Joining the Church Pt. 04


For the final sex act of the Initiation Ceremony, the Deacons returned to Nancy at the side of the stage. They removed her robe, picked her up, and once again placed her on her back on the Female Altar, securing the straps on her wrists and ankles to the post and stirrups, spreading her legs wide so the audience could see her cunt being fucked on the big screen. This time Nancy was more relaxed after her great fuck with Ron, and she didn’t react when the Deacons rubbed sex oil on her vulva and into her vagina to ensure she was lubricated. The Church audience always loved seeing the virginal victim’s cunt being roughly handled by men.

Pastor Ron stepped to the microphone. “For the final sex act of this Initiation Ceremony, Nancy will be fucked by our four Senior Church Deacons. They are Deacon Harvey Andrews, Deacon Brian Ludwig, Deacon Homer Jones, and Deacon Albert Sawatski. All Female Members of the Church of Divine Rapture must take the Vow of Multiple Men, a vow they sanctify on this stage with their bodies. Her vow is sealed with the semen from group sex. Now let us bow our heads in prayer for Nancy.”

After a short prayer asking a blessing on Nancy and her pussy and dedicating it to the use of the men of the Church, he nodded to the Deacons and said simply, “You may proceed.” Nancy shivered a little as she realized this wasn’t just one fuck. All four men would step up and penetrate her pussy for however long it would take them to cum in her cunt. She wasn’t at all sure it would be pleasurable, but she wasn’t sure it wouldn’t be either. She’d heard of multiple orgasms. Maybe this was one way to find out.

The Deacons took turns in order of their seniority. The eldest, Harvey Andrews, was first. He was nearly seventy years old, but thanks to Viagra, his uncircumcised penis could still fuck, though not as often as he would like. Indeed, Harvey was something of a lusty old goat, with a perverted mind that had often surprised and stimulated Pastor Ron with its inventive ways to make the female body suffer in the torture chamber sessions exclusive to the male lay clergy of the Church of Divine Rapture.

And the great thing about Harvey’s slowing with age was that his sexual response to orgasm could be prolonged. He could fuck a woman for an hour before he came in her cunt. Some Church women really liked that because they could have multiple orgasms. The women in the church audience knew Harvey well and settled in for a sustained viewing of his fucking of Nancy.

Harvey removed his crimson robe and walked stiffly into position between Nancy’s legs. The other Deacons took their positions at her head and tits, kissing her lips, squeezing her nipples, and slapping her breasts more vigorously this time.

Harvey’s dick was only semi-erect, even though he had been stroking it firmly under his robe while the other sex acts were performed before him on stage. It was the best he could do, but it was enough. Pulling back his foreskin, he pressed the wrinkled head of his cock between Nancy’s warm cunt lips and pushed in. Feeling the warmth and gentle rubbing of her vaginal walls, his ancient prick got stiffer, enough to let him ram it all the way into her.

Harvey’s fucking of Nancy Escort bayan was indeed prolonged. For ten minutes, he kept up a rhythmic thrusting of his cock, enjoying immensely the sublime pleasure that only comes to an old man who is given the privilege of fucking an innocent young girl who is just starting her womanhood. His penis felt young inside Nancy’s vagina, and he took the time afforded by his slow sexual response to view her luscious body under his sexual assault: her lovely face contorted with sex spasms, her large breasts bouncing up and down with his firm thrusts into her cunt, her plump pussy with its slit and blonde fringe of hair, and his cock moving in and out between her labia.

Nancy was now awash in a frenzy of sexual sensations. Sensitized by Pastor Ron’s great public fucking, she was now mentally and physically fully engaged in the sex act. She was becoming familiar with the feeling of a stiff prick moving in the depths of her vagina and the feelings of excitement and pleasure she got as the Deacons kissed her and played with her breasts, electric feelings that moved all the way down her belly into her pussy and caused it to cream.

As Harvey continued to stroke her cunt with his cock over and over and over again, she felt a new sensation building beside the others. It suddenly spilled over as her cunt went into spasm and she gasped for air. She tried to close her legs to stop the potent contractions that rippled through her vagina, but she couldn’t because her ankles were bound tightly to the Altar. As Harvey continued to thrust into her cunt, she cried aloud in ecstasy as her first orgasm ripped powerfully through her petite frame.

The audience stopped fucking and applauded, aware that this new recruit was becoming one of them, embracing the Church’s message of a full life through sex without regret and with the support and approval of all the Church members.

Harvey continued to fuck Nancy another full five minutes, and he allowed himself a small smile at this public demonstration of his sexual stamina. He was panting and sweating with the exertion, but he was exhilarated as he looked down at their pubic mounds crushing together and felt the delicious stiffness of his penis moving deep in her moist vaginal channel.

He began alternating long, slow thrusts into Nancy’s hot pussy with short periods of rapid, hard strokes that built up sexual pleasure in his cock and in her cunt. As he started another short burst of rapid fucking, she moaned and cried out again as another massive orgasm lifted her body and ripped its electric charge throughout her naked form from her tits to her cunt and back. Nancy was learning about multiple orgasms first hand, but it wasn’t over yet.

Harvey was now approaching physical exhaustion, and he hadn’t had his orgasm yet. He hoped and prayed that his cock wouldn’t let him down now, here on the church stage. He knew that it would eventually, and he would have to retire as a Senior Deacon, another Deacon appointed to his place who could fuck publicly on cue.

He paused briefly and smiled at Nancy who was panting hard from her orgasm and chuckling hysterically at him as she realized just how incredibly pleasurable Bayan escort sex could be. That was enough encouragement for Harvey. He resumed a resolute stroking of his cock in her cunt.

Perspiring as he was, he continued to fuck at a hard, furious pace until he felt the first stiffening of his cock into orgasm. Whispering a prayer of thanks to God, he felt the first spurt of semen into Nancy’s vagina, and to his surprise, he also felt the contractions of her cunt walls into yet a third orgasm.

Harvey was determined to enjoy what could be his last public fuck and rammed his penis up into Nancy’s sweaty vagina as hard and fast as he could. The orgasm that hit him was the most ecstatically pleasurable he had ever felt and continued to thrust hard and fast as long as his prick continued to spurt semen into her pussy. Seeing the fucking couple on the Altar having simultaneous orgasms, the audience was awestruck. When it was over and Harvey got up from Nancy’s naked form, they applauded and cheered.

Then it was Brian Ludwig’s turn to remove his robe, mount the Altar, and mount Nancy. Ludwig was a short thick man with a short thick cock that nonetheless grew considerably when aroused. He was a contractor by profession with a bald head and powerful torso. He was a tireless worker and had supervised the building of most of the Ecstasy commune because he loved the concept of the Church of Divine Rapture. His wife Emma was also short and thick, a robust woman who worked by his side and loved sex too. He had often been aroused by the sight of Emma’s wide hips and brown pubic bush being pounded by Pastor Ron and lots of other men of the Church. When they got home, he found he was so aroused that he could fuck her two or three times in one night.

Helwig nodded to Homer Jones, indicating he should join him on the Altar. As Ludwig knelt between Nancy’s spread legs and began to rub his cock head into her wet labia, Jones removed his robe and straddled her chest, slapping her tits and pinching the nipples. As Ludwig forced his penis into her young pussy, Jones captured his long thin cock between her boobs and began thrusting.

Between them, they built up a rhythm that soon had Nancy panting for breath as she stared at the head of Homer’s cock pushing toward her face between her breasts. She felt his soft testicles rubbing on her chest and felt Helwig’s thick penis running up and down the corrugated corridors of her vagina.

The two men kept synchronized, and when Homer heard Brian’s strained breathing behind him, he sped up his thrusting so both men came together. Helwig’s spunk splashed up against Nancy’s cervix and Jones’s cum spattered on her face. She licked her dry lips and for the first time tasted a man’s semen. She found it was not unpleasant.

Albert Sawatski was the youngest of the Senior Deacons, just thirty-six years old, but a dedicated member of the Church who had perfect attendance at the Holy Orgies and had done all the required training in sexual technique, to which his beautiful blonde wife Angela could attest. Like Emma Helwig, Angela had been fucked by every man in Ecstasy at least once, much to the delight of Albert who himself had serviced every Escort available woman. Together, they had introduced inventive new forms of debauchery as members of the Church’s inner circles.

Sawatski shed his robe quickly, unsnapped the restraints at her wrists and ankles, and pulled Nancy up into a kneeling position on the Altar. He introduced his penis into her mouth as he held her by the hair and began to thrust it inside almost to her throat. She almost gagged on it and began to drool, but quickly learned that if she licked the head of his cock with her tongue, he stopped ramming his shaft so deep into her mouth.

Then, pushing her to her hands and knees facing away from the audience, he pulled her cunt lips apart and drove his substantial cock up to the hilt. The monitor in the sanctuary zoomed in on the vigorous doggy style fucking he gave Nancy’s pouting pussy. After several minutes of hard fucking, he withdrew his cock and moved it up to her anus. Nancy cried with shock and pain as he forced his glans penis into the wrinkled brown hole and leaned forward to ram his whole cock into her rectum. It was his favorite fuck because it was so tight, so he continued fucking her bum until his orgasm pumped his semen into her butt.

As a final act, Pastor Ron escorted Jonah from the side of the stage to the Altar where the Deacons had once again fastened Nancy down on her back, her white thighs spread wide and her plump pussy lips red with fucking and leaking white streaks of semen. Jonah mounted the Altar and placed the head of his cock against his wife’s well fucked cunt lips.

Looking down at her now, he saw the evidence on her body and her pussy of how well used she had been and would always be, now that they were Church members. But he wasn’t angry. He didn’t feel cheated. He exulted in the feeling that now life was complete, that any sexual act was possible, and that giving Nancy to the men of the Church gave back more than he ever imagined. He pushed his buttocks forward and drove his cock into his wife’s cunt.

Jonah’s fuck of Nancy on the Female Altar in front of the congregation did not last long. They were both tired and sated with sex, so when his cock brought down its offering of life-giving sperm to the inner recesses of her cunt, they collapsed in each others’ arms and hugged and kissed like any young married couple.

The Deacons then released Nancy’s restraints and helped her from the Altar. Pastor Ron stood between husband and wife, all three shamelessly naked before the congregation, held their hands warmly, and asked a blessing on their union and on their lives in the Church. The congregation sang a hymn of praise for cunts and cocks. The Initiation Ceremony was over.

The members of the congregation filed out of the sanctuary and returned to the dressing rooms. Afterwards in the Church parlor over coffee and biscuits, Jonah and Nancy mingled with them and nodded happily as individuals came up and congratulated them. The men shook Jonah’s hand and fondled Nancy’s breasts through her clothing, winking and promising more at the Holy Orgy next week. The women made Jonah nice compliments as they stared pointedly at his package and then whispered rude things into Nancy’s ear about the penises and sexual habits of other men in the room.

It was all warmly welcoming, and the young couple went home that Sunday looking forward to their new life of sexual exploration and fulfillment in the Church of Divine Rapture.

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