Letters to Sue: Cora Again


Hi Sue:

How are your dreams going? I just told you about making Bethany scream out on the boat. Here’s how the second time with her mother went.

A couple of weeks after the boat ride I stopped by Cora’s place to drop off a couple of life jackets. As I pulled up Bethany was at the door. She was getting ready to leave with one of her buxom young friends.

Bethany waved at me and as I got up next to her she kissed me on the cheek. “My mother’s being bitchy again. Think you can do anything about that?” she whispered in my ear. “They just got back from church. Her boyfriend just left again. He’s going to be out of town all week.”

I said “uh, thanks”. “No, really, she’s getting very bitchy. You got to help me out,” she whispered again. Then she smiled at me, hugged me and blatantly grabbed my cock in from of her friend. “I’m sure you know what to do.” I watched as her and her friend pulled out of the driveway. Then I knocked and let myself in “Cora, are you here?” I yelled and said I brought by some life jackets. Cora called back and said she was in the kitchen.

I went to the kitchen. I had in the back of my mind what Bethany was suggesting and as soon as I saw Cora I knew I had to give it a try. She looked stunning. She was still dressed up from church and had on a long black skirt. I always get horny around women with long black skirts. I like the way they shape a woman.

Cora was messing with something in the kitchen. I walked up behind her and put my canlı bahis arms around her – one around her waist, the other over her shoulders – and pulled her tight to me. “Have you missed me?”, I said as I kissed her neck. I could feel her press back into me. She could feel my cock stiffen between her cheeks.

“Oh, my, yes” she whispered. “Where’s Bethany?” “I watched her pull out.” My arm lowered so that I could squeeze her breasts and my other hand slipped under the waist band of her skirt. “How much do you miss your strong warrior?”

Cora turned around and kissed me warmly on the lips. She ran her hands down my chest and felt my hard cock in both her hands. “I haven’t felt a nice cock since you were here last,” she purred. I didn’t ask any questions about her boyfriend. Instead I grabbed her ass and pulled her tight against me. My cock, her hand, her pussy were all sandwiched together. Cora was slightly growling as she kissed me.

“Let’s go to my room, honey.” I followed Cora with my hands on her waist. When she started climbing the stairs my hands started tugging on her hips. She stopped and turned around. Cora leaned over and pressed her tits against my face. Her silk blouse caressed my cheeks as I ran my hands over her ass. I held her tight and slowly unbuttoned her shirt until her blouse hung open. I pressed my head into her breasts and kissed her nipples thru her bra. My hands found the zipper to Cora’s skirt and soon her skirt was lying on the stairs.

I kissed her bahis siteleri breasts again and then ran my tongue into Cora’s belly button. I pulled Cora down so that she was sitting on the stairs. She wasn’t wearing any nylons. I pulled her panties over her black high heeled shoes and then held her leg. I kissed Cora’s calf and worked my way slowly up her thigh. “Don’t you want to get me to my bed?” she sighed. “Not yet” I mumbled as my lips found her pussy. I darted my tongue along her wet twat. Her legs easily went over my shoulders. I was kneeling on the stairs with her ass in my hands and my face in her crotch.

I could hear Cora’s breathing change. I could feel her hands on my head playing with my hair and my ears as my tongue licked her pussy. It wasn’t long until she was totally wet and whispering begging for me to put my cock in her. I took off my shorts and kept licking her. Then I went up a couple of stairs till my cock was even with her pussy. I let my stiff rod slid along her pussy lips a couple of times until my tip was ready to enter.

I leaned into Cora and pushed. My cock easily slid in and Cora gasped. “You feel so good” she breathed. My cock pushed into her harder. Gravity was pulling her down the stairs onto my cock. Cora struggled to maintain her balance as I slid deeper and deeper into her. The stairs supported her as I leaned in. My cock found the top of her vagina and Cora screamed in pleasure. “Keep fucking me honey” was all I heard before her arms covered my ears.

Cora bahis şirketleri had wrapped her arms tight around my head. My face was held tight against her chest and my cock was in her wet pussy. Cora screamed again and came. She rolled my off her and slid down a few stairs. She took my cock in her hands and kissed the tip. “You really do have a strong way of fucking.” She looked up at me as she stroked my cock. “I’m so glad you like me this way. I need this so bad.” She again kissed the tip.

I took her chin gently in my hand so that she would look at me. When her eyes were fixed on my I nodded towards her room and said “Cora, let’s finish getting to your room.”.

We climbed the stairs. I had my arms around Cora as she led me to her room. My hand was over her wet crotch as we walked. Occasionally a finger would slip into her and she’d stop and enjoy the sensations.

As we got to the bed I asked “Do you like the way my cock feels in you?” “Uh-huh, honey.” “Stroke it for me, baby, so I can make you feel that way again.” Cora laid down on her back. I climbed on top and Cora took my cock in her hand. “You really are the stud warrior” she smiled at me lost in her pleasure, dreaming of her romance fantasies as she guided me into her again.

Cora’s tits bounced as I started to really fuck her hard. Every stroke brought out a scream. She had her hands on my arms staring at me with her mouth open. I just loved fucking Cora just like her daughter Bethany had asked me to do. Each stroke brought my cock a little deeper into her warm pussy. Cora got louder with each stroke until I couldn’t hold back my cum. My hot cum shot up into her. Cora squeezed me tight, pumping every bit out.

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