Kay’s Adventure


Kay’s AdventureLooking back on it, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised but, at the time, I was completely unprepared for the events of the weekend. I had made no secret of the fact that the couple I was living with had introduced me to bondage as well as group sex and I enjoyed them all. When one of the guys I was dating suggested a weekend at a beach house with another couple, I was eager since Tom is great company and I love the beach.When we arrived after work that Friday afternoon the house was empty but very inviting with a beautiful view of the water and no close neighbors. We carried our stuff in and Tom encouraged me to grab a shower while he started dinner. I was turned on with anticipation and when I stepped out of the shower, I found a tiny, frilly French maid outfit for me to wear spread out on the bed. Tom was always buying me lingerie and so I took the hint and slipped into the thing. The panties were crotchless and sheer as stockings and the top just barely covered my nipples. I put on the the little apron and the image in the mirror was SEXY as Hell. My nipples were hard and tight and the dark of my pussy hair (which had just begun to grow out again) was clearly visible. I pulled my hair up into what I hoped was a sexy little maid type swirl, slipped my feet into the impossibly high heel shoes and pranced into the living room.Obviously the shower had drowned out the sounds of arrival ’cause, to my surprise and embarrassment, there were now about a dozen people in the place. I was about to flee back to the bedroom when Tom said in a sharp voice “come here. Kay!” He was behind the bar with a row of drinks in front of him and I hurried to him hoping that the people wouldn’t notice how bare I was. A couple of the guys patted my ass as I passed but, in my haste I didn’t notice much more. Tom handed me a tray and told me to deliver the drinks to the people seated on the sofa. When I tried to protest, he told me to just relax and do as he said. Something about his tone of voice told me I’d better quit talking and do as he said. As I teetered across the room, I felt the eyes (and some of the hands) of the people on me. I was beginning to get turned on and the embarrassment of the women looking at me was fading as I overheard some of them say flattering things about my appearance. The sofa was low and I had to bend down to let the people take their drinks off the tray. As I was delivering the last drink to a girl on the end, my right tit popped the rest of the way out of the top. Well, there I was, both hands holding the tray with several drinks still on it and my tit right in a stranger girl’s face. She looked at my hard nipple for what seemed like hours. Finally she gently took hold of my tit and, after teasing the nipple until I felt the wetness in my pussy, she tucked it back in. God, I felt like everybody in the place was watching us but it did FEEL SO GOOD. She looked at me with deep blue eyes and said: “Tom has arranged for you to have a wonderful weekend, Kay. We’ll get to know each other VERY well before it’s over.” She complimented me on how good I looked and, as turned to deliver the rest of the drinks before my week knees caused me to spill them all over her, I felt a soft feminine hand touch my ass in a parting caress.I managed to get the rest of the drinks delivered but it was really puzzling that everyone seemed to know me although I didn’t know any of them. They all were very friendly and I managed to remember most of the names. They all were sure of themselves to the point that some made remarks about my hard nipples while others just reached out and fondled my tits or my ass as I was walking past. When I finally found the owner of the last drink, I hurries back to tom full of questions. He shut me up with an almost brusque “later Kay” while he put a bowl of dip and some chips on the tray and sent me on my way again. This time I was a little less flustered and I looked at the group more carefully. They were dressed for the beach. Most of the guys were shirtless in swim trunks that seemed to be well filled. The girls were wearing what looked like a demonstration from some magazine. The blonde girl that put my errant tit back in was wearing a very tiny string bikini that istanbul escort showed off her tan, while one of the others was wearing a skin tight one piece suit with the legs cut to the waist on the sides. One of the girls was as tall as her date and as I stood holding the tray for them I glanced down and saw that the head of his cock was peeking out of the leg of his swimsuit right into the hand of the girl who was squeezing it gently. Her breasts were about to burst out of her bikini top and the erect nipples were clearly visible. As I stood there holding the tray, they each took a chip to dip and I felt their other hands, one on each cheek, exploring my ass. I was so wet that I was sure they could feel it all the way back there. I was still embarrassed and when I looked down I realized that his dick was HUGE. I was hot anyway, but looking at the head of this great cock was really turning me on. I was brought back to earth by someone calling my name and, reluctantly I went to deliver some of the dip to the three guys in the corner. They didn’t take any of the chips, though. One of them told me to hold the tray up over my head. When I did he took hold of one of my tits and freed it from he top. One of the others told me to spread my legs and when I did he slid a finger into my pussy. He began to explore me and when he found my G spot I nearly lost the chips, dip and everything else. I guess I made a pretty loud noise because everybody was looking at us. As I writhed, impaled on the fingers but still holding the tray high, the third man said “that’s enough for now. Let her continue serving until we’re ready.” With one last push, the fingers came out and the tit was replaced. I moved on wondering what he meant about “until we’re ready.”When I got back to the sofa, my blonde friend had moved around and the guy next to her was opening her top and freeing her swollen boobs. Her tits were tanned almost all the way to the nipples, with just tiny white triangles around the wrinkled little circles. Her eyes were wide with lust and, as I came up, she circled my legs with her arm and pulled me to the sofa. She slid her hand into my crotch and fingered the wetness as the guy began to squeeze her nipples. She looked at me and said: “kneel down here, Kay.” I slipped to my knees and someone took the tray as she pulled my head to her crotch and said: “lick my pussy, baby and do it right.” She slid forward and I put my mouth against her bikini covered crotch and began to suck her through the fabric. She growled “lick my pussy and pulled her bottoms aside with one hand while pulling my head into her steamy slit. There was something about the way she said it that convinced me she wanted my best and I was determined to give it to her. I licked and sucked her until she was squirming all over the sofa and holding my head tight against her pussy. Her juices were running down my chin and I could feel my own pussy creaming and pulsing. Suddenly she pulled me face away and said: “Stand up and take your top off, Kay.” Now, I realize that the top was so sheer that it didn’t really conceal anything but, once you’ve gotten over the initial feelings of being exposed, you forget that the fabric you feel is really nothing. I stood up but hesitated about removing the top. “Now Kay!” Her voice had a quality that galvanized me into action and, with trembling fingers, I unfastened the catch and removed the top. She took hold of my nipples and squeezed them just enough to take my breath away. Strong hands took hold of my arms and pulled them back behind my back. I felt something being slipped on my arms nd my elbows were pulled together as it was slipped up high. When I looked at myself in the mirror later, I recognized it as a long leather sleeve that I had seen in a magazine on bondage. I never realized that people actually OWNED or USED the the things in real life. I have to admit that it made me look great though. My tits are large and have practically no sag anyway but in that thing, they stuck straight out and the nipples pointed up. They also needed sucking real bad. My blonde (who I finally realized was named “Ingrid”) had turned loose of me as the men did their work avcılar escort and, now she just sat and stared at my tumescent breasts. Finally, she looked at me again and said: “You’re just lovely!”. She leaned forward and just brushed her lips against my nipples. The sensation sent jolts of passion through my body. Without realizing it, I leaned forward trying to get more. She pulled back and said: “You are not to be so presumptuous, Kay!” and she slapped my across my throbbing breasts.It wasn’t a hard slap but it stung and I jumped back. I really needed something to touch them and soothe me now. Some men grabbed me and, with a couple of pulls had me out of the rest of the outfit. They pulled me to the center of the room and, bending me over, attached my wrists to a ring in the ceiling. A couple of more pulls and I was bent WAY over at the waist. They pulled my ankles apart and fastened something between them so that my legs were spread as well. I saw Ingrid drop her bikini on the floor and when I looked up I saw the whip in her hand. It was about 18 inches long with a dozen or so loose ends. I had not been whipped my anyone but my couple so I didn’t know how this was going to go. I could scream and writhe with them, knowing that they wouldn’t inflict real pain. This was different. I started to protest but they shoved a gag into my mouth, fastening it around the back of my head and putting a soft tongue rest between my teeth. I decided that I had let things go too far to stop now but I sure hoped that Ingrid wasn’t crazy about inflicting pain on brunettes with bigger tits than she has. I found out! The whip left a trail of liquid fire across my ass that had me struggling to keep my feet under me. Before I could recover, it was back with another and I felt the stinging from one side to the other. I didn’t count the others but my ass was soon burning from waist to pussy. I had been able to hold back the tears and had only moaned into the gag. I heard someone say: “Remove the gag, I want to hear her scream!” The gag was snatched away and, with the next flurry of sizzling strokes, I screamed, cried and begged for mercy. Now, I wasn’t really in that much distress but I knew it would really turn on the onlookers. A guy pulled a stool up in front of me and when he sat down and pulled my head up I knew I had been right about turning the guy with the big cock on. I was looking right at the entire cock whose head I had seen peeking out before. His hand on the back of my head and a slap on the ass from the whip drove it into my mouth. My pussy was really wet as Ingrid, with some help from the others, was alternately setting my ass on fire and then rubbing it until I thought I’d cum. She changed the angle of her strokes to bring the whip into my pussy and anus. It only took a few of those strokes to have me cumming like I had never cum before. Bob, whose big cock was practically choking me could see what they were doing and feel its effect on me as he fucked my mouth. My second or third orgasm was too much for him and he began to squirt his cum in my mouth as he rammed his huge cock into me. The angle was right, I guess, because I was able to take him as deep as he wanted. His cock popped out of my mouth and hot cum squirted on my face, up on my shoulder and into my long black hair which was hanging everywhere my now.My shoulders were beginning to ache for real as they released me from the ring and pulled me upright again. They put a collar around my neck, pushed me to my knees and fastened a small chain to the collar, threading the other end through my crotch and fastening the other end to the ring at my wrists. They pulled the slack out of it. I was kneeling with my back very straight and the chain rubbing my clit and pussy lips. Ingrid and a red head named “Mollie” came over to me and began to kiss me. Their hands and lips found my tits for some more stimulation. I discovered that if I wiggled just right, the chain would stimulate my pussy just right. I came with Ingrid and Mollie nibbling my senstive nipples. “You were right, Tom,” someone said, “she is really one hot number.” Someone took hold of the chain from behind, slipping it back through the crotch so that it was like şirinevler escort a leash. My legs were freed and the leather sleeve slipped off my arms. Before I could get accustomed to the feeling of freedom, however, leather cuffs were fastened around my legs at the knee and around my wrists. I didn’t know what they meant when someone said I’d enjoy being in the overnighter but I was to learn, oh, how I was to learn!They pushed me onto the pad that someone had put on the floor and, when they fastened the cuffs together, I was bent over and fully accessible from the rear as well as into the mouth. One of the men lost no time in taking advantage of the position and slid his hot dick in my still burning pussy. I was so wet and slick that he went balls deep on the first thrust. He began to pump me so good that my mouth must have popped open right in Mollie’s bare pussy. She held my head tight into her as I stuck my tongue in deep with long slow strokes that terminated at her tingling clit. We were lying on our sides as the man lost control. He thrust one last long thrust before the short ones that pumped his cum into my welcoming pussy. Mollie was breathing those sharps gasps that preceed orgasm. I felt someone smear the cum dripping from my pussy as Mollie unloaded. She squirted some sweet tasting juice as she came in several waves of spasms. As Mollie held my head gasping with pleasure, something hot was smeared on my anus. Fingers spread it inside making me glad that I had taken what Tom likes to call an “internal shower”. Someone’s tits were finding my mouth as someone was shoving a hard, hot cock into my almost virgin ass. I didn’t have much experience but this guy knew what he was doing. I felt none of the discomfort that I had come to expect for the first time with someone nor did I have to urge him to take it slow like I have to with the others (except Tom who is small enough I can take him easily). The tits pulled away from my face to be replaced with a very sweet tasting but soft cock. I know you’ll think this is strange but I just ADORE soft cocks. I love to take the whole shaft into my mouth and feel it getting hard filling my gullet a bit at a time. I sucked him in while the guy in my ass began to pump me just right. My ass cheeks were still hot from the whipping so his body felt cool compared to the heat his cock was stirring in my ass. The cock in my mouth soon became far too large to contain and they were working me in a rhythm between them. the feeling of getting fucked from both ends was incredible. The guy in my ass started moaning and I felt his hot cum filling me in spurt after spurt. He pulled out with a little pop as the hard cock in my mouth was replaced with a burning, black furred cunt. I loved the contrast between Mollie’s hairless cunt and this one (A friend of Ingrid’s named “Billie”). As I licked her tasty slit, Billie went wild, moaning, squealing, wiggling around and yelling “OH MY GOD!”. When I thought she was ready, I went hunting for her clit with my tongue. What I discovered was a first for me. She had a HUGE clit. It must have been almost an inch long and as big around as a pencil. I sucked it into my mouth as she screamed “OH.. OH… Oh”. The dick that I had been sucking was suddenly plugged into my pussy to make the circuit complete. I could hear the sounds of other people fucking all around us as my two churned their way toward satisfaction. I came first. It was one of those screaming, crying, moaning ones that leaves you gasping. Billie just held onto my head and had her own as I finished and the guy in my pussy filled me up and even pumped some between the cheeks of my ass.We lay still for awhile and I fell asleep. When I awoke, it was to find another hot one patiently working its way into my ass. The room was dark and I had no way of knowing who it was or of resisting if I had wanted to. The “overnighters” weren’t uncomfortable but they certainly made me available all night to everyone who wanted me. This guy gave me two good orgasms before he pumped his goo into me. I slept for awhile longer, only to be awakened by hands rolling me over on my back. The bonds kept my legs in the air and soft feminine lips kissed and sucked my well filled cunt. I felt a huge orgasm swelling up in me as a pair of taut nipples filled my mouth keeping me from waking the whole household. The rest of the night was the same but, when I awoke the next afternoon, we were alone again. I have my own overnighters and arm sleeve now. Just in case, you know how it is.The EndGeriwww.bdsmfinder.com

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