Judy and Uncle Add Grandniece Ch. 07


They all were totally exhausted and slept through the night. Jamie was the first to waken when the curtains let a sliver of daylight through a small gap. Disorientated at first, as soon as she stretched her legs, she remembered why she was in this bed and not her own. She was very tender between her legs. Running her hand through her swollen lips caused her to wince with pain and she felt the stiffness the dried come had left on her body. She smiled to herself at the thought of last evenings activities but felt she really needed a shower to clean up.

She walked into the master bath and adjusted the water for a hot shower, sat on the toilet and sighed with the release. Climbing into the shower, she let the water cascade down her body and wash the dried secretions off her. It felt very relaxing, being in this huge shower with numerous jets of pulsing water hitting her body. She stood there for a long time letting the water melt her stiffness away before finally grabbing the soap and shampoo.

As she washed each part of her body, she remembered the goings on of the night before. Her nipples were tender because her mother had sucked and pinched them often. The lips of her vulva were sore, as was the channel beneath them, from the pounding Don had given her. Even her tight little asshole was out of sorts from Don playing with it! As water cascaded across her body, she closed her eyes and smiled at the pictures that flashed across her mind. Don had Jamie and her mother Judy strip and lay on the bed. She watched him have sex with her mother. It was the first time she had ever seen people having sex in real life, and up close! Then Don had eaten Jamie to orgasm and played with her ass. It felt weird, but good. He fucked her and then he took her in the doggie position, but had her mother lay beneath her and they ate each other to orgasm as Don pounded her pussy hard. Eating pussy was another first for her and what made it even more erotic was it was her own mothers!

All those thoughts had her turned on, but she was too sore to do any major masturbation, so she gently played with her clit until she had a small but satisfying orgasm. The water started to cool down, so she turned it off and grabbed a big towel and dried off. She found one of her aunts’ fluffy bathrobes in the closet and wrapped herself in it then went down to the kitchen to fix herself some coffee.

Jamie was leaning against the counter, looking out the window at the birds on the feeder when Don walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. He nuzzled her neck and gave her a kiss. “Good morning, Sunshine. How are you feeling this morning?”

“Mmmmm. I feel, umm, a bit sore, but otherwise, great!” She leaned back and turned her head and they kissed. “I’m not sure I can take another ‘lesson’ today though. I really am pretty tender down there.” She kissed him again. “But I want to thank you. I never knew sex could be so, ahh, fun? I don’t know how to put it into words.” Jamie leaned back against Don as she continued. “I do know, though, that any girl would enjoy losing their virginity if you were their first! I’ve always fantasized about sex since I was about 12 when Mom gave me the talk. But I thought it would just be the man putting his penis into my vagina and pumping away and it would make us both feel really good. As I got older, I realized there could be orgasms involved, especially when I masturbated and learned how to make myself come. But I really had no idea of all the other aspects of it. Sure, we girls would talk and giggle and fantasize about the boys in school. Some even had sex but they mostly said it hurt and it wasn’t all that satisfying. Boys would just put it in and rut until they came, then it was all over- and occasionally, all over the school! I didn’t want that, so I wouldn’t let my boyfriends do more than play with my boobs and maybe once or twice, stick a finger in me. I’m glad I waited and you were my first. I love you.”

Don held her tight and even though he was aroused at seeing her dressed only in a robe, he didn’t want to force himself on her. He just held her and lightly began to play with her breasts as he listened to what she was saying. “Well Jamie. I think you made some really adult choices. I’m proud of you. You’re a beautiful young woman. You don’t need the rumors flying around about you being an easy piece of ass. If you had put out to a young boyfriend, that’s probably what would have happened. It’s what immature boys do, for the most part. They brag about their conquests.

Don grabbed himself a cup of coffee and refilled Jamies cup. They sat at the table and continued to talk. “For many obvious reasons, you know that I will never tell a soul about what we do. I am honored that you allowed me to be the one to take your virginity. I will treasure that until the day I die. But since you did allow me that opportunity, I feel it’s my duty to you to teach you all I can about sex and how to enhance your pleasure and your partners too. I’d be a total liar if I didn’t say I really enjoy making love to you and just bursa escort thinking about it makes me hard. Hell! I’m hard now just talking about it!” They both laughed. “But I don’t expect you to do anything about it. I know you must be sore as hell after last night. I know I am!”

“Yea. I am. I think I’d like to take today off and just hang with my friends for the day. Maybe hang out with Tracy a bit. If that’s OK with you and Mom.”

“If what’s OK with me?” Judy said as she entered the kitchen.

“Your sexy daughter is a little tender after last night and wants to spend the day with Tracy and her friends if it’s OK with us.” Don said. “I don’t have a problem with it. I think she needs some time to take it all in, so to speak.” He chuckled. “No pun intended!”

Judy looked at him and shook her head and smiled. “You’re bad.” Looking at Jamie, she smiled and gave her approval as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

Don, there is one thing I would like, though.” Jamie said. “When I come back tonight, I’d like for you to give me another massage. I really did like it when you massaged me. I felt so relaxed.” She smiled up at him. “Well, at least for a little while, anyway.”

“Well, I think that could be arranged.”

Judy told Don that she probably couldn’t make it later on as she had promised to go out with the girls. He was a little disappointed at first, then thought about having Jamie all to himself if she was interested in continuing her lessons tonight. “That’s OK. I can probably find something to keep me busy until Jamie comes by.”

They made breakfast and the girls got dressed and left. On the way out the door Judy whispered to Don; “Go easy on her. She told me she is really sore from your pounding her so hard last night.” She kissed him and left. He stood in the doorway and watched them pull away. He reached down and grabbed himself thinking about all the fun times that awaited him, then turned and started to make plans for the evening.

When the girls got home, Judy hopped into the shower and washed the nights scent off while Jamie called her cousin Tracy. The girls made plans to get together after lunch while Judy was going shopping.

Before Judy left, she and Jamie had a long conversation about the previous nights events. Judy expressed the hope that Jamie wasn’t upset about what had taken place, specifically about her having sex with her own daughter or her uncle being the first one to make love to her. She just wanted Jamie to be fully aware of all the aspects of sex and how much fun it could be with the right person. She said she hoped her first time was special and that there was much more she should experience before settling down with one man. She also told her there was much more to learn about and Don would be a caring teacher if she wanted him to help her learn. Then she went on to explain how things had started between herself and Don, how they had shared an apartment and things just seemed to flow from there. She told her about the light bondage they had explored and her introduction to anal sex. Jamie listened to it all and could feel herself getting excited with the prospects of experiencing the different forms of sex play. When Judy left they kissed and Judy told her to have a good time, but not to wait up for her.

Jamie went up to her room and took our her diary and started detailing the events of the past twenty four hours. She had been writing for a while when she heard the front door open. “Hello! Where are you?”

“Hi. I’m up here in my room. Come on up.” When Tracy entered the room, Jamie was sitting on her bed and just closing her diary. “What do you want to do today?”

“Umm, I don’t know. What’s that?”

“Oh. Well, it’s my diary. I was just writing some things down in it.?

“Can I see?”

“No. It’s pretty private. I just wrote some things I’d like to remember later on.”

“Oh, come on! We’ve known each other forever and have never kept anything from each other. I won’t tell! Whats it say?” She reached for the little book and Jamie put it behind her. “Really!?” Tracy pushed Jamie down on the mattress and straddled her. She reached behind her and tore the book from her grasp.

“No! Please don’t! It’s really private!” Jamie pleaded. She reached for the diary but Tracy just swatted her hands away and began to read the last entries. Jamie kept trying to get the book back but Tracy had her pinned to the mattress, so she couldn’t reach it.

Tracy held the book high and kept reading. As she read, her mouth fell open and her eyes widened with shock. She looked down at her cousin who had resigned herself to the secrets she had written being found out. She stopped struggling and lay there watching her cousin learn about her sexual exploits of the past day. Tracy was mesmerized by what she was reading. She climbed off the bed and stood there, reading and then looking down at her cousin and then reading more. Jamie was almost in tears as she watched her cousin read her deepest secrets.

Tracy held her arm with the gürsu escort book at her side and stared down at her cousin. “Oh! MY! Fucking! God!” she exclaimed. “Uncle Don fucked you? You gave it up to him? And you and your mother had sex? Is this for real?”

A tear leaked from Jamies eye as she quietly answered her cousin. “Yes. It’s real.’ She wiped the tear away. “You have to promise not to tell anyone that you know! Nobody was ever supposed to find out.” Jamie began to cry. “I’m going to be in so much trouble. Not to mention what would happen if word leaked out about it to anyone else. PLEASE! Don’t say anything!”

Tracy held the diary out and gave it back to Jamie. “I promise you I will never tell anyone about this. But, you have to tell me all about it. How did it happen? Why Uncle Don? Did he force you to have sex with him? Did it hurt? And your Mom! Holy cow! How did that happen? What was it like with Don? How did your.”

“OK! Stop with the questions already. Since you already know that it happened, I guess I can tell you everything from the beginning.” Tracy sat on the bed and listened quietly to what her cousin told her. She explained the whole scenario, from talking with her mom about sex and admitting that she thought Don was hot to the massage and what that led to. She left almost nothing out. Tracy asked questions occasionally, but Jamie filled in whatever parts Tracy didn’t understand. It took almost an hour for her to describe things. When it was over the two girls just sat looking at each other.

Tracy and Jamie were only a few months apart in age. They had grown up together and were pretty much inseparable. Where Jamie was a bit stockier, Tracy was a couple of inches taller. Like Jamie, Tracy also had an athlete’s body. Jamie was into soccer and Tracy was more into basketball. Jamies complexion was more Mediterranean, with olive skin tones and Tracy was more northern European, with light skin tones and a strawberry blonde hair. Neither girl had much experience dating as school, sports and family took up most of their waking hours.

Both girls had been given the ‘talk’ by their mothers. They even compared notes about it. Being so close, the girls had shared everything that had happened when they weren’t together. They talked about their homes and parents and boys. Especially boys! They shared their fantasies about them and even jokingly talked about what they would do with them if given half a chance. They listened to their friends who had ‘gone all the way’ and were a little frightened at the stories of pain and blood. They giggled with each other about how and with whom they thought they would lose their virginity. They practiced kissing and even a little light petting to see what it felt like. Privately, they even masturbated and shared what worked for each of them and what didn’t. Until the past twenty-four hours or so, neither of them had dared go all the way with a boy. Now, Jamie had. AND she had given her virginity to her uncle!

“So, what do you think?”, Jamie asked.

“Wow. I still can’t believe it. You had sex with your uncle and your mother. I was trying to picture what it would look like to someone who was just watching, and I have to admit that I’m pretty turned on. The way you described what Don did to you, how he took his time and was so caring. That is so sexy!” She paused for a few seconds, staring at the bedspread. “And you and your mother eating each other out! Making each other come! Wow. I never thought of doing that with a girl before. I wonder what it feels like. What it tastes like.”

Jamie sat and looked at her cousin for a moment. Timidly, she spoke. “Well, it’s really hard to explain. It was nothing like I ever imagined. When we use our fingers we usually rub where it feels best and concentrate there. Uncle Don used his tongue on me and it was so much more erotic. The feelings weren’t the same. It was better.’ She paused again for a moment and looked into Tracy’s eyes. “If you really want to know what it feels like, I could show you. You know. I could do it to you if you’d like.” She nervously waited for Tracy to say something.

“You would be willing to go down on me and lick my pussy? Why?

“We’ve shared everything since we were little. Mostly just silly stuff. This isn’t in that category. This is serious stuff. I never thought I would like it. Didn’t even consider being licked down there as being part of sex. Thought it would be gross. But, I have to tell you. No boy is getting into these panties with their cocks until their tongues have paved the way first! And doing it myself, to my mom. Wow! It didn’t taste bad at all. Just different. And when I saw that I could give her so much pleasure just by licking and sucking on her pussy, it just made me feel so powerful. It’s hard to explain. But I enjoyed it. I’m pretty sure you’d enjoy it too. So, what do you say? Do you want to know what it feels like to have your pussy eaten?”

“Well, I guess so. I feel kinda weird. How do we start?”

“O.K. Just pretend I’m orhangazi escort your boyfriend. Close your eyes and we’ll kiss like you are making out with him. Then we’ll just go from there.”

They began to kiss. Tentatively at first. Then Tracy started to get into it. “Wow. This is strange, but in a cool way.” They continued to kiss for a while and then Jamie started to caress Tracy’s sides, sliding her hands up and down. Tracy’s breathing started to increase as the feeling of her cousins hands moving along her body started to turn her on. Jamie took this as a sign to continue, so she started to unbutton Tracy’s blouse. She began kissing Tracy across her cheek and then her neck working her way down to the bared skin of her chest, kissing lower as each button was undone.

Tracy was getting really excited. Thinking about what was happening to her, knowing her cousin was eventually going to be licking her most private area was having an effect. As she felt Jamie unbutton her blouse and kiss her, she had an urge to reciprocate to some extent. She lifted her hands and grabbed the front of Jamies shirt, squeezing her breasts. She felt just skin under the shirt letting her know Jamie wasn’t wearing a bra. Knowing how she liked her own nipples played with, she began to rub and squeeze Jamies and felt them stiffen with excitement.

By now, Jamie had Tracy’s blouse completely undone and reached behind her to pull it up and out of her pants. When she finally took it off, she reached behind Tracy again to unfasten her bra. As the material fell away, she pulled it down slowly and began to kiss the tops of Tracy’s breasts. When the straps reached Tracy’s elbows, Jamie nudged her cousin backwards, so she was laying on the bed and lifted the bra completely off and threw it on the floor. She wasn’t surprised at how Tracy’s breasts looked, they had grown up together and showered after gym class together for years but seeing her lying back with her nipples erect and knowing that she had caused it had a certain effect on her. She dove right in and sucked a hardened nipple between her lips. “Wow! That feels really good, Jamie.”

Jamie squeezed both breasts and alternated licking each nipple and even gently biting down on them as she played. Tracy’s breathing became more and more labored as Jamie sucked on her teats. Tracy reached down and pulled Jamies shirt over her head, then pulled her up and they kissed, tongues dueling and both breathing hard through their noses. They were both turned on as their breasts rubbed against each others. Jamie lifted up and watched her nipples slide across Tracy’s areola and finally their nipples touched. She kept sliding back and forth, her nipples rubbing across her cousins hard tips until her arms gave out and she lay upon Tracy and they kissed.

Tracy hugged her cousin and then Jamie began to kiss and lick the firm breasts beneath her. She kissed around the perimeter of the globes and then began to kiss lower and quickly reached Tracy’s navel. As she twirled her tongue around and into it, Jamie reached for the belt buckle and started to undo it. Tracy’s stomach rose and fell with her heavy breathing as she looked down at her cousin. Once the belt was undone, Jamie undid the button and slowly worked the zipper down. She parted the fly and kissed lower still, finally reaching the top of Tracy’s panties. She could smell her cousins arousal as she breathed deeply. Jamie began to tug the jeans downward and the panties came with them. Tracy raised her hips to make the job easier. With her jeans and panties around her thighs, Tracy dropped her hips back onto the bed. Jamie sat upright, slid backwards and smiled at her cousin as she tugged Tracy’s shoes and socks off then pulled her clothes the rest of the way off.

Jamie looked down at her cousin. The hair between her legs was trimmed short at the top, shaped into a small triangle and her lips were bare. It was a bikini season trim job so no stray hairs would be visible outside the confines of her bikini bottoms. Her lips were a pinkish color and where they joined, they shined with a little bit of moisture. She smiled at her cousin, who was looking at her with a mixture of embarrassment, expectation and lust. “I never really realized how sexy looking at another girls pussy would be. It’s beautiful.”

Tracy smiled back at Jamie. “I never thought I’d be in this position. I feel so exposed like this.” She moved her hands to cover her sex and Jamie grabbed them and stopped her. Tracy squirmed on the bed and then told Jamie; “I’d feel better if you were naked too. I want to experience this, but I’d also like to see what a pussy looks like up close too! Please take your clothes off.”

Jamie backed off the bed and the two girls watched each other as Jamie undressed. When she was done, she climbed back onto the bed and the two kissed and hugged each other. Their breasts pressed against each other as Jamie whispered into Tracy’s ear. “You have a really pretty pussy. It looks kinda wet too! I can’t wait to see what you taste like.” With that, she began kissing her way down Tracy’s body, stopping only long enough to suck and gently bite down on her engorged nipples. As her body moved lower, she situated herself between Tracy’s thighs. She wiggled, spreading the legs enough so she could lay between them.

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