Kyle’s first time, part three


Kyle’s first time, part threeAfter telling Kyle about my first time with best friend Zack, Kyle promised to make me forget about that first time.Standing up to face me, Kyle wrapped his arms around me and gave me one of the most affectionate hugs I’d had in quite some time. The mixture of the scent of Polo Black and his leather jacket already had my senses alive, but as he put his arms around me, my senses became aroused and were well on the way to what promised to be an unforgettable euphoric journey. Because he was nearly five inches taller than my five-foot eight body, his rugged frame fit me perfectly. With my head resting against his left shoulder, my mouth moved to his neck, where I placed a sensual first kiss. Based on his sigh, I knew he felt the kiss throughout his body. I could feel his strong hands on my back massaging my shoulders, and as our bodies were pressed against each other the impressive lump in his jeans caused the wet spot in my boxer briefs to grow. Helping him remove his leather jacket, we slowly made the move toward the bedroom. It was incredibly difficult resisting the urge to unbutton his jeans and unleash the b**stly prize to ravish it in my mouth and body, but like a fine wine, savoring this beauty slowly and sensuously was going to be worth the wait. Jacket now on the sofa, the trek to my room began.First the shoes. Arms locked around each other, passionately kissing. T-shirt, damp with anticipation on my shirt. Carefully slow dancing to my room. No lights, only ambient city lights reflecting on the walls, providing the perfect setting. Quick grab of the remote, soft jazz, back to kissing. canlı bahis Eager to go further…yet savoring each part of his lips, ears, neck. The path to pleasure would be a slow, sensual and passionate ride. Our lips repeatedly finding each other, tongues entwined inside the beautiful smile, exploring, as if preparing for the journey ahead, warming up for the passion they would soon employ.Next his shirt. Trembling now, the first touch of moist hot skin on skin as he removed my shirt as well. Void of hair except the treasure trail, my lips now focused on each nipple, swirling, sucking, gently nibbling. His fingers caressing my chest, touching the patch of hair, running it through his fingers, gently pinching my nipples. No pain, simply erogenous pleasure that radiated throughout my chest and groin. Back to lips, neck, nipples. Saliva on skin glistening in the ambiance. Finally, the belt and jeans, prize awaits underneath the boxer briefs, moistened in several spots. Pausing to place my hot breath upon the firm wetness causing him to moan in pleasure, I instructed him to lie on his stomach. I was also now down to my boxer briefs, straddling him. My expert hands caressed his back muscles, causing him to softly moan “I am so in need of a massage” which led me to nibble gently on his right ear and whisper “you got it” and I licked his ear from the lobe to the top. After rubbing all over the shoulders, arms, back, legs, my rock hard cock wanted desperately for me to pull his briefs down and fuck the daylights out his perfect ass, but I kept focus on the prize, knowing it would come in time. After lightly caressing his entire bahis siteleri backside with my fingertips, I told him to roll over. Doing the same, starting with his feet, I made my way across every inch of his body with my light feathery touches as he moaned incessantly.The prize was finally mine for the taking. I pulled down his boxer briefs to reveal an uncut, dripping with the sweetest pre-cum I’d ever tasted, thick eight-inch b**st that was ready for me to devour. The trail of pubic hair from his six-pack led down to neatly trimmed hairs and a full hairless sack just perfect for sucking. The first taste of this monster – its hot raging hardness filled my mouth and throat, stretching it to the limits. I knew he would blow his first load right away, so I slowly alternated between his cock and each nut, with an occasional lick near his hole. I had mastered the art of edging with my previous lover, so as I took him just close to the edge of the waterfall, I stopped to catch my breath and to let the fire inside of him die down, all the while savoring his flowing nectar. Three or four times – I lost count – I brought him to the edge. His swollen balls were ready for release. But not just yet.The last time I pulled away, he quickly ripped off my briefs, and practically dove into my cock head first. Gulping me down in one swift motion, he took all of my thick eight-incher in his mouth as well. Expert mouth and lips sucked me like there was no tomorrow and just as I was ready to explode, he sensed it, and stopped just as I had with him. “Fuck me!” I heard him whisper the words I was longing to hear. In a heartbeat I was pushing bahis şirketleri the swollen head of my raging glory against his tight hairless hole, moistened by my own saliva from the rimming I had just given. Pushing past his sphincter, the lube from my saliva and pre-cum was all I needed to slip in easily. Doggy style first, then on his back, spooning, all over the bed and finally me on my back with him riding me for all it was worth. He rode me while his still hard cock bounced up and down, slapping my abs every time he took me deep inside him, his low hanging sack touching my groin. After what seemed like an hour of riding me, he took his still hard leaking cock in his hand, pumped it a couple of times and unleashed one of the largest loads I’d ever seen another guy cum. The first spasm hit my face and as I opened my eager mouth, the second spasm shot into my mouth. He must have shot eight or ten waves on my chest. His clenching ass muscles pushed me to the edge, and he sensed I was getting close as my cock stiffened and swelled inside him. Pulling off, I quickly pumped my cock two or three times before depositing my own massive load on my chest. Almost upon instinct, Kyle started lapping up the gobs of cum, and just when he had a mouthful, he lay on top of me, his hairless swimmer’s body lying on top of my cum covered chest. Our lips met, my mouth opened, and we shared our loads in a deep kiss that lasted several minutes before he broke away. Exhausted, he laid next to me. I drank in the sight of his Adonis like body lying asleep next to me. As his chest rose and fell, I watched as his breathing returned to a relaxed state. Almost on cue the sultry saxophone sound of an instrumental version of “Unforgettable” began to play in the room, and within an instant, I dozed off into the deepest sleep I have had in a long, long time.

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