She was a big girl, five foot seven or eight in her stocking feet, and on a good day she weighed in at 170 or 172 pounds. Her second or third serious boyfriend teased that she was built less for speed – more for comfort – and she had the 38-D chest to prove it. Early in that relationship she complained that she ought to shed 20 pounds, and the boyfriend told Kat he would throw her out of bed if she ever tried it.

On his last visit to Arizona her Uncle Artie from New York told Katherine that he liked his women zaftig. “Back east you could be the hit of the Bronx. And I have to tell you that Woody Allen who is not only a personal friend but a great film maker would cast you as his girlfriend in his next movie, if only you move back east with me.” And then Uncle Artie gave Kat an affectionate pat on the ass to prove his point.

Katherine aka Kat had grown up in California. There, all her relatives had told her the same thing. “What a pretty face – if only you would lose 20 or 30 pounds you could be in the movies.”

Denis found Katherine on the Internet at a bondage site he had been trolling with success for years. Kat was a self-described bi-curious newbie submissive with a preference for all things anal. Denis’s read her profile and his cock got stiff just thinking about the possibilities.

Denis sent Kat a bondage story and closed his e-mail message with the offer, “let’s have coffee some Saturday morning… check out the chemistry… see what happens.” The story aroused Kat’s curiosity, left her with a very wet pussy, had her reaching for her vibrator. She had to check this new guy out.

Over coffee at Starbucks Denis told her she looked like the actress Kathleen Turner, only younger and with decent tits. Kat appreciated the complement. But when she complained that she was a big girl, that she ought to lose 20 pounds, Denis stopped her. She remembered how he went on to tell her, “and I like you exactly the way you are.” What Kat appreciated most was that he was talking to her, looking straight into her eyes, not talking to her chest.

And Denis? What of Denis? He was about 15 years older, two inches taller, and five or seven pounds lighter. In several southern states and parts of rural Utah, he was old enough to be her father, or at least marriage-eligible kin.

Kat took him home with her that first morning, got him past the guard at her gated and well protected community, then into her unit.

“Where and how do we begin,” Kat asked as she double locked the front door.

“In your bedroom… all of your clothes off, please… and leave your bra for last.”

Kat undressed slowly, not really putting on a show, but giving Denis a chance to enjoy her body. Taking her bra off last was an interesting variation – most guys went for her tits before they were barely past the front door.

“Let’s start with a variation of the classic seated tie.” Denis told her when she was butt naked. “I want you very accessible, with your legs open wide.” Denis positioned Kat in the chair, with her legs up and over the arms. He used four ropes, two on each side, to tie her thighs and ankles to the arms and legs of the chair. She could see herself in her bedroom mirror and she was wide open. The night before they met, at Denis’s request Kat had trimmed her pubic hair to a short stubble.

Over coffee that morning Kat asked him, “You didn’t want me to shave my pussy?” Denis thought for a moment, then replied, “No, not just now. Maybe we’ll save that for another time. But I do want to see you, all of you. I want to see what I’m doing when we’re playing.”

That was fine with Kat. She could wait for Denis to shave her pussy. Besides, she didn’t want to have to shave her kitty on a regular basis, or to put up with the itching as her pubic hair grew back in. And it was nice to know he wanted to see her kitty.

Denis took the gear out of his case and spread it on her dresser. First came the 18 inch ruler which Kat guessed Denis might use on her breasts or the insides of her thighs. Next was the roll of two inch wide self stick Ace-bandage.

“I was thinking of using this on your beasts. You’ve seen the picture of the woman – the one I sent you of the woman with the Ace bandages on her tits and the dreamy look on her face. Well, I want to try it something like that, using this self-stick bandage. Not, to worry, it comes off easily. I was thinking seven or eight turns on each of your big boobs, not to tight, but enough to increase their sensitivity. That should be just about right.”

Katherine had told Denis over coffee that her boobs had been tied once before, and it made her nipples incredibly sensitive. Kat shivered just thinking about it what it would be like this time.

Finally Denis took out four more items: a blindfold, black in color, with an elastic head band; a bottle of flexible ear plugs, yellow in color, the kind they sell to people who work in noisy places or have trouble sleeping at night; a regular Ace bandage; and a pair of regulation police handcuffs. Kat wasn’t sure what the additional xslot bandage was for, if he already had the roll of self stick.

“Now, time for me to get busy,” Denis told her in a cheerful tone of voice.

He cuffed Kat’s wrists and then told her to put her hands behind her neck, her elbows back, her large breasts thrust forward. She watched as Denis began to wrap her left breast, seven or eight turns, and then to cut off the end of the bandage with a barber’s scissor. Denis didn’t make it particularly tight, but from the picture Denis had sent her and her own past experience, Kat knew that over the next hour or two the color of her breasts would darken and they would become much more sensitive. She wondered how long that would take. Without asking her permission, Denis repeated the process on her right breast.

“Very pretty,” Denis commented as he stepped back to admire his handy work. Then he leaned forward and kissed her left nipple. It was already sensitive as he flicked his tongue across the rock hard button.

“Hmmmmm, thank you,” from Kat.

“Now, where do you keep your bath towels?”

“What for?” from Kat.

“Because I want to put one under your ass before I start working. No sense messing up your chair with all that excess pussy juice. You’re going to be like a lake down there by the time I’m finished.” My-oh-my, he’s very sure of himself, Katherine’s inner voice whispered.

Kat thought about Denis’s question for only a moment. He was right, of course. Kat did tend to get very wet when aroused, and it was a very nice arm chair. “In the linen closet in the hallway.”

Denis went out and came back quickly with a medium size towel.

“Now for the hard part. Just trust me.”

Before he began, Denis had positioned the chair about a foot from the end of Kat’s bed – or maybe it was more like 15 or 18 inches. Now he stood to one side behind the chair. Slowly he pulled it back until it rested against the bed. In that position, it was not quite like being in the stirrups at her GYN’s office, but it was close enough. In an early e-mail Denis asked if Kat believed women had a G-spot. Kat didn’t think the mystery spot existed. But if Denis was going to find her G-spot, this was probably the right position to be in.

Denis folded the towel in half.

“Now lift up your ass, as best you can.” Kat lifted and Denis pushed and the towel went under her ass – with the front just hanging over the edge of the chair.

“Now, my sweet, I’m going to help you focus on what is about to happen. I don’t want you to have any distractions. Just remember to trust me.”

Denis opened the bottle of ear plugs and took out two. He moved her long hair out of the way and inserted one plug in each of Kat’s ears. Next came the blindfold. Denis covered her eyes. It was quiet for a while, and then she felt him applying the Ace bandage, wrapping it around her head, covering both her ears and the blindfold, cutting out all sound and light. Kat had expressed an interest in sensory deprivation, but she didn’t think this was how Denis might do it. For a moment Kat started to panic.

“Denis, please, don’t leave me… “

He pressed two fingers against her lips, as if to say, “Shush, everything is going to be all right, but you have to trust me.”

Kat tried to relax, to take a deep breath, to calm herself. She though she could feel the vibration of the air conditioner when it cycled back on. She tried to sense the vibration of footsteps, but Denis had obviously taken off his shoes and was walking silently around her bedroom.

Kat wasn’t sure how long she sat there in the dark, feeling the beating of her heart, wondering what Denis would do next. She thought it could be five minutes or possibly ten, but it was only two minutes and 20 seconds by the clock next to her bed.

He started with an ice cube, on her left breast, directly on the areola, just under the nipple.

“Oh, my fucken’ G-d,” as flood of sensation of cold pain went instantly from her tit to her brain and then down to her cunt.

Kat tried to control her trembling; she knew she would die of humiliation if she lost control an peed herself the first time they were together.

She had ice on her tits before. But never before when she was tied in a chair with ear plugs in her ears, a blindfold covering her eyes, and an Ace bandage wrapped around her head for additional sight and sound control. Fortunately, Kat had a strong heart – a shock like that could kill a girl.

Afterwards, Kat remembered taking several deep breaths and trying to calm herself a second time. She took three or four very slow breaths before she was just able to start breathing normally. Now the room had closed in around her. She became part of her surroundings. There was nothing to see or to hear, but she could still feel. She wondered if this was what blind people experience on a moment by moment basis. No, they can hear – she told herself – this is very different.

What did Kat feel? First, there was the sensation of the xslot Giriş chair. She could feel it against her back and butt. Sitting there, naked, she could feel the fabric pressed against her. Next was her position. Denis had placed her legs up and over the arms of the chair, so she was open wide. Her cunt lips, recently shorn of their protective covering of pubic fair, were clearly visible for anyone to see, although she doubted Denis had invited in the neighbors for a spot of tea and a quick peek at her pussycat. Denis had brought with him a digital camera and a tripod. She had watched as he set it up after he tied Kat into the chair. Photos for posterity, something to show the grandkids – now that was a possibility – a possibility Kat didn’t really care to think about just then.

“Denis, are you there?” Silence. Nothing but silence. When you’re in the dark, you look for any possible clues. “Denis, are you still here?” For a moment Kat started to panic. She told herself to focus, to think.

Finally Kat’s mind drifted back to that morning at Starbucks. Denis was drinking iced coffee, his regular drink. After some small talk about her planned trip to Portland, Denis broached the subject.

“Safe words?” Denis asked, always the planner. “Did he give you a safe word, the other guy?”

“No – he only tied me up.” And after a short pause, “Do I need one?”

“Probably not, since were not doing pain. But safe words are reassuring – something to have – just in case you get in over your head —“

“What do you suggest?” from Kat.

“Red – Yellow – Green – like a traffic light –”

“I’m not sure I understand?”

“Green if you like what I’m doing – and want more of it.”

“OK, makes sense,” from Kat.

“Yellow if it’s getting too intense, but not enough that you want to quit. Yellow gives you a pause – a time to catch your breath before I continue.”

“And Red?”

“That you want me to stop, immediately, no negotiations allowed?” Denis said.

“And you’d do that?”

“If I want to be invited back, to play again.”

Kat had read someplace, or some other guy had told her, that the bottom always has absolute control. Now she was beginning to understand what that really meant.

Kat also began to understand that when you’re sitting someplace, blindfolded and tied, hearing nothing, your mind begins to wander as you lose track of time. You drift in and out of a sleep state as you try to stay awake, as you try to stay focused.

In spite of the uncomfortable position, in spite of the ache just starting in her breasts, Kat thought back to that conversation at Starbuck’s. She knew she could say a safe word, but how would she know Denis heard her? How would she know he was even in the room? For a moment, Kat could feel that returning sense of panic in the pit of her stomach. Fear, mingled with sexual arousal. She was as wet as ever.

Kat had to think for a moment. Then she asked the first question.

“Denis, if you’re here and can hear me, please tap my right knee three times for ‘Yes’.”

There was a pause… maybe 20 or 30 seconds… and then three taps.

“Will you respect my ‘Safe’ words?” Again there were three taps.

“Will you do anything to hurt me? If the answer is ‘No,’ please touch my right breast.”

Denis immediately touched Kat’s right tit. That was a relief.

For a while, Kat just sat there. She got into her body, into its sensations. There was a fullness in her large breasts, and the Ace bandages Denis had used to bind her tits were beginning to hurt, were beginning to increase her sensitivity. Kat guessed she sat for at least 10 minutes with nothing happening.

At one point, Denis flicked her left nipple with his index finder.

“Ahh,” and then she said ‘bastard’ under her breath. Denis must have heard, because he flicked her nipple with his finger a second time.

More time went by. Denis had leaned back her chair, maybe at a 45 degree angle – so she wasn’t sitting up straight – not lying down – the position was totally disorienting.

More time, and then Kat felt his tongue on her left nipple.

“Hmmmmmmm,” from Kat.

Her nipple got hard, there was a flash of wet between her legs. Then, suddenly it happened.

“Ahhhhhh! G-d!! Fuck!!!”

He had snapped a clip on her hard wet nipple.

More time went by. Her breast was really hurting now… much more then before… but she was getting into the sensation… and she knew… she could feel… the towel under her ass was wet with her cunt juice.

Finally Kat asked the question she had been thinking about since the first time together with Denis at Starbucks.

“Denis, if you’re here right now, if you can hear me, are you ready now to fist me?

Tap… tap… tap on her right knee.

Kat wasn’t sure how long me made her sit there after she asked him to fist her. She thought it could have been a half hour, but ten minutes was closer to the mark. The body sensations were stronger, the feeling of the fabric against xslot Güncel Giriş her naked backside, the openness of her legs, the dull ache of the clip on her left nipple. Especially the dull ache.

“Denis, are you there?”

Nothing. He had gone to get a bowl of ice.

“Please, Denis, the clip on my nipple is really starting to hurt.”

He had just come back into her bedroom.

“Denis, I don’t like this… “

He moved a chair quietly into place, and was now sitting no more than five feet away. It only took two minutes more.

“Denis, the clip hurts.”

Nothing. No tap… tap… tap on her right knee.

“You bastard, you said you wouldn’t hurt me.”

For all she knew, he could be taking a walk around the block, or he could have died and went to haven.

“Denis, I don’t like this… “

Panic! It was what she imagined fear to be like when she started to read a Stephen King novel.

“Denis, please, if you can hear me, stop fucking around and take the clip off my tit.”

Nothing happened.

“Yellow, please fucking YELLOW!”

It had been a while, and Kat had forgotten the rush of pain when the clip comes off your nipple.


After that, he didn’t give her time to react. First the ice cube against her throbbing nipple, and then his mouth was against her, stifling her scream.

The kiss lasted over a minute, and after he broke it off, Denis held the ice against her tit until it was almost melted. Kat could feel herself trembling. And without his tongue in her mouth, the cold water running down her body gave her something else to think about.

“You prick,” from Kat out loud, and ‘you don’t know how much I love this’ under her breath.

Denis gave her five minutes of quiet time and then started with the lightest possible touch, just his finger tip, in her wet. Kat guessed he was kneeling on the floor in front of her, looking into her open cunt. Denis began at the bottom of her V – and lightly moved his finger very gradually up the groove, slowly from bottom to top.


He gave her a minute by his wrist watch to react, but seemed like an eternity. Then he did it again, once more from bottom to top, this time a little deeper into her labia.

“Ahhhhh. Thank you.”

The third time he went deeper still, bringing her wet with him, and then held his finger in place when he reached her clitoris. Kat was totally focused on the sensation.

The next thing Kat felt was his other hand, just two fingers at the top of her V, spreading her kitty. Then Kat felt his finger tip again, pushing back the hood of her clit, so that he could tease the little pearl. Kat hoped the next time they were together, he would bring a small mirror so that she could see exactly how he did that. His touch was so light, his hand so soft…

“You’re killing me with pleasure. This is so nice… I’m so wet… “

He wanted her as wet as possible, but had brought along a bottle of Astro-Glide just in case.

Now, Denis began the serious business of inserting his fist into her vagina.

He began with one finger and then two, into her pussy. Did Kat enjoy being finger fucked back in high school when she was still a virgin? She was sure Denis would ask after this was over. That morning at Starbucks he had told her that he had relatively small hands for a man, “The better to fist you with, my dear,” and she would soon find out if that was true.

Next came the two finger stretch. Slowly, ever so slowly, Denis began to rotate his hand in a clockwise direction, using the two fingers buried deep in her pussy to open her, to slowly give elasticity to her vaginal muscles. At open point to insure continued wetness, he leaned forward and gave her clit a lick.


Kat wasn’t sure how long Denis continued to stretch her – it felt very nice – and there was no reason to rush. For a moment he removed his hand to apply Astro-Glide, and then he was back into her again. Now it was the old familiar in and out, three fingers, going in deep, along with a new counter clockwise rotation. It could have been two minutes – it could have been five – time made no difference.

Finger number four, his pinky, was added along the way. It was a minor addition and Kat hardly noticed. Kat did sense something was different when Denis added his thumb. Now there was a fullness that hadn’t been there before. It was as if he was trying to push a small cone-shaped object into her body.

For a moment Denis stopped, to apply more lube to the rest of his hand. Now he was using just a straight in and out, going for depth. It took a while, a couple of minutes of slow stretching, until she felt his knuckles going into her. Denis knew that was the hardest part, getting past the knuckles.

Sitting back in the chair with her legs up over the arms, Kat thought back to her last visit to her GYN. The Doctor had dilated her with a cold hunk of steel, and she wondered why he didn’t offer this much more personal attention.

The cone of Denis’s hand went deeper and deeper into Kat’s body. She couldn’t see just then, but gradually he made it past the wrist. Kat had seen pictures on the Internet of women being fisted, usually by other women, their hand usually in just past the wrist.

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