Kat Ch. 02

Public Sex

First of all thank you to my editor drbob80 and to lancerval, leftyloo and Lynda. As always you guys help me clear the junk out and make the stories more readable and understandable. I also appreciate the encouraging words.

Secondly, this story is NOT a stand-alone. If you haven’t read Kat, I suppose you could make it through this one, however, I highly recommend that you read Kat first, this story will make much more sense.

One final note, Kat is eighteen years old. If you don’t remember from the first installment, the story takes place a couple of months after her high school graduation and shortly after her eighteenth birthday. Her behavior might seem younger than her chronological age, but that’s who she is.


I lay there for a long time with thoughts racing through my head. (How was I going to react to Alex? How would I handle both of my lovers being in the house at the same time? Would Alex suspect anything at all?) Those thoughts were just for starters. Consequently, I slept very little.

As I slept fitfully, the memory of something Alex had said popped into my head and made my eyes fly open. He said he was going to be home first thing in the morning. (Jesus, he said the flight was at four AM. How long is that flight? Did he say what time he’d be home? What time is it now? Holy shit! I can’t let him find us like this!)

I leapt out of bed, trying to focus and find the clock. It was resting on the bedside table, just as it always had, but I was so frazzled I had a difficult time remembering its location. I looked at the clock and it showed that it was just after five, so we had plenty of time. Then I looked back at Kat, from under whose head I had just ripped my arm. She was sitting there, wide eyed and confused, with a hurt look on her face.

“Momma?” Kat said in a tiny, quavering voice. “What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong? Are you mad at me?”

She looked adorable sitting there with her unruly hair standing up crazily all over her head and rubbing her sleepy eyes as she had done when she was little. I crawled back into bed and wrapped my arms around her, pushing her head to my shoulder.

“No, baby,” I whispered, “everything’s OK. I just remembered that Daddy is going to be home early and we can’t let him find us like this. He just wouldn’t understand.”

“Oh, OK, Momma,” she said in the tiny voice, “you scared me, that’s all.”

I hugged my baby tighter, trying to reassure her. “Baby, I told you that we would see how it goes and I meant it. Don’t worry, I’m not pushing you away, we just have to be careful with Daddy. OK?”

“OK, Momma.” She answered in a slightly braver voice.

I held her away from my body and leaned in to kiss her. She abruptly turned her head away and my lips landed on her cheek.

“Hey!” I protested. “What was that?!?”

“Momma,” she said quietly, “You have never kissed a pussy mouth the morning after. I have and I really don’t like it.”

I laughed, “You’re kidding, right? I have kissed your father for more than eighteen years the morning after he has been licking my pussy, so yes I have!”

“Ewww, Mom,” Kat squealed, “TMI, Mom, TMI!”

I had no idea what she was saying. “TMI?”

“Too Much Information, Mom!” Kat complained.

“Really, Kat?” I said mocking her words to me, from last night. “Really? You’re really gonna act like the sweet, innocent child right now? We’re naked in each other’s arms, the two of us having fucked each other to multiple orgasms, and you’re gonna get embarrassed? Please!”

She sat back and looked at me with a stunned expression on her face, blinking at having her words bounced back at her. Then she cracked up and hugged me tightly. I started laughing with her and we sat there holding each other, laughing our asses off, mostly at the ridiculousness of the situation.

Kat’s hand slid down my back to the top of my ass, caressing the skin softly. She stopped laughing, raised her lips to mine, and kissed me deeply, her tongue sliding between my lips and softly, lovingly caressing my tongue. I moaned deep in my throat and returned the love in her kiss with my own.

Her other hand found my breast and rapidly hardening nipple and teased it to full hardness. Her lips left mine and quickly joined her fingers on my nipple. The hand that was on my ass slid under me as I rose and she found my just as rapidly moistening pussy. Her middle finger slid inside as the ring finger and forefinger surrounded my clit. I melted in her arms as she licked my breast and caressed my pussy. She turned us around and pushed me down on the bed. (I assumed that her gymnastics training allowed her to move like that. Her movement was positively feline (Katlike?) in its grace.)

My brain was trying to tell me about the time, but my body had assumed command and once again, had overridden reason. I sank back into the pillows and allowed my baby to love me. She had moved her head to my pussy, Escort bayan had begun blowing on the hot flesh, causing spasms down there, and shivers everywhere else on my body. I briefly wondered how I could be hot and cold all at once, but the soft touch of her fingers had snapped off all thought and turned my body to quivering jelly, again.

Kat started squirming again and suddenly her tiny slit was in front of my face, her aroma overwhelming and her knees gently held my head. I felt a hot splash on my chin and saw Kat’s essence oozing from her lips. Reaching up, I clutched her tight hips in my hands, and held her as I raised my lips to meet her nether lips. I heard the sigh of approval from down below as my tongue captured a droplet of her fresh dew, grazing her lips as I did. My tongue delved deeper between her delicate and rapidly moistening flesh. My nose settled at her perineum and I pushed deeper into her with my lips, tongue and nose. My chin was resting on what felt like her clit and as I dug into her depths with my tongue, my chin was rubbing pleasantly on her clit and she must have liked it because I heard her squeak. (That’s the only word that adequately describes the noise, it was a squeak, not unlike a baby animal.)

I snickered at the sound she made and evidently, the combination of the sound, air and motion triggered the same reaction in Kat. This time she squeaked and her pussy twitched on my face. (OK, this was interesting and could prove to be great fun!) As I hummed into Kat’s now weeping pussy, the squeak turned into a squeal. Her hips were bouncing, and she was trying to grind herself into my face.

She had abandoned her assault on my pussy to concentrate on her own pleasure. That was OK with me, because this was really fun. I licked, kissed and made noises into her pussy and it was like a faucet had been turned on. I began to concentrate on drinking the peach flavored elixir draining from her lips. I caught up a little on the heady brew, blew on her lips and then bounced my chin on her clit. I brought my hands down to help in stimulating my baby girl. Orbiting her clit with one finger, I slipped my thumb into her soaking tunnel and made tiny circles inside her, all while blowing cool jets of air all around. I reached back with my other hand and touched her little rosebud and she was off like a rocket.

Kat screamed, “Momma!” and exploded all over my face. I honestly didn’t know a woman could ejaculate like that. At first, I thought she had wet herself (and me) but then I realized this was her girl cum. She continued to grind herself onto me and soon I had to try to push her off. I was afraid I was going to suffocate. Kat finally relented and rolled off me. She spun around to hug me and kiss me.

“Momma?” Kat asked breathlessly, “Where did you learn that? That was awesome!”

I shrugged. “I didn’t learn it anywhere; it just seemed like a good idea after the way you reacted to my giggling.”

“Wow, Momma,” Kat giggled, “You’re a natural. I wanna try that on you now.” She started to twist around to go down again and I craned my neck to look at the clock.

“Oh shit!” I exclaimed when I saw the clock. “Kat! We’ve been at this for nearly an hour! We have got to get up.”

Kat continued on her journey to my pussy and I stopped her.

“Jesus, Kat,” I said desperately, “I’m serious! We have got to get this room cleaned up and aired out! Daddy will be here in less than an hour!”

She was kissing my stomach and I finally grabbed her head. “Kat I love you, I love what you’re doing, but this is waaay more important, now. Please baby, help me.”

Kat relented and scooted up and kissed me and then giggled. “OK, Mom. You really need to wash your face and hair. You look, taste and smell like you were attacked by the Pussy Monster.” She cracked herself up with that one and rolled back on the bed.

I got up and looked in the mirror and much to my dismay; I saw that she was right. My hair was wet and matted; my face was shiny with Kat’s juices and all I could smell was Kat.

“OK, young lady!” I said in my best ‘Mom’ voice. “We’ve got to get this room and us cleaned up. I’m going to strip the bed and get the sheets and our clothes into the laundry. Please clean up all the candles, open the windows and get some new sheets out. I’ll help you put them back on when we get out of the shower.”

I started to walk towards the bed and remembered something else. “Get the Glade when you’re putting the candles in the pantry, OK?”

Kat had finally gotten up and was gathering candles. “Sure, Mom.”

It seemed like we had gotten back to some form of normality. (OK, maybe not normality, but routine, anyway. I knew normal was not in our foreseeable future.)

I stripped the bed and dragged the sheets to the laundry, stopping first to pick up all the lingerie and my bathing suit. I got to the laundry room and stuffed the sheets in the washer Bayan escort and the clothing in the hamper. After starting the washer, I got new sheets out of the linen closet and took them back to the bedroom, where I found that Kat had done as I requested, removing all the candles and opening the windows. I dropped the sheets on the bed and went into the bathroom to start my much-needed shower. Adjusting the temperature to a comfortable level, I stepped under the stream and closed my eyes, reveling in the soothing, warm rush of water. I stood there a long moment, before feeling small hands on my boobs, and lips on my neck. I almost screamed before opening my eyes and realizing that Kat had joined me.

“Kat!” I yelped, “You about scared me half to death! Don’t sneak up on me like that!”

Kat giggled. “Sorry Mom, you looked like you were enjoying yourself and I wanted to join in.”

She wrapped herself around me and I about melted. It was going to be just as I feared; I was going to have a difficult time resisting both her advances and her sweet, sweet body. I leaned in and kissed her soft lips and she purred, deep in her throat.

“Mmmm,” she growled, “Momma, I can’t get enough of you.” She spoke, even though our lips were still pressed together. The vibration of her words against my lips made my entire body tingle, and I felt a familiar pulse in my pussy.

Kat stepped away and I leaned toward her a little. “Mom, I know we have to stop, otherwise I’m going to throw you to the floor. We’ll just wash each other, OK?”

I whined in disappointment, but I knew she was right. This was going to be much more difficult than I could have imagined. I nodded, but before we went back to behaving, I drew her to me for another kiss. This time I felt her resolve weaken, just before we parted.

“Oh, Momma,” Kat murmured, “just a little more, pleeeze.”

“No baby,” I said regretfully, “we’re pushing it, now.”

She just said “OK,” before thrusting her bottom lip out, pouting.

I laughed and hugged her and then spun her around to wash her back. I washed all the way down her back, past her cute little bottom and down her shapely legs. I turned her back around and started back up, washing in reverse. I was back at her pretty little slit and decided I needed a little more of my baby.

I looked up at her with a wicked little smile as I slipped a finger into her slippery, hot, furrow and started stroking in and out, her legs spreading to allow me unfettered access. I guided her into the spray, rinsed her off and then slowly licked her suddenly dripping pussy. I decided I just had to make her cum once more before Alex got home. I slipped another finger into her channel and found her little button with my tongue. Her hands came to rest on my head and she just held me softly. I was quick, I was gentle, but I was unrelenting. She came quickly and I had to pull my fingers out to catch her as her knees buckled.

“Jeeezus, Momma!” She whispered, “I thought we were done for now.”

I laughed as I continued up her lithe little body, washing as I rose. I tweaked her hard little nubbins and kissed her briefly before turning her around and lathering up her hair. She stood very still, allowing me to pamper her. Again, she had reverted to being my baby girl, and I loved the closeness of it. I also loved how she alternated between being my lover and my baby so effortlessly; it was unbelievably sexy. I think that was part of what was keeping me turned on. That minx-like quality of her personality was irresistible. I rinsed her hair thoroughly and then turned her, once again, to face me.

I kissed her and said, “Now go get dressed up really pretty for Daddy. Then, please set the table for breakfast. Could you get out the eggs, bacon and fruit?”

Kat just nodded and then presented her lips for another kiss. I kissed her gently, lovingly and she exited the shower. I swear she was glowing. I quickly finished my shower and jumped out, drying myself and hustling out to the bedroom. I looked at the clock and it was quarter to seven.

If Alex had been accurate in his estimated time of arrival, we had just made it. I quickly got dressed in white short-shorts, no panties, and a bright orange, (my favorite color if you hadn’t noticed) silky, tank top (braless, of course) before starting to make the bed. Kat came in to help me and she was dressed in low riding jeans and a pink, frilly top that left her sexy tummy on display. Alex loved the top on her. She looked like Daddy’s little girl, yet was Momma’s hot lover, too. She looked so good that I was shaking just looking at her. Again, I was struck with the uncertainty at how I was going to deal with this.

We got the bed done and we went out to the kitchen. Kat started making coffee and I started on the bacon. We worked quickly and just about had breakfast on the table when we heard the garage door open. By the time Alex walked into Escort the kitchen, we were done and breakfast was almost completely on the table.

Kat turned and ran toward Alex, shrieking, “Daddy!” and then she leapt into his arms. He dropped his suitcase just before she landed on his chest and he caught her. She kissed him all over his face.

He laughed, “Hi baby! Miss me?”

“Yeah Daddy, I did!” Kat squealed. “But, I’ll bet Mommy did, too.” With that, she slid from his arms and stepped aside for me.

Alex smiled gently and said, “Hi, babe.”

I wrapped myself around him and buried my face in his chest. “Hi, yourself.”

He just held me and then whispered, “I missed you, babe, you look good enough to eat.”

He didn’t think Kat could hear him, but I knew she had, hearing the small snort of repressed laughter. I don’t think Alex did, because he didn’t react at all. He just kissed me and then nuzzled into my neck, kissing and licking me a little.

He sighed, “You taste good enough to eat, too.”

Kat had had enough at that point. “Geez you two, get a room. Oh, that’s right! You have one right over there!” Kat was giggling and pointing in the direction of our bedroom.

Alex blushed bright red and stepped back, obviously embarrassed.

“Kat!” I exclaimed, giggling also, “Stop that! You’re embarrassing your father! Though, the bedroom sounds like a great idea to me!”

At that point, Kat’s giggling erupted into full fledged laughter, as did mine. Alex fled toward the bathroom, mumbling something about washing his hands.

Once we had gotten ourselves back under control, we turned to get the rest of the food on the table. I told Kat she was being unnecessarily mean to her Dad.

She said, “Probably, but it was too hard to resist. Besides, I think you pushed him over the edge.”

I giggled again, “Yeah, that’s true.”

Alex poked his head into the kitchen. “Is it safe? Are you guys done abusing me?”

Kat and I stood side by side holding our arms out. “We’re sorry.” We said simultaneously.

Alex walked into our embrace, and the three of us group hugged. “Daddy, we really did miss you.” Unable to resist a shot, she continued, “It’s hard not having an easy target around.”

That made Alex and I laugh. He spun out of my arms and lifted his little girl, hugging her to his chest as if she were a rag doll.

“I can tell you’ve been alone with your mother for too long.” He laughed as he told her, “Your arrows have gotten much sharper and far more accurate!”

“Oh, Daddy!” Kat giggled and hugged him tight.

I was happy and relieved that Kat was handling this situation so well. It could have been very uncomfortable, with poor Alex not having a clue. But, she had gone right back to being herself. It made me appreciate her maturity.

Alex set Kat down and turned to me. “Is breakfast ready? I’ve been up since three and I’m starving!”

Kat and I scurried to finish putting things together and then we all sat down to eat. Alex sat across from me and was smiling, as he looked at me and then I saw his eyes drift to my neck, he started to frown and looked back at my face with a hurt expression. I suddenly remembered about Kat’s hickey and my hand flew to my neck.

Kat saw my hand and started laughing. We both looked at her, I was panicking, and Alex looked like he was starting to get angry.

“Daddy? Kat asked while giggling, “Did you see the hickey I gave Mom?”

Alex looked like she had slapped him; he was so stunned. “You? You gave your Mom a hickey? Why on earth would you do that?”

Kat explained, “Jilly and Ari were coming over yesterday and I wanted Mom to spend the day out at the pool with us. I made her wear her bathing suit from Aruba and she looked so pretty and so sexy I just wanted to hug and kiss her. When I kissed her neck, I just felt like being naughty and gave her a hickey to mess with her. I honestly didn’t think you’d be back so soon, so I figured it wouldn’t be a problem. I even told Mom that. Don’t get mad at Mom, it’s my fault, I was just teasing her.”

Alex turned and looked at me and I just nodded, speechless. He looked between us and then, finally, relaxed.

“You’re both nuts, you know that?” Alex said before shoving a forkful of eggs into his mouth.

I sat there with my mouth hanging open, not believing what just happened. “It’s OK, babe,” Alex said softly, “you obviously had forgotten about the hickey, so there was no guilt about it for you. Kat has done crazier shit than that to both of us in the past, and that story is too ridiculous to be a lie. Really, it’s OK.”

We ate in silence for a couple of minutes before Alex spoke again. “So, what are we doing today? I don’t get many days off during the week, so I thought we could do something.”

I was still not over the shock of the hickey story so I remained mute as Kat said, “I’m going over to Jilly’s, I thought you guys could use some alone time. Daddy’s been gone for over a month and I know you guys have missed each other.” Unable to leave it alone, she finished with, “After all, you do have a room ready and waiting!”

Alex blushed again and dug into his food.

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