Learning to Behave


‘Put on your long dress and the black lace panties.’ I have every intention of making her suffer and requesting those clothes means that she is in no doubt of that fact either. She knows I like the access that the slits on each leg give me when I am using her. And the pattern of the lace panties looks exquisite through the cotton. It makes her look wanton. The cut of them across her hips shows off her curves like the slut she needs to be. She will look good when she receives the punishment that she deserves. It has been coming for a few days because her standards have slipped noticeably recently. There hasn’t been one incident in particular but there have been a few times when she hasn’t been quick enough to perform for me. Or has forgotten something. She even kissed me goodbye quite dismissively yesterday. She must learn that I am the focus of her existence. I am happy to teach her this fact.

I can see the fear in her eyes as she walks back in the clothes I have requested. The trepidation in the way she holds herself accentuates her beauty. I’m going to enjoy punishing her today. She is going to tremble beneath me. I stand in front of her and take hold of her wrists. I sway them into one hand and lift her arms high over her head and lean forward as if to kiss her. As I get close I stop and smile at her. I love the disappointment and unease on her face as I do so. She is so perfect when she is on edge. I can see in her eyes that she craves to please me so much. I am going to help her.

This is going to take a while so she deserves to be treated well today. That means I’ll use the table rather than simply have her across my lap. It allows me to get up and admire her form as well. I’m quite proud of the table. It’s amazing what you can do by taking a plane to a solid wood dining table. Six, three inch wide, grooves on the edges hold the long leather straps in place quite nicely. Cuffs attached to these mean that my toy doesn’t move at all whilst I deal with her. I know it has the correct effect on her because I see the fear in her eyes when I take the straps out and lay them carefully over the desk. I take her hair, gently for now, and lead her to the table. I gently lay her face down across the table with her face sideways. She is bent at the waist with her feet still on the floor. Then I carefully take the six straps and loop them around the table, three either side of her. Each one has a cuff attached and I line them up so each arm has one for her wrist, one for her elbow and one just under her shoulder. I slip them over her and pull the straps tight so that her breasts are pulled tight on to the table and that her arms are completely immobilized.

She is my object now. A toy that I can use. I love to see her like this. That’s why I’m in no rush. I enjoy the anticipation that is growing in her. The longer I wait with her like this the greater the fear that her imagination is spawning. I take her xslot a glass of water, lifting her face gently to place the straw in her mouth. I know that the smallest kindness expands the terror in her as she waits for the inevitable pain to start. I lay her head back down gently again and walk around behind her. Her curves drift across the table in this dress. Two back to back S shapes defining the hourglass that men have dreamt of since the dawn of time.

I reach forward and grasp her hair tightly and in one motion haul her head back so she is looking forward. She screams as her shoulders are pulled against the straps. I know that is the last noise I’m going to hear from her for a while. I take the silver ducttape I have ready next to her and pull it across her mouth. After I have circled her head once I let go of her hair and use both hands to wrap it round and round her. Covering her lower head. Gagging and smothering her. She struggles against it as much as she can but there is no escape from this half mask in silver I have created for her. It is right up to her nose, with just the slightest slits allowing her to breathe through her nostrils.

I lay her head back down and lean over her, looking into her eyes without saying a word. I can see the tears springing up as they dart around in fear. She has no idea what is going to happen. I like that and let her see my sly smile. I stand up straight again and reach down to lift the rear panel of her dress. Her exquisite pins are displayed for me as I do so. I drink in this view that has always stopped me dead. I lay the dress down across her back showing off her lace clad backside. My hands drop to her thighs and run lightly up over them, feeling her tremble as I move up and across her arse. I can hear her breathing getting heavier now as she begins to sob into the tape. I reach the waist of her panties and haul it hard, pulling them deep into her arse, exposing her cheeks entirely. As I do this I feel her body convulse with the first tiny pain I have given her. Just a taster of what is to come for this body in front of me. Her breathing is even heavier now. She is almost hyperventilating already. The fear in her eyes is beautiful to behold. I run my hands across her perfect arse and step back to turn the music on. I like to have some rhythm to aid me in my task. I think Joy Division suits my dark mood today. As the bass of Transmission kicks in I turn it up loud as I want her senses assaulted. I want her to be lost in this room with no thought of anything beyond these walls.

I slowly fold my belt over as I watch her trembling sobbing form. She is virtually broken already. Before the first blow has even fallen.

I lift the belt high over my head and bring the first blow down hard on her arse. Her whole body shudders and jumps against the bindings and her legs kick out. I enjoy the muffled scream trying to fight through the tape. She is never xslot Giriş more beautiful than when she is used like this.

I quickly settle into a steady routine. Blow after blow falling across the perfect orbs of her arse. Both cheeks marked, growing redder as the assault continues. They begin to cut and I know each successive blow will be multiplied in pain as it falls on the broken skin. The room is filled with the crack of leather and her muffled sobbing over the music. I can see the tears streaming from her now. There is no pretence or bravery as her mind breaks down to match her body. She’s not even fighting against the cuffs any longer, she lies there, accepting her fate. She is merely flesh to be abused.

After forty strokes I stop. I turn off the music and walk around in front of her again. I crouch down and listen to her stifled sobbing.

‘You need to give yourself to me completely’ I say as I stand again. ‘Only then will you be complete.’

I turn the music on again and continue the beating. Her soft flesh is already beginning to bruise and I smile at how much fun it will be watching her trying to sit for the next few days. She is quieter now though. She is more accepting of her punishment. I can see her fists clench with every blow but that is involuntary. The rest of her is maintaining a calm exterior.

I’ve lost count of the blows this time. But there have been at least two songs worth so we are probably into three figures at least. The sobbing is much quieter as she drifts away from the pain.

I turn off the music again and walk round to stroke her sodden face gently.

‘Doesn’t that feel much better? To know that you belong to me entirely? Life is better when you are owned by me isn’t it? You were born to be possessed.’ She tries to nod. It’s pathetic watching her exhaustion stop her so I gently stroke her face again. I get up and walk back around behind her again. I hook a finger into her panties and pull them sideways out of her arse. I can only laugh at how wet she is. She’s such a pathetic painslut. So needy for this. Her whole body screams to be used and degraded like this. And it betrays her too. Her cunt is sopping as I start to prod it with my fingers. The folds are glistening, begging for more attention. I can feel her pushing back against me, willing me to push deeper in to her. I drag my fingers down across her clit and laugh as she shudders. I am leaning against her left thigh now, my fingers probing her more. I push them palm down into her, pushing hard against her g-spot. Feeling her thigh wriggling against me now. The wheals and cuts scarlet under me. I can hear her moaning through the gag again. A different cause this time but the sobs sound the same as before. It’s incredible how pleasure and pain both bring the same noise from a woman. She’s trying to speak now, I can see in her eyes that she is pleading for more. I know she can feel me xslot Güncel Giriş hard against her so I move across and lean my cock right on the entrance of her cunt. She is trying to push back on to me. It’s so pathetic seeing her like this. Desperate to be used, even when in such pain. She needs to feel useful and this is what she has to do.

I push deep into her and lie across her back, my weight across her injured arse making her neck snap back as I do. I lay my watch down in front of her face. ‘You need this don’t you slut. You need to be used. You’re going to be begging me to stop before it ends.’

I slowly begin to fuck her. Drawing my length out and then pushing back in to her injured body. I stand and place my hands on the edge of the table, not touching her at all. Using just her hole. Using her as the meat she is. No intimacy. I keep a slow pace going. Slow but firm, rattling and stretching the damaged skin with every thrust. I can feel her tensing and wriggling on me, I know she is getting close. It is the pain that carries her to the brink. I can hear her breathing shorten and the gasps from behind the mask. I can see her watching the watch, I am slowing all the time and holding myself. Making her wait. Making her suffer. Ten, twenty, thirty minutes pass with her, grunting and sweating. Wanting more. Never quite getting what she needs. Forty minutes pass with her body trembling and suffering every second. I am getting close now, I slow it right down to hold on. I can feel her getting tighter, squeezing on me, trying to make me come. Trying to wrestle some level of control back from me.

‘Dumb bitch. This isn’t your party!’ I stop and withdraw as I say this. I slap hard down on the harlequin of bruises on her arse and watch her body spasm again. I walk around the table and take her head in my hands. I rip the tape away and before she even finishes that first gasp of air I push my cock between her lips. I won’t last long now. Holding her hair and fucking her throat. Violently. Thrusting in to her mouth, hearing her gag. Enjoying the hell I’m putting her through. Knowing she needs to be treated like this. Like a pathetic whore. I come deep down her throat, she gags and chokes on it but I don’t withdraw. Making her suck every drop from me, ensuring she swallows it all.

‘What do you say slut?’ I look down at her cum stained, bruised and lipstick smeared face as I say this.

‘Thank you, Sir. I belong to you.’

‘Good girl.’ I let go of her hair and her exhausted frame slumps against the table again. I walk round behind her again and insert a thick dildo in her. She has done well and deserves a reward. I pull the panties back in to place to hold it then I push a wand under her weight so it is resting against her clit and the end of the dildo, sending the vibrations deep into her. Then I turn the music back on and take one last look at the broken glory in front of me before I turn out the light and leave her to enjoy her reward. Her moans are already beginning to grow again. I’ll come back in a few hours by which time she should be begging for it to be over. I think she’ll be well behaved for at least a few months.

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