Katie’s Aunt Sherri


Katie’s Aunt SherriMy name is Michelle Mathis, my best friend is Katie Werner and she lives next door to me and my roommate with her aunt Sherri Townsend. Katie and I are both 18 years old and in our first year of college. I have a very nice body to say so myself, big tits, small waist and I think I have a very nice ass. I love the college life and I have been having sex with a lot of different guys. Katie is a little smaller then me but she is also very well built. She too is having sex with a few different guys. Katie’s aunt Sherri is 35 and very pretty with a hot body herself. She has shoulder length dark brown hair, medium size breast, a nice slim waist, a very nice ass, and really great shaped legs. She is divorced and has no c***dren. Katie came to live with her aunt Sherri so she could attend college here.Sherri also dates a lot of different guys and she really is very much into black men. She has a lot of different guys stay overnight at times. She is also bisexual so it is no surprise to see another girl stay over occasionally. Sherri works as a massage ther****t.You know how it is with college girls always talking about parties, sex, borrowing each other’s clothes and all to go out in. One Saturday about mid-morning, I went over to Katie’s and Sherri’s to borrow a blouse to go with this little short mini skirt I had to wear out on a date that night. I knew Sherri was probably at work and Katie had flown home to her parent’s house for a few days.I did not even bother to see if Sherri’s car was in her garage since I figured she was working. We both had keys to each other’s house so we could get in if we ever needed anything while either of us was away. I let myself in the backdoor and started to Katie’s room. Suddenly I heard some strange noises coming from the living room. At first it was a low moaning sound. At first I thought Sherri must be home and it sounds as if she might be here with one or more of her black lovers or even another girl. As I quietly looked around the corner, I was not prepared for what I saw.There was Katie’s aunt Sherri sitting on the edge of a chair, her robe wide open and their German Shepherd had his head between her legs licking her hairy pussy like crazy. Sherri’s eyes were closed and she was totally engrossed with the dogs tongue in her cunt. I knew then that I should have backed out of there but I just could not make myself do it. From where I was standing I could get a very good look and I could see the dog’s big red cock starting to slide out of its sheath. There was about eight or nine inches of it I would guess sticking out after only a few seconds.Sherri came a couple tuzla escort of times this way. She then pulled the dog’s head up to hers and his cock was suddenly right in line with her very wet cunt. I watched in amazement as she moved her hips forward to him and with her hand she guided his big red hard cock into her sloppy wet pussy. He pumped his cock into her all the way to his knot. Sherri was moaning as she humped her pelvis to meet his every thrust and I could see cum dripping out of her big cunt around the red dog dick. They both stopped moving for a few seconds then started again. Sherri was screaming at him how good it felt and for him to fuck her harder and it seemed as if he actually did. Sherri kept on yelling for him to please fuck her. She was saying how much she loved doggie cock and how big and hard it was. As she screamed at him to fuck even harder, she started telling him how badly she wanted him to shoot all his hot doggie seed into her. The dog gave another big push and his whole knot, which looked every bit as big as a baseball to me, went into her huge cunt rather easily. The dog stopped shortly after that and then Sherri was screaming how she could feel his knot growing, swelling even more inside her stretched pussy. Sherri then was saying how she could feel his hot cum shooting into her huge sloppy pussy as he filled her womb with his hot seed. I knew then that he must be stuck inside her with that knot so swollen up. After what seemed like twenty minutes he finally slipped out of her cunt and his doggie cum was gushing out. He gave her pussy a couple of licks and then went over into a corner licking himself clean. Sherri surprised me once again when she grabbed a bottle that was next to her and she actually stuck the bottle in her pussy. I then noticed that she was catching all of the dog cum along with her cum into the bottle as it was running, then leaking from her sloppy fresh dog fucked pussy. Sherri removed the bottle, which had a very surprising amount of doggie cum in it. She then licked her tongue all around the bottle and then she held her head back and started pouring all the dog cum into her mouth. She emptied the whole bottle, swallowing all of her special dog cocktail.By now I was wondering if I could possibly sneak back out without Sherri catching me. Then to my surprise once again, Sherri called her dog over to her again. She then got down on the floor with him and started playing with his cock again thru its sheath. Sure enough it popped back out and then Sherri stated licking his red cock. It started getting very long again and after just a few seconds I could see the dog cock tuzla escort bayan start shooting spurts of cum out. Sherri then put the dog cock into her mouth and started sucking him. As bad as I wanted to watch all this, I knew then that this was a good time to slip out the back door, so I did.I waited for a few minutes outside trying to make up my mind what I should do. I then decided to knock on Sherri’s front door. When she answered she had her robe wrapped around her and her hair was a mess. Her lips and mouth were both very wet. My guess from all the dog cum. Sherri told me that she had slept in late and hadn’t had a chance to clean up yet. She told me to come in and as I did she reached out giving me a hug and a very big long kiss, even surprising me by slipping her tongue into my mouth. Of course I also slipped my tongue into her mouth in return. As she let go, she told me that she had wanted to give me a kiss like that for a very long time. I told her I had felt the same way for a while and so we even gave each other another long wet kiss. Sherri’s kiss had a salty, somewhat bitter taste to it and I was pretty sure it was doggie cum I was tasting for the first time. She even looked at me for a reaction, I believe but I played it off.As we were talking, her dog came up behind her and stuck his nose up her robe. He took about three or four big licks at her pussy. Sherri blushed and told me she was sorry for that. She said that he gets a little silly like that at times. She said she believes that one of the dogs in the neighborhood must be in heat. I smiled of course, knowing what they had done, and thinking to myself that it was Sherri not another dog that was in heat. I then told her why I had come over wanting to borrow Katie’s blouse. Sherri said of course and I went to Katie’s room to get the blouse. I then went home and masturbated over and over again picturing what I had witnessed.When Katie came back from her parents I wanted to tell her so badly what I had saw but was not sure how to go about it. Finally one day when Katie and I were talking about our boyfriends and sex and all, I decided to, very carefully ,to tell her about what I had saw when I went over to her house to borrow her blouse. Katie told me that she was not overly surprised. Katie told me how she had more or less spied on her aunt Sherri several times. There were many times late at night when Sherri thought that Katie was already asleep when she had late company come over. Katie said that there was no way she could even begin to count the total of black guys that she had watched Sherri both fuck and suck to completion. She knew it escort tuzla was well over hundred. There were also a few girls she had watched Sherri have sex with. Katie said really that she loved her aunt Sherri very much but that she knew that Sherri was a slut and whore no doubt. Katie then said that she had noticed that on quite a few nights that Sherri would let Rambo into her bedroom late at night. Katie said that she even wondered if Sherri might possibly be having sex with the dog and now she knows that she was for sure. No wonder all the moaning coming from Sherri’s room.It took Katie and both awhile to finally get up the nerve to tell Sherri about what I had saw the day I came over to borrow the blouse. Katie then went on to tell Sherri about the many times she had seen Sherri having sex with other women as well as the many many black guys she had also seen her with. Sherri although a little embarrassed about what we told her, then proceeded to tell us that she does indeed love having sex with other girls as well as black men. As far as the dog, Sherri said actually one of her girlfriends had told her about having sex with her dog and told Sherri how hot it is. One night when her girlfriend was visiting, she asked Sherri if she would like to try and let her dog fuck her. Sherri said that she had had quite a few glasses of wine to drink and she was also very horny and thought why not. As it turned out Sherri was able to take the dogs cock very easy even the first time she tried and she loved it so much that dogs will always be part of her sex life. Sherri then told me that the day I had caught her that she had just finished sucking the dog swallowing a lot of his cum when I knocked on her door. I asked her if it was the dogs cum I tasted when I kissed her. Sherri laughed and said that it was and she thought it was funny when I kissed her even harder the second time knowing that I did not know I was tasting dog cum. Sherri said since I had already seen the dog fuck her once would Katie and I both like to watch her do it.Sherri did not have to ask twice. Sherri even seemed to enjoy it more knowing that we were watching her dog fuck her. Sherri asked if Katie or I would like to try it and we both looked at each other and laughed and said not today but it does look very inviting. As of yet neither of us have tried it but we both have watched Sherri get fucked by not only her dog but about nine others now that belong to a few of her black lovers and also her girlfriends dog. Sherri has also turned both Katie and I into pretty much sluts now for black cock. All three of us did a gangbang with over thirty black guys last weekend. I don’t know about Katie but I am seriously thinking about being fucked by Sherri’s dog real soon now. Life is great I know for Sherri, Katie and myself now. What more could a college girl ask for. END

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