????? ????? Jilnar Jardaly Fucks the Interns


????? ????? Jilnar Jardaly Fucks the InternsHey, guys! It’s your naughty Arabian nymphomaniac here again.You know, being an oversexed cock-hunter gets me into all sorts of horny adventures. I remember a few years ago when the boss called me into the office. I thought he just wanted his usual mid-morning blowjob or handjob but, when I entered the two room, there were two teenage boys in there. I was told they were high school seniors on exchange from the USA & were here for some work experience & I was chosen to be their mentor for a few days.They were both gorgeous! They were eighteen & very athletic, but different in every other way. Simon had blue eyes & blonde hair & was a star quarterback at his high school back home. He was from a very affluent family & showed all the arrogance of a spoilt self-centered brat. I got quite bored hearing him going on & on about his high-powered family & how he was going to go to Harvard soon as he finished high school & how much money he was going to make, blah, blah, blah…Jeremy I liked straight away. He was a quiet African-American boy who was apparently a superbly gifted basketball player hoping to win a college scholarship. He was tall & you know what they say about tall black guys! Yum! My panties started getting a little wet just thinking about it…I spent the next few days giving them little chores to help me around the place. They were so young, athletic & “new”, I couldn’t help but have lustful thoughts about both of them. I enjoyed having my top buttons undone & wearing my shortest skirts & fuck-me high heels, letting them get plenty of eyefuls of my cleavage & long legs. I’m always getting complements for my breasts & legs & I could tell how excited they were getting. They always looked away whenever I caught their eye but I could always see their young cocks stirring & hardening in their pants & delighted in watching them fidgeting & “adjusting” themselves to hide their arousal from me. Simon, the cocky little turd, even came right up to me a few times, deliberately brushing against me & stealing a quick whiffs of my perfume. He was lucky I was such a horny, cock-craving slut & enjoyed the attention or else he’d have a sexual harassment charge on his hands!Day three. Today is the day my beautiful young boys both become men…I called Simon into the office. When he entered I shut the blinds & locked the door behind him. I walked over to the window & called Simon who was now standing right behind me – inappropriately close as always.”What do you think of the view?” I asked him, “Have you ever been in an office with a view like this?””Sure!” he said, “My dad has an office even bigger & higher than this in Time Square, New York,” said the cocky little brat.I saw a box of Oeros on the windowsill so took one out & said, “Do you like Oreos, Simon?””Sure, I guess,” bakırköy escort he said.I separated the two biscuits & started to slowly lick the cream filling.”I love the taste of fresh cream, Simon. Mmmmmmm…” I purred seductively.I knew it was my moment. I sc****d a little of the cream off with my fingernail & pointed it to Simon.”Want a little taste?” I asked him.”You bet!” he said, holding my hand & inserting my whole finger into his mouth to suck it clean.I started to slowly lick the cream on the biscuit saying, “Let’s lick it together, honey.”His response was immediate! His tongue & mine were licking the cream coating, but rapidly becaming more interested in licking each others tongues than the biscuit. I could feel him rubbing his hardening rich-boy cock against my ass through our clothes which was turning me on like crazy! I had to have his cock! I had to have it right now!”Do you want me, Simon?” I asked darting my tongue between his lips. “Tell me how much, if you do…”YES! FUCK, YES!!, he growled, “I’ve wanted you since I first saw you! My god, you’re so fucking hot!””Then take me… Take me now!”His breathing was maniacal, his hands were shaking like jello. He was trying furiously to unbuckle his belt & remove his pants with one hand while feeling his way under my blazer to open my blouse & bra with the other. His shaking hands were soon pulling my soaking wet panties to one side & he wasted no time in sinking his entire American cock straight into my hot, wet, tight, little Arabian pussy. He was clawing at me with his fingernails & pounding into me like a jackhammer. He was biting my neck & the side of my jaw & licking my face & neck. He was trying to say words to me but all he could get out were guttural, primitive, lustful grunts & groans. Then, suddenly, as soon as it started, it was over. I could feel his legs buckle & then feel him shooting an incredibly huge load of his teenage American cum deep inside me.I felt him sliding down off me, gasping for air, until he collapsed in exhaustion on the floor. Now it was time to show him his place…I pressed my heel hard down onto his heaving chest saying, “Get up, get dressed & get down to Starbuck’s & get me a fucking Frappuccino! Now, bitch!!””Yes, Miss Jardaly,” he said, grovelling kissing my stilettoed foot, “Yes, Miss Jardaly! I’ll do anything you say!” Job done! Trained!Well, I’ve turned the bad boy into a good boy, now to turn the good boy into a bad boy…Jeremy was down the basement & had been since this morning, hunting up old files for me. The poor dear. I decided to go down & see him…I arrived to see Jeremy sitting on a chair. I came up behind him & started to gently rub his shoulders saying, “How’s it going, sweetie?””Oh! Uhm… Sorry, Ma’am. I was just sitting down a minute. I get this sore beşiktaş escort leg &…””It’s alright,” I said, pushing him back into the chair. “So which leg is it? Is it this one, or this one?”I squatted down in front of him. His long legs were on either side of me & I was gently sliding my hands up those lean, muscular legs. I could see the outline of his massive cock hardening in his pants. I slowly slid my eager, trembling hands up towards it. Jeremy was just sitting there, stunned, not knowing what to do or say. My fingers were soon tracing the outline of his big, thick, long cock through his pants.”Oh my, Jeremy!” I said, “You are a big boy…”His eyes were widening & he was shaking as excitedly as arrogant young Simon was.”Jeremy,” I said massaging his cock through his pants, “I think someone wants to come out & say hello, don’t you?””Yes, Ma’am!” he said beaming his incredible smile & big white teeth.I undid his pants, pulled them down & there it was… OH MY GOD! It was enormous! I held his big licorice stick against the side of my face, curving it lovingly against the side of my head saying, “Oh Jeremy, I’m in love with your beautiful big black cock! Mmmmmm…”By this time his cock had become way too hard to curve against my face so I started to kiss my way up & down the whole shaft, just gently with my lips. When I got down to his chocolate balls, I gently lifted them with my fingers so I could lick behind them & that place between the ass-hole & the ball-sack. I know how much men love to be licked there. After that, I licked all over his balls & decided it was time to taste some big black cock. I started with just the end in my mouth & slowly started to work my way down. I had to open my throat right up to get it all in but I did it! Jeremy moaned & groaned, grabbing a fistful of my long black hair while I gagged on his big black monster!It was time for a new game. I slipped off my panties & said, “I’m going to fuck you now Jeremy, I’m going to fuck you very hard. I’m going to fuck you like a dirty whore!”I mounted him, slowly feeding his big black dick into my horny, hungry pussy. I rode him hard like a bronco, darting my tongue into his mouth. He bend his head down to get a mouthful of tit & started biting & sucking my tits which I absolutely fucking love! One of his hands was at the small of my back & the other working its way into my ass-hole. I wriggled to let him know it was okay for him to insert his finger in there. If I don’t have a cock in my ass, a finger’s the next best thing I always say!”Do you like being inside me, Jeremy? Do you like fucking my tight, little, white, Arabian pussy with you big, black, American cock, you bad, bad boy?” I asked licking the sweet, salty sweat from his handsome face. I love the taste of any liquid that comes out beylikdüzü escort of a man’s body.”YES, MA’AM! YES, MA’AM!!” he screamed.”Have you ever fucked a girl up the ass, my darling?””No, Ma’am,” he said, “But I’ve always wanted to.””I want you to fuck my ass Jeremy, I want you to fuck my ass hard with you big, black cock!”I got up & bend over in front of him.”You have to put your fingers back into my ass, honey. You have to stretch it open & spit in it so I can take that big black cock of yours.”He got three of his long fingers in & then spat a huge wad of warm, gooey spit right down my ass while I was bent right over to salivating his huge cock. What a disgustingly slutty display I must have looked, having a young black stud pulling open & spitting down my ass-hole while I was bent over, salivating & gagging all over his massive, mutant, black cock, just to get my cock-hungry butt fucked. When I’m in heat, there is no level of nasty human depravity to which I will not lower myself to satisfy my obscenely demented, carnal lust. I’m such a filthy fucking whore!The moment had arrived. I stood over him, facing away from him & slowly lowered myself onto him, impaling my tight ass with his massive cock! I took a little in, rested, a little more, rested, a little more & so on until I was down on his lap with his whole shaft in my ass. It hurt, but it was a nice hurt. I started to slowly ride up & down, increasing my speed as I became more stretched. Soon Jeremy said he was going to cum.”Jeremy, wouldn’t you like to shoot all your African-American cum inside my white Arabian pussy & make a baby? Would you like to impregnate me with you young seed, Jeremy?””Hell, yeah!” he cried.I got up, turned back around & obliged his lustful desire. He started shooting all his cum deep inside my womb. Lucky I was on the pill or else, after all the cum I took up there today, I really would be spending the next nine months wondering whether I’d be having a white baby or a milk-chocolate one! Hehe!I don’t know what discussions my boys had with each other for the rest of the day but there were a lot of smiles & high-fives going on between them. I was so proud of them & my slutty self.On their last night I invited them both over to my house for a drink. After the drinks they spend the whole night mercilessly spit-roasting, double-penetrating & ravaging my whole body. They never lasted long but, being so young, they were always up for another round soon after. My tummy, womb, & bowels must’ve been so fucking full of the sticky, warm, creamy, interracial mixture of their hot, young, teenage, American cum! Mmmmmm…We all went up to my bed & fell in, naked & exhausted. I had them either side of me, cradling their sweet heads with each of my arms. I may have been their whore & fuck-meat, but I still felt a clucky maternal urge to nurture them. They soon both fell into a deep sleep in my arms. I kissed them both on the forehead & joined them in their slumber. They’ll need a good night’s sleep to rest, recharge & reload their young balls for the rampant fucking I’m going to demand from both of them in the morning…Love and LustJilnarxoxox

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