James the Virgin Ch. 04


Mandy and I had been living together in my studio apartment for several months. We had pushed the two twin beds together and we now spent almost every night and many days fucking up a storm. It was all new to my little sister, who at twenty years old had lost her cherry to me, James, the one who was a virgin until he was twenty-five.

We were having so much fun that we barely had time for school. We did manage to get to classes and get passable grades, but our focus now was eating pussy, sucking cock and fucking, hard and long.

My half-sister was the third girl I had fucked and she was becoming an expert at it. She loved everything I showed her. The only thing we had not done yet was ass fucking, and I had plans for that. It would be her twenty-first birthday in December, just two weeks before winter break and the end of the fall semester. I was going to give her a back door present.

We ate our own cooking most of the time, but we sometimes ate out, and the vegetarian restaurant where I had met Samantha, on the corner across the road, was a favorite place. We were considered regulars because we ate there at least once a week, and all of the staff members were friendly to us. Especially to me. They had known Samantha well. She still owned a small portion of the place and they all loved her and in turn, liked me.

I had noticed one sweet lovely, about twenty-four, who had her eye on Mandy. Who wouldn’t? Mandy was much more beautiful than she realized. She had people staring at her all over campus, especially the college boys, but many girls were not afraid to express their admiration too. We were a very open campus to all types.

The young lady at the restaurant was named Elizabeth, but she went by Beth. Mandy did not seem to mind the attention. That was cool with me. I loved her. I wanted her to be happy.

Anyway, we were not always together of course. She had her classes in art and I had mine in Geography.

We shared no classes really, only meeting up at the student union once or twice a day, or going home when we were both finished and maybe having a quick blow job or fuck for the fun of it. So Mandy was making her own crowd of new friends. Beth could become one of them.

So Mandy’s birthday came around and I was going to surprise her when she came home that evening after her last class. That would be about 5:30 in the afternoon. I would initiate her. I would fuck her asshole and she could then say she had done it all. Well, not all. She had still only done men, or rather, just me. I heard her key in the lock of the door and I was waiting completely nude to let her birthday be very special this time. My cock was hard because I was anticipating fucking some ass. I had fucked Samantha for the first time in her ass and she had loved it.

As she opened the door I was standing with arms wide and prick wiggling. How was I to know she would be bringing Beth home with her? They both stared at my now shrinking cock and giggled as girls always do. I was mortified and scurried over to put on my clothes.

“Wait Jimmy! It’s okay. Beth knows we’re lovers. She just wants to be friends. She was going to help me celebrate my birthday. She’s always liked you, you know that. It’s okay.”

And she laughed out loud while Beth was holding her hand and grinning at me.

I went over to the easy chair and sat down. I was in a quandary. I had wanted this to be a special night for Mandy. Perhaps it still would be. I realized that we had never told anyone that we were related. Beth just thought we lived together as room mates.

“Beth, maraş escort you seem awfully open about sex. I guess you knew Sam and I were lovers. Now Mandy’s my lover and you seem pretty okay with all of it. Is that right?”

“James, you know we all adore you. Sam was so happy with you. You were a joy to her. And yes, I am open about sex. I know you’re Mandy’s lover here. But I want to get to know her better. Is that cool with you? Is she free to be who she wants to be?”

“We’re all free here, Beth. Believe that. You don’t know how free we really are.” And I laughed.

“Do you want to see how free we really are Beth? Mandy, come here baby. I want to give you your birthday present. I know you’re going to like it, and maybe Beth will too. Beth, you can sit here and watch. Mandy’s going to learn something new. I taught Sam and I’m going to teach Mandy.”

So Mandy, trusting her big brother as always, came to me and I began stripping off her clothes. It was winter, so she was wearing a lot, but it gave my prick time to get hard again, and when I had finally got down to her bra and panties I could see she was hot for me because her panties were soaked with her wetness, and her nipples were hard, and pointed from those beautiful cone-shaped tits of hers.

I had been glancing over to Beth and had noticed that she was undressing too. But she stayed across the room at the easy chair and when she was naked she sat in the chair, spread her long legs, and began finger fucking herself with one hand and squeezing her shapely tits with her other hand. I could not help noticing that her nipples were swollen. I loved that kind of nipple. It made my cock even harder.

I undid Mandy’s bra and licked her nipples, then bit them to get them red and even harder. I knelt down and pulled her panties down, exposing her triangle of red pubes glistening in the light with the drops of pussy juice she was producing. I licked her labia clean and then stood up, gathered her into my arms, and carried her over to our beds. I laid her on her back and then grabbed her waist and flipped her around and placed her on her hands and knees with her ass at the edge of the bed.

God, what a sweet, juicy looking ass. It looked like her little pucker was winking at me, begging me to come and enjoy. I was going to. I looked over and Beth was squirming as she had an orgasm just watching us and fucking her own cunt with her little fist. I leaned down and rubbed my hand all over Mandy’s pussy, getting it wet and then stroked my cock with the pussy cum to lubricate it. I took some more juices and spread it in her ass hole, then I licked it and spit on it to lube it even more.

Mandy was squirming and wiggling her ass and begging me to fuck her. Oh, I was going to fuck her alright! I took my prick, guided the head into her tight hole and slowly pushed harder and harder, because it was so fucking tight. This was a truly virgin bung hole and needed lots of power to get into its tightness. Mandy kept pressing back against my cock, trying to get more and more into her ass. She was loving this!

Finally, I had worked my dick into her ass hole all of the way and I began screwing her with long, slow thrusts deep into that ass. Sweet fucking ass! Slowly at first, but she kept begging for more, so I started ramming harder and faster and she was thrusting her ass back into my prick more and more and she was crying out.

“Fuck, oh damn, Jimmy, fuck me harder. Oh god, oh god, fuck me baby, fuck me harder, deeper, fuck me!”

“Fuck mardin escort her harder James. Do it. God this is so fucking hot. I’m cumming so damn much. Fuck, keep fucking her man, fuck her harder, oh damn, I can’t stop cumming!”

That was Beth. I knew she would love this. I can tell a true cum slut when I see one. Now I can, anyway. It was time for me to fill Mandy’s ass with cum. My cock was building up to a huge cum. I started ramming and cumming at the same time, filling her with my spunk and listening to her moans of lust and pleasure.

My cock was cumming so hard I was groaning myself. I rammed and rammed until I had reamed her so good she would never forget it. Then I jerked my cock out and she formed her first creampie. It was beautiful. She fell forward onto her face and tits.

“That was so fucking hot, man. You are one fucking machine James. Let me wash your cock for you.”

Beth slowly went over to the bathroom and came back with a wet towel to wash me clean. As she did she kissed me and gave me lots of tongue. I had really turned her on. I reached down and felt her hairy cunt and fingered her. I made her cum some more and she giggled. This was turning out to be a great birthday party.

“Mandy, baby, are you okay?”

“Oh Jimmy, god that was so fucking good. You’re so good to me big brother.”

“What? Did she just say brother? Damn, you two are really free, man. Incest. Wow! This is radical, people!”

“It’s cool, Beth. Right? You’re the one so cool about sex. Let’s all put on some robes and I’ll make the casserole I was planning for dinner. We can eat and have some wine and listen to some tunes. Sound good girls?”

They agreed. We had a fine time eating the food I had prepared for Mandy’s birthday. I was already planning the finale for the evening, and I was betting that Beth and Mandy had some ideas too, especially Beth. She still had her eye on Mandy. I wanted to see that and maybe be part of it. Oh yes. I loved sex.

The evening was getting hotter in all of our minds, I was sure. After finishing the dinner we all moved to the sofa, with Mandy, the birthday girl, in the middle. Beth put her arms about Mandy and gave her a long kiss. Mandy, feeling free and happy, did not resist. She was kissing Beth back, and I was squeezing her tits while they were making out. Under our robes we were still naked as hell.

My cock was growing and I knew I had another cum in me now that I had rested and time had passed. I wanted some of the hairy pussy that Beth had been diddling while I fucked Mandy’s asshole. I wanted to make her my fourth cunt fucked since I started this run of screwing beautiful women.

“Do you want to make love to Beth, Mandy? It’s up to you little sister. This is your birthday. You can have anything you want. But I know this. Beth would love to eat some of that pussy of yours Mandy. Right Beth? Want to eat some pussy? Ask Mandy. She’s in charge.”

“Please Mandy. Oh babe you’ve been on my mind. I love red heads and I love your tits and your cunt and I want to eat your pussy. I really want it girl. I want that cunt. I’ll make you love it. I will. Let me eat your pussy Mandy.”

“Okay, you can do it Beth. But you have to let Jimmy fuck you while you’re doing it. Jimmy needs to fuck some pussy tonight and you’re going to be the one getting fucked Beth. Giggle. Jimmy loves pussy, don’t you Jimmy?”

“Damn right sis! You’re going to get fucked Beth and you’re going to get some of the best eating pussy in the world. I know. I’ve licked mersin escort it and sucked it until I got drunk from the juices my little sister gives me. Now it’s your turn, but that cunt of yours is getting fucked too. Feeling free about sex now Beth?”

“God, you people are the fucking best. I haven’t had so much fun with fucking in a long time. Damn right I want to eat that red haired pussy. Damn right I want to get fucked. Let’s do this you fuckers!”

Beth and I got up with Mandy. She was happy because she loved the sex she was going to get. We all were. We threw off the robes and all quickly went to the beds. I picked up Mandy and put her at the top of the beds against the head boards with pillows behind her. Then I spread her legs apart and her labia were already swollen and wet from the need to be loved.

Beth now moved up, with her broad ass tempting me, as she leaned into the open cunt in front of her. Her sweet tits with the swollen nipples were dangling and tempting me even more.

Her mouth descended upon Mandy’s juicy quim and she lightly licked the clit at the top of the pussy. Then she got more aggressive and started licking harder and harder and finally sucking on Mandy’s clit and making her moan and beg for more.

Mandy wrapped her hands in her new lover’s hair and move the face to her yearning cunt. Beth was glad to oblige moving her lips and tongue to the labia and separating them with her fingers. She was sucking with gusto and wanting more and more.

It was now my turn. I could see that Beth’s pussy was dripping cum juice down her luscious thighs so I knew she was lubed and ready for a hard cock. Luckily for her there was one right behind her. My dick was renewed and ready and wanting new pussy.

I put on the rubber I had retrieved from the nightstand and I got up upon the bed on my knees and crept forward until my prick was right behind the pulsating cunt that I wanted to fuck so badly. I held my cock in position and then I rammed it into the cunt and Beth squealed into Mandy’s cunt.

Now I was ramming and Beth was trying to eat all the cunt she could. I was going to let her eat as long as she and Mandy were into it. But I wanted my fuck and I was going to get it. I was getting so deep I could feel my balls banging against her cunt at the same time, they were hanging to low. Screwing that sweet cunt was making me build up another large cum that wanted to be released.

At last I was ready to cum. I was going to fill the rubber so full it would fill that cunt to the deepest bottom I could find. My spunk began squirting out and I yelled that I was cumming for her, and Beth begged me to fuck her harder still. She never stopped licking and kissing Mandy’s pussy. I shot my wad.

That was my finish. I had no more for the night. But Beth was a sweetie. She leaned up and kissed Mandy, then she twisted around, pulled the rubber off, and began sucking my cock for me. She was cleaning all the cum from my still hard cock and draining any cum still inside into her mouth. She apparently loved cock sucking as much as cunt lapping.

It did my heart good to see Mandy pull up her legs, get on her knees, and start to lick Beth’s pussy from behind, along with giving her a rim job. My Mandy was learning so many new things. She was a treasure. So was sweet Beth.

We all three lay down on the beds and I was in the center. I had my arms around the girls and had a handful of tit in both hands. I began kneading them and making the nipples hard again. Both girls reached down and played with my cock and balls. I would not get hard again for awhile. But it was a pleasure.

For the next half hour we made out. I kissed one girl and then the other. They enjoyed it and leaned over me to make out too. Mandy and Beth were now lovers also. Lovely.

Tomorrow was going to be a lovely day too.

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