JUICEDVan’s standing on the edge of the platform looking for a train that’s notcoming for another 20 minutes. He doesn’t wanna look at me and I tell ya’the feelings mutual. He’s a top bloke Van, me and him have been friendssince year 7 but last night…I guess because we both did it and both saweach other doing it that we’re kinda even in some way. But this is gonnabe kept real quite.Take a regular hangover and multiply by ten and that’s how fuckin’ wasted Ifeel. I can’t believe what happened. I’ve still got a sour kinda taste inmy mouth. I hope like hell it’s the vomit from outside the pub but Idunno…and I’m too damn scared and freaked out to lick my lips.Me and Van started drinking about three in the afternoon and seeing as itwas hot it kinda hit real hard. So we’re drinkin’ at his place then decidethat seeing as he’s 21 in two weeks we should go to a pub to celebrate.After many ales and a few shots of bourbon him n’ me are gettin’ close tolegless. It was a real warm night and we were at some poxy club when Ireally spun out. I don’t know what it was. I’d had one spliff earlier inthe day and was fine but the one at the club fuckin’ wiped me out eventhough it was mostly leaf.So we had to get outta there. The girls we were talkin’ too musta thoughtI was schitz because one minute we’re passing the spliff n’ the next I’mgrabbin’ Van to tell him I gotta get some air.So he follows me out and I damn well projectile vomited between two cars -I can hear all these people goin’ ‘disgusting’ and ‘oh my’ but I don’t givea fuck basically.Naturally the bouncer won’t let us back in the club so pissed as newts meand Van kinda roll down the street and even though I feel better because Ithrew up I’m startin’ to feel real tired. We go into this bar and order ashot of bourbon each but it doesn’t wake me up. So we stand on a cab rankback near the club and wait to see if the two girls come out but they don’tand I don’t know what time it is but the streets kinda clogged with fuckin’dregs and that’s me and Van.We buy a couple of beers each from the pub and try to figure what to do.It’s still real warm even though it’d be gettin’ onto 3 at night so wefigure we’ll sleep at the station gaziantep escort bayan and wait for the first train but a’course it’s locked so we skull our beers and try to look sober enough for acab but they all drive right fuckin’ past.Van then says we should go to one of the porno film places to just chillfor abit. Seeing as we had fuck all cash we picked this one that got youentry for a five each. And they didn’t give a fuck that we were wearingshorts and t-shirts. The bloke on the door took the cash and didn’t give afuck how pissed we were. I thought I was gonna chuck again when I saw howmany stairs we had to climb but we made it. Van threw up in the toiletthen we go into the movie part and it’s close to empty.Up the back they had these couches and we both dropped onto em’. The moviewas some kinda leso German thing, I watched it for a few minutes but I wasso damn tired and wasted that I started to fall asleep. The last thing Iremember is Van comin’ back from the toilets and I can see this string ofspit from throwing up hanging outta his mouth, he wiped it on his arm thendropped down.You know when you’re asleep and you hear a song in a dream and it’s a songthat’s on the radio well that’s how I woke up. It wasn’t a song though -I’m lying there thinkin’ I’m having this wild fuckin’ wet dream about aGerman lesbian suckin’ my cock n’ then I wake up and in the dark I can seethis head going up n’ down on my dick and it feels fuckin’ brilliant.First off I think if it’s a hooker I’ve only got a fiver but she’s doingsuch a hot job that I put my hands on her head to help out and that’s whenI feel it’s a bloke!! For a second I think maybe it’s some chick withshort hair but then I can make out what is for sure a bloke goin’ down onVan. I look over Van’s way and he’s just woken up like me, he’s kinda gothis wet lips open in amazement like he doesn’t know what to do but he’sbreathing real hard coz I can smell his vomit breath. We’re both pissedstill but the blokes have got us hard as fuckin’ planks so we kinda lieback. I’m not into blokes and neithers Van but how many guys would wannapull there cock out of a mouth and queers know how to suck because it’swhat they do.I kinda roll my head back and see that there’s a few other guys checkin’out the show. I’m not too wild about seein’ guys with their cocks out butalcohol kinda broadens my outlook ya’ know.”Ah yeah shuck my cock” Van starts saying and all I can say is like ‘yeah’.The two fags on our cocks really start pulling us with their mouths, me n’Van are both cut and the two guys hangin’ off us kinda pull back along theshaft and then tongue the cock head – it’s fuckin’ wild. The other guysaround us kinda slide along on their knee’s but we have to hold up our armsabit to keep em’ not to close.My visions abit blurred and maybe I was seeing double but it looked liketheir was two blokes on my side and about three next to Van an’ so thatmade about seven queers all like honing in on us.Then one of the guys kneeling next to us starts snorting from something inhis hand and he pulls the guys mouth off my cock and starts really blowin’me hard like a fuckin’ crazy man – he’s way better than the first guy cozhe goes for my balls and starts suckin’ em’ into his mouth. I’m buckin’ myhips into his face and he’s loving it! The same bloke then snorts his handand keeping his mouth open moves from my crotch to Van’s. When the firstguy pulls his mouth off Van’s dick I can see it’s all wet with spit so Itap Van and say ‘wait’ so he knows that the second guy really knows how tosuck.I’m getting close to blowin’ and Van’s sweatin and I don’t think it’s theheat. The other guys are all hammerin’ there cocks around us like we’rethe best fuckin’ show in town.The guy snorting somethin’ offers it to Van without takin’ his eyes offVan’s pubes. Van holds it up to his nose and sniffs real deep then handsit to me and I do the same. It’s a little bottle with a real chemicalsmell like a real flammable one. At first nothin’ happens I didn’t thinkthen I get this roar in my head and my body sorta lifts up and my headspins n’ I feel real fuckin’ horny or somethin’ coz I’m staring at one ofthe cocks being whacked off next to us and suddenly they kinda lookdifferent, kinda still like cocks but kinda good so I reach up and I grabthis one cock and I’ve never felt one except my own but I really startpumping hard at this blokes cock and I’m really likin’ it in some way.Van’s gotta hold of some cock aswell and the guys pushed it up real closeto Van’s face and Van’s not moving back he’s just jackin’ it. So I kindaturn my face so Van doesn’t see me and I start flickin’ the cock in my handwith my tongue an’ I can taste the salty clear stuff you get.I pucker up and kiss the piss slit fair square with my lips. Then I starthearin’ this real loud ‘glock glock’ sound and it’s Van fuckin suckin oneof the cocks!! His heads bobbing back and forward like some real bitchho’!! I get a hold a tha’ bottle and take another whiff then man o manthat cock is mine so I’ve got a fuckin’ cock shaft in my mouth an’ it’s notlike a cock but like a kinder piece a great meat that anyone’d wanna suck.I suck the b jesus outta one cock then spit it out and ask in this realhoarse whisper ‘gis another one’ and I got another cock in my mouth. Thiswasn’t isn’t cut so I like really play with the blokes foreskin. It tastekinda sour and soapy.Me n’ Van’s head are goin’ like a real coupla fags and I can hear thatquick breathin’ you do before you blow. And I realize I’m close. I startwhacking my shaft with some guys mouth on it and my fist is covered in hisspit and I spit the cock from my mouth n’ start hammerin’ it real fast n’then Van looks at me an’ he’s got jizz on his face near his mouth and hekinda licks his lips then I see all this cum fallin’; outta the guys mouthwho’s suckin’ Van. Then I start feelin’ all this jizz fallin’ down on myface and it covers my eye and I can’t open them and then I jack my cock sofuckin’ hard that the guy blowin’ me starts spluttering like crazy and I’mstill whackin’ off with cum all over my hand an’ I wipe my eyes an’ anotherload of cum lands across my t-shirt and starts to soak in…..I’ve stoppedblowin’ and suddenly I feel like the dirtiest whore bastard. An I wipe myface with my t-shirt and I got more fuckin’ jizz on my face.I look at Van and he’s real sweaty and wasted lookin’ n’ he’s got someblokes jizz running down his face and I can feel I got the same coz dropruns into my mouth.An’ I say pretty loud to the guys around us “fuck off” and there alljerkin’ off over each other n’ one lets a load go on my legs an’ I push himaway real rough and close my eyes.

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