Kim Kardashian banged by Ray J his friendsInterrac


Kim Kardashian banged by Ray J his friendsInterracSex StoryMy boyfriend Ray J had kept in contact with several of his college buddies over the years and they would meet on weekends to do things together. Over the years they began to get pretty competitive with their activities and to add money to their quests. At first it did not concern me as he would loose $25.00 over a weekend or come home a winner with several hundred dollars that he always used to pamper me. However, as their competitiveness continued to increase the losses starting getting larger.This was the weekend of the Daytona 500 race and I knew that Ray J would wager a large amount on the outcome as he and his buddies attended the race. I was really mad and demanded that he not wager with his friends and that if he lost any money I would have to re-evaluate our relationship. Things were pretty tight at this time and we budgeted $200.00 for his trip to use as he desired.The big race day finally arrived and Ray J was picked up by 5 of his friends in one of their conversion vans and off they went. Ray J called several times over the next few days just to check in while I stayed home and made myself busy. Ray J finally arrived home and I immediately gave him the fifth degree concerning his wagering on the race. Ray J assured me that although his driver did not win he had not lost a single penny on the race. We fucked that night and I thought it was over and that I had won.Friday night came and after dinner Ray J told me that his buddies were coming over in the morning for a cook out and a day around our pool. I was aggravated that he had not told me sooner and went to bed in a huff. I had made plans for Saturday and now had to cancel them to entertain his buddies. The next morning I awoke and Ray J was already out cleaning the pool. I made my coffee and went out to sit at the table and join him. I was dressed in my bathrobe over a pair of flannel PJ’s. Ray J finished the pool and came over to the table to join me. He asked if I was still angry at him and I told him I was over it but wanted to be told of these types of things in the future. As we went inside Ray J really surprised me when we got inside to get dressed.”Kim Kardashian, you know how much I love you and admire your body, don’t you?””Yes, I do know that honey.” I replied. I wasn’t surprised because I was 32 years old and maintained my figure. My ass was round and firm and my big tits proudly filled my bra.”Kim Kardashian, I am very proud of your body and want to show you off in front of my friends.” Ray J said.”What are you talking about?” I asked.”You know that sexy swim suit I bought you last year; I would really like you to wear it today.””In public?” I gasped. I could not believe that he would want me to wear that little outfit in front of anyone. It had a thong bottom bikini and a top that had two small patches to cover just barely the nipples of my tits. He had bought it over the internet but I had never worn it outside our bedroom.”It would just be me and my buddies and you know how hot I think you look in it.” Ray J pleaded.”If it would make you happy then fine but, you owe me.” I replied not believing I had just agreed to basically exhibit myself in front of his friends. I thought in the back of my mind it would be kind of nice to be admired.”Great! I am going to go and ice down some beers and wine coolers.” Ray J said as he left the room.I walked over to the dresser and pulled out the flimsy bikini from my drawer. I then went and got into the shower. I had let my pussy hair grow out and had to shave just about all of it to keep anything from being seen from around this very small outfit. After I got out and dried and put some perfumed lotion on myself I dressed in the bikini. Not bad I thought to myself as I stood in front of the mirror. I grabbed a beach wrap and went out to the pool. I sat around the pool and took a swim as Ray J worked around the house getting ready for his guests. When I got out of the water I noticed the suit was just about transparent showing everything. I dried off and placed the wrap around myself ortaköy escort just as Ray J’s 5 buddies arrived around 3:00. They came out to the pool and sat around as Ray J served a round of drinks. Bob, Tom, Bruce, Dan and Tim all made small talk and seemed very nice as we sat around making small talk. They were all around Ray J’s age of 32 and overall they were all nice looking men. I felt self conscious knowing that I was barely dressed beneath my beach wrap. Ray J put on some music and kept the drinks flowing as he grilled some steaks. As we sat around laughing and talking we ate and I thought to myself this wasn’t really as bad as I expected. After dinner the men went into the bath house and changed into their swim trunks and got into the pool engaging in a lot of horse play. I sat and watched from my chair sipping on my rum daiquiri. I was feeling the liquor and the afternoon sun as I continued watching the men horse around when Ray J got out and told me he wanted me to get in with them. As I removed my wrap and stood at the side of the pool I could see each of the men intently watching me. I quickly jumped into the cool water to escape their stares. We all played around in the pool dunking and splashing each other and having a good time. I was a little uncomfortable being grabbed by the men as they dunked me and threw me around the pool and thought several times as they pressed up against me I could feel their cocks pressing against me. Ray J got out to fix another round of drinks and called us all to join him at the table. As I got out I could feel the eyes of the men watch as my white suit was totally see thru. I looked around for my wrap as I realized it was not out here. Ray J smiled at me as I quickly sat down to try to cover myself until my suit dried enough that I could get up to get some cover. Boy was he going to get it when his friends left tonight.As the men sat around the table I could notice that each had a bulge protruding from their shorts. As I sat in my chase lounge Bob and Tom sat on the chair with me. As I tried to get up and move Tom grabbed my hips and pulled me back down to the chair sitting me on his lap. I looked at Ray J who just sat there refusing to make eye contact with me. I could feel Tom’s growing cock pressing between my barely covered ass cheeks. I was really pissed at this point and started to speak “Listen, this has gone…”Bob interrupted me saying “Enough small talk and playing around. Last week at the races Ray J was out of money. He knew that he had picked a winning driver in our pool and knew he would win big. We allowed him to bet on credit and it looked like he would win big. Just before the end of the race he wanted to up his wager so he threw in your picture.”By this time I had forgotten about my predicament and looked at Ray J “You son of a bitch I could kill you.””Kim Kardashian,” Bob continued. “If Ray J had won he would have brought home over $60,000.00 but in a streak of bad luck his driver wrecked on the last lap and did not finish the race.” “What in the hell does this have to do with me?” I demanded.”Well you see Kim Kardashian, Ray J knowing he was going to win decided to trade out a night of sex with you.” Bob said very matter of fact like. Well, then I guess you better get your payment from Ray J then.” I replied.”It’s not that easy Kim Kardashian. Ray J made a bet in good faith and he lost. Now it is time for us to collect.”I looked over at Ray J sitting across from me and asked him “So, is this what you want? You want to see you girlfriend fuck 5 of your best friends to pay off your gambling debt?””Not really baby, I didn’t think that I could lose. I promise it won’t happen again.” Ray J responded.Bruce, Dan and Tim had each got up and gone into the house by this time. I looked at Bob and said “Well a debt is a debt, so which one of you do I have to fuck?” I thought if Ray J wanted to trade me for a bet I would make him squirm watching his girlfriend fuck one of his best friends.Tom grabbed my tits from behind and started rubbing my nipples eyüp escort as he began moving his hips grinding his hard cock into my crack through his shorts. Bob said “You see Kim Kardashian, Ray J owes each of us payment as his part of the pool.” My head reeled as the thought of fucking 5 guys at one time raced through my mind. Shit lately it was only two or three times a month that Ray J and I had sex. Bob stood up and picked me up of Tom’s lap placing me over his shoulder and carrying me into the house. He put me down on the couch on my hands and knees facing Bruce who already had his shorts off and was stroking his cock. Bruce was about 5’10” and weighed about 250lbs. He was trim everywhere but his belly which extended out. He had an average size cock about 6″ and not really fat. As I was placed on the couch he grabbed the back of my head and put my face down to his extended cock. Seeing Ray J stand to the side I decided to give him a show and rub it in. I started licking the head of Bruce’s cock and took me hand to grab his balls. Bruce moaned as I placed the head of his cock into my mouth and began to suck him off.I could feel someone behind me rubbing my slit and then a tongue start licking me from ass hole to clit as my bottoms were pulled to the side. I took Bruce all the way into my mouth and worked his balls with my hands. It was not very long before I could feel him begin to tense up and I knew he was going to cum. Ray J had always wanted me to take his load in my mouth but I never had. To piss him off I thought I would allow Bruce to fill my mouth. It wasn’t long before I felt the first shot of Bruce’s hot sticky cum hit the back of my throat. I sucked him for another minute letting some of the cum drip from my mouth and run down my chin. As Bruce began to get soft I took my mouth from his cock and looked up at Ray J and smiled as I licked the remnants of Bruce’s cum from my face. As Tim placed his 7″ cock to my face I could feel my top being untied and my bottoms being pulled from my hips. I eagerly took Tim into my mouth and began sucking his cock using my hands to jerk on the base of his cock. I felt a large cock enter my now wet pussy for the first time and start to pound into me.As my pussy was being taken from behind and my mouth was being fucked by Tim I could feel my anger begin to subside and my lust pick up. The cock in my pussy was large and was hitting my clit each time it thrust into me. I could feel my own pleasure and climax beginning to build. I used my free hand to reach down and start to play with my own nipples which were now fully erect and sensitive. Tim was really moaning and tensing up and I knew it was only a matter of seconds before he would erupt his load into my mouth. I felt a finger suddenly pressed into my puckered ass hole as my pussy continued getting fucked hard by who ever was behind me. This sent tremors throughout my whole body as my first orgasm took over control of my body. The finger in my ass was quickly removed and the man grabbed my hips impaling him deeply into my cunt as he began dumping his large hot load into my pussy while at the same time Tim pulled out of my mouth and started shooting his load onto my face. I was now fully aroused and ready for more. Since I met Ray J our sex life was something that happened between work and other activities. During college I thought I had to have sex several times a day and the more men the better. I had not felt this raw lust since those college days. The man fucking my pussy removed his limp cock from my now used cunt and moved away. I never did get to see who it was. Tim walked away and Bob crawled up underneath me on the couch. I looked down to see he was stroking a large hard on that had to be at least 10″ and as big around as his wrist. It had been a long time since I had enjoyed a cock that big and I was ready to try it out. I slowly lowered myself down onto Bob’s waiting cock which slid into my wet cum filled cunt easily. I could feel Bob hit my tender cervix as I felt his balls rest against my mound. maslak escort I motioned for Bruce to come back over to my face and took his still limp cock into my mouth and began sucking him trying to get him hard again.As I continued sucking on Bruce’s still limp cock and being filled with Bob’s hammering cock I could feel someone begin pushing a finger into my tight puckered anus. It had been many years since I had felt someone in my pussy and my ass at the same time and I could feel another climax building inside me. I cried out “Oh yes, fuck my tight ass with your big cock. Fuck me hard.”I didn’t have to wait long as I felt the head of a fat cock pressed up against my anus and slowly pushing its way inside. I began shaking and shuddering as my own climax began to take over. I screamed out “Yesss, don’t stop, fuck me hard in my hot pussy and ass at the same time, Oh fuck yess!” They picked up their pace and settled into a rhythm that sustained my climax. Bruce pulled his still limp cock from my mouth and was replaced with the cum covered cock of Dan who I took into my mouth and began sucking in earnest. I could taste my own cum mixed with his and knew he was the one who had fucked my pussy the first time. I pressed a finger into his ass as I massaged his large balls with the other hand. As my climax rocked my body I felt the cocks in both my cunt and ass impale me deeply and spill their own sum deep inside me. It takes Dan several minutes of my working his cock in and out of my mouth while fingering his ass hole before he erupts a large torrent of hot cum down my throat pulling out to deliver the last few spurts across my face. The men each withdraw their soft cocks from my holes and I can feel the cum leaking from my gaping holes and running down my face. I get up off the couch and see that all the men are spent and sitting around with limp wet cocks. My own arousal is still high and in a frenzy. Ray J is standing at the head of the couch the only one still wearing his shorts. The guys get up and get themselves another drink heading back out to the pool diving in. I glare at Ray J letting him see my cum covered oozing body as I too go out to the pool followed by Ray J. As I sit down and sun two fingers into my used cum filled pussy the guys get out and sit around me watching. Ray J walks to the back of the chair and kisses me fully on my lips as we begin exchanging tongues. Ray J pulls away and says “Happy Daytona Day honey.” I look at him puzzled.Bob interrupts “You see Kim Kardashian, Ray J here placed a second bet on the race. He bet another driver on your behalf and you won.”Ray J continued “Honey, I know how much you love sex and how you used to fantasize about a group of men. None of us bet any money on this race. I decided to give you what you once longed for long ago before our careers took off.”Ray J had always seemed reluctant to share me with any other men and after a year or two I had stopped telling him of my desires. I could not believe he would do this for me. I looked up to Ray J and pulled him around to me rubbing his hard cock beneath his shorts. “You naughty boy! What shall I do to you?” I asked as I slid his shorts down to his ankles. I took his raging cock into my hands and bringing him to my mouth. I easily took his 6″ all the way in and began to suck him like I had not in years. I placed a finger into his anus as I had Dan inside and played with his balls.”Oh baby, that feels so good, yess don’t stop” Ray J moaned as I worked on his cock while he played with my erect nipples with his hands. It did not take long before I could feel Ray J tensing up from watching all the action earlier and I felt him begin to shoot his first load down the back of my throat burying his groin into my face. As Ray J went limp he pulled out of my still sucking mouth and gave me a long wet kiss sharing his cum between us. “I love you, Kim Kardashian.” He said. Watching us had brought several of the guys back to life and we continued to play for several hours outside this time with Ray J joining in. After the guys all passed out Ray J took me to the bedroom and said “Kim Kardashian, next weekend we are going to your old college campus to see if things have changed much in the last 20 years, I have bought a special dress for you to wear for our trip.” I looked up at Ray J and said “Thank You, honey, I love you!” as I guided his erect cock toward my gaping ass hole.

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