I’ve been Thinking About You…


I’ve been thinking about you.

You kiss me with your lips, then your mouth, then your tongue, your arms envelope me tightly, your hands on my back. Grabbing my buttocks, you thrust your pelvis into mine, and I can feel you growing harder. I shudder and pull away a little, so you nibble at my lips.

“Don’t move” you whisper, your voice deep and demanding, “I know you want my cock.”

I moan and push slightly at your shoulders, “I can’t—“

“Yes you can.”

You pick me up by my ass and push me down on your bed. I lay there, watching you pull off your shirt, getting wet just seeing the heat in your eyes. I feel mesmerized. You pull off your belt and lay it next to the bed, grinning, then unbutton your jeans, but leave them on as you lay beside me. Propped up on one elbow, you lean in to kiss my neck, your hand touches my breast, and I gasp as you squeeze me through my shirt. Gasping, I grab at your elbow, not wanting you to stop, but so overwhelmed. I desire you so much everything you do makes me hotter and want you more.

Your mouth devours mine in a kiss that sends shivers throughout my body, and I begin to fall limp to your touch. With one arm under my neck, holding our kiss you thrust your other hand into my blouse and under my bra to pinch at my nipple while you carefully bite at my tongue and mouth. You rub your groin against my thigh and become aggravated with our clothes. Pausing our kiss for a moment, you unbutton my blouse, forcing it and my bra roughly off. For a few seconds, you just look at my chest, then you lowering your mouth, kissing at my neck. Kissing a soft, passionate trail down my neck, my collarbone, dragging it out over my shoulders, and down to my chest, you lick at the base of my breasts. My breath quick, I try to run my fingers through your hair, but you take hold of my arms, forcing them down on the mattress with your hands as you move to lay on top of me.

Lifting up for only a second, you start on the left, licking in a circle up to the erect peak, sensitive and aching for your mouth. First, you tenderly lick, then kiss at my nipple before pulling slightly at it with your teeth. Pressing harder, I yelp at the sudden rush of pain in my tit and despite my struggle, you continue to hold me firm as you make your way to my other breasts, lonely and wanting the same touch. Releasing one of my arms, you reach down to free your aching hard-on and slowly stroke it, still making love to my chest with your mouth.

When I allow the fingers of my free hand to play at the base of your neck, you Abruptly sit up and toss off the remainder of your clothing, licking subconsciously at your lips. Grabbing at the hem of my skirt, you tease, slowly pulling it up until my panties are exposed to you. By the look on your face, I can tell that the skimpy white cloth that barely hides my sex to you. With the tip of your fingers, you brush across my belly, then down, between my legs as I open them willingly to you. With your thumb, you rub my clit through the white fabric, and I can’t help but wiggle my hips a little.

“Don’t you move.” You order, “I want you to lie still.”

“It feels so good…”I moan, my hands gripping at the headboard.

“Oh, it will feel even better. Just control your self and be still.”

Your words turn me on even more; you know how I like to be told what to do and be in your complete control. Your right hand reaches underneath and grabs my bottom, as the other plays at my breast, and you slowly lower your face to the object of your desire and inhale.

“God, I can smell your sweet, fuckable pussy. Your juices smell so good.” You pause and drag the tip of your nose along the wet slit on my panties, Tell me how much you want me to kiss it.”

All I can do is moan, fighting the urge to lift my hips closer to your face, your lips at mine, your otele gelen escort hot breath electric.

“Come on…” you urge, squeezing at my ass and my breast, “I want to hear you say it.”

I could not find my voice, letting go of the headboard, I grabbed at your shoulders, trying to pull you into me, but you hold back, then slowly lick through the cloth before sitting up. Your face stern, you look at me lying there as you stroke yourself slowly.

“You are being a bad girl. That’s not what I told you to do. Come here!”

With your other hand, you grab my hair at the back of my head and force me toward the throbbing head of your penis.

“You know what to do.” I roll over on to my stomach toward you, “Up on your knees, bitch, and open your mouth. I’m going to fuck that little mouth until you learn to say what I tell you.” Rubbing the head across my lips, you continue, “Lick it, first, then let me in slow.”

I hesitated for only a second, and you smack my ass hard. Opening my mouth, I expertly licked at your tip and you moan, while your hand slips between my open thighs, “Keep it up…” your voice was low as I swallow your full length, knowing you would use your fingers on me if I did well.

Moaning for me to continue, my whole body felt hot as one of your fingers slips under my panties and deep into my wetness. I want to stop and gasp, breath, but I fight the urge to take you from my mouth, my legs spread so wide, I want nothing more than to feel you inside of me, instead of in my mouth. I begin to move my head a little faster, sucking on your tip, then tightening my lips at your base. I love the feel of your erect cock sliding in and out of my mouth, your balls touching my chin with each thrust. I can feel both of your hands now holding the back of my head, loving to be forced further down your shaft as I let my own fingers play between my legs. Quickening the pace, you must have noticed that I was playing with myself as you slap my ass again hard.

“I didn’t say you could touch your pussy!” I hear you groan, your forceful hand still guiding my head as I try to pull away a little.

I can feel you getting hard in my mouth, my lips wet, gliding easily up and down as I ache to be touched, needing to feel you. As if reading my mind, you release my head and gently separate us, then lay me on my back; kneeling by my head, you slide the tip of your cock across my face.

“Now, my lovely bitch, tell my you want me to lick your pussy!”

“Please…” I pause, then go on before you can react, “Please eat my pussy, you’re driving me crazy!”

“You want my mouth?”

“Yes!” even though I wanted to, I knew if I reached up to touch you, you would restrain me.

“Do you want my cock in your mouth?”

“Yes. I need it.”

“Smiling, you bend down to kiss my mouth, then straddle my face while you bury your head between my legs, but wait for me to open my mouth to you. Smelling your sex, I part my lips and you thrust into me, then lick teasingly at my clit. Using your fingers, you circle my hole, slick and aching to have you slide into me. Sucking my clit now, your finger slips in easily, tickling at my insides; I move my head faster, suck your harder, my hips rocking against you as your arms hold my legs open. I release you from my mouth; I’m about to come! I scream, grinding my hips into your face as you force three fingers deep inside of me, I lose control, giving in to my orgasm. While you slow your tongue on my clit, my body thrashes, shaking as I gasp for air, saying, “fuck!” over and over until my body calms from the waves of pleasure.

You slap my cheek again harshly, then roll off, “You stopped sucking me,” your eyes are filled with lust and I know it is hard for you to hide it in your voice, “But I think I’ll punish mecidiyeköy escort you for that later,” you lay next to me and flick your tongue over my lips, “Care to taste your cum?”

Not expecting me to answer, you crush your mouth on top mine and I let my tongue explore you mouth, loving the taste of me on your lips. So intense, I can no longer feel anything but our kiss, the smell of my orgasm intoxicating, drowning me into you. Hypnotized, I do not feel you reach for something and pull my arms high above my head as your body holds mine down. I open my eyes to the feel of you tying my hands together to the headboard, your mouth still locked with mine as if there was nothing else in your thoughts. You bind my wrists tightly, wanting me to feel the pain, and knowing I love it. You lift up quickly and strip me naked, admiring my body, as it is yours.

“You are so hot,” your left hand explores my body while your rights grips yourself, “Do you want to be fucked, bitch?” you seize my nipple and pull up on it as you pinch.

I moan, whine, “Yes…please!” my knees are up, my legs open for you.

“Please what?” I can sense the harsh tone in your voice means that if I don’t obey, you will not let me come again.


Teasing, you lay on top of me, your teeth at my neck, your hands on my breasts, “Tell me what you want or you will never get it.”

“Please fuck me,” I whisper into your ear.

“Louder! Scream it if you have to.” You bite at me flesh and I moan, losing my mind.

“Please fuck me! I need your cock! I need your dick!” I yell, pulling at my binds, my legs weak, my loins quivering.

You smile as you sit back on your heels, holding the tip of your raging penis on my clit, watching my face. I move my hips closer to your sex, so you move away, still grinning. My body is so hot, I feel feverish, though not from being ill; you make me feel this way, this heat, desire like I have never known, and never will with anyone else.

“Lie still.”

I bite my lip and close my eyes, fighting my own will to be calm, even though inside I am on fire. With one swift movement, you thrust into me and lay your body hard against mine, crushing my breasts, grinding our hips together with a force that fills me completely. I know I must me yelping, gasping as the pain in my belly gives me such pleasure; you slowly raise your hips, withdrawing a little at a time, I whimper, wanting to move with you, wanting to fuck you back. You pull out almost completely, leaving your swollen head at the entrance of my pussy, then dive into me again with even more force that knocks the air out of my lungs. As you lower a kiss onto my panting mouth, I fight the restraints, but they are so tight, I kiss you back madly, feeling crazed and possessed by you as you continue your slow, torturous movements. Moments pass like hours when you start to move a little faster and less forceful, though the slap of our flesh as it meets sounds like a thunderous crash, I feel numb to it; feeling only your sex invading me. My hips rise to meet yours, though they are forced back down to the bed with your strength as you lift your chest slightly to capture my breasts, my nipples sensitive to your fingers. I squeal at your severe grasp, moaning just as loud as you fuck me faster, kissing at my ear.

“You like a little pain,” you growl, “Don’t you, baby?”

In answer, you twist one nipple, pulling it, making me yell, “Yes!” before you fall back on top of me and move faster within me.

Keeping the pace, you move you hands to my thighs, lifting my legs up to rest on your shoulders without pause, forcing yourself even further into me. You body moves harder against mine now, your brow frowning and I know you are giving me all your strength. Lowering your mouth to my chest, your lips play at my nipple for a türkmen escort second before you clamp down with your teeth.

“Tell me to hurt you!” you order as my moan mixes with a scream, I know there is rage in your voice.

“Oh!” I cannot speak.

Every nerve in my body ready to explode, you bite my other nipple, then concentrate on fucking me as if a madness has taken control of our hips, grinding together.

“Fuck,” I manage to yell, feeling my orgasm build, insanity flashes in your eyes, and I pull on my restraints again.

I start to scream your name, tightening my legs around your waist as you slow just a little, feeling my inner walls contract. You kiss me hotly, slowing even more, though driving just as deep as I shudder, and melt into you, gasping, fighting my own will. I tremble until you almost stop, but give me only that moment to rest. “I love you,” you whisper, your lips at my chin as you slowly pull out of me, kissing me, feeling me.

You sit up, straddling my face, ordering me to suck you, and giving me no chance to respond. Gripping the headboard you start off gently fucking my mouth, staring at the ceiling as you catch your breath for a moment. Not stopping, you release my hands, allowing me to touch you, your thighs, your ass, before you pull away and lay next to me. Kissing tenderly, holding each other, you rub your penis against my thigh and suddenly grab at my ass. Without a word, you turn me over and pull me up on my knees, caressing me as you position yourself behind.

“You’re going to love this.” You say then hit my ass with the palm of your hand, “Aren’t you?”


You grab your cock and slap it against my clit a few times, making me moan, then you slide it up my slit, pausing at my lips before thrusting deep inside of me. I gasp as you begin at a harsh, fierce pace, your fingers digging into my hips as you hold me tightly, fucking me. You reach for my breasts, bent over me, squeezing, teasing, my pussy getting hotter and wetter as we crush against each other. Grabbing at my hair, you drive deeper, forcing my head back, pulling hard on my locks.

“You want to come again?”

Your words alone almost make me lose control, “Yes, please, oh please!”

You chuckle at my begging, “Then what do you want me to do?”

I stiffen my back, spread my legs, and tighten my inner muscles, “Fuck me!”

You pull tighter at my hair, “How?”

“Fuck me hard…”

My voice was lost as you attack me like a rapist, grunting, grabbing, pulling, I become your rag doll until I can feel the pleasure swell in my belly and shudder down to my groin. I explode in orgasm, almost losing my balance, but you hold me tightly to you, not slowing or stopping until you feel my body calm again.

“Now its my turn.” You grunt in my ear.

Without losing rhythm, you pull out and force your way into my asshole, my orgasm making it slick and easier for you. I scream at your sudden force, the pain tearing into me, but not painful, but you tell me to shut up and take it. I fall from my knees and try to reach back to push you off, but you hold me down easily. It almost burns; it almost drives me crazy’ it almost feels good. I can hear you laugh when I submit to your penis, meeting your hips, unable to move anything else under your strength. Your mouth is next to my ear, moaning, cursing, when you reach your hand down to rub my clit.

I yell, beg for you to stop, so you cover my mouth, moving faster and harder until your finger makes me come again. As I shudder, I feel your teeth clamp down onto my neck, biting me hard, making me scream as I feel my flesh break. You suck at me and almost immediately pull out and stroke yourself, having to lift up a little, I feel you shoot your hot come all over my back and ass. Your groan revives me a little, and we collapse together, laying in our sweat and cum, you hold me to you, kiss at the wound on my neck. Licking at it, your mouth takes mine as your hands roam my body.

I open my eyes at the sound of the door opening. You smile down at me, masturbating furiously on the couch, and move to take off your pants…

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