Justice Isn’t Always Perfect Ch. 03


Thank you all for reading my wacky tale of lust and torment. I never planned to have incest take place but it looks like it is going to have to happen in the near future. Also, Harry may end up with a miracle boner before its done. Have fun voting and fingering your keys.

“That is so funny mom. Its always great when you call. I wish I could make it to your Birthday. I miss home so much, even after five years here, its just not Houston.” Ellen says to mom.

“Don’t worry punkin,” Cindy sooths, “we will get together in time. I’m not making a big to do about it anyways. I’m not ready to be forty four. I feel too young to be this old. Maybe I will fly over there and visit a few days.”

Ellen perks up excitedly. “Gosh mom I would love that! We would love that. Its been two years since Justus Jr. and Ted have seen you other than skype. How soon?”

“Well how about August twenty first, that gives us three days together and we can visit your church before I go back.”

“That’s perfect, we can eat out at a few spots and see JJ’s games too. Dad won’t cause a scene again right?”

“No worries there sweetie,” Cindy says, “not lugging him with me. He is getting more involved in the volunteering and that’s his new found glory. I tried to tell him years ago it was worth the, perceived hassle, to go out of your way to help strangers who are needing it but now he’s getting it. The other night he brought home a lost soul, I could tell he was gaining his faith back. Her name is Farah, a black child I have been helping as best I could, on and off. Your daddy brought her home, not knowing I knew her already. He just knows that she is 19, homeless and wanting her daughter back.”

“Mom, I can tell something is off. Are you thinking its an affair?

Cindy chuckles in a moody thought. “Punkin, its not like that, It would take a true miracle for that to happen. We had supper and talked of the facts to start getting her child back again. She is a great kid. We are having her stay here with us while we check out programs offering housing. We both want her to stay as long as she needs. Farrah Hudson is her name sweetie. Put her in your prayers please.

“No, something is different mom. I wont guess anymore but do you feel like telling me?”

“Just your average life honey, no blame or cause. I feel like I have hit a second gear in my sex life. Your daddy is in neutral, so to speak. E.D.”

“Oh my. Mom that’s just really hard, I never envisioned myself there but I am right now. Ya’ll are still in love right?”

Cindy assures. “I cannot love him any harder, he makes me so happy. These weird feelings will pass. The good Lord knows my path already.”

“Do you take care of yourself?” Ellen nervously inquires. “Its not nineteen seventy four anymore, you know?”

“That is something only you could ask and get away with it. Yes I do.” She almost cries. “Just isn’t the same though.” Cindy admits, with honesty.

“I love you so much mom and I cannot wait to see you here.” Ellen relates happily.

Mom I, um, need to ask you? Do you plan to stay here? I can get Justus Sr. bunked in with JJ. if you want.”

“Yes I do plan on staying there, he can move his dead beat rear end way out of my way.” Cindy informs.

Ellen stutters and balks. “He isn’t dead beat at all lately, he has been blessed with moving jobs, moving families to Texas ironically. Making decent money and he still has time to get JJ. to games and such. I just need to spill this mom, I am not even sure what order. I have been pleasing Justus sexually. Ted and I have done oral sex on each other. 69 its called. We have became much more happier the past four months because of it.”

“Dear Jesus Ellen, does Ted know about it?” She gulps, as she covers her receiver so no one can hear, even though she is home all alone.

“He knows all about it mom. I almost told you about this the last time we talked. Has daddy ever went down on your vagina mom?”

“Brandi Ellen Cox, are zorla sex you completely nuts? I could never say that. We did things, its private.”

“Mom its ok, nothing for you to be ashamed of at all. I don’t desire to ever live without it now that we are doing it. Do you ever shave smooth?”

Flustered and anxious, Cindy pries. “How could you ever touch that man intimately after the hell he put you thru? Put all of us thru Ellen? Explain to me now! Because I’m just boiling inside. And Ted is just worming around being ok with it? I think I had better come there right now instead of waiting two more weeks.”

Ellen tenses and confesses. “Mom its something you must respect, Justus Sr. is part of my life as much as JJ. My son is so much better off with the way we have settled into a family. I do what I do willingly and it has succeeded, Justus Sr. stays away from the street women and the booze and I keep him happy with blowjobs. I use my hands and mouth to please his big black dick, most times spending over an hour pleasuring it before he comes for me. I suck Teddy too and he couldn’t be happier. Please don’t be planning to start problems. I love you dearly mom and respect you totally but no one will mess with my family here.”

“I love you so much too sweetheart, I promise I will be civil and pleasant towards you all when I come.” Cindy announces, while 13 crazy thoughts and questions fog her brain. Sucking black dick and likes it? Ted can’t be happier? Hours before he comes? Do I shave smooth down there? “What brought interest about a smooth vaginal area Ellen? I am almost afraid to ask?”

Ellen replies. “Its just that I was thinking I might try it. Surprise Ted maybe. You know he has only ever seen mine and I have always had lots of pubes.”

“Well.” Cindy mumbles. “I did get smooth down there a few times, many years back. It never felt worth the pain of razor rash and itching. Your daddy never showed much interest in the change. I don’t see me ever doing it again Punkin.”

“Not even to get oral sex for you? Ellen questions.

“Nope. Harry can navigate just fine down there, like I am. Its not like he has been trying to get in my panties anyways, these days.” Cindy snaps back.

“Ted cannot get enough of mine,” Ellen says, “We 69 just as much as we have full loving. He even has me sit on his face after we have made love Mom.” She blurts out, knowing it wasn’t right. “Not meaning to rub it in mom.”

“Well you did young lady. That was mean, I never raised you this way. I don’t know whether to spank your behind red, or borrow Teddy for the night when I get there.”

Cindy admits, as she looks down realizing her free hand has been molesting her panty clad clit and furry box.”

“Oh mom, you wouldn’t dare.” Ellen squeals to her mother, shocked.

“People have been known to do desperate things.” Hisses Cindy. “I’m only human, so you just never know. Isn’t that so, Miss church going, bible thumping, black dick rapist sucking child of mine.”

“Mom? Don’t be like that. I will not feel bad one second for keeping Justus and Ted happy. I’m not being forced you know.”

On the other end of the phone, mother has sank her hand past her panty and has two fingers plunged deep in her wet, hairy pussy. “say what it is like Ellen, tell mommy how it feels.”

“Feels like? Ellen says baffled. “Ted or Justus mom?”

“Oh either one punkin, just tell your ole mother, please!

“Hmm. Well when I am with Justus it feels very exotic.” Moans Ellen. “Animalistic, if you will. Seeing my small pale hands work up and down his handsome ebony shaft, feeling it pulse and throb under my control, knowing when I wrap my excited lips around it, he will put his black hands on my head and nudge me deeper. Sometimes he uses one to tweak and pinch my hard nipples, I seldom wear bras anymore mom. Only to church, that’s it. Are you sure you want to hear this mom?” Ellen inquires as she rubs circles around her tingling clit, pinching her porno indir nipples with the other hand.

“Yes! sweetheart.” Cindy squeaks and Mutters. “Mommy is almost there…. I mean. I’m sure, go on.”

“Mom he comes a lot! It takes some doing to get him there but every minute is heaven, I don’t think I could go more than a month without having that musky, manly tool in my mouth. He throbs very hard a minute before and then all during his orgasm, the vibrations from his dick and my moaning makes me keep sucking and swallowing everything he has to give me, usually about 4 massive spirts and 4 small ones.”

Ellen catches her breath as she molests her own swollen, sopping wet snatch. Seeing memories of past sex with Justus. Completely unaware or even caring about mommy’s

neglected pussy or mind.

“He ate my pussy too mom.” Ellen giggles as she confesses. “Those big thick lips of his and that hot tongue. It was only the one time but oh God did he make me come hard. I haven’t forgotten it. Teddy does it really good too. He doesn’t mind consuming his seed as he swallows all our love juices down. Lately I haven’t been sucking him in 69, he just makes me ride his face, forward cowgirl, you might say. Say something mom?”

Ellen had no idea she made her sweet mommy orgasm hard from the sexy talk. Cindy frigged and blew at the mention of thick African lips locked on her own neglected, juicy pussy.

“Oh sweetheart that’s, that’s quite the description you gave me.” Mommy purrs. “You had me feeling envious of you, or at least, like I was in the same bed with you and him. Its really that good huh, every time?”

“It sure is.” Ellen admits. “Every time! When you get here I can show you. Justus doesn’t mind. We let Ted watch the past two times. It makes him come good seeing his wife slobber and moan on such a huge African shaft. Probably make you come too mom. I always finger my wet box as I suck him. I don’t think Justus would eat you because you are hairy like me but if you were to help me suck him and you maneuvered yourself over him he just might.” Ellen chuckles.

Cindy sighs. “You make it sound so harmless and appealing. I cannot imagine how I would react around your daddy afterwards, if I were to do such things young lady. I do miss you so much and you better be expecting me, just two short weeks.”

“That is the best news mom. We will be ready for you here.” Ellen says cheerfully. Then says sinfully. “Leave the bras at home. You wont get away with wearing them here. I will loan you one for church.”

“Why you dirty little only child of mine. What have you done with my punkin? I will pray for you my love. Lets talk again soon, at least once before I head that way ok?”

“Yes mom, for sure we will. I love you. Bye.


Later on in the evening, Cindy is dressed in a silky, revealing nightie, with sex on the brain. What is taking Harry so long? Gosh that felt so good to get myself off today with Ellen’s news. I wish I could get some hard penis in my love box. Come on Harry, I need you . Oh fiddle, I guess I will go find the man.

Just as I round the corner out of our bedroom into the hall way, I see harry down at Ellen’s old room. Traveling a few feet closer, I cannot believe my eyes. My darling Harry has his penis out and its Hard! Oh my, I think, as keep moving to him. “Harry, what are you doing?”

“Oh honey, I can explain! I just happened by Farrah’s door at a bad time and saw her, um, bent over naked.”

“Dear Jesus Harry! Are you still ogling her? Look at your penis. Its hard!”

“Cindy baby, I’m sorry, its just…

“Come with me mister.” I cut him off and start dragging him towards our room. “now!’ When we finally get to our room I push him onto the bed, planning to mount him. “Get in the middle sweetheart I need that hard thing inside me.” By the time I managed to shuck my panties and straddle his crotch, there was no more hard penis to sit on. “Gosh darn it Harry!” ensest porno I whine. “I so need you in me now, please!”

“Cindy I can’t help it. I tried, I wanted it too. I don’t even know how I got hard to begin with. You know it’s been 14 months since I was hard last.”

I half heartedly punch on his chest. “Oh darling, your poor wife is very wet and in need. Don’t you find me pretty anymore?”

“God yes I do honey! Everyday I beat myself up, not being able to love you like a whole man. It may be satin at work and I cannot let him take my faith Cindy.” He tells me, with hurt in his heart.

I lean up kissing his lips. “Oh Harry, I know. I’m sorry dear. It’s just, I really need you. Like need you any way possible. Darling, can I um, I need to have you eat me. I’m going to sit on your face honey!”

“Christ Cindy, we haven’t done that in ages. I’m willing if you want!” He tells me as I am already wobbling and scooting up his body, finding and covering his hot mouth.

“MMMMM me wants, you naughty man, make mommy feel good, make me come!”

I plead, as I gently grind my swollen clit at his nose, then back across his mouth to his chin, then back forwards. “How’s that darling? Still enjoy my love box, my scent? MMMMMM you feel good licking me that way.”

I’m really enjoying my man and really needing this contact with him. While I am feeling my orgasm coming closer, I throw my eyes around my room, seeing this and that. When I look closer into my dressing mirror, I see Farrah standing inside our open door, watching us. I frantically fling my head around, looking at her. “My gosh Farrah, oh dear, we forgot to shut our door. Please don’t think we do this every night. I hate you seen us this way!” I shudder as I confess to her, my tingly orgasm still rising, not planning to go away.

“No Mrs. Brandon, its all my fault. I heard moans and sounds and oh my God, I just couldn’t stop watching ya’ll when I got here. I have never seen white people like this! Harry, I mean, Mr. Brandon has a nice cock!”

“He does?” I fumble. “Oh honey, yes I agree, he does!” Harry has always been around seven inches, flaccid or not. It just gets much thicker when swollen hard. “I really wouldn’t mind if you wanted to see how it feels. I like how it grows in my hands and throbs hard” I almost scream at her with a hoping voice.

Harry is squirming beneath me but I’m not giving up this building orgasm. I know he is in shock but he needs to be a teamer, I have been patient with our issues.

Farrah moves towards us mesmerized, her pouty, young, thick lips quivering. Her brown eyes seeing lust. “Yes I want to feel on it.” She says, timidly.

“That’s just fine Farrah, don’t worry, Harry really wants you to do it and so do I, he just can’t tell you right now.” I throw a critically urgent smile her way. “We both want you to really feel at home here sweetheart. Grab his.., I mean hold it in your hands dear.”

“MMMMM its really exciting Mrs. Brandon! Oh gosh it sure does grow as I’m feeling it! Its so wild. HeHEE

“Wild is right punkin! look at that pale white penis growing in your sensuous hands. Isn’t that very exotic to see? You make Harry feel better than anything Farrah! I cannot do that for him lately. We are older now and his tastes have turned to beautiful African American ladies, it seems.”

“It’s cock Mrs. Brandon!” The lovely, long tee shirt clad Farrah informs. “Its a cock or dick, no matter how much we try to deny it. A penis is what you would find on adolescents.”

“Its Cindy from now on punkin. Always Cindy from now on if you can.” I squeak to her as I give Harry a gap to breathe a few seconds, then grinding him muted once again.

“I got your man really hard now. I like seeing our skin colors against each other!”

“Keep my harry hard Farrah, please. Would you like seeing harry inside you Farrah sweetie? I need him in me in the worst way right now! You made that possible.”

As wrong as this seems. Against all my moral feelings, I beg like a back yard goat. “Keep stroking his dick Farrah!” I tremble and shout. “Please push him inside me!” I moan, as I release the lock I kept on his face, wiggling frantically backward, searching for real hard cock in me.

Continued soon.

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