arnold was really looking forward to their next meeting, hopping that this time he would breach his arousal towards him. In anticipation, he visited the camp’s supermarket and bought a bottle or Red Label along with some can beers which he took with him to his apartment before returning back to his office. When he got there he telephoned Becca to let her know of his impending action. His wife felt happy for him and encouraged him to go ahead with it. He as well tried calling Master Olu, except his line was busy.

Closing time at the office arrived and Arnold whistled to himself as he shut down his office computer, locked the door and then went outside and jumped into the waiting vehicle to take him back to the camp. He was still early for his meeting with Abbey whom he’d called before leaving his office to know if he too was going to make it. Abbey promised that he would. Arnold showered and then changed into a fresh pair of clothes then made himself a light meal before leaving his apartment and heading towards the poolside bar. He got there thirty minutes before Abbey was to come and join him, so he ordered himself a beer and sat on a table close to the pool, observing the evening sky and waiting. He was nearly done with his beer when he sighted his friend approaching from the poolside entrance, looking cool in a sleeveless outfit and jeans. They met and shook hands and sat down to talk for a while. It wasn’t long before Arnold changed the subject.

“You drink only beer?” he asked.

“Depends on if you have something else that’s worth it,” said Abbey.

“I have a bottle of Red Label that’s cooling off in my fridge. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind cracking open the bottle with me.”

“Lead the way and I’ll follow.”

They finished their drinks and then got up and left with Arnold leading the way down to his apartment. When inside, he offered Abbey a seat while he went towards the kitchen to see about the Red Label wine still cooling off in the fridge, along with two glasses. He returned to the living room and found his friend watching something in his laptop. Arnold then remembered that his web page was still at that interracial site that he’d downloaded those videos. But if he was any worried about his friend’s reaction, the opposite was the case. Abbey seemed to be smiling at what he was watching. Arnold came beside him to see what he was looking at and wasn’t surprised to find that he was playing one of the videos he’d downloaded the previous night. This one showed a white man being dominated by a black god. The white man, gaudily dressed up as a sissy, was crawling towards the seated black god. Coming to a stop before him, he begs the black god for his cock. The god mutters an answer and then the sissy reached for his hefty-looking cock, stroked some pre-cum out of it, before leaning forward to take it into his mouth. Arnold couldn’t help feeling aroused from watching it once again, and this wasn’t lost on his guest.

Abbey looked at him and smiled, and said: “This what you’ve been wanting to have since you met me?”

The ball was in his court. Arnold nodded and said, “I was going to think of a way to ask you—” he stopped, not knowing whether to say it out or not.

“Ask me what?”

Arnold swallowed before continuing, “If I could suck your big black cock?”

Silence for a moment, then suddenly Abbey burst into laughter. “You ever sucked a black cock before?”

“I have … and since then I can’t seem to get enough of it.”

Abbey took the Red Label wine from his hand and opened it, then poured a good measure in his glass and sat down on a couch. “Well, how about you locking your door and then crawling your ass down here and whipping my cock out.”

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