Laura Love Ch. 01


Note to readers: This seven part series is a sequel to “Laura’s Femdom Empowerment”. You should read that series before this one.


Chapter 1 Laura Grows Her House

Jared was completely naked. He was on his back, spread eagle on the bed. His wrists and ankles were tied to the head and foot boards.

Laura walked in the room. She was a vision of sinful lust. She was wearing black silk panties and a tiny black silk bra. She said nothing but was clearly enjoying herself. Jared was rock hard and would do anything to please her.

She climbed on the bed and stood with her feet on either side of Jared’s head. Grabbing the headboard with one hand, she slowly lowered herself down to his face. When she was low enough she placed her other hand on his forehead. She held his head down, forcefully against the bed.

She lowered herself more and nuzzled her pussy against Jared’s nose. He was addicted to her scent. He tried to lick her asshole but it was covered by her panties. She ground her pussy into his nose as he struggled.

Then she stood over him and ripped her panties off in one motion. She moved back and straddled his stomach. He could feel her wet pussy on his stomach, just out of reach of his engorged member.

She leaned down and began passionately kissing him. He tried to thrust up and reach her pussy but all he could feel was his penis against his own stomach.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The garbage truck outside Jared’s bedroom window was backing up. The noise roused him from his dream.

Jared said to himself, “Ugh. Damn it! I can’t even fuck Laura in my dreams. I’m sure it was her that I saw last night walking in the parking deck at the mall.”

He looked down and saw that he had kicked the covers off. His cock was rock hard and its tip was in a puddle, not of pussy juice but precum. He was so frustrated he wanted to cry. His balls were aching. He was officially obsessing over Laura.

He reached down and began stroking his cock. As he neared orgasm he said out loud, “I would do anything to be with Laura again.”

Meanwhile at Laura’s House:

It was Wednesday morning and I was sitting at my kitchen table eating breakfast. I was browsing through the messages on my Fetlife account. It had been six months since I collared Benjamin. He had become a useful slave for me but I wanted more.

As I trained Benjamin to be my servant I learned with him. Over time I found that my sex drive had morphed. I was able to achieve orgasm easier. Ruling over Benjamin actually gave me sexual pleasure and I wanted more.

I joined Fetlife to plugin to the local fetish scene. I wanted to find another slave. Someone who would be my equal in public but an obedient servant in private.

My phone buzzed with a text. It was from Jared Shoemaker, “Laura. I need to see you. May I please call you?”

I knew I could have had Jared if I wanted. I just didn’t want him. We saw that first movie together. Then we went out a couple more times and he introduced me to his mother. At that point I was done. Meeting parents was a relationship step I was not ready to take.

I hadn’t spoken to him for months. I decided to torment him. I replied, “Have you been touching yourself?”

I saw the reply bubble pop up for a moment. Then it disappeared. Eventually it came back and finally his text came through, “Yes.”

I replied, “Text me again when you haven’t touched yourself for two weeks.”

He texted back, “Ok.”

I giggled to myself and wondered aloud, “I bet Jared would make a great slave. I may just have to ruin that boy.”

On Fetlife I was browsing through my messages, deleting most. I saw another message from Paul. I had been messaging him for several days. His username was “PaulKneels”. If his pictures were authentic, he looked good. He had a nice body and he was not bad looking.

According to his profile Paul was new to the fetish world and looking for a “woman to serve”.

I decided to throw him a bone. I sent him a message, “Enough messaging Paul. If you want to meet me I’ll give you one chance. I’ll allow you to buy me dinner tonight. Message me before five o’clock tonight or don’t message me again.”

Before I logged off of Fetlife, Paul’s reply popped up, “Yes Goddess Laura I would love to buy you dinner tonight. Where and when?”

I replied, “I’m in the mood for Mexican food tonight. Meet me at Sabroso Taberna. There’s usually a wait but I don’t wait. I will arrive at seven pm and I expect you to have a table. Reply that you got this message and tell me what you’ll be wearing tonight.”

I logged off of Fetlife and cleaned up the table. I had to be at the clinic by 8:30am and it was already almost eight. Later that day as I ate lunch I logged back onto Fetlife to see if Paul had responded. Sure enough he had. I read his response, “That sounds great Goddess Laura. I will be there. I’ll be wearing a yellow and white striped shirt. I’m looking forward to meeting you.”

That night I dressed casual. I wore form fitting jeans and a tight half xslot shirt. It accentuated my chest and revealed my flat tummy.

As soon as I walked in the restaurant I saw Paul. He definitely matched his pictures. I walked over to his table and he sat there smiling and said, “Hi, you must be Laura.”

I frowned and said, “Hello Paul. You are completely untrained aren’t you.”

He looked confused and said, “Uh… why?”

I pointed to the chair opposite his and said, “This chair is not going to pull itself out.”

His eyes opened wide and he said, “Oh, right!” He jumped up and came around to pull out my chair. As I sat he pushed my chair back in.

I immediately had him on edge. He stood next to his chair but was afraid to use it. I pointed to it and said quietly, “Sit.”

The people closest to us noticed. I smiled at Paul and said quietly , “Let’s dispense with the formalities for now but, if we have a second date, I expect improvement.”

Paul nodded and said, “Okay, I think I get it.”

I had two goals for dinner. First was to enjoy a delicious meal at a nice restaurant. Second was to determine if Paul would make a good slave. He had already met my requirements for looks. Now I needed to make sure he was normal enough to be allowed in my home for testing.

Dinner with Paul was ok. He was a looker but the conversation was slow. It turned out he was not super intelligent. Possibly worse, he didn’t understand my humor.

He worked as a stone mason which explained his great body. His work kept him in shape.

By the end of the meal I decided that he was likable enough. I was hoping for a better sense of humor but I was willing to overlook it. I decided I wanted to see him naked.

Our waiter brought the check and he wisely didn’t assume the bill should go to Paul. He hesitated and I pointed to Paul and said, “He will take it.”

As Paul dug out his credit card I said, “Well Paul, I like what I’ve seen so far and I want to see the rest of you. How would you like to come to my house Friday night?”

Paul said, “That would be great!”

I said, “How far do you live from Prairie View Mall?”

He said, “I’m about ten minutes north of there.”

I took out my cell phone and said, “What’s your cell phone number?”

He told me and I entered it into a new contact. Then I said, “Wait for me to call you Friday night. I’ll give you my address then.”

I stood up and he remained seated. He said, “Uh yeah that sounds good.”

I shook my head and said quietly, “I sure hope you are trainable. Thank you for dinner. Goodnight Paul.”

He was a little bewildered as he said, “Uh yes, goodnight.”

Thursday after work I made an appointment for myself to prepare for Paul’s evaluation. I got a full bikini wax. When I left the salon my pussy was totally hairless.

Friday evening I was preparing for Paul’s visit. I wore only a black miniskirt and a snug filmy shirt with no bra or panties. I left my feet bare.

I had invited Benjamin over. When he arrived I opened the door and said, “Hello slave. Tonight you are going to remain clothed. I’m having a new potential slave over and I want you with me.”

Benjamin said, “Yes of course goddess Laura.”

I took out my phone and called Paul. He answered, “Hello, this is Paul.”

I said, “Paul, it’s Laura from Fetlife.”

He said, “Uh yes. I’ve been waiting for your call.”

I gave him my address and said, “I expect you at my door at eight o’clock. That’s only twenty five minutes. Don’t be late.”

He replied, “I won’t be. See you soon.”

I said, “Benjamin go to my bathroom and fetch some nail polish. Pick a color you would like to see on my toes.”

Benjamin excitedly said, “Yes goddess. I’ll be right back.”

When he returned I was lounging on my recliner. I said, “Put the polish on the floor next to my feet.”

Ben placed the polish next to my feet and I pointed at the floor next to my recliner. With no further instruction Ben obediently knelt next to me.

I told Benjamin my plans for the evening. I said, “I found Paul on Fetlife. He thinks he’s interested in spending time with a dominant woman. Tonight I intend to find out. He’s completely untrained so tonight will be an eye opener for him. As always I expect you to be on your best behavior.”

Benjamin said, “Of course goddess.”

I also went over some updates I wanted him to make to my dungeon. I said, “I love my playroom so far but there’s always room for improvement. Don’t you agree?”

Ben said, “Yes, of course goddess.”

I continued, “At Red Room Studio we have some nice suspension equipment. All I have to do is put heavy duty wrist or ankle restraints on my slave and attach them to cables. Then I can push a button on the wall to lift them.”

Ben said, “Well, I could put a hand winch on the wall. It would be very similar but you would just turn a hand crank to raise or lower them. They are inexpensive so you could have more than one.”

I said, “Why would xslot Giriş I want more than one?”

Ben replied, “Well you could have one over the floor to raise slaves in a standing position. You could have another one or two attached to the bed to raise slaves off the bed. You could even use them to stretch slaves out. Not for lifting but for stretching them tight.”

I smiled and said, “Yes, that’s what I want. I want all that. Get it done for me.”

Ben said, “Yes goddess, I’d be happy to.”

Before long I realized Paul was late. He rang my doorbell at 8:05. I checked the eye-hole camera on my phone to make sure it was Paul. I said to Benjamin, “Open the door.”

Paul was clearly surprised when he saw Benjamin. I called out, “Come in Paul.”

Paul looked over at me and stepped inside. After Benjamin closed the door I said, “Paul, what time did I tell you to arrive?”

Paul stammered, “I’m sorry I, I know I’m late but, there was traffic.”

I cut him off, “No excuses! Paul, I’ve already told you that I don’t wait. Did you already forget?”

Paul said, “No Laura.”

I frowned and said, “When we are in private you are to call me goddess Laura.”

Paul tried again, “No goddess Laura. I did not forget.”

I pointed to the open foot locker on the floor near the front door. I said, put your clothes in the box.”

Paul hesitated with a confused look on his face. I said, “Paul, I don’t like to be kept waiting. I also don’t like to repeat myself. Now put your clothes in the box.”

Paul took off his shoes and began removing his clothes. As he removed each article he dropped them in the box. Soon he was wearing only his underwear. I said, “Hurry up Paul. I don’t have all night.”

He slid his underwear down and I was pleasantly surprised. He had very little body fat. I could see his stomach muscles. His chest was bare and his genitals were shaved. His cock was average size and partially erect. I said, “Come over here.”

As he walked over to me I looked at Benjamin and pointed at the box. Benjamin walked over and closed the footlocker and locked the padlock. As Paul reached me at my recliner I pointed to the floor at my feet and said, “Kneel.”

As he knelt his penis began to erect. I ignored his arousal and looked into his eyes. I said, “Paul, if you had been on time I would start playing with you right now. But you made me wait.”

Paul tried to protest, “Goddess I.”

“Shut up!” I snarled.

My chair was facing the far corner of the room. I pointed to it and said, “Go stand in the corner.”

He walked over and faced the corner. I said, “Put your hands behind your back. Get your nose in the corner and don’t move.” He put his hands together behind his back and pushed his face into the corner.

I snapped my fingers and said, “Benjamin, I want an orgasm. Get over here and eat my pussy.”

Benjamin began crawling over and said, “Yes goddess.”

Paul heard me and turned slightly to look. I said, “Keep your nose in that corner!”

He jumped and turned back to the corner. I moved to the front of my seat and spread my legs. Benjamin moved in front of me on his hands and knees. He moved his face to within a couple inches of my sex and looked up at me and waited.

I said, “So far I’ve trained you to eat my pussy based on touch. Now I’m going to start training you to pleasure me based on my sounds. I want you to learn what I need by the sounds I make.”

Benjamin said, “Yes goddess.”

I said, “Always begin with worship kisses. I want you to show me how much you adore me.”

I reached down with both hands and grasped his earlobes between my thumbs and forefingers. I pulled him by the ears and positioned his mouth on my pussy. I gently rubbed his earlobes which was his signal to begin worship kisses.

I released his ears and relaxed as I enjoyed his gentle, loving kisses.

I was quiet for several minutes but I kept an eye on Paul to make sure he didn’t move. I cooed, “Mmm, that’s a good boy. Kiss my treasure. Tell me slave do you love me?”

Benjamin paused just long enough to say, “Yes goddess, I love you with all my heart.”

He resumed kissing and I said, “Oh yes my slave. I know you do.”

I enjoyed Benjamin’s kisses for a long time. Of course I was tormenting Paul. I wanted him to wish it was him worshiping my pussy. After about ten minutes I felt myself getting wet. I was breathing heavier.

I said quietly, “Okay slave. Do you feel how my pussy is getting wet and hear that I’m breathing louder?”

Benjamin said, “Yes goddess.”

I grasped his earlobes again, squeezed firmly and said, “What does this mean?”

Benjamin said, “It’s time for firm licks with a broad and flat tongue.”

I smiled and said, “Good boy. Do it. Nice firm, slow licks from the bottom all the way up but gloss over my clit. From now on, when I’m wet and breathing heavier you start licking.”

I enjoyed Benjamin’s tongue for another ten or fifteen minutes before I was getting xslot Güncel Giriş too horny. I began making quiet moaning sounds and gyrating my pelvis.

Again I spoke to Benjamin, “Okay slave. Can you tell how horny I’m getting? Feel my hips moving?”

Benjamin said, “Yes goddess.”

I took his earlobes in my fingers again, pulled hard and said, “What does this mean?”

Benjamin said, “It’s time to finish you by sucking on your clit.”

I said, “Good boy. From now on, unless I tell you to tease me, I want you to finish me off when you can tell I’m horny. We have time tonight so I want you to wait for my command. When I’m ready for my orgasm I’ll tell you. Now keep licking.”

Benjamin buried his face in my pussy and resumed his firm slow licks. I noticed Paul’s hips were gyrating ever so lightly. He was trying to get off. I called out, “Stop moving Paul or your time with me is over.” He froze.

I enjoyed Benjamin’s tireless tongue for as long as I could. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and decided I was ready. I commanded, “Finish.”

Benjamin moved his mouth up to my clit and began alternating between licks and sucks. In less than a minute I was pushed over the edge. I moaned, “Oh yesss. Oh fuck yes, suck my clit.” I pulled his mouth tight to my pussy until my orgasm subsided.

Finally I relaxed and pushed his forehead. He moved back slightly and looked up at me. I closed my legs and sat back on my chair. I smiled at him and said, “You should be proud of yourself slave. You are getting very good at pussy worship.”

Ben said, “Thank you goddess. I absolutely love it.”

I giggled and said, “Well of course you do. Is that little penis all frustrated in that mean chastity cage?”

Ben said, “Yes goddess, your penis is very frustrated. Thank you for keeping it safely locked up.”

I said, “You are welcome slave. Tomorrow after you finish cleaning my house I may allow you to masturbate. It depends on how well you clean okay?”

Ben said, “Yes goddess. Thank you goddess.”

It was time for me to play with Paul. He had been in the corner for almost an hour and I knew he was very horny.

I said to Benjamin, “Go wash your face and bring back a warm wet washcloth.”

Ben said, “Yes goddess.” He walked to the bathroom.

As Ben walked away I called after him, “Oh and slave, bring me a glass of merlot. I just put a new bottle in the refrigerator.”

He said, “Yes goddess.”

After Ben was gone I said to Paul, “Okay Paul, turn around.”

He turned to face me and his erection was standing straight out. I giggled and said, “My, my Paul. It looks like I have your full attention.”

I left him standing in the corner as I continued, “So do you see how that works? If you make me wait, I make you wait ten times longer.”

Paul looked at the floor and said, “Yes goddess.”

I said, “Get on your hands and knees.”

He dropped to the floor and I said, “Crawl over here.”

As he neared me I pointed to the floor in front of me and said, “Stop right here. Turn sideways.”

He was on all fours in front of me and I put my feet on his back, crossing one ankle over the other. I said, “I’ve already found a use for you, as a footstool. I bet you have all kinds of hidden skills. Do you want to learn all the different ways you can serve me?”

Of course Paul said, “Yes please goddess.”

He tried to turn and look at me. I said, “No, no, eyes on the floor. You are just a footstool.”

I continued talking. Really it was more like thinking out loud, “Well let’s see. I could put you next to the toilet and use your cock as a toilet paper holder. I could test out all my paddles on your ass and have you rank them in order of pain. Let’s see, what else? Oh I know, I could have you polish my boots. Unfortunately we don’t have time for that.”

I continued, “I have an impressive basement dungeon but you won’t be seeing it tonight. If I decide to invite you back I may play with you down there.”

I paused and said, “Actually I am going to make good use of you tonight. I’m going to have you paint my toe nails. Doesn’t that sound exciting?”

Paul nodded and said, “Yes goddess that sounds great.”

I said, “You just need to focus on my toes. You are not allowed to look at my pussy. Do you understand?”

Paul confirmed, “Yes goddess.”

Benjamin walked back into the room with my glass of wine and the warm, wet washcloth. As he handed me the wine I moved to the front of my seat. I spread my legs and put one foot on the back of Paul’s head and the other on his waist. Benjamin knew what to do. He knelt next to me and began cleaning my pussy with the washcloth.

I said, “You are a very good slave.”

Benjamin said, “Thank you goddess. It’s truly an honor to serve you.”

I said, “Paul, you obviously have much to learn. Do you have what it takes to become a proper slave like Benjamin?”

Paul was quiet. I raised my foot and smacked him on the back of the head. I said, “I asked you a question.”

Paul jumped and said, “Uh yes. Yes goddess, I think so.”

I said, “Hmm. You don’t sound so sure but don’t worry. We’ll figure it out together.”

I turned to Benjamin and said, “That’s enough. Take the washcloth down to washing machine and bring back a hand towel.”

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