Julie’s New Houseboy Ch. 02


Duncan did, in fact, come to the cafe the next day. I was in early, which was a bit of a drag, having worked late the day before. But, then, I was off the following day, then starting late the day after that, giving me a big chunk of leisure time. He sallied in about noon when it was particularly busy. We have a simple lunch offering, and people who want a sandwich or a bagel followed by a decent coffee drink come in. I have the whole thing set up for speed, so I can handle the rush. Tips are good at lunch time.

Duncan got on line with the rest. When he got to the counter, I had no time for chit-chat, so I made his cappuccino and sent him on his way. He stood for awhile until a table cleared out. I began to wonder if he had somehow got a look at the work schedule for the cafe. How would he know I was working the morning shift? Or did he know? The schedule was hanging in Marty’s office, and the door to that was always open. Plus, you had to pass the office on the way to the restroom.

Once things died down, I went to his table.

“Did you look at my schedule, Duncan? In the office?” I said flat out.

Duncan’s mouth dropped open, but nothing came out. It looked like he was turning a bit pale.

“What?” he finally said.

“The schedule. Did you look at it.” I said. I stood there with my hands on my hips. I suppose I was glowering. I just wanted answers. I’ve been stalked in the past, and it was no fun, let me tell you.

“No! No, Julie, no, no, I … No! I wouldn’t! Please!”

He was about to blow a gasket, and I was beginning to regret that I hadn’t given the matter a bit more thought.

“Why are you always showing up when I’m here, then?” I said, feeling unsure about my footing at this point.

Then, no kidding, Duncan dropped his face into his hands and started crying. Not real loud, thank buddha, but, you know, I could hear him just fine.

Some people at nearby tables looked over, then turned away.

“Hey, take it easy, Dunc. I’m just asking… hey, I’m sorry.” I said.

There were a couple of people waiting to order at the counter.

“I’ll be right there!” I yelled over. Then I turned to Duncan. He was pulling himself together by this time.

“You okay?” I said in a low voice.

He looked up at me, and it was about the saddest face I’ve seen since my old man came within one number of winning the Powerball.

‘I didn’t… Julie…”

“Hey. I believe you. And I’m sorry if, you know, if I came across a bit rough. I gotta get back. Stick around, okay? I’m done at two.”

He nodded, then just looked down at the table. Jeez. Talk about thin skin! But in some situations, that could be a very nice attribute. And my mind, of course, was heading down that creative – some might say twisted – alley.

Leaving at two, there was no bank drop. I got things squared away with my replacement, then looked up Duncan out on the floor. He had his book out and seemed very absorbed in it. I startled him a bit when I appeared at his side. He looked up at me.

“oh… you’re done.” he said meekly. “I want to apologize for making a scene before. I, well, I…”.

‘Interesting’, I thought. I practically accused him of something, and he wants to apologize.

“”Don’t sweat about it, Dunc.” I said, giving him a little pat on the shoulder. “Look, the next few days I’m kind of busy, but why don’t you swing by Tuesday, if you can. We can hang at my place for awhile. Are you busy then?”

“No,no, I can be there. That would be nice. Thank you.” he said, sounding happy at the prospect.

“Seems like you have a pretty free schedule. Do you, like, work?”

“I do. Sure. But at home.” he said.

“And?” I prodded.

“Oh, well, I’m what’s called a consulting editor. I work mostly for textbook companies.”

“Sounds exciting.” I said with mock enthusiasm.

“It’s a living, as they say.” he said. “They give me a rough version of the different chapters, and I polish them up. I do a lot of my work at night. I like to be out in the daytime.”

“Well, that’s a nice little schedule.” I said, moving a bit closer to him. This seemed to make him a bit nervous.

“That was a very nice footrub you gave me the other night, Duncan.” I said, softly. “Thanks xslot for that.”

“It’s I who should be thanking you.” he said, looking up at me. His eyes were tearing slightly. This guy didn’t need a resume´. Those sweet grey eyes of his told me all I needed to know.

Come Tuesday, I was still lounging in bed when I heard footsteps on the stairs, then a light knock at the door. I’d been at Dylan’s til closing the night before. I looked at the clock – twelve sharp. I slid out of bed and went to let him in. I had on my usual jimjams: a pair of soft, maroon,satiny shorts, and a light blue cotton tanktop.

“Hey, Dunc. Come on in.” I said, and closed the door behind him, yawning. I headed for the kitchen.

“I’m making coffee. Put your feet up. I’ll be back in a sec.” I said, and made a beeline for the dark roast.

“Want some?”

“Okay.” he said.


“Yes, thank you.”

If Duncan had a dime for every time he thanked me, he’d need a financial advisor. Still, it fit him perfectly.

I came into the room with the two cups. Duncan was sitting on the carpet by the coffee table.And in front of him was a little vase with some purple freesias in it. I could smell them before I even put the coffee down.

“And now you’ll pull a rabbit from a hat, I suppose.” I said, incredulously.

“Duncan, where ever did these come from?”

I had them in the breast pocket of my jacket, Miss Julie. I hope you like them.” he said. I wanted it to be a surprise.

I could see how he could have pulled that off. The vase was very slender.

“Miss Julie? Why so formal, Dunc?” I queried, though I did like the sound of it.

“Can I call you that? Please? I just, well… I don’t know, I … Can I, please?”

“Absolutely, my friend.” I said, putting his coffee in front of him.

“You comfortable? I mean, there are chairs here, you may have noticed.” I said, giving him a quizzical look.

“I’m fine here. I like sitting here, actually.” he said.

I flopped onto the sofa and swung my feet up. I took a big slug of java, and the caffeine molecules went to work. I get my coffee from the cafe. Marty lets it go for wholesale for employees, which is decent of him. It’s good stuff.

With Duncan on the floor in front of me, I felt our relationship was taking on its core shape, i.e., me above, Duncan below. As I looked at him from my vantage point, I could see, once again, that he was a natural. So, I thought to myself, watching him sit passively, hands folded tidily in his lap, ‘let the good times roll’.

“Nice flowers, Duncan. Why don’t you come around to this side of the table. You seem far away over there.” I said, and he immediately did so. He was in footrub position, and, in truth, my feet were just inches away from him. Still, I had more interesting plans for him.

“Mind if I rest my feet on your shoulders, Dunc? Elevating them relaxes me.” I said, and moved closer to him.

“I don’t mind at all, Miss Julie. It’s nice to be of some use to you, to be honest.” he said, all smiles.

I arranged the throw pillows so that I had good back support, then draped my feet over his shoulders.

“Okay with that?” I asked.

“Sure. Really, it feels good. I mean to be of use, that is.”

I knew exactly what he meant. His pants weren’t tight in the crotch, but things did look a bit different there, I noticed. I sat back and took a sip. It was kind of cool seeing his face flanked by my feet, like bunny ears. He was beaming, feeling right at home, it seemed.

I stroked the side of his head with my foot a few times, gently, and there was no doubt: I could see Duncan had a hard-on.

“Could you get me a refill?” I said, handing him my cup. “Cream, no sugar.”

It was amusing watching him get up sort of hunched over, then turn away from me with the coffee cup, and head for the kitchen. The little boy hiding his shame. I giggled a bit, and I think he might have heard me. So what?

When he returned, his shirttails were pulled out so that the bottoms of them covered his groin.

“You look somehow… more casual, Dunc. Hmmmm. Oh, sure. It’s the shirttails. You’ve pulled them out of your pants. Good. I want you to feel free to unwind when xslot Giriş you’re here.”

“It is more comfortable. I was hoping you wouldn’t mind.” he said, placing the cup before me.

He got right back into position, without prompting, immediately lifting one, then the other of my feet onto his shoulders. ‘Good boy’, I thought.

I was not long out of bed, and, no doubt, my body was giving up the sleepy scent of being under the sheets for hours. I stroked Duncan’s face with both feet now, brushing his hair back a bit as I did. It felt nice. His eyes were downcast, and he seemed quite content.

“Miss Julie.” he said, and I waited for the rest. He seemed to be struggling.

“I remember kissing your feet when I was last here.” he said, eyes still aimed at the carpet.


“Well, I hope it pleased you.”

“You want to kiss my feet, don’t you, Duncan?” I said, stroking his cheek with one foot. “Look at me.”

He immediately looked up with a touchingly hungry look. Sure he did. He wanted it bad.

“May I?”

“You may.” I said, as if I were issuing a decree, then leaned back and let him go to it. I didn’t stop him after the first kiss.

Well, no joke, this guy made love to my feet. I’d never seen or felt anything quite like it!

“I’m impressed, Duncan.” I said while he was attending to me, my eyes glued to the spectacle before me. There was something feverish yet subdued to his actions. He was totally concentrated, and his face was sort of glowing. He didn’t slobber, or breathe heavily, or manhandle me. He was a perfect gentleman who was wholly in his element: serving a woman.

“You know, Dunc, my legs are feeling a bit neglected. You’re close, and yet so far. From them, I mean. Would you like to touch them?” I said.

Something like a little gasp came from him. I don’t think he intended it.

“I don’t think they need a massage, just some attention. Stroking, maybe some kissing. what do you think?”

Both feet were back on his shoulders by now.

“I’d be very happy to do that for you, Miss Julie. I hope it will please you.”

“We’ll see.” I said. “Do your best, okay?”

He began to run his fingers gently along my legs, with one hand on the inner and the other on the outer side of each leg. I closed my eyes. All this was making me super horny, and things were getting warmer and moister between my legs. Mmmmmmmmm. So nice. His fingers were soft and warm.

I opened my eyes and saw unmistakably that my boy Duncan had a full-on erection. I mean, what the fuck else could that have been? It looked like it was ready to tear right through the fabric.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” I said while I stared at his crotch. He didn’t miss where my gaze was.

“Yes. I’m sorry, Miss Julie. It embarrasses me. I should be thinking only of you.”

“Really? Why is that, Duncan?”

“It’s why I’m here. I mean, what I’m here for.”

“You mean, why you’re here in my apartment today?”

“I mean why I’m here on Earth, Miss Julie.” he said, averting his eyes, but still softly stroking my thigh.

Now, that really took my breath away in the best way. Lots of moronic guys think they’re sexual luminaries of one kind or another, wanting to fuck you up against a wall, or shoot a load on your face. All about their satisfaction. I’d had my share of that, and some of it was okay, but this, Duncan I mean, was something else altogether.

I’ve also taken on a sub or two in the past, but they were mostly just needy. I did get quite a kick getting them to do stuff. I mean all kinds of crazy shit. I made one guy make a sandwich sign out of poster board saying “I AM A LOSER” and wear it walking around town while I followed a little ways behind. Good fun, but it wears a little thin when the sub is on the one-dimensional side.

I went to the bathroom while Duncan brought the coffee cups to the sink and rinsed them out. In the bathroom, I heard the mild clattering of dishes, and Knew he was doing the dishes I hadn’t done the night before. I had to smile at that.

I suppose my intuition told me it was time, so when I exited the bathroom I was no longer wearing my pajama shorts. I was carrying them. Duncan was still in the kitchen xslot Güncel Giriş putting plates away. I came in, and he turned and saw me. He stood motionless with a dishtowel in one hand, a plate in the other. I walked over to him nonchalantly and handed him the shorts.

“Hey, could you be a sport and wash these for me? I’ve been wearing them for a couple of weeks now, so I reckon it’s time. You don’t mind, do you?” I said, standing right beside him.

“No… not at all! I… let’s see… I…” he turned to me and, boy was he agitated. I had to stifle a grin.

There’s a plastic basin under the sink. Just use dish soap. it works fine.”

With that, I walked out of the kitchen, and if Duncan’s eyes weren’t riveted to my soft, shifting asscheeks as I left, then I’m the next Dalai Lama.

I flopped down on the bed and lay on my stomach. I punched up a pillow and got comfortable. Hearing Duncan busying himself in the kitchen was both comforting and exciting. I had a highly motivated submissive man at my beck and call, apparently, and he was well-mannered, even gentlemanly. These are all but bygone attributes in the modern male population. At least, from what I could see. I must admit, I have no objection to being treated like a queen, and this seemed like a sterling opportunity.

I heard Duncan entering the main room, so I turned my head to look. He stood at the threshold sort of looking at the wall, and holding my washed jammie shorts.

“Miss Julie, just wondered where I might hang these to dry. Sorry to trouble you.” he said, sounding nervous. I gave a yawn and turned onto my side, facing him.

“Put them on a hanger and use the shower curtain rod.” I said, watching him for his reaction.

“Then come right back here.” I said, turning away and resting my head back into the pillow. My tone had changed to one of command, which I’m sure Duncan liked the sound of!

In a minute, I heard him reenter.

“All done, Miss Julie. Can I do anything else to help out? Any more washing you may need done?”

‘You can come over here, Duncan. Kneel beside the bed.”

He was down on his knees in two shakes.

“What do you think?” I said.

“I… about…?”

About my ass, Duncan. What do you think? Is it pretty?”

It is, incidentally, full and soft. It is a ten, my friends. A world class ass, and I like showing it to an appreciative audience.

“It’s amazing, it’s so beautiful! Really, miss Julie. I feel like I’m dreaming.” Duncan spurted out, tripping over his words.

I snuggled down onto the bed, and let my legs shift slowly over the sheet. I gave a little moan of contentment. I could hear Duncan’s breath quicken a bit.

“Gee, sounds like you love it, Dunc. Do you think you might be in love with my ass? Hmmm?” I said, enjoying seeing him struggle with his excitement and his embarrassment. Just the combination a girl like me likes to see in a man!

“I’m not worthy.” Duncan said, so softly I barely heard him.

“Do you want to touch it, Dunky? I can call you Dunky, can’t I?” I said giving him a sly grin.

“Yes, Miss Julie. If it pleases you.” he said.

“Okay then. Be respectful. Show it you respect it. Be sweet to it, Dunky.”

I felt his hand rest ever so lightly on my asscheek. His hand was quivering.

“Stroke it softly, little Dunky.” I said, enjoying infantilizing him. he’d be my good little boy. I just knew he would.

He continued to stroke very gently, and his breath was becoming more rapid and kind of jagged, as if he had forgotten how to breathe.

“Would it be okay if I stopped for just a minute, Miss Julie? I’m sorry to ask. I just need a minute.” he said, though he didn’t yet remove his hand. I deduced, from all the information I was getting, that Duncan was ready to cum in his pants.

“Sure, Dunc. Take your time.” I said. “Take five, as they say.”

He sat back on his heels. He was getting things under control, it seemed.

“I apologize. Your pleasure shouldn’t be interrupted like that. I…”

“Take it easy, Duncan. It’s okay. I’m flattered, really, that you got that excited.”

Duncan’s face turned red, and he looked down.

“Look. Let’s call it a day, all right? You’ve done fine. By that I mean I like having you around. You’re very dedicated. You’ll learn how to please me. Okay? I’ll show you just what to do. Anyway, I have to get going. Got some plans. See you at the cafe, okay?”

Yes, he’d be there, alright.

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