[a Filipino name; happiness, joy, pleasure]

[Inspired by P. – Thanks to A. for editing and suggestions.]

Dear Kinkster Journal,

For some time now my relationship with Ligaya – the “pet” name I gave her, not her birth name – has blossomed, ever since we met at the tutorial I headed for mature distance students. The small woman, with long black straight hair, fairly conservatively but femininely dressed, dropped her eyes as she stood up to speak in the middle of proceedings; it was one of those instant moments when we communicated without words – and I knew straight away that here was somebody ready to give devotion, love and surrender.

It was only a few months later that she was installed in my country cottage. Four years now have passed and our desire, as well as her worship, has never dampened even for one day. She is no meek slave-wife, and in many ways she is my equal partner as well as my pet and my lover; but when it comes to her desires…

We live some way out from any neighbours, so friends and relatives always call before visiting; and my work with the university only draws me into the city a couple of days a week. This means we have plenty of opportunity to indulge ourselves without being disturbed!

A typical day will, of course, start with Ligaya serving me breakfast in bed. She now instinctively knows how I will want her to be dressed and how to deport herself. Sometimes she will still be wearing the leg spreader bar or the neck to wrist chain that restricts her movements. Sometimes she will be fully dressed, sometimes bare naked even in the winter – except for the very high stilettos I insist she always wears in my presence.

Unless I have put her under a vow of silence, I like her to vocalize her desires. When she has presented me with the tray, she will kneel down and tell me how much she adores me and will forever be my pet.

During the morning, she will attend to the house and I to my paperwork. Her standards are commendably high, so this takes time – but she knows she can, and will, be interrupted at any time by me, whether to inspect her work, to administer discipline, to check her kitty for dampness, or even just to tell her to stand stock still whilst I push a dildo and/or a buttplug into her and tell her to continue working whilst keeping it in. Again, I like her to express herself, whether it be her pleasure at being manhandled or her displeasure at being given a glowing posterior at my hand.

We are often out in the afternoons taking in the glorious Yorkshire countryside, or wandering around the city – our tastes are not exclusive, but they demand quality, when we’re shopping for outfits or for items to use on and for each other. An added bonus of the shopping is when we’re buying for the occasions where Ligaya serves not her Master but her Mistress; when I am in a mood to switch roles and make her feel that she is submitting to a woman, she is extra compliant and obedient.

Later, once dinner is served and eaten, if there are no distractions then play can begin. Once I have indicated that the time is ripe, Ligaya knows she will have to open proceedings; she asks ever so sweetly for whatever punishment or delight she would like, with something like “Sir, may we play tonight? Would you tie me up and lick my kitty? Would you take your high-heeled slutty pet and bend her over the kitchen table to fuck her? Would you do all sorts Starzbet of dirty and disgusting things with her?” Of course, she may not get what she wants, but I make sure she gets what she needs…

If I nod my consent, she will make sure she is dressed – or undressed – either to my command, or to her improvisation. Her skill at putting suitable outfits together is immense; the only one which she absolutely hates is dressing as a boy, which I save for any time she has been expressly disobedient because I do not touch her or discipline her at all.

We have experimented with many “games” over the four years, in different styles, with different “toys” of all kinds, as well as playing different roles. Some we’ve enjoyed and continued with, and some we haven’t. I shan’t expand on the latter, naturally, but there are plenty of good scenarios to recount.

One of Ligaya’s favourite roles is to be my bath-maid, particularly if I’ve had a long day in the city. When she kneels by our deep tub to scrub me through the mountains of foam, she squeals with delight if I reach up to pinch, play with, squeeze and twist her beautiful brown nipples, perhaps even chewing and biting them. They’re a big focus of pleasure and pain for her, and we have many devices to extract the best from them. The diamond-encrusted clamps I gave her for the second anniversary of her first submission to me are, though, strictly kept for formal occasions…

She also enjoys going back to our time as tutor and student. Although she is, of course, no longer my university student, I do help her with her continuing honours degree studies – using both the carrot and the stick. Although she is much smarter than she has ever been given credit for, academia does not come naturally to her – “Ligaya not good at sums, Ligaya good at cooking and sucking cock” she often jokes – and we find that discipline and reward are a good way of keeping her motivation at peak level. I’m not sure how many of her fellow graduates next year will have got there by pleated skirts, plimsolls and canes…

Myself, I think I most enjoy restraining Ligaya in different places and different positions, and teasing as well as chastising her. In the summer, when it is warm and clement enough, I often lead her out into the garden and tie her with her arms up attached to a high branch, or stake her out on the grass. If she gets too excited the hose soon cools her down!

Indoors, when all of her limbs are restrained, nothing makes her body go into spasms more than if I use the Magic Wand on her. Naturally, I make sure I take lots of time to tease her before I go anywhere near her crotch with it; it’s lucky we don’t have near neighbours with her pleading. Sometimes I’ll blindfold her, and alternate between using the wand and flogging, spanking or biting her, leaving her always unsure whether she’ll feel pleasure or pain next.

We need not always have sex to end these sessions – sometimes they in themselves are enough for our satisfaction. As much as Ligaya prides herself on her oral skill, sometimes I’ll deny her the privilege of my ejaculation – and nothing makes her more furious than seeing me pleasure myself and *almost* offer the result to her before greedily eating it up myself in front of her. Occasionally when she’s restrained I’ll just wipe some on her chin so she can smell and feel it, but not taste it.

Twice a year, on her birthday in November and at Midsummer, Starzbet Giriş she is allowed to “switch” roles and to either dominate me, or to at least be able to have any desire she likes satisfied. Only once have I had to completely deny her this privilege because of otherwise bad behaviour.

The last time this event came around, she surprised me naked but for her bra and shoes as I returned home from the university, and after putting a finger to my lips, span me round and cuffed my hands behind my back. Pushing me down on the floor, she fished my cock out from my trousers and sucked it to its full hardness; then she suddenly withdrew her lips from me, pulled me back to my feet, and almost ripped off my trousers, boxers, socks and shoes. “You’re going to stay like that for a little while….”

I was led upstairs to the bedroom, where she produced a set of rings which she fitted around my cock and balls, keeping me hard. Without looking at me, she tied this with a very short piece of rope to the doorhandle – just a little too short, keeping me on tiptoes – it hurt too much to rest on my heels. I was proud though that she’d obviously learnt some knots from all the times I’d restrained her! She then left me and went downstairs; all I could hear was the sound of her stilettos on the floor if she was in the kitchen.

It must have been several hours I was trapped like this, as it was getting dark when I heard her come back upstairs. My cock had drooped a little, but it was still semi-hard in the rings. I yelped as she gave my arse two quick swats; glancing back, I could see it was the light brown leather paddle I so often use on her. And what was that out of the corner of my eye…?

“You want me to untie you?” she asked.


She swatted my arse again. “What was that?”

“Yes, please, Mistress!”

At last! My aching feet! She released the rope – but not the rings – and with a sharp tug, led me over to the bed and pushed me onto it face down. Clambering on top of me, she bent forward to bite and kiss all over my back, arse and thighs – mixed with slaps and pinches – but, as she leant over me, I could feel what was between her legs, and I knew I was going to get fucked by her: my cock jerked at the thought.

I felt her move up and across for a second, then the sound of her squirting the lube I sometimes use to put myself up her arsehole. “Please, Mistress…”

“No pleading! You’re going to get fucked like a pussy!”

I felt her guide the tip of her dildo between my cheeks, and slowly, very slowly, she pushed her way into me: I yelped into a pillow with the pain of having my sphincter widened, but she took no notice as she started thrusting in and out.

She pulled my hair to yank my head backwards; “Say thank you!”

“Ahhh… thank you, Mistress… ahhh… for fucking me!”

I knew she’d want to hear my pleasure and pain, so I kept on sighing, yelping, moaning and breathlessly thanking her as she fucked me. My cock was rock hard in the rings now as she pummelled my prostate for what seemed like hours. I could take little more, I was getting red raw; “please, Mistress, no more!” It took a lot of begging before she finally consented to pulling herself out of me, taking off the harness and flipping me over onto my back; coming up to kneel on the bed, her thighs were straight around my head as she shoved her crotch onto my face…

“Lick, worm!”

I Starzbet Güncel Giriş know she enjoys the variety of being in charge on these special occasions, but she herself admits that it is not in her nature; bottom she was born, and bottom she will remain with me forever.

Ligaya’s submission comes partly from her satisfaction, of course, and I ensure by the end of the night she is sore and tired from her orgasms, as well as from any bruising I may have inflicted.

Sometimes it’s not just the two of us. I am loath to share my pet with other men, and we have

not yet been successful in finding a woman, Top or bottom, to play with; but perhaps our friend Mi-sook fills both those roles. She is a crossdressing man, but very small, feminine and submissive; she and Ligaya can share outfits as much as they share devotion to me on these evenings.

The last time Mi-sook visited, they changed straight into matching pink baby-doll nighties and panties, white stockings and white ballet slippers. After collaring them both and giving them a short walk on their leads, I settled down in a chair and told Ligaya to take Mi-sook over her knee and spank her for my viewing pleasure. She was reluctant and hesitant, but once I had threatened to send her upstairs to fetch the two-inch tawse, Ligaya pulled Mi-sook’s panties down exposing her small but perfectly shaped hard cock, pushed her to kneel across an armchair and gave her six hard slaps. With each of them she looked at me for approval, which I was happy to indicate wordlessly, enjoying the unfamiliar sight of Ligaya being giver rather than receiver.

It only took a flick of an eyebrow to give Ligaya further orders; she stood Mi-sook back up and knelt down to start to lick our transvestite friend and take her cock in her mouth. It was time for me to stand up to join in, and soon Ligaya was trying to suck both of us at once. Unfortunately she could only get the tips of our heads in at the same time. I was proud of her for at least trying, though.

Sensing that Mi-sook was getting close to her climax, I told Ligaya to pull her legs up on the armchair and allow Mi-sook to bend down in front of her and lick and eat her. This also presented Mi-sook’s gorgeous bottom to me, and with the help of a condom and a little lube, I was soon inside her and fucking her, gripping her cock as I pushed in and out. She was tight and pushed back on me diligently.

It was not long before Mi-sook came all over my hand; Ligaya pushed herself down to kneel before me and clean my hand with her tongue as I fucked Mi-sook harder. That she did this unbidden, looking into my eyes as she slurped up the spunk, only deepened the love I felt for her.

It ended with the two of them laying on the floor and my kneeling over them; Mi-sook pushing a vibrator into Ligaya’s kitty as she jerked me, begging me to cum all over them. As I spurted on their faces and in their hair, they kissed to share as much of my juice as they could; I collapsed between them, kissing them down their bodies as I nestled down with their crotches either side of my head.

Naturally, once our breaths were back, both then expressed their devotion to me, and both were then punished for their sluttiness…

Finally: a night will always end with Ligaya telling me that she loves me, she worships me, and that she will always be my pet, as she falls asleep in my arms.

This is rather long for a letter, but I hope you will feature it in your publication – after I’ve sent Ligaya down the library to type it and print it out, knowing full well how half of her will be fervently hoping that nobody reads any of it, and the other half hoping someone does…

Yours sincerely,

A.T. & Ligaya T., North Yorks.

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