In high school I had spent a lot of time on the internet, and even though I considered myself completely straight and had a serious girlfriend my entire senior year, I knew that deep down I found the images of transvestites wearing slutty clothing on the internet incredibly erotic and that I wanted to try it sometime.

As a result I had finagled my way into a single bedroom off campus apartment outside of Boston for my freshman year of college. Less than a week went by before I had started ordering items from the internet in a frenzy. Some panties here, a wig there, and before you know it I had racked up $800 worth of expenses on a credit card I had received days earlier outside the student union. I had never spent like that before and I quickly got scared that my college days were all going to be spent eating ramen alone in my apartment. I put the card at the bottom of my drawer and promised myself that I would stop.

That didn’t diminish my excitement when the boxes began arriving though. Day after day I unloaded heels, boots, makeup, skirts, blouses jackets and purses. I was still 18, and the fashionable styles of the girls in my classes drove me wild so I tried to emulate them in every way. During my spree I also discovered that I had a fondness for fetishwear, and picked up a couple trashy little outfits.

Last but not least I had ordered a carton of cigarettes. I had smoked camels in high school, but was always intrigued by the Virginia Slims Menthol 120s my girlfriend’s mother had smoked. Whenever my girlfriend would run out of Newport Light 100s she would steal one from her mother, and watching her smoke them turned me on quite a bit. I ordered an entire carton of the VS Menthol 120s from an Indian reservation for myself.

By now it was late September and the Boston autumn was rolling in. As a result sweatshirts and long pants were the norm on campus, and I felt comfortable trying something I had never dared before: shaving my entire body.

I lay in the hot bath and lit up one of the VS 120s, which made me feel extra feminine and sexy. I soaped up my body very well and started to shave up from my feet. I was amazed at how much hair each stroke of the razor removed. I ended up changing the blade twice to keep it from dulling, and in just a few minutes I looked down at my hairless legs. I took a drag from my cigarette and thought about how nice they looked shaved. I then went to work on my pubic area, very gently removing all of the hair around my cock and scrotum and then laying on my stomach to shave the wisp of hair in the crack of my ass. After finishing up my chest and armpits I climbed out of the shower and looked at my hairless naked body in the mirror. It turned me on so much I ended up jerking off into the sink while rubbing my smooth chest and ass with one hand.

The next day was Friday and I had decided to wear a pair of pink silky boyshorts under my clothes to school. Walking back through Boston Common after class I could feel the fabric against my naked cock and couldn’t wait to get home and get all dressed up.

I quickly threw my books on the couch and ran into my bedroom to figure out what to wear. I had so many new outfits and really no idea which one to pick. I ended up living the cliché and decided to dress like a schoolgirl. I had an amazing plaid miniskirt and wore a white blouse and really hot pair of white patent knee boots. I spent an hour in the mirror slathering on all sorts of wonderful new makeup. Hot pink lip-lacquers and jet black liquid eyeliner all conspired together to create a very pink, very slutty, very overly made up young lady. I decided that blondes have more fun and tore open the bag to a blonde wig, putting pink barrettes in it to give it pigtails. I ended up jerking off again into the sink looking into the mirror at the image I created.

After finishing in the sink I looked down at the pearly white cum and dipped my finger in it. Bringing the finger to my lips I tasted my own spunk. The salty gooeyness mixed with the waxy lipstick tasted delicious and I wiped up another big gob to taste on my way to my bedroom.

At this point I realized that I was all dressed up with nowhere to go. I was far too scared to leave my apartment and after jerking off couldn’t really figure out what to do with myself. I ended up lighting a cigarette and sitting in front of the computer.

I had an AOL account since high school but didn’t really use it and decided to change the name to something more feminine. There was a girl in my high school named Bianca who was a total snobby stuck up bitch. She was also amazingly attractive and always wore the best clothes. I named myself LilBostonBianca and logged online.

I quickly realized that being a “girl” on the internet is different than being a boy. Even though my profile clearly labeled me as a crossdresser, I was instantly inundated with IMs from horny guys wanting to talk. I had joined a TV chatroom and was trying to talk to other TVs about how wonderful I felt being istanbul escort dressed for the first time but it seemed I was mainly swatting away IMs from random guys who all wanted to show me a pic of their cock. I still considered myself very straight, and as much as I loved dressing, and really wanted to be with another tgrrl for the first time, the last thing in the universe I found attractive was someone’s hairy cock and balls or pasty white pockmarked ass.

Still, all the attention was very flattering. I sat there dressed up smoking cigarettes and thinking of myself as the most popular girl in school, the one who can’t help but be annoyed that every guy was trying to get with her. I really wished I had a cocktail to sip but being that I was both broke and only 18 I had yet to figure out exactly how to go about buying alcohol in my new town. I also realized that I really needed to take a picture of myself all dolled up. All of the hot tgrrls online had one and I figured what good was getting all dressed if I couldn’t show them what I looked like.

I was looking through digital cameras on, knowing I really couldn’t afford any of them when I absentmindedly replied to someone’s request for a picture that I didn’t have one because I couldn’t afford a camera. He wrote back almost instantly.

Bigpoppa72: I’m a professional photographer, perhaps we could do a photoshoot LilBostonBianca: oh really… Bigpoppa72: Click on my profile, you can see some of my work

I clicked on the link in his profile and he actually did have a portfolio of work online. Among the pictures of landscapes and electronics was a folder of female models dressed in various fashion ensembles and lingerie. The models looked gorgeous, and I could just imagine how beautiful I could look if I had an experienced photographer take my picture.

LilBostonBianca: u realize im not a real girl right? Bigpoppa72: Yes I do. I like girls like you.

My mailbox dinged and I opened it to see that he had sent a picture of himself. He was a very tall, very muscular, very bald, very black man. In the photo he appeared to be in a nightclub wearing a suit with two young models kissing his cheeks. He winked at the camera.

LilBostonBianca: im straight, i don’t hook up with guys, just girls like me Bigpoppa72: That’s fine, I’m just looking for new models. It’s not alot of work but a couple hundred extra bucks a week doesn’t hurt.

The idea of being able to dress up and get paid for it was making my little head spin. I pictured myself as a demure college student by day and a jetsetting transvestite model at night.

LilBostonBianca: how would we do it? Bigpoppa72: Well first I would need to take test shots. Where do you live?

I was very nervous about telling anyone where I lived, but the idea of becoming a model was just too intoxicating and I told him the area of Boston I was in. It turned out he lived only a shot cab ride away.

LilBostonBianca: ive never met anyone dressed before. im not sure if i can do it Bigpoppa72: I’ll bring over some champagne and my camera, with maybe a couple of lights. We’ll take a few quick pictures and then I’ll go. It’s entirely up to you.

Butterflies were doing sexual cartwheels in my stomach as I sat there and looked at the screen. After a couple minutes I just couldn’t take the tension anymore and sent him my address. I then sat back and tried to light a cigarette in my very shaky hands. I sat there thinking about all the things that could go wrong when we showed up. Maybe he would think I was ugly and laugh at me. Maybe it was an old friend playing a sadistic prank on me. Or maybe he was a serial killer who would kill me and rape my corpse. Out of all of those options the first seemed to be the worst.

By the time the doorbell rang I was ready to vomit with nervousness. I unlocked the deadbolt and opened the door by pulling it back, hiding my entire body from the view of the doorway. After a second I heard a booming voice:

“I guess that means come in!” And he stepped into my apartment.

He was wearing black slacks and a tight ribbed shirt that was tucked in under a big black belt with a silver buckle. He carried a large black gym bag in his enormous right hand. I quickly slammed the door shut behind him.

“Damn! You look beautiful.” Blood rushed to my cheeks and any fears I had before he arrived melted away instantly. I stood there blushing feverishly and didn’t know what to do. He stood at least 6’5″ and was very muscular, dwarfing my tiny 5’8″ 115 lbs frame. He put his gym bag down on the ground and unzipped it, revealing a bottle of champagne and two flutes. “Here, let me pour you a glass of champagne and you can sit and relax while I set up the lights.” After he poured the glass I took it from his hand with shaky fingers and nervously sat down on the couch.

While took two small lights out of his gym bag and started to set them up while making small talk. I learned that his name was Kevin, escort bayan and that he was thinking of starting up a website on the side of his business that would be more fetish and tranny related stuff. As he talked I smoked a cigarette and finished my glass of champagne which he quickly refilled. The bubbles from the champagne mixed with the thrill of being dressed made me feel electric and I had visions of the girls on Americas Next Top Model getting ready for their fashion shoots. I was also starting to get aroused in my pink thong and hoped Kevin wouldn’t notice.

After I finished my second glass of champagne the lights had been set up and Kevin had me take position on my little leather loveseat. I looked into the blinding lights with big doe eyes and dig my best model impression. Kevin started to snap away on his camera and I posed and pouted with my hands on my knees and at my sides.

“We need something for your hands to do.” Kevin handed me another glass of champagne and my cigarettes. “Here, use these as props.” I lit a VS Menthol 120 and took a quick sip from the champagne. “There you go, you’re hanging out with Paris and Lindsey, your at a club and fabulous, pose for me!” Kevin’s direction instantly hit the right spot and I started to imagine myself out with the dirty debutantes posing and acting sexy. I pulled up my skirt a bit and looked coyly at the camera. I winked, I kissed. I wanted to be the hottest little bitch in the world.

“Turn around and put your hands on the wall.” I hopped up on my knees and put my hands up against the wall like I was under arrest. I looked back over my shoulder with a “Fuck me” look towards the camera. Kevin said “Yes!” and I reached down and flipped my skirt up over my ass, revealing my pink glitter thong to the lens. Kevin quickly snapped away and I was aware of the growing bulge in the front of my panties. “Now all fours!” Kevin shouted as I got down on all fours on the black leather loveseat. I arched my back and looked deeply into the camera with my thonged ass in the air. “Very nice, like a little slut. Are you a little slut?” I felt my little cock fill with blood thinking about how sexy I was.

“Mmmm, yes I’m a little slut.” I said in the girliest voice possible while looking at the camera.

“Lick your lips!” I licked my lips seductively at Kevin, who’s camera was only a few inches away from me. “Mmm love those lips. Made to suck cock. Open your mouth like you were sucking a cock.” I closed my eyes and opened my mouth widely. I moved my tongue around inside and tried to imagine the feeling of having a big thick cock in my mouth. “You’d make a very good cocksucker.” Kevin was taking pictures like mad. My little cock was sticking straight out of my thong and pounding like mad. “Do you want to taste my cock Bianca?” I opened my eyes and Kevin stopped taking pictures and looked me in the eye.

“Yes” I whimpered meekly. I quickly shut my eyes in embarrassment, I had no idea why I said that and the idea terrified me, but at that moment I wanted nothing more than to suck his cock.

“What’s that Bianca? I can’t here you.” Kevin’s voice became more authoritative.

“Yes sir, I want to suck your cock.” He stared down at me intently. I looked up into his eyes and the bright lights nervously before slowly putting my hands to his pants. My long hot pink acrylic nails shakily fumbled to find his zipper and I slowly brought it down.

“Take it out slut.” Kevin’s voice was stern as I reached my nails into his pants and grasped a huge smooth cock. I pulled it out of the fly and gasped. His cock was as black as dark chocolate and at least 9 inches long. My tiny hand struggled to get all the way around the base and I could feel it growing and pulsing. I opened my hot pink lips and took the head of his enormous rod into my mouth. I closed my eyes and started sucking on his growing cock. My cheeks quickly puffed up as I tried to take more and more of him into my mouth. I heard the camera clicking away above me and I opened my eyes widely and looked up into the lens. I tried to do my best porn star impression as I slobbered all over his thick cock. I danced my long fake nails over his balls and shaft as I struggled to take more and more into me.

He pushed his thick meat deeper into my tiny throat until I chocked and gagged. Tears sprung up in my eyes as he pulled his cock out of my mouth, a trail of saliva with a small amount of vomit snaked up to the tip of his cock. I looked up at him with tearful eyes and saw a look of mild disappointment and disgust. I wanted to be hot like a porn star and not gross so I quickly stuck out my tongue and slurped every drop of my slutty saliva back up into my pink glossed lips before swallowing it down and showing him my open, empty, hungry mouth.

I leaned back on my shiny boots and tilted my chin back in order to give my fuller access to my throat. He lowered his cock into my mouth and I could feel the pressure as his massive tip started to open the muscles leading Bostancı escort towards my tonsils. I started feed his shaft into my mouth with one hand, working it up and down the base while trying to make the most girlie squeals I could being muffle by an enormous cock. He reached back behind my head and started thrusting my face into his cock in deep forceful bursts. I couldn’t breathe and tears started running down my cheeks but I put my hands behind his back and helped push his cock deeper into me.

“Damn girl, you really are a little whore aren’t you? Are you ready for my cum?” I wanted to taste him, I wanted to experience the power of the cum shooting out of his body, I wanted to drink his cum and feel it in my belly. Before I knew what was happening he pulled his cock out of my mouth and unleashed a mighty torrent of thick, pearly white semen all over my black leather loveseat. There must have been a cup and a half of pungent sperm pooling on the black leather cushion. I looked up at him disappointedly and he immediately spoke, “Lick it up bitch!”

Quick as a flash I hopped up onto my hands and knees and buried my face in it. I heard the camera clicking away as I looked up into the lens with spunk covering my lips and chin. I greedily lapped up the spunk like a naughty puppy while looking directly into the camera and making my sluttiest faces. I slurped and sucked up as much of the rich gooey mess as I could, sucking it through my teeth and onto my tongue proudly showing the camera how much I enjoyed devouring this thick black seed. When I was finished, and the black leather pillow was covered in nothing more than the shiny residue of my saliva I swallowed for a final time and looked up at the camera. I had a mixture of cum and spit dripping from my smeared pink lipstick, black eyeliner streaked lightly down my cheeks and eye glitter sprinkled all over my face, hands, and his limp black cock.

“Why don’t you get cleaned up while I look over these pictures.” His voice was softer now and I got up and slinked into the bathroom to take a look at myself in the mirror. I was aghast at the freak show that looked back at me in the mirror. I looked like one of those Max Hardcore models who has been used and abused. I quickly took off my wig and cleaned off my face.

Looking at my boyish face without makeup I felt extremely ashamed and embarrassed. I was good looking straight guy and here I was wearing a skirt and blouse. To top it all off I could feel a black man’s thick gooey seed sliding down my throat and coating my belly. I wanted to hide from myself so I quickly applied even heavier makeup. Jet black lip liner around hot pink lipstick that I slathered on in huge quantities and then heavy pink and red cream eye makeup about dark thick black eyeliner. I decided that if I was going to look like a fuckdoll I would really do it, and drew bright pink circles on my cheeks in blush. I put my wig back on and adjusted my pigtails before walking back into my apartment.

Kevin was sitting on my couch looking at a laptop be had brought with him. I sat down on the loveseat and nervously lit up a cigarette. “You don’t have to sit all the way over there cutie.” He patted the space on the couch beside him and I got up and took the seat. On the screen was a picture of me sucking his cock.

“I’ve never done anything like that before.” I took a long cool drag of the menthol cigarette and felt my little cock grow hard as I looked at myself, looking every bit the slutty pornstar.

“Oh I took one look at you and knew you were a natural.” Kevin put his hand on my knee and eyed me up and down. I took another shaky drag of my cigarette and just let the feeling of his strong hand on my body sink in.

I exhaled the minty smoke into his face and cocked my head coquettishly, “A natural what?”

Kevin clicked past a few pictures of me and landed on one when I was on all fours, makeup smeared on my face with spit and cum drooling from my chin. I proudly looked into the camera with a full load of cum in my mouth. “A natural black cock slut.” The edge returned to his voice and I looked down sheepishly. “That is what you are isn’t it?” My brain starting going a million miles and hour. I had never experienced something like this, and never really thought I wanted to, but there was no denying that it turned me on more than anything I had done before in my sexual life. “Well Bianca?” He squeezed my leg rather tightly. I looked at my image on the screen and took a deep drag of my cigarette. I exhaled deeply and closed my eyes.

“Yes sir, I am a black cock slut.” I felt liberated as the words escaped my lips.

“Get on your knees and tell me.” I got down off the couch and kneeled on my shiny boots. Kevin looked down on me intently.

“I’m a black cock slut.” I looked up into his eyes.

“And you agree to worship my black cock whenever I want?”

“Yes sir!” I started to reach for his pants but he swatted my hand away hard.

“Bitch if your going to be my slut I am in charge! Do you understand?” He looked down on me cruelly.

“Yes.” I whispered. His open palm stung against the side of my cheek as he slapped me across the face. Tears started to well up in my eyes and I felt my cock stiffen in my pink thong.

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