Jason’s Secrets Exposed Ch. 03


Well, I must say, I have really come to enjoy my new relationship with Jason. I now realize that every woman can have power over her man–she just has to have the confidence to seize it. I now understand that you can get them to do anything you want if you control their dick-for-brains.

I have also come to really enjoy our pegging sessions. The psychological feeling is like nothing else. And I am now a proud cigar aficionada, having found that, not only do I love the taste, but I love everything about them. The feeling of power. The stares from people. The bulges I can create on almost any man.

Jason has adapted well to his new status as my slave. He services me when I want it, he performs his household duties well, and he accepts chastisement when it is required. He has even come to accept his little chastity device and the fact that he may only come when he earns the privilege.

The one thing for which he wasn’t ready was that I did not plan to pretend that I was that sweet girl who I had been. I have embraced the new me and I won’t hide it from anyone. It would be humiliating for him. But he would like it.

I had always liked Jason’s mother, Anne. Since her widowhood, she had looked to Jason and his sister Marilyn for support. We usually entertained her or took her out twice a month. About two weeks after Jason’s submission to me, I decided to call Anne and Marilyn to have them over for a barbecue, along with Marilyn’s husband Jeff, and her 18-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, Lillie.

When I let Jason know about the barbecue, a look of abject fear crept into his eyes. He was kneeling before me, naked except for his cock cage, and he looked at me and said, “You’re not seriously going to …”

That earned him the slap that he deserved.

“No, my slave, I’m not going to fuck you in front of your family, although that would be an interesting scenario.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“But, on the other hand, they will get a little glimpse of the new me. But don’t be too alarmed. There are some things that are best kept between a mistress and her slave.”

. . .

That Saturday, Jason made sure that xslot the house was spotless and brought out the food that he would be cooking, ribeye steaks, grilled veggies, and a few hot dogs. He had already made the desserts while I had my morning cigar on the patio, so we were set to go. Unfortunately, we got a call That Anne was under the weather and would not be joining us. She informed us, though that she didn’t want us to change our plans.

When the guests arrived, we exchanged warm greetings and went outside to sit by the pool. Jason came out last, having donned an apron.

“Drinks anyone? We have a full bar, several good wines, and some craft beers.”

He took the orders, and went to fetch the drinks, returning a few minutes later with a platter of drinks.

“You don’t have to get us our drinks, Jason. We have our own feet.” It was Marilyn.

“Jason enjoys serving,” I replied. “Right dear?” Everyone laughed.

“Why don’t you bring out the humidor, dear?”

Jason’s face had a bit of panic, but he complied.

“Yes Ma’am,” he replied, as if in jest.

Having brought out the humidor, Jason offered one of the Fuentes to Jeff. Anne had always disapproved of smoking, particularly cigars, so I was kind of glad she wasn’t here. I would have to wait for another time to work on her.

“I don’t know what you men see in smoking cigars.”

“I do, Marilyn. I started smoking cigars recently and I love them. Maybe you should try one sometime.”

“I could never,” replied Marilyn. “I have to admit that I always was curious about trying cigars Alexis, but people think it’s unladylike. I would be afraid of all the looks I would get. “

“That’s part of the fun,” I replied.

We all giggled and I took one of the brown beauties and fired it up. Marilyn asked me if she could try a little puff and I handed it over.

“Don’t inhale or you’ll regret it.”

Marilyn daintily took a few tentative puffs and proclaimed, surprised, that she liked it.

“Have your own then, dear sister-in-law.”

At this point, Jason disappeared to get the charcoal going.

“Mom, is it alright if xslot Giriş I try one? I am eighteen, after all,” remarked Lillie.

The alcohol was definitely starting to kick in as we three ladies and Jeff enjoyed our cigars.

Marilyn and Lillie started taking selfies of themselves as they dangled their cigars. Jeff left to keep Jason company at the grill.

“I think we look sexy,” said Lillie. And it makes me feel different. Powerful. I just might take up cigar smoking.

“It really does give women power,” I stated. “Having enough confidence to publicly smoke cigars transforms a lady. And the men like it, believe me. And, just between us girls, men can be transformed by that power. A strong woman can make her man do whatever she wants him to.”

Jason continued preparing the food and we all moved over to the glass table to eat. Jason got ready to join us, but I stopped him.

“Are you not going to serve my guests? You are, after all, the chef.”

“Yes, Ma’am, sure.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Jason, have a seat and we can serve ourselves,” said Marilyn.

Jason remained standing, knowing full well the consequences should he disobey. He gave out the food and went to refill the drinks. When he returned, he looked at me as if to ask if he could finally join us. I nodded.

“You may sit now, Jason.”

The family were beginning to notice that something had changed. Jeff laughingly asked, “Hey Jason, who wears the pants in this family? The girls sit around smoking cigars while you do all the work?”

“And he hasn’t even gotten around to serving dessert and cleaning up,” I replied.

There was an uncomfortable silence as it sunk in to them that something fundamental had changed. Conversation shortly resumed and we had a wonderful dinner and dessert. Jason served coffee from the urn and then left to begin the cleanup. I lit another cigar and offered some to the others.

“I think I’ll stick to one a day as a beginner,” laughed Marilyn.

“I’ll have one,” said Lillie, and she did.

Marlyn whispered to me that she wanted to have a private conversation. I took a puff and placed xslot Güncel Giriş my cigar in the ashtray.

“Sure sis, let’s go inside.”

We left Lillie and Jeff to their cigars and went in.

“What’s going on Alexis? Is this a game or has someone cast a spell on you two?

I laughed and led my sister-in-law upstairs. We went to the master bedroom and I decided to tell her the truth–or the part of it she might be able to handle. I told Marilyn, girl-to-girl, that our sex life had become boring, but that it was now exceedingly spicy. Marilyn agreed that, sexually, things were not the same with Jeff and her either as in the beginning.

“So, what did you do?” she asked.

“Well, Marilyn, I found out when searching Jason’s computer for a bill, that he has a very vivid imagination about sexual matters. So I decided to give him what he wants, but what he was afraid to tell me. I gave him the choice to either submit to a wife-led marriage or to leave. He submitted. And this is the great part. Jason loves to be submissive and it turns him on like nothing else. And he has a fetish that involves dominant women who smoke cigars. I actually think his kinks are very common. In fact, I’ll bet you that the cigar you smoked earlier will be the cause of a really good time for you tonight in the bedroom.”

Marilyn’s mouth was agape.

“I don’t know how you did it Alexis. We need to talk more about this later. I might need a little coaching.”

We left it at that and returned downstairs. Jason had completed the cleanup and the three of them were on the patio, Lillie and Jeff finishing up their cigars. I relit mine and joined them.

“I never knew you were so cool, Aunt Alexis. You’re my new role model.”

Marilyn squirmed a bit but then smiled softly as she winked at me.

“We definitely have to do this more often,” she said.

Finally, after a nightcap, our guests left, and Jason and I returned inside.

“You did well tonight, slave. Perhaps I’ll let you come sometime this week.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

Now get those clothes off, get on your knees, and get ready to eat my cunt. I’m horny. And your plug better still be in your ass, because later tonight, we’ll be topping off this wonderful day with a bit of pegging.”

“Yes Mistress.”

I returned the cigar to my lips and closed my eyes as my pussy was expertly serviced. What a day!

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