K’s Candy Ch. 014

Big Tits

Part 14 Entertaining

We got home and I brought the groceries and liquor in from the car. I got everything put away while Katherine sat on the couch and worked on the menu for tonight. I came out into the living room.

Mistress looked up at me. “Go upstairs and lay down in my bed for a while, Candy. I want you rested up for tonight. I’ll wake you up in time.”

I hugged her gently. “Thank you, Mistress,” I said, and went upstairs. I went into her bedroom and peeled my clothes off, and slipped off the shoes, stretching out on her comfy bed, flexing my toes with relief. I was more tired than I’d realized. I turned to the side and pulled the covers up over me and felt myself drifting down into sleep.

I was awakened by Mistress’ voice. I lifted myself up in bed a little groggily, and realized that Mistress’ voice was coming through an intercom speaker in the wall.

“Come downstairs, pet. It’s time to start getting ready. Put your shoes back on and nothing else.”

I shook out the cobwebs and swing over to sit on the edge of the bed. I slid my feet into the heels and stood, blinking, still trying to get focused. I had really fallen into a deep sleep.

I made my way downstairs. Mistress handed me a red chef’s apron. I slipped it on and tied it. I blushed, feeling the air moving over my naked ass. It was such an odd sensation, being partially covered – the apron, while short, covered me in front, top and bottom, but the fact that it was open in the back and clear that I was wearing nothing besides the apron made me feel somehow more naked than naked.

Mistress smiled, obviously sensing my reaction and thought process. “You look wonderfully . . .”

She paused and giggled. “. . . Wonderfully efficient.” I laughed out loud, mostly in surprise – “efficient” wasn’t the word I’d been expecting to hear.

Mistress reached down and squeezed my butt, affectionately but possessively. “Mmmm ok . . . let’s get dinner going. Our guests arrive in a little over an hour.”

I looked at the clock. 4:50. I’d been asleep for quite a while.

Mistress handed me the piece of paper on which she’d written the menu. I looked it over:





Ice cream sundaes

I glanced at her a moment. I suppose I’d been expecting something a bit more involved. I was relieved but curious.

Again she seemed to read my mind. “I’m a woman of simple tastes, Candy. Feel free to spruce up the rice and asparagus a bit but don’t go crazy. I don’t like food that’s “overwrought.”

I nodded. “Yes, Mistress. I understand.”

I went about starting to get things ready. I wasn’t sure I understood at all, but I figured my best recourse was to trust my instincts. If things weren’t right I knew Mistress would take the time later to explain and correct. I smiled to myself, realizing that. It gave me a sense of quiet security that was impossible to put words to but very warming and powerful.

“OK, time for me to shower and change. They arrive at 6. Be ready to put out the antipasto at 6:20.”

Mistress left the kitchen and I planned things out in my mind, a couple of ideas coming to me. I checked the time again and got moving.

I’d grill the steaks and the asparagus. A little olive oil and lemon for the asparagus was all they’d need. The rice . . . well, rice is like a blank canvas. I restrained myself and settled on a fairly simple preparation – sauté the raw rice with some onions, in olive oil, cook it in chicken stock, and than stir in some shaved Parmigiano Reggiano at the end. Sort of a lazy woman’s American risotto.

I’d found over the years that most cooking projects get derailed by the unexpected. So I thought a moment about what could possibly go wrong. I looked to the sliding glass doors – the grill. Was there propane? Was the grill clean?

I moved across the great room and out onto the deck. It was a warm day but the gentle breeze made the apron cling to me, reminding me of that “more naked than naked” feeling. I blushed again as I checked the grill. I sighed with relief . . . there was almost a full tank of propane. I opened the lid. The grill was basically clean but did need a once-over before being cooked on. I turned it on high and closed the lid, letting it heat up really well while I went back and prepared the asparagus and chopped up onions for the rice.

That done, I went back outside and opened the grill, moving back from the blast of heat that came out when I did so. I turned the heat off and cleaned the grill with a wire brush, removing the little bit of mess there. I brushed the grill bars with vegetable oil, enjoying the way it made them glisten.

I went back into the kitchen and took stock of the operation. It was 5:12. Things were under control. I smiled happily.

Mistress came down around 5:30 and surveyed the preparations.

“Good girl.” She handed me a red apron identical to the one I was wearing. “Go shower and put on the clean xslot apron.” I took the apron from her and scampered up the stairs and into the bathroom.

I was quick about it, a bit nervous on several levels. When I came back downstairs Katherine was relaxing on the couch, sipping a drink.

“OK, pet, a couple of final things. Dave and Jennifer as to be addressed as ‘Sir’ and ‘Miss,’ respectively. You will offer to them drinks, of course, and serve kneeling as you do when you serve me.”

I listened, suppressing a soft gulp. I wasn’t necessarily surprised, but I knew that doing certain things was very different from agreeing to them or thinking about them.

“Yes, Mistress.” I got up and went back into the kitchen to put the antipoasto together, arranging things prettily on the platter, obsessing on minutiae in order to take my mind off of our guests’ impending arrival.

I was wiping the already immaculate counter when the doorbell rang.

I took a deep breath and headed for the door. I didn’t need Mistress to tell me it was my job to get the door.

I opened the door. Dave and Jennifer were standing there, smiling, and looking somehow even more attractive than they had this afternoon.

“Hi again, Candy,” they said more or less at the same time. I couldn’t help blushing deeply.

“Hello, Sir, Miss. Come in, please.”

I showed them in and Mistress came over and hugged them both warmly and led them into the great room. They settled in and I got their drink orders.

Serving them the drinks affected me more deeply than I had thought it would. Kneeling before another person, even in the non-sexual act of serving a drink, drove home to me very firmly my role and place. I was doing something I would normally never have done, for the sole and simple reason that it was what Mistress required. I swallowed as I served Dave his drink – I could feel his eyes roaming over my body, and felt my collar tighter around my neck.

He laughed to Mistress. “Sexy apron.”

Jennifer and Mistress both giggled as Mistress spoke. “She’s sexy in anything, but yes, apron and heels is a good look for her.” Dave and Jennifer nodded their agreement.

I blushed and looked to Mistress, eyes drifting to the kitchen a bit. She caught my meaning and nodded. “Yes, slut, go and see to dinner.”

I rose and walked away, feeling a shiver. She hadn’t used the word “slut” in addressing me in front of other people before. The new experiences were piling up rapidly, each one with its own unique feeling.

I got the rice going, came back to out to check on everyone’s drinks, and then went out to deck to light the grill again. Mistress, Jennifer, and Dave were chatting away.

Preparing dinner helped me calm down some. Being able to pour all of my focus into that was soothing.

Even better, dinner went off without a hitch. Everyone complimented me on the food and Mistress in particular seemed very pleased. By the time dinner was done I was practically beaming.

I got up and fixed after-dinner drinks for them as they retired back to the great room, and then went about clearing away the dinner mess and cleaning the kitchen. I was half-listening to their conversation as I worked.

At a certain point it got a little quieter out in the great room. I focused on the cleanup task.

Done, I went back out into the great room. Dave looked at me a moment, then at Mistress. Mistress smiled to Dave. “By all means, Dave.”

Dave smiled widely and looked at me again. “Come here, Candy.”

I walked over to him. His eyes swept over me a moment, up and down. “Kneel.”

I had a half-second of uncertainty, but I caught Mistress’ eyes and folded quickly down to my knees.

Dave slid down a bit in his chair as Mistress and Jennifer sat next to each other on the couch, moving closer to each other. Dave’s eyes met mine.

“Suck me, Candy.”

I gasped audibly. I heard Mistress and Jennifer laugh a bit and Mistress said to Jennifer, “see? A bit shy, still.” I realized that that was Mistress’ gracious way of giving me this one and only second chance. I leaned forward and undid Dave’s belt, my fingers seemingly numb as I unzipped his pants, part of me there and part of me in some disconnected semi-dream state.

Dave’s cock sprang free. He was already hard. He was pretty big, 7, 8 inches, perhaps, circumcised. I closed my eyes a moment and took him into my mouth, feeling how thick he was. Then the feeling of his hand on my head, so unfamiliar, making me gasp softly around his cock.

I was torn, still. Some part of me wanted to run, some part of me was shocked and horrified that Mistress would have me do this. But as my mouth moved on his cock the other part, that part that wanted only to serve her wishes, got stronger, and slowly took over. My mind swirled with the realization that I truly was much more of a slut than I’d ever allowed myself to imagine.

I surrendered to that part. I took him deep, xslot Giriş sucking and licking his cock, massaging his balls, giving myself over to the task, to the pleasure of another, any other who Mistress might say I should give pleasure to.

Dave’s moans mixed with the voices of Jennifer and Mistress as they watched me. “Oh, my, K, she really loves sucking cock. . . ” “Mmm yes, obviously she does. I’ll have to make sure she gets plenty of opportunities.” I moaned and whimpered around Dave’s cock as I heard them and felt his cock throb and pulse in my mouth. I sucked him harder, faster, realizing that I needed to make him cumm, that I needed him to explode in my mouth, and that I needed Mistress to be pleased at my doing that.

His grip in my hair tightened and his body tensed. I could feel how close he was. He moaned louder and I sucked him furiously, all of me poured into the act of doing so. He seemed to hold out forever . . . finally he screamed and exploded . . . I kept sucking him hard as he came hard. I quickly swallowed and sucked again, milking him dry as he groaned deeply and finally slid my head off of his softening cock.

I swallowed the last of it as I knelt back on my heels, heart racing. I couldn’t believe what I had just done. My mind reeled with the realization that it wasn’t so much that I had just done that, but that I had liked it. A strange feeling shot through me, part humiliation, part pure pleasure, that seemed to bounce from my brain straight down to my cunt and back again. I realized that I was soaked.

Mistress’ voice broke the spell. “Well done, Candy. Go clean up.”

I murmured “yes, Mistress,” and quickly rose and walked to the bathroom, not intending to rush but I could feel that I was moving fast. My whole face was hot with the blush that covered me; I couldn’t meet anyone’s eyes as I moved.

I looked in the bathroom mirror and for a second I wondered who I was, who I had become. My racing heartbeat slowly returned to normal. I brushed my teeth, gargled with Listerine, then brushed my teeth again. I took a deep breath and walked back out into the great room, realizing that “who I was” was no longer a relevant question. I was hers, and that defined and answered everything. And that knowledge was rapidly becoming less and less scary and more and more comforting.

Mistress and Jennifer held out their glasses for refills. I made them fresh drinks and the fact that to the three of them nothing odd or unusual had just happened a few minutes earlier was not at all lost on me.

The drinks were served and Jennifer looked to Mistress. Mistress smiled back at her. “Want a turn, Jenn?”

Jennifer readily agreed to that suggestion and had me kneel in front of her. She reached around me and undid the apron, removing it from me and tossing it aside. I knelt there, naked now except for the collar and heels. I didn’t even realize that I was looking down until Jennifer tipped my chin up and my eyes met hers.

Her green eyes sparkled with a quality I couldn’t quite place. What was in her mind? Desire? Bemusement? Dismissiveness? She didn’t say a word, but got up from the couch and moved behind me.

I felt her taking my wrists in her hands and crossing them behind my back. Then rope, snaking around them, slowly tightening, binding them. I tugged automatically. The snugness of the ropes felt oddly reassuring and more than a little exciting; I felt myself again getting wet.

Jennifer moved to the side of me and put a pillow on the floor in front of me. She took my shoulders and bent me at the waist, carefully moving my head down so that it rested on the pillow. I felt my ass rising up as I moved. Jennifer and nudged my knees wider apart, and I moaned softly as I felt my cunt getting wetter. The position was not totally comfortable, but with my knees wider I felt fairly stable. I breathed in deeply and tried to be very still.

Jennifer giggled to Mistress. “She looks adorable like this, K.” I heard Mistress laugh in agreement. Dave laughed too and made a joke about how he’d have to get his own drink now; I heard him rising and moving to the bar.

The next thing I felt was a cold sensation on my ass. I could hear Jennifer’s voice and feel the head of a lubed plug moving over my tight hole. “Breathe, slut . . . relax . . .”

I took the best deep breath I could and felt the plug starting to press. At the same time I felt the head of a big dildo sliding along my wet slit. I moaned deeply, my hips involuntarily starting to grind a little.

“Good girl, Candy . . . breathe . . . relax . . .” I half-heard her words; but my breathing did become deeper, with no conscious effort on my part. I whimpered and moaned louder as she pressed on the plug more firmly and started to slide the dildo into me at the same time.

“Unnnghhhhhhh goddddddd,” I gasped. Jennifer made a satisfied little sound and pressed the plug into past my remaining resistance and filled my cunt with the dildo.

Jennifer’s xslot Güncel Giriş voice floated down to me. “Mmmmm good slut. Feel how big they are.” She pressed the dildo deep and twisted the plug firmly. I gasped louder, my deep breaths suddenly replaced with short little pants.

“She wants it badly, K,” Jennifer said, laughing.

Mistress laughed along with Dave. “Well, Jenn, she is a major slut after all.”

The voices and laughter swirled around me as Jennifer started to fuck me deeply with the plug and the dildo, pumping them in and out of me with alternating strokes. I couldn’t hold still; my hips rocked whorishly as everything fell away: The bondage, the humiliation, my position; nothing else mattered but the excitement rising so hard and fast in me.

Jennifer worked me over relentlessly. The plug and dildo were pushing and pounding me. I felt tossed from all sides; I could barely recognize the sounds coming out of me as I gritted my teeth, feeling like there was no way I’d be able to hold back the impending explosion.

I was going to start begging to be allowed to cumm . . . when Jennifer’s voice cut through the haze, somehow in rhythm with the pumping plug and dildo in me.

“What are you, Candy?”

The words flew out of me. “Agggggggghhhhhh a slut, Miss!”

She laughed and continued to hammer me in both holes. “Well, let’s be a little more specific, shall we? You are a cocksucking slut whore, who does anything with anyone your Mistress should want.”

The words jabbed through my excitement like needles. I was trying desperately, to breathe, to focus. “Yes, Miss!” I managed to blurt out.

Jennifer nailed me harder still, the plug and dildo furiously moving in and out of me, hard, deep, mercilessly. “Say, it, slut . . . say what you are!”

I almost sobbed from the effort of holding back and of sucking in a deep breath. My mind was scrambled, almost gone. Somehow I got it all out.

“Yes, Miss! I am a cocksucking slut whore, who does anything with anyone my Mistress should want, Miss! Yes! Aaaaaaannnngggghhhhh!”

The urge to cumm was so strong. The part of me that might have stopped to think if begging was the right thing or not was long gone.

“Ohhhh god, pleeease Miss . . . . Mistress . . . pleeeeease let me cumm, I can’t hold back! Gggggghhuhhhhhnhhhh!”

At that moment Jennifer suddenly pulled the plug and dildo from me.

“No, slut.” The words were like stinging slaps across my face.

I heaved for breath. Both holes were buzzing, tingling, throbbing – suddenly emptied, clenching wildly at nothing.

I heard voices. My mind reeled in the surprise and shock and disappointment.

“She’s a good girl, K.”

“Wonderful slut you own.”

Mistress’ voice came through more strongly to me as I breathed in deeply, gradually coming back to something like normal.

“She is. I’m a lucky woman.”

I felt a surge of pride hearing her words. It was the last emotion I expected to feel at this moment. Bound, displayed, and teased to the very brink of release and then denied, I should’ve felt completely humiliated; I should have felt like nothing. And in a way I did. But Mistress’ simple statement of praise let me know that “nothing,” at this moment, was perfect, since it was how she wanted me to feel.

There was some chuckling and then some softer conversation I couldn’t make out. And then Mistress’ voice again, her tone jovial.

“Well, what kind of hostess would I be if I let you get all excited watching my slut and didn’t let you do anything about it?”

My mind was still processing her words when I felt strong, slightly rough hands grabbing my hips and heard Dave’s voice coming from behind me.

“This won’t take long, Candy.”

I was starting to take a deep breath when I heard Dave cry out and felt him slam his cock into my soaked cunt. I screamed more in surprise than anything else.

Dave’s grip on my hips strengthened as he began to fuck me hard and fast. Each stroke, each sound that came out of him, drove me down as my cunt clenched to his cock and my body rocked from his slamming against it. This was what I was, what I was for – a collared slut, suck- and fuck- and tease-toy to be used and taken. Indeed, nothing; nothing but something to be used for the pleasure and amusement of others.

I gasped and grunted as he banged away at me. I heard his sounds get more urgent, louder; I felt his cock twitching and throbbing inside me as he drove it in and out of me. Something in me gave way more, deeper, and I tried to buck back against him the little I could, to get his cock deeper, to feel more filled, more taken, if I could.

He was so close. Any second now he would explode in me. I knew that I would not cumm, that I could not, even if it were somehow commanded at this moment. Any pleasure of mine in this could only come from the knowledge of serving her well, of pleasing her guest.

He screamed and exploded, his cock driving deeper still as he pumped his load into me. I felt everything at once in that moment – all the humiliation, all the degradation, all the “nothingness,” mixed at the same time with that inexplicable but undeniable feeling of pride. I had served well.

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