Kitten Gets Her Collar

Big Tits

I’m in the kitchen when you come home from work. You walk up behind me, place your hands on my hips, and start to kiss my neck. I grab your hands as they try to slide between my legs. “Not now dear,” I protest, until you place a finger on my lips. I part my legs for you, and your hand slides between them, rubbing my pussy through my shorts. I bite my lip, trying not to let you see how much I want you to continue. You take my hand and lead me down the hall to our bedroom.

You shove me down on our bed. You kiss my neck slowly. I start laughing, pushing you playfully, crossing my ankles to try to keep my legs closed. You pull my legs apart and force your way between them, grinding your already hard cock against my wet shorts.

You whisper in my ear “Kitten, you know you want to play.”

I bite my lip and smile. You know all too well. I wrap my arms around your neck, my hands rubbing your bald head, my nails ever so gently teasing your skin. You kiss down my neck, savoring your way across my collar bones, down to my chest. You pull my shirt up. My nipples are already hard, and with just a little licking and sucking, I start to moan. You feel the wet spot on my shorts getting bigger. You push my hands down on the bed, holding my wrists above my head with just one of your hands. You sit up, looking over my body, thinking of all the things you want to do to me, trying to decide which you want most.

I wrap my legs around you, pull you closer to me, making you lose your train of thought. You look flustered for a minute, and give me a light spank on my ass, and sternly say “Kitten. No.” I smile, I want more, and I squeeze my legs tight again. “Naughty, naughty Kitten.” you say. You spank me again, a little bit harder. I bite my lip again, with a huge smile across my face. “If that makes you happy, youre going to love this, Kitten,” you say, as you spank my ass hard. I jump, a little yelp escaping my lips- but you’re right, I love it, and my smile tells you just that.

You let go of my wrists, climb off of me, and walk to your dresser. “Strip for me Kitten. xslot NOW.” I pull my clothes off and throw them to the floor, laying on the bed, legs wide open, waiting for you to return. You have your hands behind your back, but you motion with your eyes for me to come to you. I crawl over, staying on my knees, and start to pull down your shorts. You grab my wrist, stopping me. I look at you, confused and mad. “But, dear! I want to play,” I pout. You bring your other hand forward and show me my new collar- pink and black, KITTEN right across it. I’m not pouting any more. I have a huge, mischievous smile across my face, because I know what’s coming. I pull up my hair, and you put my collar around my neck, the laces draped over my shoulder.

I pull at your shorts again, and you tug the laces of my collar just enough to tease me. I stop, and look up at you, “Please dear,” I plead, eyeing the bulge in your shorts. You ease up on the laces, and I pull your shorts down, taking your cock in my mouth before you can stop me again. I slowly slide my mouth up and down, working toward having your cock in my throat. You place your hand on the back of my head, slowly pushing yourself deeper into my throat. I hold you there, wrapping my tongue around your cock. I start stroking your cock with my hand, making sure my mouth and hand keep your cock covered at all times, speeding up as I go. You start to pull my hair, “Kitten” is all you can manage to say. I put my hand back on the bed and start moving my mouth up and down your cock as fast as I can, worshiping your hard cock. I love feeling your cock in my throat and I squirt all over myself. You pull your cock out of my mouth and pull on my laces again, hard enough that I have to take my hands off the bed. My collar is tight and chokes me just a little as you pull. I feel myself squirting again. “Messy kitten. We need to clean you up,” you tease, a smirk crossing your face.

You release the laces of my collar and I lay back, opening my legs and exposing my dripping wet pussy for you. You gently caress my legs, rubbing up xslot Giriş just to the edge of my pussy. I scoot closer to you, trying to make you rub my pussy, but you wont. You push my legs further apart, and you take my hand, place it on my pussy. I start rubbing, slowly, my hand is soaked instantly. You continue rubbing my legs as they start to shake. You watch me rubbing my pussy, telling me slower, faster, rub your clit kitten, slower, faster until I squirt all over my hand. I dip my fingers inside, and pull them out slowly, covered in my juices and take them to my mouth. My pussy tastes so sweet, I moan.

“Dont you want to taste my pussy dear?” I ask, inching even closer. You kneel on the floor, pulling me to the edge of the bed. You hold my legs open and tease my clit with your tongue. I moan again, louder, “Oh! Please dear!” You spank my ass, and shove your tongue inside my pussy. I squirt all over your face. My pussy vibrates as you moan into me, my hands on your head, holding you down.

You grab my wrists, holding my hands against my legs, squeezing them so tight my fingertips tingle. I squirt again, screaming as I do, “Oh! DEAR! Please fuck me!” You pull back, admiring my dripping pussy and the wet spot already on the bed. My legs are shaking, I want more, the waiting is killing me. “Please fuck me!” I scream again. You smirk again, and slide one finger across my clit. I squirt on your hand.

You release my wrists and grab the laces from my collar. You climb on the bed with me, rubbing your cock on my clit and dripping pussy, teasing me. “FUCK ME!” I yell. You pull tight on the laces, choking me, you stare straight into my eyes.

“This collar means I am in control. When you have this collar on, I say when we play, I say when we fuck, and you only say my name. Are we clear, Kitten?”

“Yes Dear,” I obey, squirting on us as I do.

“Lay down, Kitten,” you say. I lay down on the bed, watching you, preparing myself for even more teasing. “5 smacks, Kitten,” you say, pulling my legs apart as you do. I flip over, raising my xslot Güncel Giriş ass in the air for you. “Do you want to make it 10?” you warn.

“You wouldn’t dare,” I push, knowing you would. I hear you open the drawer, and get something out.

“Dare? Alright, 15 smacks Kitten,” you say, forcing me on to my back. I look to your hand, and see my favorite paddle. My eyes get wide, I bite my lip. You tap my pussy with the paddle, and then pull back and


“OH FUCK!” I scream. I had forgotten how much I enjoy pussy smacks. You pull on my laces, “You only say my name, Kitten.” I bite my lip and nod.


You pause, waiting for me to scream again. I manage to hold it in. I lay there, hoping you let me scream when you fuck me. Both of my hands grip the blankets tighter, willing my mouth to stay silent.


My legs flinch. You smile, rubbing my leg, and deliver the rest of my punishment. My legs are trembling, my pussy throbbing and dripping wet. You lean down and whisper in my ear, “Do you have anything you need to say, Kitten?”

“No, my Dear,” I answer. My face, my body, my everything is burning with desire. I want you, no, NEED you to fuck me.

“Good Kitten,” you smile, climbing on top of me. “Now, Kitten. Purr for daddy,” as you slam your cock inside of me.

“Oh! Thank you daddy dear!” I scream as you fuck me. My hands move to your back, rubbing your neck, nails digging into the back of your head. My legs wrap around you, my heels pushing your body into mine. I keep moaning and screaming for you, louder and louder. I feel myself squirting all over us, and I’m sure the bed is soaked with my juices. You slam into my pussy harder, fucking me faster. You pull on thr laces of my collar, making it harder to breathe, harder to scream. I feel your cock explode in my pussy, filling me with your hot cum. I scream again, squirting again, and our mixture starts to drip out of my pussy.

You collapse on the bed next to me, “Does Kitten like her present?”

“Yes dear, I love my present,” I respond with a huge smile and a giggle “I like my new collar, too, dear.”

“Mmm. Kitten.” You look hungry again.

“Yes my dear?” I ask, but I already know the answer.

“It’s playtime Kitten,” you say, pinning me to the bed again.

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