It was the first time.


It was the first time.As a c***d I was always drawn to the older person and sometimes hung out in their house, Claudia was mums best friend a nice person always spoiling me and saying one day I’m going to be a ladies’ man, and a heart breaker I hadn’t a clue what she meant as being 9 all I was interested in was footy, cars and sleeping in at the weekend. Claudia and her husband Jerry never had k**s but never knew why, they where youngish but I always called them my 2nd set of parents.I had a sister Carole-ann who was 14 yrs and a real cow to me and once a month was the bitch from hell, I later in years realised why. I was rather mature and according to mum a good looking lad but that was mum talk and never really took any notice. A few years past and at the age of 14 I had grown tall and had a attraction to older women especially Claudia and often had a hard on that ended up with me wanking and always felt real good as I imagined Claudia doing it to me.I had been sick for a few days and mum told me to stay of school (no arguments there) and get better Carole-ann was now at college and living away from home, mum said that she had to go out for a few hours and would I be ok, I told her I was going to have a shower and chill, as she left she told me the Claudia may pop round and to tell her she would see her later and off she went. I lay on my bed pulling my cock as usual and shot my load, I then went and had a shower.As I came out Claudia had let herself in shouting for mum, as I called back saying she was out and she would see her later, Claudia came round the corner to cop a eyeful of me in a towel, she apologised for walking in as I felt my cock twitch hoping it would not go hard and make a tent in the towel, Claudia complimented me on my physic saying I had a well formed body with a 6 pack, that was it my cock sprung to attention as Claudia gasped commenting I was a very big boy and walked up to me pulling the towel away.She took hold of my dick fethiye escort saying we better sort this out kneeling down she slowly sucked my cock as I hoped I wouldn’t shoot my load, she slowly sucked my shaft cupping my balls in her hand as I looked down to see her head slowly moving to and frow devouring my dick, her tongue wrapped round the head of my cock as I felt it spurt and explode in her mouth pumping a huge wave of cum down her throat that she swallow without a problem.She looked up and said that tasted yummy now you can eat my pussy then fuck me with that huge cock of yours, I was bricking myself as the women I had dreamt off wanking me off now wanted me to eat her pussy, I didn’t have a clue what to do only from what I have seen in adult books, she led me into the bedroom as I sat on the edge of the bed, she started to undo her top, to reveal a nice silky red bra that encased a fair size pair of tits, she had a deep cleavage as she slowly pulled her skirt down.Her matching panties where small and only covered the essential bits, as she stepped out of her skirt walking up to me, she smelt gorgeous as she told me to pull her panties down, as I nervously pulled them down to reveal a shaved pussy it looked as smooth as silk as I felt the skin making her moan saying it felt good and had a soft touch, she reached round her back and un clasped her bra letting her tits fall just in line with my eyes, her nipples where hard with a pinkish tits on them, she put her hand on the back of my head, guiding it to her nipple, I encased it in my mouth and slowly sucked it as she moaned softly.I felt her nipple go harder and her aureole go hard as my tongue flicked her nipple my hand moved onto her pussy feeling the suppleness of her skin sliding down as my finger slipped in her pussy, she opened her legs slightly letting me finger slip further in, it was wet and warm as I moved my finger in and out, Claudia gasped as she said move a bit faster escort fethiye as I did as she asked she groaned saying she was Cumming as she cried out with a orgasm.I pulled my fingers out they where sticky with her juices as she sat on the bed, leant over and kissed me as I felt her tits, my cock now was firm again as she lay on the bed telling me to eat her pussy, I got in-between her legs and slowly licked her slit, it was a funny taste but sweet as she said it felt good, I pushed my tongue in further searching for her clit as I flicked it with my tongue, my cock now stiff and already sniffing out pussy like a a****l looking for a meal. I pulled her pussy lips open to reveal a pinkish colour flesh that was moist as I nibbled her clit, she begged to be fucked.I got up in front of her my cock standing to attention I felt it had grown at least another 5 inches in length I had never seen it look so big, as I got in-between her legs feeding my cock into her I pushed in slowly feeling her pussy lips devour my cock until it was fully in, my balls hung down slapping her arse, we kissed as I moved slowly sucking her tits as they moved with the thrust of my hips, she lifted her legs, so that my cock slipped in and out of her pussy easier, Claudia groaned as she cum again begging me not to stop(she had no problem there as I had plenty of energy).I gained a bit of confidence and thrust a bit harder making her beg for more as her tits moved faster, I stopped and moved down to lick her pussy as I shoved 3 fingers in her wet hole, fingering furiously as she arched her back and screamed a orgasm as her hips bucked and a spray of juices came out of her pussy soaking my chest, I dived back in and nibbled her pussy as I was now full of confidence fucking this hot women, she begged for more as we worked up a sweat, my cock ready to slam back into her pussy whenever I wanted.I told her to get on her knees as I got behind her nudging my cock in as I hit home base fethiye escort bayan grabbing her hips I fucked her like a randy old mutt her tits swaying with the force I slammed my cock in and out Claudia was screaming begging to be fucked like a old whore that hadn’t had cock in years, I could feel her juices lubricating my cock like a piston, I felt her pussy muscles tighten as she groaned out a long orgasm, all of a sudden I pumped a wave of cum in her my balls tightened making sure she got the last drop.I slipped my cock out as I looked at her cum filled pussy, she collapsed breathless hardly able to speak, saying it was a hell of a fuck and had never cum so much in her life, I knelt back with a huge smug grin on my face as I looked at this naked women, laying on my bed I laid beside her as I kissed and felt her body, making her sigh with pleasure, she looked and said your still randy aren’t you and want more, I cheekily grinned and nodded my head as I felt her pussy rubbing her clit making her cum again.She lay me down and started to kiss my body as she sucked my limp cock an massaging my spent balls, she knew what to do to get me hard and I wasn’t long before she had, she knelt in-between my legs holding my cock and fingering my anus as I lay there with a funny feeling shooting through me, she was now working her hand up and down my cock making it hard, her head lowering down sucking the purple head of my cock, she was wanking me just as I had imagined as I wasn’t going to last long, Claudia tightened her grip as she rubbed my cock I groaned saying I was Cumming as she stuck her finger in my arse massaging my prostrate as I shot a huge load of cum as it poured out of my cock like a volcano as she milked me dry, she licked it all up and let my cock flop down it was officially dead.She left me laying on the bed saying she wanted me again when Jerry was away and we could be all night having sex, she would clear it with mum saying she wanted a man in the house whilst Jerry was away, she got dressed and gave me her panties as a trophy saying she had never had sex so good and would need it a lot more to satisfy her hungry pussy, with that she left as she kissed me goodbye.

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