Kitty’s Conversion to Kit Kat Ch. 03


My name is Katelyn and I have been writing about my experiences as a freshman in college. These stories are as accurate as I can remember them since they took place almost 20 years ago. I enjoy receiving your comments about my writing and don’t mind constructive criticism but for any of you flamers, don’t waste your time, I’m going to ignore you anyway. For specific requests, I’ll keep them in mind for possible future fictional stories but since my current writings are essentially non-fiction, I will not be able to fulfill any requests during this series.

It has been quite a long time since I wrote but I’ve been busy. This chapter takes place the day after chapter 2.

The next day, I woke up still feeling horny. Mark left me unfulfilled but it was too akward to masturbate with my roommate so close. I resigned myself to taking a quick shower while getting ready for my classes. It wasn’t a very productive day as my mind kept wandering off, thinking about Mark and his gorgeous body. I also found myself lubricating at times imagining his big black cock in my pussy and mouth. By the end of my last class, the cotton gusset of my pantyhose was a sticky mess. One of the rare times I wished I wore panties under my pantyhose.

I called Mark after my last class to find out what he was up to tonight. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a hold of him. I was in a bit of a funk, moping around the dorm before settling in my room to do some studying.

When my roommate Maggie came home, she was all excited. “Kitty, whatever you have planned for tonight, cancel it.”

“Why? Whats up?”

“I ran into Brian, and we started talking. You’ll never guess where his brother works.” Before I could even offer a guess, she continued “He’s a bouncer at The Vault.” The Vault was a new dance club that was the ‘in’ place to be. It was renovated from an old turn of the century bank. One of those grand old banks with a huge foyer, 30 foot ceiling, giant pillars out front and beautiful elaborate stonework.

“I thought you didn’t like Brian.”

“Well, actually, I don’t. But who cares, he said he could get us into the club. He said he could get his brother to let us in without checking our ID.” Maggie was very pretty and she used her looks to get her way without any regard for other people’s feelings. It was one of her worst faults but she was still one of my closest friends.

I was starting to get worked up about the idea of going to the club. The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19 which made me, at 18 officially underage. It also made sneaking into nightclubs that much more thrilling. The fact that it was one of the hottest clubs around only enhanced the excitement.

“What should I wear?” I asked, not knowing what was usual for this kind of club.

“Whatever you wear, make sure you dress to impress.” Maggie replied grinning.

We had a light dinner before starting to get ready. After showering, I went through my wardrobe looking for a hot outfit. I finally decided on a blue stretch mini dress that hugged my figure like a second skin. I slipped on a thin white bra and ultra sheer nude pantyhose before working on my hair and make-up. Once completed, I squeezed into my dress being careful not to snag my hose. I finished off the outfit with matching blue pumps and a small black purse.

Brian is about 6 feet tall with dark brown skin. He was a sophmore and played linebacker for the college team. When Brian picked us up, he was wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans and a dark blue sports jacket. Anyone looking at Brian could tell that he practically lived in the weight room even though he was wearing a jacket.

“Wow!” Brian exclaimed when he say the way we were dressed.

Seeing how casual Brian was dressed I asked “Do you think we’re over dressed?”

“Hell no. Don’t change a thing.” he replied with a wide smile which put me at ease.

The three of us headed out to Brian’s little Honda Civic hatchback. He opened the door for us and held my hand as I squeezed into the back seat trying futilely to keep the hem of my dress from riding up. Brian then helped Maggie into the passenger seat. At the time I thought he was being a gentlemen but now in retrospect I realize that he was enjoying the little show I unintentionally gave him. I’ll never know what Brian saw, but since I wasn’t wearing panties under my pantyhose, I suspect he got more than an eyeful. That would explain why after we parked, he rushed over to help Maggie and me out of the car.

Brian led us past the line up and introduced us to his brother Thomas. The obvious resemblance was their builds. Thomas was alittle taller and even more muscle bound than his brother. Beyond that, I could see the family resemblance in their faces though Thomas had his head completely shaved. Thomas was very well suited for his job, I was quite intimidated by his physical presence and demeanor. His tattoos completed his dangerous aura. I couldn’t help myself from checking out his impressive body. As Thomas waved us through, he gave me a wink and a knowing smile which made me blush a deep crimson.

The görükle escort club lived up to its’ reputation. The lighting and decor was awe inspiring and the music reverberated throughout the dance floor. An aura of excitement engulfed the entire room. I soon discovered that I was a bit overdressed but my outfit did draw plenty of admiring glances from almost every man I walked by. Brian didn’t seem to like the attention we were getting and he quickly guided Maggie and I to a booth. After we settled in our seats, Brian went to the bar to get us some drinks.

It didn’t take long before a shark came swimming by. A handsome blonde man in a designer suit walked up and started chatting Maggie up. The music was way too loud for me to hear what they were saying but I could tell that Maggie was really attracted to the stranger. Before long, she was out on the dancefloor with him. Even though I was shocked at how callous she was being, I remained silent keeping my feelings to myself.

When Brian returned with the drinks, you could see his face drop at the sight of Maggie dancing with the other man. I felt a little sad for Brian and tried my best to distract him and cheer him up. As we talked, I discovered that he was quite smart for a football player and he had a decent sense of humour.

Brian was only drinking diet coke as he was driving and also had a game the next day. I finished off my brown cow pretty quickly and since it became clear that Maggie wasn’t coming back anytime soon, Brian offered me her mimosa before it lost all its’ fizz. By the time I finished the mimosa, I was already very tipsy since I was an inexperienced drinker.

I don’t know if it was the alcohol, my horniness, or both but I found myself becoming quite attracted to Brian. We were laughing and having a great time. I even managed to get him onto the dance floor for a few songs.

We were so engrossed with one another that we lost all track of Maggie. I thought I had better find her and make sure she was all right. Using the excuse that I had to use the ladies room, I picked up my purse and walked around the club looking for Maggie. I found her in a corner booth making out with the blonde guy she was dancing with earlier. Breaking up their kiss, I dragged Maggie to the restroom with me.

Waiting in line for the stall, I asked Maggie about her new friend. It turned out that they worked out in the same gym and seen each other many times but never formally met until tonight. She sounded totally infatuated with him and was eager to resume their petting session. I reminded her that Brian couldn’t stay too late and suggested she rejoin us. Maggie wasn’t having any of that, insisting that she would be fine and not to wait for her. Finishing our business in the restroom, we gave each other a hug before parting.

On the way back to my table, I noticed Mark by the entrance. I tried to get his attention and started walking over to him when I noticed he had his arm around a very pretty black girl. The sight stunned me and I was frozen in mid step. I watched motionless as they walked out of the club together, Mark’s arm around the girl’s shoulders. They were gone by the time I realized I wanted to confront him. I considered chasing after him but decided against it thinking it would make me look too desperate and pathetic. I rationalized that we weren’t offically a couple and we both could see other people. If I hooked up with Brian, I figured it would get back to Mark since they were teammates and make him jealous. It doesn’t make much sense now, but back then in my confused and intoxicated state, it seemed perfectly logical.

Brian was waiting for me at our table with a couple of fresh drinks for us. I sat down next to him and downed half my drink in one large gulp.

“Did you find Maggie?” Brian yelled into my ear.

“Yeah, she met a friend.” I hollared back. “She’s getting a ride home from him.”

Looking somewhat disappointed he asked “Do you wanna leave then?”

“No, I want to dance.” I replied with a wide smile. Brian grinned back as I took his hand and led him onto the dance floor.

We danced much closer now, grinding against one another. Brian also kept complimenting me on my dancing and appearance. At times I thought I could feel his cock starting to get erect through his jeans. The idea of Brian getting a hard on for me made my pussy start to moisten. After 30 minutes or so, I wasing getting hot in more ways than one.

Returning to our booth, I cooled myself off by finishing the rest of my drink before sitting back down. Brian sat right next to me on my left side putting his arm around my shoulders as he did. Using his left hand to tilt my chin up and towards him, he leaned over and gave me a light kiss. I returned his kiss closing my eyes. Lost in our sensuous kiss, I didn’t notice that Brian moved his left hand until I felt it squeezing my thigh through the silky pantyhose. He continued massaging my thigh as we kissed for what seemed like an hour. In reality, it probably was just ten minutes. My pussy was getting bursa escort bayan really wet as my excitement rose higher and higher. I wanted to reach over and feel Brian’s crotch but since we were sitting in a busy club I fought off that temptation.

Finally breaking our kiss, I told Brian “We should go somewhere more private.”

Brian quickly agreed as I got up and straightened out my dress. I wondered why Brian didn’t get up after me until I saw him writhing his hips under the table and realised he had to adjust his erection within his jeans. We exchanged knowing smiles as I suppressed my laugh to a giggle.

We walked all the way back to his car arm in arm. Since Maggie stayed at the club, I sat in the passenger seat on the way to my dormitory. My dress crept up a little from sitting down revealing alot of leg. I noticed Brian stealing glances at my legs throughout the ride home. I didn’t adjust the hemline of my dress since I was enjoying teasing Brian while he drove.

When we arrived at the campus, Brian parked the car and turned off the engine. He looked over and our eyes met holding a deep long gaze. Without saying a word, we knew each others’ intent and leaned towards one another. I closed my eyes as our lips met in a light kiss. Brian moved his hand to my right tit and cupped it through my dress. We continued kissing when I started feeling Brian’s hand massage my breast firmly. The sensations caused me to moan into Brian’s mouth. Feeling that this was getting out of hand and not wanting to put on a show in the parking lot, I reached up and gently held Brian’s hand still against my breast.

Breaking our kiss, I asked “Why don’t you come up to my room for awhile?”

“What about Maggie?” Brian asked.

“She’s having too good a time at The Vault to come back before closing time,” and then I added with a sly grin, “If she comes back at all.”

Brian didn’t need any more encouragement as he was out his door in a flash and ran over to the passenger side. I had already opened the door but Brian held my hand helping me out of the car. My dress, which was short to begin with, had ridden up and I am sure my pussy was in clear view through the sheer pantyhose. By this time though, I was too horny and intoxicated to care. Part of me also got a thrill out of flashing Brian. After standing up, I pulled the hem of my dress back down before we headed into the dormitory. I didn’t mind flashing Brian but I didn’t want to display myself for the entire campus to see.

Walking to my dorm room, we passed quite a few other students. There were a number of stares. I don’t know if it was from the way I was dressed or that I was bringing a black man back to my dorm room. Nothing was said however, since in Canada the racism is usually more subtle and hidden.

I picked up the pace walking to my room and quickly opened the door. After entering myself, I held the door open for Brian, inviting him into my dorm room.

“Make yourself comfortable Brian.” I said as I threw my purse onto my desk and slipped my shoes off.

Brian slipped off his shoes and removed his jacket. His white t-shirt did nothing to hide his bulging muscles. I stood next to him admiring his rippling biceps as he carefully folded his jacket over a chair. Taking Brian by the hand, I led him to my bed and sat down on the edge.

Brian sat down next to me and leaned over kissing me lightly. His right hand rested on my knee while his left was on the bed helping to keep his balance. His large luscious lips were surprisingly gentle considering his hulking build. We continued kissing lightly for a couple of minutes as his hand slowly inched up my thigh. Wanting this to proceed more quickly, I parted my lips and slipped my tongue forward. Gently tracing his lips, I enticed his tongue out to intertwine with my own.

Sensing my desire, Brian’s hand slid up higher under my dress, stopping just before my crotch. I was sure he could feel the heat emanating from my pussy. His tongue eased between my lips into my mouth. Closing my lips around his tongue, I started sucking on it. Gently at first, then harder and harder.

Growing bolder, Brian moved his hand to cup my pussy. He started rubbing it through my pantyhose sending shivers through my body. I moaned into his mouth as I reached down between his legs and started rubbing his crotch. His cock was already hard as I started rubbing it through his jeans.

Brian’s cock wasn’t as big as Mark’s but it still felt large and I was anxious to see just how big it was. I was trying my best to grasp Brian’s cock through his jeans and stroke his cock but the thick material and our positions made it impossible.

My pussy was already wet before Brian started playing with my clit, now it felt like it was oozing my juices all over the gusset of my pantyhose and onto Brian’s fingers. I couldn’t wait any longer to see and feel his cock uncovered. Reaching over with both hands, I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down his zipper. Pulling his shorts away from his body, my prize popped up to attention. Breaking bursa escort our kiss, I looked down to see Brian’s cock. It wasn’t as long as Mark’s but it looked just as thick. I reached into his shorts and wrapped my hand around it. It felt as wonderful as it looked. The dark skin of his cock constrasting with my porcelain like fingers.

“Suck my cock Kitty.” Brian whispered into my ear.

He didn’t have to ask as the same thought was already racing through my mind. I bent over and took the head of his cock between my lips. My tongue flickered around the corona as my hand started stroking the shaft. Tightening my lips around his cock head, I began sucking lightly. His precum tasted a little acerbic but my saliva soon diluted the taste away.

“Yesss…” hissed Brian as he leaned back onto his elbows, giving me more room to work.

Brian’s thick cock filled my mouth nicely as I took more of it into my mouth. Releasing his shaft, my hand moved down to carress his hairy balls. I started to suck harder as my head began bobbing up and down along his black shaft. The sensations heightened my excitation and had my pussy overflowing with juices.

Sitting beside Brian and bending over to suck his cock was quite akward and I started to get uncomfortable after only a couple of minutes. I reluctantly let his cock slip from my mouth as I slid off the bed onto my knees. As I moved to the floor, I pulled Brian’s jeans and shorts down with me, eventually working them off his legs. I then moved in closer, kneeling between his legs, getting into a comfortable position so I could enjoy sucking on Brian’s big black cock.

It was a beautiful cock. Just a shade darker than the rest of his body except for the head which was circumsized. Brian’s cock was hard as granite and his girth completely filled my mouth. Pushing his legs apart, I moved even closer to take more of his cock into my mouth. Brian moaned as the head of his cock rubbed against my soft palate during my bobbing movements. His reaction added to my excitement and encouraged me to try and take even more of his cock into my mouth. Holding my breath, I pushed my face into his crotch to the point of gagging. As I reflexively pulled off his cock, a strand of mucous connected it to my mouth looking like a tether. I took another deep breath as I sucked on the strand of mucous following it back to Brian’s glistening cock.

“That feels so fucking good Kitty.” Brian told me in a loud whisper.

Taking his cock with my right hand, I steadied it as I glided my tongue along the underside from the base all the way to the tip and then back down to his balls. I repeated the movement several times before taking the head of his cock back into my mouth. Sucking hard on the head of his cock, I looked up to see Brian’s eyes staring back down at me. Seeing the look of lust and pleasure in his eyes added to my excitement. Closing my eyes again I continued sucking on the head of his cock while I used my right hand to stroke the shaft. My left hand automatically moved between my legs to rub my pussy which was desperate for relief. The gusset of my pantyhose was so soaked with my juices it almost felt like I wet myself. My thumb was rubbing the nylon against my clit as two fingers pushed the gusset into my pussy. I haven’t had sex or even masturbated in a week and my body was screaming for release.

Brian involuntarily started making short thrusts of his hips, forcing his cock deeper into my mouth. My right hand kept control of the base of his cock to prevent it from going too deep and making me gag. I could tell that Brian was close to cumming from his low moans and gyrating hips. I felt elated and empowered knowing that he was getting so much pleasure from me. My excitation continued to build from the combined sensations of my masturbating and Brian’s big cock thrusting into my mouth.

I was so horny, my orgasm was already on the verge of breaking as I rubbed my clit faster and faster. Knowing my release was imminent, I lost myself within the overpowering sensations emanating from my pussy and mouth.

“Kitty, I’m gonna cum!” Brian exclaimed trying to warn me. Even though I heard his voice, the words didn’t register with my mind as I was too busy masturbating myself. I kept on sucking on his beautiful black cock and was a little surprised when I felt the first spurt of his cum shoot against my tongue. The second and third spurts followed quickly in succession quickly filling my mouth with his cum. The force of these spurts was incredible and the exhilarating feeling caused my own orgasm to wash over me. As my body quivered from my climax, I lost control of Brian’s cock as he continued thrusting into my mouth. The deeper penetration of his cock caused me to reflexively swallow, gulping down the mouthful of cum.

Brian moaned and grunted as he continued thrusting his cock into my mouth. The remaining spurts were not as large and much weaker, just dripping from his cock onto my tongue. My own orgasm was intense but quite short and my senses soon came back to me. I realized that I was still sucking on Brian’s thrusting cock and there was a small pool of cum in my mouth. Having already swallowed most of his cum, I decided to finish what I started and gulped down the remaining cum in my mouth. After Brian finished cumming, I let his cock slip out of my mouth with a soft plop.

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