Lessons in Kink Ch. 01


The day started like any other day of play for Master and I. Master had me in this workshop type place with a few blankets on the floors and some drop cloths over some of the stuff one would usually find in a work shop. Hanging along the wall of the workshop on temporary hooks there were all sorts of paddles, whips, floggers, both the kind you would buy and the kind that you could fashion from stuff laying around the house.

As soon as I got a good look around at what was in the workshop, Master blindfolded me. “I know you will make Me proud, little one, we have a friend who would like to see how a slave comes alive under the lash. I will keep you blindfolded, so you will not know which friend when he takes up the lash against your skin. Do you understand My pet?”

“Yes, Master, I do. I will make You proud.”

“you always do.” I heard Master take a seat somewhere and felt a tug on the leash that was attached to my collar. As I took my spot besides His feet, someone else entered the building. He spoke, but in hushed tones, I guess to disguise his voice from me. I felt myself being moved over Master’s knee and He spoke aloud, “First, a few to warm you up, My little one.”

And with each strike by Master, I counted them off, for a total of 10 with His bare, open hand. “Stand, slave.” Being on my best behavior as to not embarrass Master, I did as told. When I heard a snap of Master’s fingers, I dropped to my knees in a position that presents my entire body to His view. I felt someone reach out and stroke my hair and Master say, “such a good girl. Choose a tool you would like to see her experience. She enjoys them all…… Ahhh, a good choice. (some mumbling from our guest) No, it’s not too harsh to begin with for her. For some, yes, but not for her. Isn’t that right, My little pain slut? Nothing here is too harsh for you, is it?”

“No, Master, it is not. Anything You would like me to take, I will gladly do so. Master, You know I love feeling the sting of Your lash. Master, may I make a request?”

“In this case, I will consider a request if it will show our friend here how a good slave reacts to the sting.”

“Master, if our friend would like to see my backside lashed, may I be bound, stretched to my full length, please, Master?”

At this point I was practically begging to be bound to the wall. Being stretched with my hands above my head is one of my favorite positions for a whipping. Master and His guest lift me up and attach my wrists above my head to a rope hanging Starzbet from the ceiling. I try to turn to nuzzle Master’s neck while He does this, but turn the wrong way and nuzzle the guest’s neck instead, which causes him to slap my backside once and a moan escapes from my lips.

They both step back and I feel the ends of a multi tail whip graze my body, teasing me, and then it comes…the first lash of the whip. The many individual ends of the leather strap land on my backside and upper thighs, and I moan as I feel the sting. Two more strikes land and then the confidence in the use of the whip changes. I can tell from the way the strikes are landing that it is not Master issuing the whipping.

“There is no better girl to learn to wield the whip on then her. She will react to the lash and encourage you as you go. Even I am amazed at times how much she can take.”

I moan as Master’s guest becomes more comfortable with the whip, leaving light welts along my thighs and backside.

I suddenly feel a sharp sting across my chest and realize Master has taken up the switch and was using it on my front. I shiver from the sensation. It has been a long time since I have been lashed by two people at once. Two quick lashes land on each breast while Master’s guest changes tools. I hear some more mumbling from him and Master tells him the tool he has chosen is ok. I hear a whoosh as it sails through the air and lands on my ass. A loud groan escapes as I quickly recognize the feel of the belt’s sting against my skin.

Master has switched tools as well, attacking my chest with two floggers, one on each breast. I moaned while trying to lean into each whip, causing the belt to land on the trace of pussy lips between my spread legs and the floggers to score direct hits on my nipples. Master leaned in to kiss me deeply and returned the floggers to the wall.

“She is yours to experiment with. Any tool may be used on any part of her pliant body. She knows her rules and what may and may not be done by her. Do not remove her blind fold, though. Slave, do you understand and agree?”

“Yes, Master, I do. Master, while You are not here, what shall I call Your guest?”

“You will simply call him Sir, slut. Any more questions?”

“No, Master.” I moan on the end of my statement and hear Master walk away from me, but still sense Him in the building, perhaps sitting somewhere behind me, ever watchful and ever protective.

The deluge of different whips and paddles continues. Starzbet Giriş Next up is a long paddle being used on my breasts. I can feel the hole at the end of the paddle as the edges make contact with the tender skin. After a few tentative strokes, Master’s guest is gaining confidence with his placement of the blows. He experiments with the strength of each one, the hole in the paddle circling my stiff nipple.

The riding crop begins its attack on my upper thighs. Sharp stings elicit deep, guttural moans from my throat, as the guest finds a rhythm he is comfortable with. An occasional strike lands on my lips, I am unsure if it is an intentional strike or an accidental miscalculation of angle, the guest enjoys my reaction to the sting and adds a few more.

Master must have told His guest that I will kiss any tool that is used against my most personal areas because he was in front of me, presenting the crop’s leather end to my lips for adoration. I kiss it as expected.

Next up was the hard paddle. I felt the rope being loosened from my wrists and I was given a moment to relax my muscles before the silent guest retied me so I was bent over a work bench, my ankles bound to either back leg and my wrists to the front legs. A stool was placed by my head with a pillow on top of it for me to place my head on it. My breasts were laid out on either side of the bench, hanging down. I counted ten strikes with the table tennis racket style paddle before I lost count. I cried out with pleasure and arousal each time the paddle landed. The strikes were gaining aim, landing exactly where the guest wanted them to. The force and power behind each strike was alternated, as if testing my reaction to the power of the blows. He even experimented with using the paddle against my breast, slamming it between the bench and the paddle.

The belt returned, but this time it was doubled in his hand. I screamed out when the first strike hits the mark. “Beat me, Sir…Please… Allow me to show you how a true slut takes a beating. (WHACK) Mmmm.” His confidence grows when I beg to be beaten. He switches to the flogger and lets the tiny elastic threads work their magic.

Strikes land on my exposed and bruised ass, the ends of the strands wrapping around to my side slightly. He tests his abilities a little and lets the flogger strike my back. I hear rustling behind me and he is suddenly using two, one in each hand. Master must have handed the second one to him. First one strikes my ass then the Starzbet Güncel Giriş other, the same pattern repeated on my breasts. Welts begin to form where the ends of the whips strike.

Master’s guest stops every so often to look at the bright red stripes on my skin, watching as a few welts form. I feel something soft on the welts forming on my chest. A feather I did not see when I walked in is being used to tickle the marks, gingerly at first, then with more confidence.

The switch has returned and a pattern of welts in rough X’s are added to my ass and thighs. The switch is applied to my pussy lips also. I moan and groan more, trying to refrain from the inevitable peak Master’s rules have forbidden me from reaching. I can still sense Him in the building and I do not want to disobey Him or embarrass Him.

Suddenly, I feel Master come up in front of me and slap my cheek with His open palm. I scream, causing our guest to stop. When he realized that the scream was a good one, though, he continues. He gingerly brushes his fingers along some of the welts that were created. I stiffen at the feel of his fingers on them but relax as I realize he was trying to be gentle and trying to learn from the experience.

I can’t help it and a sharp intake of breath escapes from me as his fingers stop on one of the deeper welts. I groan and whimper as he explores them. Because of my reaction, he discontinues his exploration of the results of his handiwork.

“Just a moment and you will be able to look at her welts and markings all you like and she will not feel a thing.” I moan as Master says this, because I know what is going to happen next. “Slave, show our guest how much of a pain loving slut you really are. Cum for us, My pet.” That was all I needed to hear. Instinct and submission took over and I let go.

I panted, moaned, screamed, and groaned as my release took over me. For a full ten minutes, Master allows me to peak. I am a quivering, shaking mess of flesh, welts, sweat and moisture when Master finally whispers in my ear, “Good girl, My pet. You may stop now.” While Master strokes my hair and removes the binding on my wrists and ankles I collapse onto the floor.

In my haze, our guest examines my welts and marvels to Master that I wore them well. I smile as that is the highest compliment I can receive after a whipping. The last thing I remember about the night is Master’s arms surrounding me as I drift off to sleep, shaking from the experience, Master comforting me.

I smile in sleep, hoping I have made Master proud, loving the feeling of the welts and bruises. I have a funny feeling our guest will return for more lessons in kink, but until then, I hope he can take the lessons from tonight and enjoy himself soon.

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