My name is Christy and I’m 19 years old. My aunt Helena passed away at the age of 67, a year ago, and as a result of her endless love, I inherited all her possessions. Imagine my surprise when the lawyer informed me that besides a large amount of money kept in several bank accounts, painting and other art collections, I had come by a “red light house”.

My mouth opened and my jaw dropped to the floor when I heard it because I always considered my aunt to be a prototype of an old fashioned and conservative person; although a very caring and sweet one. What was more? That “red light house” was only for girls and was served by girls only!

I must confess that there was a condition in her will which stated that in order to fully inherit her fortune I should run the bordello for a year. If I failed doing so, I would be deprived of any rights on her will.

Well, every young girl like me has to earn a living. After all it was just a job, though not an ordinary one, but who cares? I didn’t have anything to do at that time and let me tell you this. Why shouldn’t I go for the big money? Thanks God I’m not that stupid!

I went there the following day. I met and informed all the girls that from now on I would be the new boss. I told them that I wouldn’t change anything and in fact I would give them a raise as long as they remained obedient and loyal to me. I had some minor problems with the older girls but when I ripped some hair of their leader’s head they stepped back and returned to their duties. Soon they found out that I was not a person to be taken lightly.

One day after entering my bordello I heard commotion coming out from the living room. There was too much noise and I heard one of my girls, Kim, shouting out that she had been robbed or something like that. Full of curiosity and anxiety I walked over there and I saw all my girls staring at someone who stood in the middle. I pushed away some of them who obstructed my view and I came face to face with our unexpected guest.

A rather 18-19 years old naked girl with curly black hair going down to her waist , raised her blue eyes and looked at me. Her face was so red that for a moment I thought she would explode right in front of our eyes. She had positioned her arms in a “V” shape in order to cover her tiny breasts and she had her palms joined over her shaved mound.

She was almost 5 feet and her figure was slim but curvy. Judging from her outlook I would say that her origin was Irish.

“What’s all the fuss about?” I asked.

“Miss Christy this little slut hasn’t got enough money to pay for my services” Kim shouted.

“Calm down Kim. I can’t see where the problem is. If she can’t afford it then don’t serve her. Hmmm… Don’t tell me that you served her first and asked for her money later, for if you did you’ll have to deal with me!”

Kim lowered her eyes and nodded weakly without saying a word.

“Tell me what happened” I demanded angrily.

“She came in, half an hour ago, and asked for my services. We got into my room and I asked her what she would like. She told me that she would like to have her pussy licked and asked the price. I informed her that she would have to pay a 100$ bill and she agreed. She stripped off her clothes faster than a blink of an eye and she ordered me to get on my knees and lick her. I got on my knees and I sucked her pussy. She must have been very horny because after a few laps on her labia she climaxed into my mouth. I licked her clean and then I asked for my money. She gave me 17$ and some changes and she said that was all her money. I searched her pockets and found nothing else. Then I started to yell at her and you know the rest.”

“How many times have I told you to get the money first and do the rest afterwards? You have been doing this job for so long and you haven’t learnt a thing. I believe you was very horny too and you couldn’t wait to taste her pussy. Go now and change your outfit. Get naked, put your dog collar around your neck and leather straps around your breasts, waist and thighs. You will be standing near the garderobe and every time a customer arrives you will be sucking her pussy to the point of no return. And one more thing. You won’t get paid today. You are going to work for free for the rest of the day. Understood?”

“Yes Miss Christy. I’m very sorry” Kim replied.

“Go xslot now.”

“Now it’s your turn girl. Tell me your name and age.”

“My name is Kristin and I’m 18 years old.”

“You owe me money Miss Kristin. How are you going to pay me? Should I contact your father and ask him to pay me?”

“Oh please Miss Christy don’t do it. My father will kill me. He owns a strip club and he is very cruel. He forces me to work there as a waitress because he says I’m old enough to make money and pay my school and bills. You just don’t know how it feels like having 40 years old men trying to grab your ass and tits all the time. I hate my father and all men Miss Christy. Please Miss Christy I’ll do anything to pay my debt but don’t tell my father. I beg of you!” Kristin said with tears in her eyes.

Oh my God. What kind of parents would force her daughter to work as a waitress in a strip club? If it were on my hands I would wipe out these abominations from the face of the earth in no time. Poor Kristin…So innocent and tender… Even God himself would kneel before your unsurpassed beauty and grace. You should have never come on this earth, blue-eyed angel.

“Put on a robe Kristin and sit on the sofa. I’ll decide later what I’m going to do with you” I said in a soothing voice.

She sat on the sofa and all of sudden my best customers, Kathy and Jennifer, came in.

“Miss Christy! You always find new ways to please and surprise us!” both exclaimed.

“Kim sucked our pussies while we were waiting at the garderobe without being asked to do so! It was so unexpected and sensual that we remained speechless for some time” Kathy said.

“I screamed only when I climaxed” Jennifer added happily.

“I’m glad that Kim performed her duties as she was ordered. My dear ladies our services are always of top-class quality. Any complaints regarding our services and girls should be addressed to me immediately.”

‘That’s why she is charging us a fortune” Jennifer whispered to Kathy’s ear.

“If you don’t like what you are getting here Jennifer you can always go somewhere else. Let me disillusion you for a moment. I don’t need your money and I don’t give a penny whether you are here or not. Do you want me to ban your entrance in here for ever?” I grunted.

“Oh, NOOO, Miss Christy. Please, I was just joking” Jennifer replied in a trembling voice.

“You’d better be” I grinned broadly.

“By the way who’s that girl there on the sofa?” Kathy asked me.

“None of your business Kathy” I replied.

“Is she one of your girls? I haven’t seen her before, even though I’m visiting your place almost every day” Jennifer added.

They were looking at the young girl like two rabid foxes ready to tear apart and devour a spring chicken. Their lewd glances and heavy breaths were filling the room, raising the tension, rendering it almost unbearable. I could see them drooling like two year old babies. They would sell their souls to Satan without second thought, just for having a two minute-session with Kristin. If I allowed them to do anything they wanted I’m sure they would feast upon Kristen’s tender flesh for hours, if not for days.

By that time, the living room had been filled with our regular customers. I gave orders to my girls to bring more chairs and position them in a circle.

“My dear customers please, be seated. May I have your attention for a minute? I have to make an announcement. By now, I’m sure that you all have noticed the presence of that girl. Due to an unfortunate incident this girl is indebted to me. I own her for the rest of the day and I have just found the right solution for taking my money back. I’m going to sell her to the highest bidder for a certain amount of time, which I shall decide later.”

Applauses and cheers interrupted the flow of my speech.

“Please ladies calm down. Let me finish. You haven’t heard my conditions yet. The lady who wins the auction will have to do Kristin here in the middle of the room. She is allowed to use only her mouth and fingers and nothing else. Toys and other accessories aren’t allowed. If she inflicts pain upon her, by any means, I swear God I shall engrave my full name on her tits with candescent iron. If I see a bite or even a hickey upon her baby skin I shall strangle her to death with my bare hands. Now you may xslot Giriş get rid of your clothes and ask for our girls’ services. Pink French champagne is being served now and the starting bid is 1000$.”

The ladies started to strip off their clothes when I turned back and looked at Kathy and Jennifer. They were both naked and they were grinning like a couple of fat Cheshire cats in front of a bowl, full of milk.

Both knew that no one could compete with them because they had been born with a silver spoon in their mouths! I could hear voices coming from every direction offering 1100$, 1400$, 1500$ and so forth. Kathy raised her hand and offered 3000$.Dead Silence fell in the room.

“I raise to 4.000$” Jennifer said without moving, seemingly, a single muscle of her face.

“4.600$ is the proper price for me” Kathy returned with vengeance.

“5,000$ is as far as I can go” Jennifer added with a sigh.

“This is exactly the cap of my offer” said Kathy.

Both fixed their gaze at me and waited for my decision. I had to give a fair solution as soon as possible, as I didn’t want to see my event ending in a fiasco.

“Given the fact that you have been knowing each other for more than 30 years and because I want to be fair to both of you, I pronounce you winners of the auction. Take your places in the middle of the room.”

“This…This is… OUTRAGEOUS!!!” Jennifer shouted.

“Take it or leave it, Jennifer. If you withdraw your offer, Kathy will be the only winner and she will be given extra time as well. This is the second time that you are questioning my acts, Jennifer. Do NOT test my patience. Last warning!” I replied angrily.

“I’m sorry…I’m in Miss Christy. You know me very well. I would never let Kathy to have all the fun” Jennifer murmured as she took her place in the middle of the room.

Kristen came close to me, grabbed my hand and looked straight into my eyes with those big puppy eyes full of tears.

“Oh Miss Christy…Please don’t let them do anything to me…I’m so afraid…I have never been with older women before…They must be over 40 years old…Please…Don’t let them hurt me…I could work as a waitress…and…” Kristin pleaded.

“You are a silly girl, do you know this?” I smiled and I sealed her lips with my finger.

“Kathy and Jennifer are adepts at everything you can think of; regarding sex of course. They are going to give you the most memorable experience of your life. Trust me. Kim is a professional but compared with them she is nothing more than an amateur schoolgirl. Have you ever seen how cats bath their babies using their tongues? You are going to have the same treatment but in a far superior degree. Consider this also. You came here in order to have oral sex and you was obliged to pay for it, right? Now you are going to have the most experienced and versatile tongues on earth at your disposal and what is more? It’s FREE!

Many ladies and girls, if not all the female population of earth, would kill for being in your position tonight. The question is that I have never seen them so horny before and I’m not sure if they can control their lust and passion satisfactory. In case you find yourself in a difficult situation raise your hand and I shall intervene immediately. I’ll give you 5% of their money plus free entrance and services for three months in my bordello. If you still don’t want to do this, tell me and I’ll cancel it.”

She smiled at me and she said “Ummm…I don’t know…Well…Okay let’s try it. I trust you so much Miss Christy. I feel safer now.”

“Who knows? You might like it at the end. Go there and take your position between the two women… That’s my girl.”

Kathy was standing in front of Kristin with her hands on her waist. She was 52 years old, 5’7″ tall with short-cut black hair and gray-blue eyes. Her tits were of 34A size and a bit shaggy. She had brown aureoles, the size of a silver dollar, and her nipples were sticking out like nails. Her body was slim and athletic with nicely carved abs and firm thighs. She had trimmed her gray fur on her mound in a lovely “V” shape and her slit was glistening in anticipation.

Jennifer on the other hand, had positioned herself behind Kristin. She was 5 inches shorter than Kathy and 4 years younger. She had magnificent auburn hair, deep-blue eyes xslot Güncel Giriş and her complexion was full of freckles. Her full 38D breasts were awesome with pale-pink aureoles and fat nipples. She was 20 pounds heavier than Kathy but she wasn’t looking fat. With full hips, firm tummy and strong legs she would have been the ideal model for any painter of the renaissance era. Her succulent pussylips were covered by a thick red tuft of silky hair which was looking soaking wet.

Kathy got closer and fondled Kristin’s left cheek with the back of her hand. She then traced her lips with the tip of her finger and proceeded down to her chin. Her finger followed the curves of her neck and then continued its road right between Kristi’s budding breasts.

Jennifer was kissing Kristi’s hair very gently while her hands were rubbing her tender shoulders. Her nose was dipped in the ocean of Kristi’s cascading hair, taking deep breaths of their fragrance.

Kathy’s finger outlined Kristi’s left breast and her fingernail scratched gently its way around her pink aureole. She had mastered that ancient Korean technique during the time she spent in an old Chinese whore house in Hong Kong, while Jennifer was kissing and licking Kristi’s side-neck.

I saw Kim on her knees licking the aged pussy of a 60 years old granny while Debbie was being fed the huge nipples, one after another, of a 45 years old black lady. My beloved Emma stripped off her bra and started to sway her magnificent ass in front of a bunch of sex starved middle-aged housewives. Jane’s bubble buttocks were being spanked relentlessly by a horny ex-female teacher and Steph with her hands tied behind her back was licking and sucking the toes of a young aristocratic lady.

Kristin was shivering like a leaf in the wind and panting like a hound dog as she had her breasts eaten out by those horny dykes. Kathy and Jennifer were teasing Kristi’s nipples with their tongues by moving them left and right in amazing speed while their hands were kneading the soft flesh of her tits.

Kathy went behind Kristin’s back and she put the tip of her tongue right on the crack of her tiny asshole. She started teasing Kristin’s virgin rim hole with her tongue while her hands were caressing her shapely calves. Jennifer was too busy licking Kristin’s sensitive navel and she didn’t notice that her inner thighs were creamy from her juices.

Kim being on the floor upside-down with most of her body on the air and her legs spread wide open was being fucked violently in the ass by a monstrous black dildo strapped on a 6 feet tall breastless butch red-hair and she was screaming like a pig in a slaughterhouse. Emma was on her knees and she was fisting two hungry, seemingly bottomless, cunts at the same time while the 60 years old granny was licking her anal opening. Debbie had put three fingers inside her pussy while she was licking the huge butt of the black lady. Jane bent over and grabbed her ankles with both hands as she was ordered because the ex-teacher was ready to use the “cat with nine tails” whip on her red buttocks. Steph was sucking and nibbling the pussy of the young aristocratic lady with religious devotion with her hands still tied behind her back.

Kristin was moaning like an aroused kitten as she had two angry tongues exploring her moisty openings. One being inside her love canal, drilling and hammering her pink folds to no end and the other crawling and rubbing itself along her back door. Those tongues wouldn’t get satisfied with nothing less than a huge overwhelming tidal wave of her honey fluids. They would meet each other under Kristin’s crotch, exchanging informations, smells, experiences, liquids and then they would get back to their business.

The feeling of having a constant flow of signals coming from so many stimulated sex centers simultaneously, was too much for Kristin. She yelped the name of her mother, she bucked her loins and she came. She came hard and she emptied, literally, all her body fluids on Kathy’s and Jennifer’s unsatisfied tongues. Kathy and Jennifer were drinking and swallowing Kristin’s nectar like two half-dead of thirst travelers would do if they found an oasis in the middle of a desert.

After sucking dry Kristin’s pussy Kathy and Jennifer got involved in a frenzy 69 pussy-licking feast and Kristin came to me.

“Miss Christy I feel so worn-out. I’m spent. May I sit on the couch next to you for a moment?”

“Please do,” I said.

She fell asleep into my arms…



Written by Christy Mars Copyright © 2006

Especially modified for Literotica.

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