Lexxy Baby Pt. 03



Monique, a Personal Trainer and YouTube personality, walked in on her fiancé of three years in bed with another woman. She took Trey’s betrayal hard and went on an unplanned hiatus from men.

Eight months later, her best friend convinced her to go out for a night of clubbing. Monique was still recovering from heartbreak, so she didn’t have much fun. She ended the night early and called an Uber to take her home.

Her driver was a white guy named Alexander. Nothing stood out about him. He was average in every way. But he was funny and sweet. The two of them had an instant connection.

Unfortunately, their second encounter wasn’t as pleasant. He showed up at the gym she worked at, looking for a personal trainer. Because his original trainer quit, she was the replacement.

But he didn’t want to work out with a woman. He requested a man for a reason.

She was offended by what she perceived as sexism, and the two had a falling out. He left the gym in a huff, with her dismissing him from her life as another loser.

Yet, after talking with her big brother, she realized that she was probably presumptuous.

After finding his phone number, she disguised herself as a random representative of the gym to find out why he was quitting. She found out the real reason he wanted a male trainer, and it had nothing to do with sexism. He was just insecure.

Feeling the need to apologize, she tricked him into meeting her so she could do it in person. The two of them talked it out, and she convinced him to give her a chance as his trainer.


Monique’s client walked out the door, yet she couldn’t rest. It’d been a long day for her. It seemed that all her days were long. Even now, the seconds counted down until she had to be on the floor again for her next appointment.

As great as it was being in demand, there was the fatigue to deal with. Constantly being on the floor with no down time was exhausting. Having to always do it with a smile made it even harder.

But luckily, her next appointment was with Lexxy.

It’d been three months since she first took him on as a client. He was now beginning to get the hang of the routines and was making progress.

On the personal aspect of it, she’d come to enjoy working out with him. They had a natural chemistry with each other; a symbiosis of personalities. They always made each other laugh, and their conversation was comfortable and easy.

And best of all, there was no pressure for it to be anything more than what it was. He didn’t try to push up on her or impress her. He was his normal, funny, dorky self.

As much as she enjoyed spending time with him, she couldn’t help hoping that just this once, he’d be a few minutes late. It would be nice to sit down for a minute.

But she knew he wouldn’t be. He was meticulous about time. Annoyingly meticulous.

With an exhale, she grabbed a bottled water from the fridge in the lounge and headed out to meet her favorite client.

Just as she figured, she found him by stretching mats. Right on time; as usual.

“Are you ever late?” she asked as she walked up on him.

“No. Why, do you want me to be?”


“Sure thing. Do I get a discount for getting less of a workout?” When she just shot him a wry look, he nodded and said, “Thought so.”

“Whatever, asshole. Let’s get you stretched out.”

Chuckling, he asked, “What, no Lexxy Baby?”

“You’re only Lexxy Baby when I like you.”

“Noted.” He said, getting down on the mat.

In the beginning, stretches were a challenge for Alexander. Not because they were particularly difficult, but because of his trainer. During this time, she helped him reach maximum stretch. This usually meant a lot of close quarter contact. Pushing him down, pulling him forward, grabbing him by the hands, etc. Nothing sexual, per se, but having an attractive girl do it made everything seem intimate.

As the weeks passed, it just became a thing. It helped knowing that he didn’t have a snowball’s chance with her. He didn’t have to wonder if she was secretly flirting with him, sending him vibes, or giving him more attention than she gave to her other clients. A girl like her had her pick of the litter, and she didn’t look like the type to go for the runty underdog. Even she admitted that she didn’t give guys like him a second glance.

This logical thinking may sound morose, but it was kind of a relief. He was free to be himself, and not worry about looking like an idiot. Yes, he was clumsy, uncoordinated, and nerdy. But who cared? It wasn’t like he was blowing it. He had nothing to blow!

Because of his upside-down view of himself, his logical thinking didn’t extend to his positives. What he did not realize was the progress he was making. Even in these three short months, he’d made small but significant improvements. He didn’t see Monique secretly increase the speed on the treadmill, Betturkey or slyly add a little more weight when he was lifting. For him, it wasn’t noticeable in the mirror. He wasn’t bulging up into a herculean version of himself, so he couldn’t really tell.

But his trainer noticed. It was her job, after all.

“How do you feel?” she asked when the stretches were done.

Shaking his limber arms and legs out, he said, “I feel good. What’s on the agenda for today?”

“Glad you asked.” She said before momentarily walking off. She returned with a jump rope. Handing it to him, she said, “I want to add this in with our workouts.”

He looked to her hands like she was clutching a snake. “Umm…what am I supposed to do with this?”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never seen a jump rope?”

“Of course, I’ve seen one. My niece loves to jump rope. But she’s 12.”

With a smirk, Monique said, “Then you know what to do with it.”

He grabbed it, still looking at it with confusion. Monique observed him, having fun at his expense while watching him try to find a way to reconcile a typical “girl’s game” with a masculine workout.

Giving him a bit of a break, as well as saving his manhood, she added. “You’ve seen the Rocky movies, right?”

With that, the lightbulb in his head clicked on. He smiled and nodded with understanding.

“Good.” She said with a smirk. “The reason I want you to start out with jumping rope is because it serves a few purposes. It’s good for agility, it gets the blood pumping, and it engages different muscles. Plus, it will also help with your…err…um…”

“My clumsiness?”

With a smile, she said, “It will help increase your mobility and awareness of your footing.”

“Right…” he said, chuckling at her delicate wording. “Plus, it’ll look cool when I learn that crisscross thing Rocky does.”

“It will look cool.” She said, sarcasm dripping in her words. “You know what else is cool? His one-handed pushups. But…and this is just a suggestion…why don’t we hold off on those? You aren’t training to fight Ivan Drago. But if you’re determined to look like a douche bag, feel free to do so when you aren’t training with me.”

Chuckling, he jokingly retorted with, “Two things: first off…I’m impressed with your Rocky knowledge. First and last name of the villain in Rocky IV was a nice touch.”

“Thank you.”

“It almost makes up for you knowing nothing about Star Wars. Speaking of which, you haven’t kept up your half of our deal.”

“Let it go, Lexxy. What’s your second thing?”

“Second thing is…I’m a grown-ass man, Lady. I need no permission to look like a douche bag!”

She sighed loudly. It wasn’t out of exasperation. It was actually to stop herself from laughing. She had to keep him on task, but it was difficult to remain professional with him. His playful personality was contagious.

“I need you to take this seriously, Lexxy.”


So, with that, the hilarity of watching Alex try to jump rope began. Keeping a neutral face while he continually tripped himself was difficult.

She failed.

“You enjoying this?” he asked, noticing her biting her lip to stifle her laughter.

Honestly, she answered, “More than I should.”

“So much for being serious.”

From there, she took him through the regular routine. Today was chest and triceps day, so he had to deal with his number one nemesis — the bench press.

Why did he hate the bench press more than the other stations that Monique took him through? Because it was so public. The bench press station could be seen from anywhere in the gym. It was the most popular area, so there were three benches next to each other.

This mattered because it was obvious to the entire gym how much he was lacking in the strength department.

Other guys — you know, the buff, ripped, GNC informercials — would stand next to him and loudly clang plate after large plate onto their bar. Then, after a few grunts and back slapping encouragement from their peers, they would pump out rep after rep, grunting as they did each one.

But Alex couldn’t lift more than the one plate he’d been stuck on since the beginning. Even then, his female trainer had to help him get it up. It was kind of emasculating.

Today, as he laid on the bench with the weight bar hovering over his head, beads of perspiration were running down the sides of Alex’s face. The front of his baggy T-shirt had a sweat-soaked, darkened, upside-down triangle that started at the neckline and ended at his stomach.

“That’s it. One more. Really push through it.” His trainer encouraged.

He tried to will more strength into his skinny arms, but he wasn’t sure he could. The weight bar wobbled above him as he struggled to keep it straight.

“Give me one more Lexxy. You can do it.”

Slowly, he brought the bar down to his chest. Then, using every ounce of strength Betturkey Giriş his body had, he pushed up with all his might. With gritted teeth and veins popping out of his red forehead, the bar started to rise.

“That’s it!”

About halfway up, everything failed him. There was no more left. No matter how much he pushed the bar would not go up any further. In fact, it started to fall back down to his chest.

Monique saw this, and quickly stepped in. She positioned herself behind the weight bench and lightly grabbed the bar with loose hands. He thought she was going to grab the bar away from him, but she didn’t. Instead, she just lightly aided him as she once again said, “Push.”

Alex almost lost his breath, and this time it wasn’t because of the threat of weights crashing into his chest.

Mo was standing right above him, bracing herself to take the weights if she had to. Her legs were slightly spread, her knees bent. From this position, the small, tight, white shorts that she wore couldn’t conceal the imprint of her very prominent camel toe.

If that wasn’t bad enough, her sleeveless workout shirt clung to her taut stomach and full breasts. The shirt didn’t fully cover her stomach, so he could see soft, brown skin peeking out from the bottom hem.

And for the icing of this illicit cake, she had a small, dangly belly button ring in the middle of her tight abs.

All this stimulation was too much for him. If she simply squatted forward, she’d be sitting on his face. His mind’s eye could practically smell her pussy; feel the weight of her slim body mounting him as the air was cut off from his lungs.

His cock, which had gained a mind of its own, was threatening him with a humiliating boner. No matter how hard he tried, those images couldn’t be shaken loose. His arms were shaking, but at his point the weights hovering over his head was the least of his worries.

Luckily, Monique was singularly focused. In a commanding voice that left little to debate, she yelled out, “PUSH LEXXY BABY! You’ve got this! I know you do!”

That was enough to snap him from his reverie. Closing his eyes to the distractions, he gave full concentration to his arms and chest. Then, with a loud grunt that came from his inner soul, he pushed once more.

There was no sound more welcome than that clang of metal as the bar was firmly set back in its place. His arms dropped down like noodles as he took a victorious breath.

“Whoop! Whoop!” Monique cheered loudly. She came around to the front of the bench and extended her hand. When Alex saw her, he grabbed it and allowed her to pull him up into a sitting position.

“That’s what I’m talking about! Can I get some?” she said, putting her hand up with her palm facing him. He smiled and slapped it, giving her a high five.

People started looking in their direction, but she didn’t care. Most of the regulars knew how she rolled when she was training. She proudly celebrated her clients’ achievements and didn’t try to hide how excited she got when they did well.

“So, how do you feel?” she said, planting her hands on her hips.

“Tired.” He said, letting out a breath. “That was hard.”

“But you did it! Do you realize how much progress you’ve made in these past 3 months? Your bench press has gone up, your arm curls, your shoulder lifts…I could go on and on. You’re even less winded when you get on the treadmill. You should be proud of yourself.”

“What do you mean my bench press has gone up?”

Waving her hand like Vanna White presenting letters, she said, “Look closely at the bar. Can’t you tell that I’ve added 25 lbs. to it? That’s why it was so hard today.”

Sure enough, she was right.

The beginnings of a proud smile started. But, as usual, his eyes darted to the bench next to his. On it was a guy built like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who was easily lifting three times the weight he was supposed to be proud of.

“I guess.” Alex said nonchalantly.

Monique rolled her eyes. Alex was always so down on himself. No matter what he did right, he always looked at what he was doing wrong.

Punching him in the arm, she said, “Whatever, sour puss. I, for one, am proud as hell of my favorite client, so I’m gonna be stoked for the both of us.”

Even he couldn’t ignore the swell of delight that he felt when she called him her favorite client.

Stop, Alexander. She probably says that to everyone.

After a cooldown, their session was finished. Since he was her last client of the day, she walked with him out to his car.

Giving him a light, playful shove, she asked, “So, now that we’ve been doing this for a while, tell me: how am I as a trainer? Am I not as awesome as everyone says I am?”

With a shrug, he said, “It’s been…okay.”

“Okay? Just okay?”


She now saw that he had a joking grin on his face. Giving him a punch on the arm, she said, “You’ve been getting Mama Mo’s Super Premium Bomb-Ass Workout Supreme for months now, and all you have to say is okay?”

“Fine. Fine.” He said, putting his hands up in surrender. “It’s been…adequate.”

“You know what…”

With that she chased him around the parking lot, swatting at him when he was close enough to reach him. His lanky body was surprisingly quick.

Finally, he stopped running and turned to face her. It was a sudden stop, and he didn’t realize that Monique was still running in his direction.

She ran smack dab into him, her momentum making him topple over. Luckily, his car was there, so he simply fell onto it.

However, his automatic reaction to losing his balance was the reach out and grab anything that would keep him upright. The only thing to grab onto was Monique’s body.

His arms ended up wrapped around her, pulling her in close for a seemingly intimate hug. One of his hands even ended up on the upper part of her butt.

To the casual observer, it could look like they were making out.

In those awkward seconds that followed, holding Monique felt so good that it felt wrong. Her slim, fit body was small in his arms, yet it was tight and sleek. Her shoulders, her waist; all of it.

Then there was her skin. He was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and she was wearing a workout shirt with the midriff exposed. His hands and arms were stroking her bare skin; her smooth soft, bare skin.

The contrast of firm muscles underneath soft skin was a blended symphony of touch. But, the most erotic part of this faux pas hug was how she smelled.

It was a marriage of scent best described as sweet fruit mixed with a slight, musky sweat. He, on the other hand, smelled like a skunk sprayed a wet gym sock and rubbed it all over him.

Instantly, he felt guilty and self-conscious; like he was invading a no-Alex allowed space.

“I’m sorry.” He said quickly and let go of her. “I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s fine.” She said calmly.

She wasn’t as offended and appalled as he expected her to be. In fact, if he didn’t know any better, he would think that she didn’t mind being in his arms at all.

Still, he felt the need to clear the air. He didn’t want her to feel like he was some kind of pervert.

“I really wasn’t trying to cop a feel. I promise. You just ran into me and…”

“Lexxy.” She said, touching his arm to calm him down. “It’s fine. Really.”

He still looked apologetic and uncomfortable. Monique didn’t want him to feel that way. Things for them had been so easy, so free flowing. She didn’t want him to start feeling uncomfortable around her. The last thing she wanted was for it to get weird between them.

So, she took the bull by the horns; so to speak. Grabbing his wrist, she placed the palm of his hand right on her ass.

That round, soft, plump — yet firm — ass.

“Oh shit.” He breathed.

He looked like he touched a live circuit. He instantly tried to snatch his hand away, but she held it fast for a second.

When he stopped struggling, she looked him in the eyes and said, “I know the difference between an accidental brush and outright groping. This…” she gave his hand a shake, which made her ass jiggle, “…is groping.”


“Go on. Give it a squeeze.” She ordered. When he didn’t comply, she said, “Get it out the way. That way, you won’t have to feel strange around me.”

He wanted to squeeze it. He wanted to grip those cheeks with both hands, spread them apart, and bury his face in it.

Standing here now palming her ass filled in some of the blanks of his imagination. Now that he got to feel it, he wouldn’t have to wonder what it felt like.

Her ass was soft. Her body was sexy. His hand was in heaven right now.

But, deep down, he knew that her body was unattainable for him. Longing for it would only make the friendzone unbearable. He had to understand where he stood with her; to constantly remind himself that she would never want to be with him.

He’d been down this road before. It was an uncomfortable ride.

So, he didn’t take the offer to give her ass a good squeeze. Instead, he nodded understandingly and said, “Don’t worry. Things won’t be strange.”

When he felt her grip loosen, he removed his hand.

“So, we cool?” she asked.

“Yeah. We cool.”

She nodded and punched him on the arm. “Good. See ya Friday.”

She started to walk off but stopped and turned like she forgot something.

“And Lexxy.”


“Don’t ever grab my ass again.” she said with a wink.

“My bad.” He chortled sarcastically. “Won’t ever happen again.”

“Good.” She said with a smirk before turning away and continuing towards her car.

Once her seatbelt was around her, she looked up in time to see his car driving out of the parking lot. Now that the moment was over, she was left with questions of her own conduct.

Why the hell did I do that?

She wasn’t even physically attracted to Alex; at least, she didn’t think she was. Sure, she enjoyed being around him. He was sweet, funny, and the only guy (other than Charles) that she could stand to have a conversation with. But he wasn’t even close to her type.

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