Lady Juliet


‘Ah, Mr. Pierce.’

‘The one and only,’ Will agrees.

The housekeeper inspects him suspiciously, her eyes linger on the leather jacket, the boots, the slicked back hair, black and shiny.

‘Follow me,’ she commands. ‘No grease on the carpets!’

‘Wouldn’t dream of it.’

Will has never seen the mansion from the inside. If anything, it seems even more humongous now. Looking at the over-sized bronze statue of a gaunt man with a strict expression, he whistles. His guide ignores him. She leads Will up a flight of stairs, past a door and all the way through a long corridor.

‘Man, all of that space, gotta be a hassle, especially for her.’

‘Miss Annie is quite capable of navigating her home,’ the housekeeper replies.

‘She’s a tough one, all right.’

The woman stops in front of another door.

‘This is Miss Annie’s room,’ she explains. ‘I shall see if sh-‘

‘Cool it, I got it covered from here, Jeeves.’

He ducks under the outstretched arm and knocks two times.

‘Oi, Bennett, you in there? What, too fancy to answer your own door now?’

‘Young man!’ says the housekeeper.

‘William!’ says the closed door.

He grins. Her voice is high and shrill and loaded with indignation.

There is sigh behind the door, then: ‘Well, you’d better enter.’

‘Sure thing,’ he turns back for a second and winks. ‘Thanks for the tour.’

He puts on his most winning of smiles.

‘Hmph,’ the woman walks off, her heavy steps echoing through the hallway.

‘Nice carpets, your dad’s got style.’

Only when the door closes behind Will does Annie answer.

‘Oh, get bent, Pierce.’

‘Right now?’

She smiles at him with her mouth only, her eyes busy glaring. Will likes her eyes, they’re large and deep and the colour of chocolate.

‘What’s with your folks anyway? What, they keep you on the second floor?’

He’s quickly crossed the room and plonks himself down on his host’s bed. The perfectly made up blanket wrinkles around his buttocks.

‘I’m not kept anywhere, Pierce. This has always been my room. There was no reason to change it.’

Involuntarily, Will stares, stares at Annie’s fierce expression, her diminished body and her last remaining limb. Despite her clenched jaw, she looks tiny, reduced.

She is sat opposite her bed and has not gotten up to greet Will, nor could she have. Her left shoulder is empty, as evidenced by the puffy yellow sleeve that hung from it, limp and useless. Her torso was slim and petite. Looking down, Will saw her dress draped across the chair. There were no legs, nor even stumps to fill it. Only her right arm wasn’t gone entirely, with a short nub, three maybe four inches in length, still going strong.

She meets his gaze. Her face is framed by curly auburn locks and her dark eyes challenge Will’s words.

‘Guess not,’ he shrugs.

They exchange a faint smile.

‘I hear,’ Annie’s voice is no longer raised. ‘You are having trouble in English.’

‘My English is just fine. Mr. H just needs a little help seeing that.’

‘I’m sure it’d be a whole lot easier to see if you read the play he gave us.’

‘Interesting xslot idea you got there.’

Annie leans forward as much as her belts allow and places her stump on top of a small book on her desk and drags it towards the edge. It slides off, but she quickly presses it against her sternum before it can fall.

Annie pushes the small joystick on her right and with a low humming, the chair moves closer to the bed.

‘You got yours?’ she asks.

He shrugs and decides to play along for now.

‘Think so.’

Will makes sure his sunglasses are tucked into his shirt in a visually pleasing manner and then crosses his legs taking up significantly more space than necessary. Finally, he reaches into his pocket and retrieves a battered copy of Romeo and Juliet.

‘Where are you?’ Annie asks.

Will glances at the index. From deep within his memories, he draws out a lesson he’d once put tremendous effort into ignoring.

‘The window,’ he said. ‘She’s at the window and he’s all hot for her.’


‘Yep. Amazin’ scene. Totally romantic.’

Annie raises her eyebrows. Her book now lies on a small table affixed to her right armrest just behind the little joystick. She’s opened it up and now drags her stump across the pages, turning them. As soon as she finds what she’s looking for she slams the reduced appendage down onto the book, making sure it stays open. Will quickly opens his own copy on the same page. Her eyes fly across the text.

‘You like this scene, do you.’

‘Sure do. “Romeo oh Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo”‘ he intones. ‘What’s not to like? Although…’


‘Is Juliet s’posed to be kinda… stupid? Or blind?’

‘What are you talking about?’

‘Well, Romeo’s outside her window and she don’t know where he is. Seems weird is all.’

‘She’s asking him why, you goon, not where. Wherefore means why.’


‘No, English.’

‘Fine, but still… she’s not happy with him being Romeo? I thought they were in love?’

‘They are, but it’s about his name. He is a Montague, so he can’t be with Juliet, who’s a Capulet. That’s the tragedy of their love.’

Will’s brow wrinkles as he absorbed her words.

‘So why doesn’t she say: Why oh why are you Capulet? Any old peasant can be called Romeo, right?’

‘I, um…’ Annie’s eyes narrow. ‘Huh. I guess Shakespeare is being subtle?’

She doesn’t sound convincing.

‘No way! You got no idea,’ Will puts on a crooked smile. ‘Well, we tried, but that whole studyin thing ain’t our jam.’

He closed his book dramatically. He tried to look cool and in charge, but he could feel a hot flash coming on. Damn, how did she do it?

‘You’re hopeless,’ Annie shakes her head.

He gets to his feet, his hands rest on her chair.

‘Is that such a bad thing?’

He bends down.

‘Yes,’ she says. ‘I might have to punish you for it.’

She’s biting her lips, her full, round. soft lips

‘Then why do you like it so much?’

Again? Again with this bookworm? This cripple? He cannot even imagine what the boys would think, how they would talk.

He leans xslot Giriş in for a kiss, but Annie’s raises her stump, keeping the eager young man from her mouth.

‘Not so fast,’ a mischievous smile appears. ‘That’s not how this works.’

By now, Will’s cheeks burn scarlet.

‘Go on,’ she says.

‘All right, Bennett’ he nods.

‘All right?’

He looks around as though someone could be hiding in a corner or the wardrobe.

‘Really, here?’ he asks.


‘All right, Miss Annie.’


Will walks up to the door and locks it.

‘The bed, if you please.’

‘Sure thing, Miss Annie.’

He undoes the belts and wraps his arms around Annie. As he lifts her of the wheelchair, he presses her body up against his chest. Beneath the flowing dress, she is firm and tight. He glances down at her blossoming breasts and shudders.

He props her up on a throne of pillows. His eyes are lowered and yet he feels her bemused gaze. It hurts, but at the same time…

‘That will do,’ she says.

His arms pull away immediately and he retreats from the mattress, carefully straightening out the blanket along the way. He looks up, but not at her face. That wouldn’t feel right. The little stump points at a corner of the room.

‘Go on,’ she says. ‘I have something for you.’

‘Thank you,’ he says and crosses the room.

In the corner, stands a larger wicker basket. As he lifts the lid, Will already knows what to expect. He reaches in. On top of a pile of dirty laundry rests a single pair of light blue panties, a cartoon dog on the front. He picks them up. They seem neither wet nor discoloured but have clearly been worn.

‘Aren’t they cute?’

‘Very nice, yes. Thank you, Miss Annie.’

‘You may smell them.’

He does, breathes in her scent eagerly.

She beckons him with her nub. Respectfully, Will halts in front of the bed.

He can no longer tear himself away from her beauty and stares.

‘I love you,’ he says.

‘Aww thank you, Will. Now, take those panties and put them in your mouth.’

‘Yes, Miss Annie.’

He folds the fabric gently and does as he is told. Immediately his mouth feels dry and he can taste sour, but he perseveres.

‘Tape’s in the nightstand, top drawer,’ Annie says.

He retrieves it obediently. He tears off a strap and places it over his mouth, then another and another. He looks over. The industrial tape is strong and sticky. One would have been enough, he knew.

‘Go on.’

Another and another go on and finally one more until Annie is satisfied.

‘Looks great,’ she says. ‘How’s it feel?’

‘Mmh,’ he nods.

‘Although,’ she taps her chin with the stump, as though deep in thought. ‘You really shouldn’t be wearing clothing, now should you.’

Will frantically shakes his head, already pulling off his jacket. He notices Annie’s look. The white shirt he wears underneath is tight, but he knows better than to delay her. Quickly, the shirt goes, as does everything else.

‘Good, very good,’ Annie looks pleased. ‘Give us a twirl.’

Annie can’t see it, but Will is xslot Güncel Giriş smiling. He turns slowly, giving her a good show. The fresh air tickles him downstairs, but Will can feel blood rushing there regardless. He tenses his muscles.

‘Cute,’ Annie sounds bored. ‘You may join me.’

He climbs onto the bed and can feel himself growing harder.


He crawls forward on all fours until they’re nearly face to face. From her pillows, Annie can look down on her lover. She leans closer, her lips touch Will’s ear and his neck prickles.

‘You’re the sweetest, little slave,’ she whispers. ‘And you’re all mine.’

She kisses his ear, then his cheek, then the tape over his mouth. He’s never felt this dry, this thirsty.

‘Kiss me,’ she says.

Her nubbin strokes his hair gently. Will presses his taped up lips against Annie’s, against her cheek her neck. He whimpers as his manhood twitches in frustration.

‘Lower,’ she says. ‘I want you to take my tits, worship them, kiss them.’

On his knees, Will reaches out to brush aside the dress, but Annie shakes her head.

‘No, no.’

He feels for her chest, through the soft cotton and the bra, he traces the curves, pinches and moans. He buries his face in the soft warmth and soaks in more of her scent, sweet sweat mixed with a flowery perfume.


He presses his mouth against her firm belly, yearning after an impossible kiss.

‘Lie on your stomach.’

‘Mmpff,’ his eager member pulsates painfully as it’s pressed up against the mattress.

‘Very good.’

Will has to crane his neck now. In front of him is Annie’s womanhood, concealed beneath the bright cloth on an altar of pillows.

‘You may see it.’

Will lifts the dress and sees a beautiful cunt, the bush tidy, the lips full, moisture glistening. No panties, Will realises and no legs, a bare cunt, a naked cunt.

‘Kiss me,’ she commands.

Will strokes her with his knuckles. The moist lips part easily for his fingers and he can hear a sharp intake of breath from above. He leans forward and buries his face in the soft wetness. Trembling, two fingers slide in underneath.

‘Gah,’ Annie’s muscles contract and she nearly throws herself off of the cushiony platform.

A firm hand grabs her behind and keeps her in place.


A third finger, Annie’s eyes water. She is breathing rapidly now.

‘Yes, yes!’

Spasm of pleasure shake the tiny body and her stump flails wildly.

‘Don’t stop!

The fingers speed up, tension builds inside. She wants to push back, to take more and more.

She wants to grab him, to pull his hair, to grasp his cock, but she can’t reach. She watches as wave after wave of intense painful ecstasy washes over her useless body. A tidal wave that grows stronger and stronger with every scream.

‘Argh! Yes!’

She lets go and the wave comes crashing down. Annie squirts violently, sprays her dress and Will and her bed. Her loins tremble, her lips quiver and she falls onto her back into her collapsed pillow throne, limp and content.

He crawls across the wet patch and sees his mistress. Happy and panting, her cheeks flush with exhaustion, Annie cackles as soon as she sees Will shaking his soaked head.

‘Aww come here, little puppy.’

Will lays his head down on her chest and she embraces him with her stump.

‘I love my puppy.’

And it loved her too.

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