JoJo Becomes A Maid Man


To see JoJo in her maid outfit, please visit my profile and remember to vote so I know you love me. Remember this is just a fun story about JoJo adventures. I want to thank the unnamed e mailer for the story idea.

It all began when Mistress Del said she and David were going on an extended vacation and would be gone for 2 months. Although I was sad at their leaving I remembered I always had a fantasy about becoming a maid and serving someone at their house. I ran an ad in the local gay personals, and got several responses right away. Some have worked out better than others, but I had one recently that was just awesome.

My “client” and I had chatted online and e-mailed a few times. He was an older man, around 50, and very specific in what he wanted. I enjoy a man who knows what he wants and I was very interested by his comment that he was quite well hung, a good 8.5″ and thick as hell!

He had a place out in the country and wanted me to come out for an afternoon “cleaning.” like I said, he knew what he wanted and having gotten a good feeling from chatting with him I was very willing to obey his requests.

I washed and cleaned thoroughly that morning as I always do; I do an anal douche so I’m nice and fresh, long hot shower, shave etc… afterwards I used lilac baby powder, perfumes, and lip gloss to be at my most pleasing. It’s a little risky I guess; what if I was in an accident? Oh well nothing ventured nothing gained.

I put in my small well lubed butt plug, a black g-string, a full apron that had two oval cut outs on the back to show my smooth round ass cheeks, stockings with garters and my high heels. Then over this sweet sexy and come “FUCK ME” outfit I wore a conservative long raincoat!

When I go on maid service calls, I bring two buckets of cleaning supplies, and other things. I really do clean too; I find washing the floor, vacuuming, dusting etc… pleasant, and erotic when I have a horny man watching my every move! The “other things” include a selection of dildos, lubes, massage oils, aromatic candles, soft clothesline rope and other goodies.

It was an hour drive to “Mr. Smith’s” house and on the way I kept thinking about his comment that he would take his pleasure with his maid after first giving her a good ass whipping … this sounded quite appropriate and I was very eager for the experience.

It was a warm spring day and I pulled over and took off my raincoat and drove in my uniform, enjoying the pleasant spring breeze from my open window. As I drove the movement of the car would shift me in my seat and the butt plug I had in would move, making me smile in anticipation of greater penetrations to come.

Mr. Smith’s directions were excellent, I arrived at his house right on time. He lived in a large log cabin style house with a lovely big porch, very private and secluded in the woods.

Mr. Smith came out on the porch as I pulled in, and watched quietly as I Anadolu Yakası Fetiş Escort got out of my car and retrieved my cleaning buckets from the trunk. He came down the stairs and motioned for me to come in.

He was a tall well built man about 50, short gray hair, clean shaven, and deep blue eyes. I slowly walked up onto the porch, my ass cheeks moving nicely under my apron, and I saw that Mr. Smith looked pleased at my appearance. He greeted me and escorted me inside, shutting the heavy door behind us.

He turned me around and taking me in with his eyes said,

“JoJo you look very sexy in that outfit, I hope you are as good a maid as you look.”

At his request I went right to work, dusting and polishing in the living room, while he sat in his armchair with a brandy and the newspaper. After a while, as I was dusting the bookshelf near him, I bent over with my lovely tight ass toward him, he suddenly placed a large hand on my right buttock and gave it a firm squeeze.

I gave a little start, saying “Oh Sir! and giggled”.

His reply was immediate and startled me. He got up from the chair and commanded me to turn and face him. Standing very close to me, backing me up against the wall, he looked hard at me and said,

“Who the fuck is the OWNER of this house? Isn’t it me? Didn’t you promise to obey me in all things or did you come here to tease me?”

Then all of a sudden he grabbed my head and said

“ Answer me Bitch.”

Meekly I nodded and answered,

“Yes Sir, I’m sorry I forgot.”

He now had my full attention and I began to realize that he was completely in charge. He shook his head sternly however and told me that,

“Sorry wasn’t good enough Bitch you must be punished for your deeds.“

With that he grabbed me and marched me outside onto the porch leading me to one end, where he tied my hands to the railing. I had brought some soft clothesline just for this reason, but he scorned that and used a rough rope he got from the entryway. He left me there and went out into the yard. I watched as he took out a pocket knife and cut and trimmed some long branches from a willow tree that grew there. He came back up on the porch, taking his time to get behind me he lifted up my apron while I bowed my head submissively as he said,

“Now maid JoJo, I’m going to give your ass a sound beating, and let it be a good lesson to you.”

I meekly responded,

“Yes Sir,” and awaited my punishment.

With that he started to remove his clothes until he was only wearing a shiny black thong. I looked at this man and drooled over his muscular body. Between his legs the thong could hardly conceal his semi erect cock. It protruded out at least 6 inches, pointing straight at me. I wanted it , oh god how I wanted it, he could do anything to me just as long as I got his cock.

I sensed Mr. Smith readying himself and then Anadolu Yakası Gecelik Escort suddenly there was a swishing sound followed by a sharp stinging CRACK across my exposed ass cheeks. I gasped at the sensation, which was followed quickly by a number of more such blows.

My whole ass was on fire, and while I had enjoyed being spanked and paddled, the use of a branch like this added a keen stinging that I found most exquisite. By the time Mr. Smith stopped I was shifting and breathing hard, all sensation centered in my stinging, quivering hot ass. When he tossed the branch aside and stepped close behind me, his obviously large erection pressing into me, I sighed with hunger and pressed my ass to him.

He stroked my hair and said,

“Yes Maid JoJo, I shall now take you as I wish.”

He reached for my ass, ripped off my g-string and pulled out my butt plug. I spread my legs a little and arched towards him. He removed that black thong finally revealing his big delicious looking cock. As it sprang out toward me I could only notice that not only was it long but it was so nice and thick, it was if his cock was saying to me,

“ You Bitch, I am going to assault your ass and you will love it.”

He started to slowly, very slowly rub the head of his cock up and down the crack of my burning ass. I moaned a bit at the feeling and pushed back begging,

” Sir, please, sir take me, take me hard and fast, I need you sir” wanting him in me so badly.

He teased me again and again with the tip of his cock and when he first pushed the head of his cock into my lubed and ready ass it felt so good I almost came right there! Then with sure, masterful skill he slid himself into me in one long great thrust, pushing me hard against the railing, making me brace myself to receive him.

He said in a very commanding voice,

“Maid JoJo are you ready for this big long cock”

and with that took my ass hard and fast. He was deep into me in seconds and grunting sounds I have never heard before. I thought he was having a heart attach as he groaned over and over


I was being pushed harder and harder against the railing and enjoying it more and more. I was lost in the feeling of lust, lost in that loved sensation of being filled and used, moving with him and begging him to not spare me with that large cock of his. He didn’t, fucking me long and hard out on the porch where any one going by could see his assault of my ass.

Then as suddenly as he started his body tightened, he pushed against me burying himself even more completely in me and strained as he emptied himself inside my maidenly bottom. He started to scream,

”JoJo I’m cummmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggggggggg, you Bitch, Yessssssss“,

over and over until I felt spasms of cum again and again explode in my hot ass.

I tightened Anadolu Yakası Genç Escort my cheeks to feel more of his enormous cock and sighed in satisfaction at the thought and feel of his sex in me. The power in which he took me forced me to move in such a way that my bonds had loosened. I was completely overpowered by this man.

He finally completed his assault on my very sore but hot ass, pulling his cock fell from it saying,

”JoJo kneel in front of your Master and clean him properly.”

I fell to my knees and devoured his cock wanting more and more of it until he became soft in my mouth. When I was done he smiled and thanked me for providing him with a wonderful maid service.

Then out of nowhere this man looked at me and noticed my erect state, he started to laugh and said,

“ What the fuck is that between your legs”

I looked up and said,

“Sir that is my fully erect useless cock.”

With that he said,

“JoJo it appears you have been excited by my cock and may require release.”

I nodded and with my eyes pleaded with him. I was astonished by what he said next.

“You fucking bitch the only way you can cum today is if I allow it, Do you understand, now kiss my feet and show me how much you want to cum”

I immediately started to kiss and lick his toes moving my tongue up his leg as I caressed his beautiful ass. I was heaven, he has taken over and now has me totally serving him.

He looked down and grabbed my hair, pulling me up to him. He started to kiss my neck and then again turned mean, biting it hard and grabbing my nipple, twisting it hard.

I screamed in pain as he pushed me to the floor again. I was in such a state of arousal I almost came right then. My body hurting from the pain, my mind loving every second of it wanting more and more. I again started to lick and suck his toes, those little cocks, mmmmmmmmmm so good, so sexy. I was again in heaven pleasing him over and over, when he said,

“JoJo do you want to cum for me”

I nodded yes, oh yes did I need release.

He said “ JoJo a good maid would release herself on my feet and then clean it off with her tongue.”

I immediately straightened up took my useless cock in hand and stroked it up and down, up and down, faster and faster until it started to twitch and suddenly erupted on his feet.

I could only say,” ooooooooo my god yes , yes, ooooooooo thank you sir, thank you.”

I must have had what seemed to be a years build up of cum in me, it appeared to be more cum then I had ever spewed before. I was in a state of euphoria, broken suddenly by his loud voice commanding me to clean up my mess.

I bent over and licked and sucked my wonderful tasting cum from his feet. It was a pleasure cleaning him as my release was so wonderful I would have done anything else he wanted. Finally finished I stood up and kissed him on the cheek thanking him for a wonderful morning.

He told me that he believed he would need my services every two weeks.

I got dressed, smiled and kissed him good bye going to my next house with a smile.

I provided yet more maid service that day; but that is another story. At least I can smile when I leave a job, knowing I always give them my best side.

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