Later Friday


I pulled into the crowded lot at Christopher’s, a bar not far from work, and scampered inside. I saw our group off in a distant corner, by the pool tables, and ignored the hostess’ words, “A table for one?”

“Was Kathryn still at the office,” a voice called from the group of ten or so, all there to celebrate Hamilton’s fiftieth birthday.

“Yes, but I think she’ll be here shortly.” I felt I was blushing as I answered. “I need a drink,” I headed towards the bar.

“Hi, sweet thing,” I heard my boss, Kathryn come up behind me, putting her hand on my shoulder, “Be a dear and get me one of what ever you’re drinking,” she was off in a flash to join the group. I couldn’t help but stare at her as she walked.

“If you’re here alone, or she’s your date,” a man setting at the bar smiled, “I’d be more than happy to give you some happiness!”

“You and thousands like you!” I got the two glasses of wine and headed back to the group.

The table chatter went on and on, at least it seemed like chatter. I couldn’t stay involved in any one conversation and kept getting strange looks from Kathryn. Hamilton opened his presents. Some were rather naughty, like some “man-t-hose”. He’d kidded some of us women about wanting to get into our panty hose, so we bought him some of his own. The ones with a little pocket in front for his manhood!

Some of the people started to play pool. I elected to stay at the table and contemplate what had already happened that day. You see, Kathryn had come on to me in her office. Hamilton had walked in on us as she was feeling me up my skirt. He teased us and convinced us to give him a little sex for his birthday. I was in shock discovering that I enjoyed and even wanted her. I gave Hamilton a blowjob while Kathryn buried her face between my legs.

After that, she met me in the ladies bathroom and I did my best to please her. I had surprised myself, as I knew that I liked Kathryn but didn’t know that I had enough bi in me to do that.

Daydreaming made the evening roll by and it was after ten o’clock when I surveyed the remnants of the plates of nachos and other snacks that had come to our table. I consumed even more wine that Kathryn had bought for me.

“I think I’ll be heading home,” I sighed, noticing about half of the group was wishing, once more, a happy birthday to Hamilton and departing.

“Oh, no,” Kathryn seemed hurt, “Don’t go yet. We’re just getting ready to shoot some pool!”

Well, I’ve not shot much pool in my life and certainly don’t think I’m much good at it. I decided to stay, after remembering my hubby was not going to be back in town until Saturday morning. “I guess I can stay a little while longer,” I put a smile back on her face.

Hamilton, always the organizer, announced some teams to play elimination rounds of some sort. I finally heard that Kathryn and I were on the same team. I figured she was listening and I knew she’d let me know when I was to do something.

“Come on, dear,” Kathryn motioned to me. “I hope you’re as good at pool as you are at…!”

“Not!” I slapped her butt. “You’ll have to teach me this too!”

I got this glare from her as she turned and faced me, “I’ll just believe that you learned what you did to me from some guy doing it to you! I don’t think you are that much of a slut, yet!”

A couple more glasses of wine a little pool… Kathryn played well and I got a couple of lucky shots to Anadolu Yakası Yabancı Escort go in and we won our first round. I knew I’d had my limit of wine, but that didn’t stop me. I was getting warm but didn’t want to take my red blazer off. I was wearing a white silk blouse under it, but had gone bra-less and as horny as I was feeling, I knew my nipples would really stick out.

“Steve and I will play Henry and Sue,” Hamilton pointed like we didn’t know who they were. “And the winners will play Kathryn and Tonia!”

Well, if Steve shot pool as fast as molasses running downhill in January, Henry was as fast as dried concrete! Kathryn and I had even more wine while we were waiting for our next match. “We’ll have to spend some time together,” Kathryn smiled at me.

“It won’t hurt our working relationship?” I inquired.

“You mean our boss and employee relationship,” a big smile came across her face, “or two sluts doing each other?”

I chuckled and smiled back, “The first.”

“I hope not.” She seemed more serious, “You are a great worker and the best support person I’ve ever had!”

I wanted to ask her how many she has “had”, but declined. I shook my head, “I just get horny when I have this much to drink and I’m going to need my rubber friend tonight!”

“Maybe you won’t,” she teased, “There’s still some meat hanging here. I’ve heard that Steve is really hung,” she continued, “Maybe the two of us should rape him?”

I looked around the bar and saw it was becoming deserted. It was now eleven o’clock and our group had dwindled to six. Hamilton and Steve were talking while waiting for Henry to shoot. Sue was offering suggestions.

Henry finally pulled off a great shot that bounced off of two cushions and dropped the eight ball in a corner pocket! (I even talk like I know what I’m saying).

“Shit!” Hamilton cursed, “I almost forgot how to play, you guys took so long between shots! I’ve never seen such a group of amateurs!”

I was very tired and very horny. I had too many glasses of Chablis in me. I caught myself watching Kathryn’s nice ass as she stepped to the table to made the break.

When it was Sue’s turn, Steve came up behind her and started rubbing her butt through her slacks! “What the hell is this?” I thought.

Sue turned and kissed him hard and Steve pushed her up on the edge of the table. “Hey!” Kathryn called out, “We’ve got a game to play!”

“Just wait your turn!” Steve scoffed at her, “I’ll do you too!”

I was shocked! I’d never heard anyone talk to Kathryn like that! Steve has been working in our office for about a month. I’m sure that I had spent a little time drooling over him. He is a little over six feet tall and has broad shoulders like a football player. He’s actually working for another segment of the company, so technically, Kathryn isn’t his boss, but…

“You couldn’t handle me!” she snapped back, flipping him off with a teasing smile.

“Is that a dare?” Steve abandoned Sue as all eyes were on them.

“It is just a fact!” she taunted him.

“When I hammer you,” Steve shook his finger in her face, “you’ll know that you’ve been fucked by the best! You’ll not know how you lived through it, but will hope that some day I’ll fuck you again!”

“In your wet dreams!” she mocked him. “I’ve fucked better women than you!”

I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t sure if Anadolu Yakası Yeni Escort she was kidding or teasing him into something or just what was going to happen.

“Bitch!” Steve stood toe to toe with her, “You are about to get the fucking of your life!”

“You should be so lucky,” Kathryn turned and quickly walked away.

Steve took off after her, “You fucking bitch! You can’t just walk away from me!”

“I sure can!” she continued, but now turned into the ladies room.

I looked around at the rest of the group and saw that Sue had grabbed her coat and purse. She was leaving! The other two guys just stood there, evidently talking to each other about what was happening.

Steve stopped briefly and then swung open the bathroom door, “You think you can hide in here?”

I scurried to see if Kathryn needed help or just what was going on. I don’t know how I thought I could help her or stop him or just what I was going to do.

I glanced back and saw that Henry and Hamilton were leaving in kind of a hurry. I think they might have been afraid they might get involved and didn’t want that!

“No way!” she slugged at him. “You will never fuck me!” Kathryn shouted at Steve as I entered the bathroom.

He grabbed her, lifted her slightly and shoved her onto the countertop. He grabbed at her dress and lifted the front of it. “No panties?” Steve discovered what I’d forgotten as he yanked down her panty hose and ripped them off of her legs. I’d shredded her panties with my nails back at work.

“Unhand her!” I ordered like a sergeant, grabbing at his arms.

“Another feisty bitch?” Steve gave me a look that would have frightened off any normal person.

“She’s a cute young thing, isn’t she?” Kathryn sounded more relaxed.

“I wonder what she’s got under her skirt?” Steve seemed to back and turn away from Kathryn.

Fear swept through my body. Now I really wasn’t sure what was happening. Was I to be the bait or the victim?

Steve moved closer to me and opened his pants, “Feast your eyes on my woman pleaser!”

I gasped, eyes fixed on Steve’s cock, the most wonderful looking tool I’ve ever seen, in person. He seemed to be a little longer than my husband’s six or so, inches long, but he was thicker. Much thicker!

Steve moved closer as I continued to back away.

Suddenly I was backed up against the metal toilet partitions and he kept coming closer.

“Let me see what’s under that little skirt,” Steve raised my black skirt and smiled, “Thigh highs? Were you expecting to get fucked tonight?”

I was trembling and moaned slightly when his fingers pulled at my panties and then slipped inside. I gasped, feeling his fingers against my pussy.

“Tonia!” Steve teased the lips of my pussy, “You are so wet!”

“Isn’t she wonderful?” Kathryn moved closer.

“Such a wet pussy!” Steve fingered me some more, dipping inside my quivering body and then to my clit.

“I told you that he was hung like a horse,” Kathryn reached down and slipped her fingers part way around the big shaft. “You are going to love this!” she looked into my glassy eyes.

Then in one quick jerk, the crotch of my black bikini panties succumbs to Steve’s fingers and now two of his long fingers probed my wetness at will. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t move or say anything.

“Look at her pointed nipples,” Kathryn Anadolu Yakası Masaj Salonu released Steve’s cock and pulled open my red blazer. “The little slut isn’t even wearing a bra!” she flicked her finger tips across the outline of my nipple in my white silk blouse.

“Oh!” I cried out, uncontrollably, “Oh!”

“I didn’t know that you were such a slut!” Steve’s other hand moved up and his fingers teased my other nipple.

At this point in time, I was so horny that I only know that the three sets of fingers, working on my body, had worked me into a woman who needed sex, real bad!

Kathryn tugged at my blouse until it was free from my skirt. She slipped her fingers under the silky garment and taunted my nipple with a force I’d never felt before. I swear I would have cum if she kept it up.

But Steve moved his monster cock between my legs, reached down around my thighs and lifted my little body onto his monstrous cock!

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” I cried out, wrapping my legs around him. The soft, wet folds of my pussy slipped around his cock and started to swallow him.

I glanced down between us and again saw how thick he was. I was sure this was going to hurt!

I let myself down a little at a time. Steve was getting impatient. “Take it all! Slut!”

His hips started a rocking motion and he slammed my back against the partition. God it felt so wild and good!

Kathryn moved behind Steve and smiled, “I’m going to finger fuck your butt!”

Steve lost a stroke with that but then continued hammering into my body. “You can fuck any part of me you want, for now!” Steve added. “When I finish with this slut, you are next!”

His pace quickened. I felt like I was on a rack somewhere. I had become a fuck toy for Steve. I closed my eyes, My nails dug into his back, and I moaned like a five hundred-dollar whore. He was right. I did love this!

Harder, I slammed down to meet his thrusts. He groaned and I gasped. Truly I felt his massive cock had stretched me to my limits!

I know I had an orgasm early, but was having another when he shouted something like, “Fucking bitch! Take it all!”

A few more slams against the cold metal and then Steve squinted and shot his load into my body. I thought I felt his squirts, but couldn’t be sure. I just knew I was in love with this cock!

He eased me down and I slipped off into a booth and let what hadn’t run down my legs, drain into the toilet. I cleaned up as much as possible and started out of the booth.

“Oh, baby,” Steve was rubbing Kathryn’s head. She was on her knees in front of him with his semi-erect cock in her mouth!

She was fingering his balls and telling him how beautiful his cock looked. I left quietly and decided that Kathryn must have planned it this way.

I know I looked like Hell as I scooted past the bar, a couple of employees were still hanging around. I don’t think they usually stay open past eleven, but I didn’t care.

“Good night,” one of them called out.

The parking lot was nearly vacant. I walked as fast as possible to my car and slipped inside.

In just a couple of minutes, I was on the expressway, headed home. “I’m glad I’m alone tonight,” I thought, “I’m sure I’m still oozing onto my skirt.”

It’s about a 20-minute ride home, when there’s no traffic. I turned down our street and smiled that all the duplexes looked almost alike and thought what might happen if I turned into the wrong one. Oh well. That’s another story.

I wheeled into my drive and pressed the button for the overhead door.

A few minutes after I stepped into the house, the phone rang. “Who in the Hell…”

“We really need to spend more time together,” Kathryn’s voice came over the phone, “You are one wild lady!”

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