Jane Meets Count Cristo


Jane Meets Count CristoJane hesitated as she went to knock on the door, Room 416. Her mind flooded with a thousand thoughts. Was she dressed appropriately? It had taken her four hours to prepare for the evening, her bedroom floor littered with dresses of every cut and colour. But in the end what does any woman choose? A little black dress, plunging front, hemline well above the knee, but below black stocking tops, underwired lacy matching bra and panties. Vertiginous black stiletto courts.They had flirted on x hamster for months, but she knew she had to have him from the first message exchange. He was American, brash, broad bodied, big, but not fat, hairy and masculine, and with an all-important big fat cock. Size does matter, doesn’t it girls? In her mind he was Italian American, but she had forgotten to ask. Would she stay the night? Maybe… He was very attractive, but had made no secret of his perverted carnal desires. He seemed to worry that it would scare her off. It had not. It had only intrigued her more. From three thousand miles away she had fallen under his dominant spell. He wanted her. She wanted to give herself to him.A perfume heavy haze had gathered as she waited outside of the door. Then she knocked, tapped really, perhaps half hoping that he would not be in after all, and all her nerves could be swept away. The door opened. “Oh shit.”The Count stood there, relaxed, smiling, wearing only a white towel around his waist. The contrast with his body hair over chest and stomach pronounced.“Good evening, Jane, thank you for coming.”“Thank you for asking me.”Jane stepped forwards, and the Count closed the door behind her. It was istanbul escort happening. Her heart raced. He took her by the hand to lead her in, then stopped, rotating their positions so that he had the door behind him. There was no escape now. Did she want to escape? Letting go of her hand, he placed his arm behind her back and drew her into him. His tongue darted out as they kissed. He was taller than her, even in her heels, she felt her knees wobble with the excitement, but he held her firm, as his tongue explored her mouth. Steadying herself she responded with her kisses. She felt his erection swell between their stomachs. Coming up for air, she stepped back a pace. As she did, his stiff cock pushed the towel to the floor. She gasped. He was big. Very big. Very wide. Very hard.She felt his hand move to her shoulder. No words had been exchanged. She knew what to do. She sank to her knees. She felt the suspenders on her stockings tighten. His cock swayed obscenely in front of her. Her MAC red lipstick had been meticulously applied, its pristine colour and shape was doomed from this moment on. She opened her lips, and took him in, her tongue swirling, her cheeks drawn in, her teeth grazing, her mouth sucking. Sliding down, she swallowed him whole, taking his tool into her throat, his masculine musk filling her nostrils. He was shaved, she began to lap at his balls simultaneously. It was one of her feminine tricks. By the sound of his groans, he seemed to like it.He reached down placed his hand under her elbow, and gestured her up.“It’s been too long Jane, months, several months, avcılar escort we have business to attend to.”He led her to the bed, then signalled for her to lie down. On her back. Her breath quickened again. A naked American dom, whom she had fancied for months was stood naked in front of her. Instinctively she hitched up her dress, and lewdly parted her legs. She wanted it. He wanted it. Why dither?His weight pressed her down, he first held her hands, holding her down as he kissed her, then pulled the straps off her dress off her shoulders, revealing her bra. Quickly, he unclasped her bra, tossing it to the floor. Unsupported they spread across her chest, her nipples already bullet hard, just likehe had seen them in her X hamster gallery “Freshly fucked” As he kissed her she reached between them, and grasped his cock. Pre cum leaked from the bulbous head. Jane spread her legs wider. She could feel the damp patch in her gusset soak as the anticipation caused her pussy to flood.Now it was the Count’s turn. Kissing her, his fingers moved between her thighs.“Goddammit, your pussy is awash”“Just fuck me Count. I need it inside me. I need cock. I need it now.”Smirking, he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her panties and cast them aside. The thin material appeared to parachute to the floor weighted down in the middle by the sodden, pussy juice soaked, gusset. Jane gasped. She loved this moment. The moment when a man took her panties. The moment after which she knew she was going to be fucked.The Count steadied his cock with his own hand, placed it at the peachy lips of Jane’s shaved pussy, then drove home, şirinevler escort lying on top of her. Although wet, it was tight. Pleasingly tight, as he forced her channel to accommodate his large girth.“If you haven’t any American in you already, you have now.”He smiled as he started to establish a rhythm. His big American balls slapping against Jane’s ass cheeks. Her breasts were too good to ignore. He pinched both of her nipples causing her to spasm and wail as her sexual senses went into overload.“Shut up, bitch, and take it.”Slapping her face,he rode her mercilessly, looking down at her blonde hair splayed across his pillows, just as he had imagined when he had been jerking off to her picture gallery on his own, Stateside. And that same familiar feeling began to overtake him. His balls and cock swelling, his breath quickening, but now he could hear her moan, he could smell her perfume and cunt aroma, he could feel her warm skin, slicked by perspiration against his.“Fucking hell slut – take this.”He whipped his cock out of her pussy, and sprayed his ejaculation all over her. All over her stomach, breasts and face, some even nestled in her hair. Then collapsed on her, spent. Jane lay there for a moment, enjoying the post coital bliss, before gently pushing him onto his back. His cock was still hard, pulsing. She took him into her mouth again, to clean it of spunk, pussy juice, and sweat. It is a woman’s job. It was her job. Once she had completed her task she looked up, coyly.“Do you want me to go home now?”“Babe, you are home. You have barely started. You are mine now. Your body, mouth, pussy and ass are mine. I am going to take you on a journey you cannot even imagine right now. A journey of sex, depravity, lust and love. I will not make you do anything. You will want to do anything, and I do mean anything, to please me. Now take off your stockings and dress and pull over the covers on the bed to keep you warm, you have a long night ahead of you.”

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