Life with: Kiana and Sawyer Ep. 10


“Sawyer!” Kiana was yelling for him from the bedroom. Sawyer turned away from a sleeping Sydney to look down the hall to the sound of his wife’s voice. Once they’d gotten inside, Sawyer had been given the task to put the twins back to bed.

Sawyer didn’t mind; he had great multitasking skills. He fed Savannah first and then rocked her in the swing as he fed and rocked Sydney. They were both asleep within 15 minutes. However, the hardest part was finding the strength to pull away from their beautiful sleeping faces.

Kiana’s screaming was a warning that she was getting impatient. They agreed that Kiana would put away the things they’d just bought as well as the laundry while Sawyer put the girls to bed. They would reconvene to finish what they’d started when they both were done.

Sawyer turned on their nightlight and walked out the door. He contemplated whether he would close it or not. What if they cried during the night?

He checked for the baby monitor and the indicator light was green. But what if he and Kiana slept through it? What if their—

“Sawyer, I’ve been waiting for you.” Kiana was in the hallway behind him and she sounded annoyed as hell. Sawyer quickly spun around to the sound of her voice. Her attitude changed immediately. “What’s wrong, baby?” She asked quietly. She approached him with concern in her eyes. Sawyer’s heart swelled.

He smiled casually.

“Absolutely nothing.” He replied. He reached his arms around the waist of her silk robe and pulled her close. Kiana wrapped her arms around his neck and they pressed their lips together lightly. It ended in a soft sound.

Kiana peeled his arms off of her and he reluctantly let go. She captured his hand and led him down the hall to their master bedroom. Sawyer noticed the cinnamon smell pouring out of the room and he wondered where it was coming from. Kiana continued walking through the bedroom and into the bathroom.

Kiana had lit about 10 candles and had them each sitting around various corners of the bathroom. A majority of them were sitting on the edge of the Jacuzzi bathtub that had been run with bubbles. He laughed heftily.

“You’re so fucking corny.” Sawyer looked down on her. “But I love it. This is sweet.” He kissed her again and this time there was a lot more passion than the first. He gripped at her silk covered bottom and pressed her pelvis deep into his. Kiana moaned in his mouth and tugged his shirt over his head.

When he was fully undressed, Kiana fell to her knees and got straight to work. She undid the tie of her robe to reveal her dense, aching breasts. Sawyer was practically drooling above her. Between the deep red on her chocolate skin, the candle light bouncing off of her eyes and her swaying heavy tits, he could’ve came right then.

Kiana roughly grabbed Sawyers hands from by his side and placed them on both of her ears. He took his cue and slowly maneuvered his dick deep into her mouth and back out again. Kiana kept her mouth tight—making sure her tongue had maximum contact with the underside of his shaft.

Once he’d built a steady rhythm, Kiana matched it. When he’d pull away, she’d be sure to stretch his length and squeeze his member with her pressure. Sawyer had to look at the ceiling to keep from ending everything right then.

Head almost never used to make him cum. But now, he didn’t know how not to. Either Kiana was an expert or he was getting too old to hold out. It was likely some combination of both but Kiana had a lot more to do with it. She was so perceptive and observant to his needs and likes; she could customize her skill based off of the kind of day he was having. When he was stressed, sad, frustrated or feeling really sentimental, she knew exactly what he wanted. She was perfect.

“Oh fuck,” Sawyer stopped fucking her face so he could regain his composure. He didn’t want to cum so soon. Kiana looked up at him in curiosity. She realized what had happened and double fisted him.

“Key—no,” Just as he went to move her hands, his loins contracted and a growl erupted from his core. Kiana was patient; her mouth wrapped around his tip and coaxing out his seed with hard suction. He came in her pretty hot mouth and watched her drink him eagerly.

Sawyer’s leg muscles shook and he looked for something to hold onto for support.

Kiana rubbed his thighs and up his stomach to help him come down from his climax. He softened before her eyes and she gave his dick a sweet peck before chuckling lightly to herself.

“Do you want to go to bed?” Kiana asked from below. He looked so spent. She didn’t want to make him feel obligated to have sex. They were 12 years apart and she had understood what that meant a long time ago. Sawyer’s sex drive would dwindle as hers peaked. She accepted it for what it was.

Sawyer helped her off her knees and Kiana fell into him a little as her legs woke up. He brought her over to the tub and sat in first. Then he helped her inside. Kiana leaned her back against him and they basked in the warm water. Betturkey

The jets had dissolved a lot of the bubbles so Sawyer could see most of her body through the water. He looked over her natural puff to gaze at her breasts.

He could keep her pregnant forever if it meant they would always look like this. Her hard nipples were floating at the surface of the water. They moved elegantly when Kiana ran her hands through the jets.

Sawyer reached around her body and rubbed them. She purred smoothly, rubbing her gleaming chocolate thighs together. Sawyer reached between her legs with one hand and stroked her folds.

Kiana opened her legs wide for him; putting one leg over the edge of the tub. Sawyer used his middle finger to strategically contact her clit. Kiana nearly yelled out a gasp and rose out of the water a little. She had the most sensitive clit in the world.

“Hm,” Sawyer kissed into the crease of her neck to keep her still. He pushed his hand against her plush belly to pull her back to him. “Just relax.” He mumbled.

Kiana decided to fall back into her husband and completely let go. She gripped his arm tightly and turned her cheek against Sawyer’s chest. He watched her eyes flutter closed.

Sawyer continued targeting her clit under the water, maybe a little bit lightly than the first time. The movement of his hands made deep splashing sounds under the blanket of bubbles. She continued her sweet, low sounds of satisfaction.

He dipped his finger into her hole. She gripped his wrist tightly and Sawyer could see wrinkles in her eyelids.

She needed more.

Kiana had instantly sat up and turned to face Sawyer. He watched her inquisitively from below. Kiana placed her hands over his shoulders and crouched over his dick. She reached underwater to guide him into her core. Sawyer supported her lower back and got ready to assist her if she needed it.

She didn’t.

She stabilized herself with his shoulders and neck and sheathed his dick with her womanhood. The water started swooshing around their bodies by her movements but neither of them cared. Sawyer was too consumed with nipping at her nipples when they slid over his nose and bounced past his lip. Kiana was trying hard to keep her cries contained.

Kiana pushed his face deep into her breasts and Sawyer moaned between the barriers. He rubbed his face over her soft, smooth skin.

Kiana gripped his head when she fell over the brink. She pushed him deep into her chest and moaned roughly into the open space behind him. Sawyer wrapped his arm around her waist tightly and kept her close. Her silk walls pulsated around his dick.

Kiana collapsed into him when her climax stepped down. Sawyer slid lower into the tub so the warmth of the water could cover her body. Kiana laid against his chest and let her eyes close. Sawyer idly ran his hands over her back. They sat in the tub until the water got unbearably cold.


“Some companies will pay you an extra $30,000 if you know how to use a certain software.” Kiana told Allison. Kiana shifted the twins up in their sling before she went back to chopping sausage. They were making a big serving of spaghetti for Declan, Sawyer, Xavier and the kids.

Every once in a while Allison liked to invite everyone over to spend time together as a group. Kiana loved the idea. Sawyer’s lineage was not extensive and despite that, he was quick to write everyone off. Since they’d started their own family, Kiana was adamant about maintaining his. It was all their girls would know of cousins, aunts and uncles. She refused to let Sawyer ruin that.

Her thoughts briefly flashed toward Richard. She hadn’t spoken to him since they met last weekend. She looked to Allison beside her and wondered if she would share their meeting. Allison would be sure to tell Declan and Declan would be sure to tell Sawyer. She didn’t want to put Sawyer in that sort of situation; she would just be thankful he’d been open to her trying the relationship out. When everything was more set in stone, she’d share it with everyone.

“I know. But learning is really intense and I have a lot going on.” Kiana sighed in realization.

“I forgot you’re just popping em’ out.” They both laughed. Allison was on her third child in less than 4 years. She and Kiana were talking about making herself more marketable once she was ready to get back into working again. She’d been staying home for the last couple years and she was ready to start putting her businesses degrees to work again.

“You didn’t tell Sawyer, did you?” She whispered fiercely. Allison spun around to face her and search her eyes.

“No, I didn’t.” Kiana avoided her gaze, knowing she wasn’t a good liar. She lied with her fingers crossed. Of course, she’d told her husband he’d be getting another niece or nephew. And he’d been very excited about it too.

“Good. Declan will not be too happy about it. I don’t know how to tell him yet.”

“What?” It was Kiana’s turn to spin around. She Betturkey Giriş rested the knife on the cutting board and faced Allison. After a few seconds of feeling Kiana’s piercing eyes on her back, Allison turned around too.

“We said we’d stop after 2; a boy and a girl. He really didn’t want any more.” She looked so deflated. This was something Kiana could tell consumed her daily. She always wondered why Allison wasn’t eager to tell him. She’d known for almost three weeks now and Declan still didn’t know. Kiana had just put it off as her wanting to make the reveal special and meaningful. It had never crossed her mind that another baby wouldn’t be a blessing to their family.

“He may not have been expecting it but he isn’t going to be angry about it. He loves Christine and Sean.” She stopped and started again. “I don’t think you’re giving him enough credit; Declan is a sweetheart.” Kiana said quietly

Alison chuckled cynically. “Declan is a sweetheart for you. He is hell when you leave.” Kiana could tell Alison regretted the words almost as soon as she’d let them slip through her lips. She had another thing coming if she thought Kiana would let them go.

“Allison…” Kiana said her name lowly and with measure. “What does that mean?”

“Key…” Allison groaned as if she were being forced into a corner against her will. In some ways, Kiana was backing her in. But Kiana didn’t care. She wasn’t going to let this go unaddressed. “He just has a more subtle Wolfe streak.” She tried to joke but Kiana wasn’t laughing.

Yes, Declan, Sawyer and Xavier all had tempers, mouths and mean streaks out of this world. It was courtesy of their father, Richard and the results of their upbringings. However, Kiana could handle Sawyer. She could go toe-to-toe with her husband if she needed to and she never had to worry about him laying a hand on her or going too far.

Allison was much less vocal. Kiana always thought she would never have to worry because Declan was the docile one of the group. He’d been the one defending her at Hooters when she first met Sawyer. He’d been the rational, levelheaded and moderate one. To know that he’d had another face behind closed doors put fire in her veins.

“No.” Kiana put her finger up to caution her. “That is no excuse, Allison.” Kiana loved Declan. Over the last decade, she’d grown to think of him as her own brother. He was always ready and willing to do whatever she asked. But she had no tolerance for men who treated women poorly. Regardless of who they were to her. The only exception she’d ever made was for her husband. “Is he hitting you?” Kiana whispered.

Allison missed a beat with her reply and Kiana immediately got her answer.

“Sawyer!” Kiana kept her eyes transfixed on Allison’s as she screamed for her husband. They’d all been in the family room watching the game.

“Kiana, no—please don’t do this.” Allison begged. Kiana took a flooring breath that keep her grounded.

She had about 15 seconds to decide whether she’d tell Sawyer or not. Actually, she’d called him a little frantically so she likely had about 10 seconds. She could hear him walking briskly in their direction and she had to make a decision now.

“Give me some time, please.” Allison nearly mouthed it to her. Kiana rubbed her babies’ bottoms in their sling to help bring her comfort. This was a lot of stress.

“What is it?” Sawyer was lightly worried. Allison looked behind Kiana and into Sawyer’s face then back to her again. “What?” He was getting a hint that something was going on. She needed to decide what she was going to do.

Allison had three kids with Declan. Kiana didn’t want to make her decisions for her before she was ready. This was something she’d have to do on her own—despite it killing Kiana to sit back and do nothing.

“Open this for me, Papa?” Kiana reached on the counter and pulled a jar of spaghetti sauce from the surface. She turned around to hand it to him with a light smile, trying to mask the awkwardness of the situation.

Sawyer wasn’t convinced. He popped the lid off with ease and weary eyes.

“That’s what you called me for?”

“Yes. Thank you.” She pecked him sweetly—trying really hard to get him to let it go.

“Kiana, I’m not dumb. What the hell is going on?” Now Kiana was getting annoyed. She huffed out in frustration. She had to start an argument. Kiana took a breath to get ready to do what she did best; argue.

“I just said nothing. Do you want me to make something up just to have something to tell you?” Kiana put her hand along her hip and looked up into his eyes expectantly.

“I fucking know you. You wouldn’t have called me like that for no reason. Then I come in and you two are acting—”

“You know better than to curse at me!” Kiana boomed. She was trying to pick a fight, but that, was natural. “We discussed that and you promised you wouldn’t. Especially while I’m holding your children.” She was laying it on thick. A piece of her felt bad for trying to contort this situation. But Sawyer was just too damn stubborn to let things go; he didn’t give her much of a choice.

“Hey,” Xavier approached from behind Sawyer. His dark brown brows were pushed into a tight line and his jaw was tense. Xavier was very protective of Kiana. Since the day they’d met, he was ready to take Sawyer on head first if he got out of line. He wouldn’t let this argument go on for much longer. However, Sawyer hated when he inserted himself into their situations. Kiana could tell it really got on his nerves. “What’s the problem?”

Kiana was arguing with her husband and if she let it go far enough, Sawyer may be inclined to start arguing with Xavier. She had to keep this contained.

“Nothing Xav, we’re fine.” The kitchen suddenly got crowded and loud. Sydney and Savannah started to stir awake.

“You sure?” Xavier questioned again. Kiana saw Sawyer’s eyes flash with infuriation and he started to turn around and reply. Kiana gripped his strong chin before he could face his brother and tear into him.

This was turning into a circus.

“Don’t.” Kiana got her face close to his and said the words through tightly bound lips. She kissed him once more now that their faces were close and still. “Please, let it go, baby. For me?” She pleaded with desperate eyes.

He replied by kissing her lips and running his fingers through his daughters’ coils. He stalked off without another word.

Xavier still stood in the entryway. Kiana smiled at him apologetically before he too, walked away. When they were alone, Kiana turned to the counter and rested along the edge.

That was a lot.

“Thank you.” Allison said quietly.

“Don’t thank me.” Kiana let out a rough breath. “I did it to myself. This is something you need to want to do on your own.” Allison smiled and hugged her lightly; the twins were a barrier. Kiana kissed both of her cheeks and ran her fingers along the side of her face. “Don’t you — for a second think you deserve anything less than a healthy love. Okay?” Kiana asked, searching her eyes. Allison nodded and Kiana could see tears on the brink of spilling over. “How often?” Allison shook her head as she tried to put a number to everything.

“Maybe twice a week. Sometimes he’ll…” She took a breath. “Wrap his hands around my neck, slap me—he doesn’t do that much. Or he’ll pinch me if we’re around the kids.” She shook her head lightly, staring into the distance. “The verbal abuse is constant though.” Kiana was at a loss for words.

She opened her mouth to speak but shut it like a gaping fish.

“Let’s finish this and then we’ll talk after.” Kiana turned to the food robotically and tried to get her mind off of what she’d just heard.


To see Declan smiling and laughing made her sick to her stomach. He was abusing his wife.

Kiana looked through the window and into the house from the deck. Declan talked with his brothers from across the table. They joked and stuffed their faces as they always did.

Kiana hadn’t had an appetite after her conversation with Allison. She hardly wanted to finish cooking. She just tried to tell herself she was cooking for her husband and not the monstrous man who did not deserve any meal prepared by her.

“He used to tell me about when he’d see Richard hit his mother. He said it bothered him so much to know he couldn’t help her. It never crossed my mind that he would do that to me.” Sean jumped all over his mother’s lap as she spoke.

Sawyer was on baby duty so Kiana was relaxing in her solitude for once. Rather, she was supposed to be relaxing. She was actually just as preoccupied with Allison as she would be with the twins.

“Sawyer never told me that.” Kiana said quietly. She tried to think of Richard ever being capable of something so vile. She couldn’t. But he’d also been a different person then. “What does he say to you?”

Allison shrugged nonchalantly. She peeled her baby away from her wavy strands as he tried to grip them. “He tries to break my self-esteem. He’ll make little comments about my body or insult my intelligence.” Kiana groaned. Hearing this was painful. “That’s kind of why I want to start working again. Sometimes he makes me feel like this was all I was born to do.” Allison swiped her hand over Sean’s cow-lick. “Not to say that raising my children doesn’t require anything from me; its definitely work.” She quickly corrected. “But the way he talks about it…”

Kiana understood. “Men can underestimate what it takes to produce good children. Who are healthy, know right from wrong and are smart. It all takes constant work.” Kiana sighed.

Sometimes she wondered what kind of mother she’d be. She took a little heat from Sawyer for going back to work so soon. The girls weren’t even 4 months when she went back to work. She thought she could do it all and in some ways, she could. She taught classes three times a week and was back home before 1pm. But she couldn’t shake the feeling that she had left them too soon.

“I don’t know what he’ll do.” Allison wore a loose, untailored chambray button down that did a good job of concealing her stomach. But Kiana knew she’d only be able to keep it a secret for another few weeks.

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