Lake Loop


Lake LoopWhen I was 36 I took a temporary assignment (8-12 weeks) outside of Midwest city to open a new business development office. The firm put me in an extended stay hotel / condo. It was late July. After the first couple of days, my routine became fairly boring – work, go exercise room and order fast food or go out for fast meal, sleep. Weekends were more boring since I was not into the bar scene. Did some tourist things but I was generally bored. Three weeks into the assignment, I am going crazy and becoming very lazy.Instead of the gym, I decide to try and find some local hiking trails. I found one about 10 minutes away in a local park called the Lake Loop. It is a four miles undulating path around a reservoir with some scenic viewing points. After thee days I find out quickly it is too hot for an after work hike so I decide to go out in the early morning. It is posted that the park opens at 6AM. I arrive around 6:30. There are two cars parked – a pick-up truck and a red Mustang. I stretch a little and begin my walk. About a mile and half into the walk, I go on one of the offshoot scenic view path, as I wanted to see the fog rinsing from the lake. It is about 50 yards off the main trail and out-of-sight. When I get there, I see a metal picnic table to my right and as look to my left about 30 feet away there is another one. However, there are two people on the far side of it. One is on their knees (I do not know if it is a guy or girl) and the other standing with peppery hair with his pants down. I am watching him get a blowjob and I find myself getting turned on watching. I reach down and feel myself getting hard. Just then the standing guy sees me watching and quickly pulls up his pants then rushes by me with his head down to avoid making eye contact. No words – just gone.I then see the other person; he is young 20-25 years guy with blond hair – very average looking wearing shorts and t-shirt. I awkwardly say, “I’m sorry.” He looks at me and says “I can help with that” staring at my crotch. I am nervous but excited not having any sex in a couple weeks only masturbating occasionally. I say “okay” shaking my head and walking over to the table. He pulls down my hiking shorts and underwear and just starts sucking my cock – his lips are warm but his left-hand touching my balls is a little chilly. I am rock hard in an instance, his lips are soft and he is gently working my cockhead. Within 2-3 minutes I explode in his mouth then on his face as he gags. He gets up and simply says “same time, same place, tomorrow” in a slight effeminate voice and walks off smiling. No other words. I pull up my shorts and underwear and cannot believe what just happen – was I being filmed. As I get to the main trail, I do not see anyone but instead of completing the walk – I head back to my car. There are a couple of more cars in the lot but the pick-up and Mustang are gone.That blowjob was the only thing I could think about all day and what was going to happen tomorrow. I got nothing accomplished in work. I get back to apartment after work and masturbate a couple of times to get to sleep thinking about the morning and what was coming.I get up and drive over to the park with a lot of nervous anticipation. I arrive and see the red Mustang and I start canlı bahis walking down the trail and go down the same scenic overview spot. He is sitting on the picnic table. I say “good morning” and walk over to him. No words, he drops to his knees pull down my pants. I am slightly aroused from the anticipation and he starts sucking me and gently massaging my cock with his right-hand. I am now holding out and not cumming quickly. He keeps working my cock with his lips and hand occasionally deep throating me. He then just starts working his hand on my cockhead and I explode a nice rope across his face. He gets off his knees and says “same time, same place, tomorrow” and walks away with cum on his face. I am still in shocking disbelief and pull up my pants and decide to complete the hike to calm myself down. This routine happens for 19 days including the weekends – everyday very similar, except that I am fully erect with anticipation as I walk down the scenic view path.On day 20, it all changed. I get to the picnic table and he reaches down and massages my cock through my shorts. He says, “Will you fuck me.” I instantly say “yes” and he hands me a purple tube named Astrolube. He drops his pants. He is wearing women yellow bikini panties with the little bow in front – I personally love this type of panties on my old girlfriends. Simple and sexy. I see his cock outline in the panties but he turns around quickly pulling them down. He bends over placing his arms on the picnic table. I drop my pants then put some lube on the hand and cock that is like steel. I lube his asshole a little and slide in one finger then two – he moans ever so slightly. I ask if he is ready. He nods approvingly and I slowly slide my cock into him. I asked if is alright because he is very tight – he says “a little pain but feeling nice.” After a couple of minutes of slow rhythmic thrust, he says “fuck me harder” – these are the most word I have hear him says. I start pounding harder and his moans and deep breathing follow. I decide to reach around and rub his cock. As I do, I touch his left hand that was rubbing his cock; he is a little startled and moves his hand away. His cock feels nice about 6-7 inches, but as I move up his shaft, I feel a very large cock head that is oozing pre-cum. With his pre-cum covering my fingers, I start gently massaging his cockhead as I am still rhythmically fucking him. Within seconds, he ass cheeks tighten up and he starts cumming. I stop rubbing his cock head and with my two-hands on his hips I am fucking pounding him. I let loose cumming in his ass very weak kneed. He is also weak-kneed pulls up his panties and pants, grabs the lube and says, “thank you, same time, same place tomorrow” and goes. I am asking myself what just happened, not believing this is occurring. As I pull up my pants, I notice a massive load on the seat portion of the picnic table – I was astonished by the amount like he did not ejaculate in months. As I complete my walk, I cannot help but smell his dried pre-cum all over my hand and notice some dried cum on my shorts.All day and night, I am thinking about what tomorrow will hold in store for this strange encounter and how these types of occurrence always seems to happen to me when I least expect it. I think bahis siteleri to myself – I do not even know his name. I arrive the next day and he is waiting for me. Without hesitation, he asks me to fuck him again and hands me the lube. This routine plays out for another four days and each day different color panties. I find out I really like rubbing his cockhead and making him cum.After this last session, I tell him my name and explain I am staying at an extended place giving the locations and apartment number saying maybe it will better if we fooled around at my place. He says nothing and walks away – no “same time, same place” statement. I do not know what this means.The next day I arrive at the parking area and there is no other car. I think may be he is running late so I proceed to our spot and wait. After 30 minutes to an hour, he does not show up – all I could think was that I scared him away by inviting back to the apartment. This routine plays out for the next week – a no-show.I decide just to move on and not go back to the park. It has been two weeks and it is Saturday. I have one more week on the assignment before I head home. I do errands, laundry and go see an afternoon movie. I get back to the apartment and order some pizza and salad for delivery. There is knock on my door thinking it was the delivery guy I open it to see my blond headed friend. I think we are both startled. I say, “come in and that I just ordered food, and I thought you were the delivery guy. Please sit down pointing to the couch.” The conversation begins awkwardly then there is another knocks – the delivery guy with the food. I place the food on the coffee table and pay the delivery guy. I asked to help himself and would he like a beer. He says he does not drink but water is okay. Then I laugh and say, “I do not even know your name.” He says Brian and that put him as ease. As we begin to eat, I explain that I am here on a temporary assignment and will be leaving in a week. There is some small chitchat and then he gets diarrhea of the mouth telling his life story. Christian family, baseball and football player during high school, works as a courier for an electrical firm, was harassed in high school showers because of his big cock head, like seeing the guys in the shower, the guy I scared off was a local politician and did not want to be known, he really does not do cruising, etc., etc., etc. I would only interrupt with some conversational questions. I also gave him re-assurance and explain my bisexual history – in that I never looked for it – it found me. As long as there is no pain, I would try anything once. I also told him he was my first guy in over 6 years. He tells me he is 24 and always knew he was bisexual and sucked his first cock at 20, he loves cum and he likes his cock sucked. He then surprisingly tells me that I was the first guy to fuck him but he has used toys.After a good hour – the conversation slows; I am sitting opposite the couch on a single chair. I say, “Come over here” waving my hand. He come stands in front of me and I reach up open his belt and slowly pull down his pants – more to gauge his reaction – but love seeing he is wearing bright blue panties with a tiny bow. I stand up and kiss him up placing my hand on his crotch. bahis şirketleri He gets hard instantly as we continue to kiss and grope one another. His cock head is popping out of the panties as I grope him pulling off his shirt. I still vividly remember the t-shirt – it was a black Guns and Roses’ “Appetite for Destruction” tour shirt. I drop to my knees – he is clean-shaven and his cock head is very large and purple – a perfect mushroom. I place it in my mouth; I love its warmth and his pre-cum taste very salty – he is rock hard. I slowly work the head with my mouth and lips – no hands – in less than a minute I feel him tensing up about to cum. I suck the head harder and he explodes. I gag pulling away from his cock with a mouthful of cum, he ejaculates again hitting my face then again hitting my shoulder. He is very weak kneed and I get up and kiss him as he then licks his cum from my face.After a very brief pause looking at each other, I lead him into the bedroom pushing him down on the bed facedown as he straddle the corner of the bed. I strip off my clothes and pull off his socks that are still on. I then do something I have never done before but lick his balls then start rimming him. I do not know why other that he was very smooth with essential no hair. I dive in and from his moans we are both enjoying it. I then get up and place my cock near his asshole getting some of my saliva on it as I slowly entering him – he says fuck me harder and I accommodate him. I flip him over to see his face and play with his cock. We change positions a number of times all over the bed and I eventually cum in him as I fucked him from behind side-by-side. We lay there exhaustively for a long while with little conversation – some stray comments about how much we enjoyed it.As we are lying in the bed we exchange a few kisses, I start to caress his nipples and in an instance his cock is fully erect. I am so fucking horny I ask him if he has his lube, which he replies, “yes in his pants pocket.” I get up and get the lube telling him “I want you to fuck me” as I generously apply it to his cock and cockhead. I then place some on my asshole. His head is large so I am a little worried and I have not had any anal sex in a long time. I get on all fours head down. I tell him to take it slow. He probes my ass with his finger and it feels good. He begins to move into me but it is painful. I tell him to stop as I think he is rushing too much from inexperience (Yes, I was the first guy he fucked). I explain that I will get on top but the bed is too soft and I cannot position myself correctly. I then say lets move to the hard kitchen chair. He sits down and I turn around lowering myself on his cock very slowly – there is pain but it is manageable. I finally have him complete in me moving nicely up and down. He keeps saying he cannot believe how tight it feels. After a couple of minutes, I get off him and hear a “pop” as I get off his cock and get on all fours on the kitchen floor. He re-enters me – it now feels incredible as I am oozing a lot of pre-cum – he is hitting the perfect spot. I ask him do not cum in me – too late he cannot control himself – I feel the warm of his cum. After cumming, he sits back in the chair and I lay on the floor for a couple of minutes afterward. We take a shower and then he left. We fucked and sucked four more days before I completed my assignment. I gave him my mobile number but he never called and I was never in the area again. Fond memories.

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