Lingering Guilt


A droplet of water slowly glided down the outside of the fresh pitcher of margarita. It was a warm fall Friday, and the outside deck of the restaurant was beginning to fill up.

“Bev, I am so glad you invited me to happy hour,” Molly said as her sister in law filled up her salt rimmed glass. “I have been so off the past couple of weeks.”

“I know. Nick texted me earlier this week asking if I knew what was going on with you.”

Molly always marveled at how close Nick and Bev were as siblings. Though there was a five year age difference, the two ended up being thick as thieves. Pat, the pair’s mother, spoke with pride about the close knit family that she had raised.

“I didn’t tell him what I thought was up with you.”

“I’m still just in shock about what happened. I can’t believe that I cheated on Nick. I love him so much. What the hell came over me?” asked Molly.

Four weeks ago, Bev, Pat, and Molly planned a leisurely spa day to celebrate the end of summer. Massages and mani/pedis, lunch, and shopping had all originally been on the schedule. On the schedule until Pat and Molly got to Bev’s house. When they went in to get her, they found her in the arms of a big black man. Falling under the spell of his magical cock, the three women’s spa plans were soon discarded, to be replaced with the entwining of their bodies with the unknown man. Disregarding their loving partners, they experienced multiple orgasms at the ministrations of the dark stranger.

Since that Saturday, Molly wracked herself with guilt. She had jeopardized everything that she had built with her husband to succumb to a spontaneous moment of adultery. Once she saw that big, black dick, everything she knew and cared about were forgotten from her mind.

Compounding her guilt was knowing just how good the sex had been. That man had a virility that was missing from her marriage. His cock stretched her pussy in a way that she had never known. It had reach a depth that she didn’t know she wanted to have filled.

“I know exactly what came over you,” Bev answered. “Don’t forget that I was there. I know how amazing it felt. James had a power over us.”

“James? How do you know his name?” Molly inquired, wheels turning in her head.

Bev brought her glass to her lips, trying to draw attention away from the blush that had crept up her face, changing her normal pale skin to a bright crimson.

“Well, I hoped to keep this to myself, but…I’ve seen him since that day,” the redhead replied.

“What? Oh my god! Where did you see him?”

“Molly, I couldn’t get that fuck out of my head. I had to do something, otherwise I would have driven myself crazy. I’m hooked. The week after, I put in an order. He showed up that Saturday. Kyle was at the course and the kid was with his grandparents.”

“No, you didn’t!” Molly exclaimed. “You fucked him again?!”

All Bev could do was shake her head, the blush still on her face. “I know it’s terrible. But James makes me feel so good.”

Slowly, a smirk arched its way across Bev’s face. “It wasn’t just the one extra time either. Every Saturday since. I have never cum as much or as hard as I have the past month. Actually, I’m also fucking Kyle more too. I’m horny all the time.”

Bev proceeded to explain how each time got better and better. Few words were ever exchanged between the two. James would arrive to her front door. If he found it open, he came in and found her upstairs in her bedroom. They would then fuck until each got their fill before James would leave, taking her panties with him each time.

Shocked, Molly had no idea what to say or think. On the one hand, Bev’s tryst was cheating. What would Kyle do if he found out what was happening? On the other hand, Bev and he weren’t married. They’d been together a few years and it seemed like the affair had some benefits for Kyle too. Maybe, Molly could see Bev and James’s arrangement as just using all means to fulfill Bev’s sexual needs, like having a living vibrator to stoke her fire.

“I can’t believe this,” Molly said. “That would sure be something to see.”

Maybe it was the tequila that had crept into her brain, but Molly was visualizing her sister in law engaged with the black man, recalling the encounter she’d first witnessed and then joined in. The contrast of her pale skin with his ebony figure. His strong hands groping up her body to tangle in her hair. Her pussy being driven open by the dark piston of his penis. The ivory color of his seed shooting into the amber of her pubic hair. Molly could feel the dampness of her pussy as she contemplated the naughty behavior of her husband’s sister.

Bev’s statement snapped Molly back to attention. “What’s stopping you from coming over and watching? The guys will be golfing. My son is staying at his father’s. James normally comes over just before 8AM. Come on over about 7:45. You should be able to see everything from the bathroom. We can keep the door mostly closed. He’ll have no idea. You don’t have to join in, just peep Betturkey in on us. Maybe it’ll help put your mind at ease.”

“No way! Out of the question! I’ve already done something so horrible, it can’t happen again.”

“It won’t happen again. Just check him out one more time. It’ll probably get it completely out of your system. Besides, I don’t mind putting on a show,” Bev said with a dirty smirk on her face.

Molly poured the remainder of the pitcher into her glass and polished it off before saying, “Fine. One more time! But just to watch.”

Molly was on edge the rest of the evening. Conflicting emotions raged through her mind. Would she be cheating on Nick by going over and watching Bev and the black man? Would this dispel the guilt that had been hanging over her? What does one wear to watch your sister in law get fucked?

Nick must have picked up on her nervousness. He sat next to her on the couch while she was watching TV and gently coaxed her to lean onto his shoulder. His left hand softly caressed her hair and she melted into him. His other hand gently rested on her upper thigh.

“I don’t know what’s been on your mind. You just haven’t been yourself lately. Whatever is bothering you, know that you can talk to me. I’ll always love you. And if it’s about us trying to have a baby, know that it’ll happen when it’s meant to happen. You’re going to be an amazing mom!”

Nick’s hand inched up her thigh as she turned her lips to meet his. Soft kisses lead to more passionate ones. Taking the lead, Nick grabbed her hand and led her to their bedroom. Through a long, and satisfying, love making session, a single idea bounced around in Molly’s head. What would she see tomorrow when she went to Bev’s?

Molly rang the bell at the back door and waited for Bev to come and open the door. Molly parked the station wagon a few blocks away from the house. The forecast for the day was more of the early fall warmth that they had been having lately, but the morning was a touch brisk. She had dressed as if she was going to the gym; a turquoise dri-fit top with a tight pair of yoga shorts. Though she would acknowledge that she had a tummy that may have been accentuated by the shirt, it was easily overhung by her large breasts. A little tummy isn’t bad if you have a giant rack and a nice ass, her husband reminded her almost daily. She was chilly and bounced back and forth on her toes waiting for the door to open.

After a few moments, Bev appeared at the door. A smile crossed her face as she welcomed Molly inside. Without saying anything else, she turned and walked through the house, heading to the stairs and leading her sister in law upwards. Molly noticed that Bev was dressed in the same robe that she had been wearing the Saturday when they had first met the acquaintance of James. Today, she had it drawn tightly around her. Molly’s eyes followed the petite redhead’s cotton clad ass as they ascended the steps. It beguiled her as it dawned on her that her sister in law had a booty, one most men would drool over.

The two women entered the master bedroom. Molly swung the door absently behind her. The silence hung a little awkwardly, knowing what both were about to experience, one an active participant, the other a curious witness.

Bev spun around toward Molly and broke the heavy silence. “Well, here we are. So what do you think?”

Bev untied the robe and spread it open. She wore another matching bra and panty set, this time a deep crimson that stood out against her pale skin. Her nails were painted the exact same color. She struck a pose before wrapping herself back up in the cloth robe.

“Wow, look at the sexy lady,” Molly responded. She was impressed with the way that the bra enhanced the woman’s breasts. A dirty thought crossed Molly’s mind, I bet Nick would like me to wear a set like that.

The tension had lessened gradually as Molly complimented Bev. They began to discuss where Molly should try to watch the action from. Bev pointed her toward the bathroom, which was to the right of the king sized bed. With the door mostly closed, Molly should be able to peek out and see all of the anticipated action.

The conversation broke off when they heard the front door open.

“Quick, get in there and close the door,” Bev whispered.

Her left shoulder to the wall, Molly closed the door, leaving an opening of about a foot. She could hear someone coming up the stairs. She peeked out quickly, and saw Bev seated on the foot of the bed. The robe was spread open, her legs outstretched with one ankle crossing the other.

Molly pulled back from the opening when she heard the bedroom door pushed open. The footsteps moved deeper into the room.

“Hey beautiful,” a deep voice intoned. “Good to see that you have been waiting.”

“I’ve been waiting all week,” Bev said, seduction and anticipation heavy on her voice. From the slight creak of the bed, Molly could tell that Bev had risen from it.

The sounds of the two kissing signaled Molly that Betturkey Giriş their engagement had begun. She poked her head around the doorframe and peered into the room. She saw the dark man clad in his tan uniform shirt and shorts. Bev’s robe still hung from her shoulders as she stood on her tiptoes to meet James’s kiss. He had bowed his head to meet his diminutive paramour. His arms engulfed her, encircled around her small frame. Her chest pressed against his body.

Their embrace lingered as each one’s hands grabbed at the other. Their mouths attacked each other, sucking and closing, passionately engaged. In the same way as the previous time, James pushed the robe from Bev’s shoulders, exposing the matching lingerie underneath. Molly inhaled a breath as she saw that Bev red thong separated the muted flesh of her butt. James hands dropped to Bev’s hip and began stroking her side. Up and down, the ebony hand traveled, drawing closer and closer to her bust.

Suddenly, Bev broke the kiss and drew backwards. Taking this opening, James grabbed both of Bev’s bra clothed breasts. He kneaded the soft mounds as he looked Bev up and down. Moans escaped Bev’s mouth, indicating approval.

James removed his left hand and placing it on Bev’s head, pushed her gently downward onto her knees. Bev’s hands reached to the zipper of his shorts. She undid the shorts and fished inside for his member. She extracted the engorging behemoth and brought it to her lips, allowing it to slip into her mouth. She bobbed on his dick while both of his hand entwined in her hair.

Molly’s was shocked by the sight of his monster cock. She couldn’t remember it being that big the last time. Seeing it again, she was floored by its size. How had that thing been inside her without splitting her in two? She remembered coming on it twice. She also remembered the firm strokes that the delivery man had administered to her, well, her mother in law, her sister in law and her.

As Bev continued to service the black man in the other room, Molly realized how turned on she had become. Looking in the mirror, she saw that a flush completely covered her face. She could sense that her pussy was dripping, completely soaking her underwear. She reached down and slowly stroked her short covered pussy, providing herself marginal relief.

“Hmmm, that feels so good baby,” James said.

After a few final pumps, he grabbed underneath Bev’s arms. He spun her around and nudged her toward the bed, pushing slightly on her shoulders. She fell forward, catching herself with her arms. He directed her to place her knees on the bed. She was now on all fours on the bed. He hung over her, starting with his hands on her shoulders and lightly dragging them down her back. He did this a couple of times before his hands reached Bev’s thong. He grabbed the garment and drew it over her hips, sliding it down her legs, and lifting each foot, took it off. He tossed it onto the floor behind him.

Molly slipped her hand inside her shorts and panties and began to play with her clit. Her fingers traced slow circles as she looked into the next room. She fought to contain the gasps and moans that ached to escape her mouth.

In the bedroom, the panty less Bev remained on her knees, while James’s mouth lowered to eat her pussy. The redhead whimpered at the black man’s tongue danced across her pussy.

“Fuck that feels good! Don’t stop!” Bev gasped out. Her hand gripped at the bedspread.

“I’m almost ready to be in that pussy,” James answered. “Not quite yet though.” He put his finger in his mouth and drew it out covered in his saliva. Replacing his mouth on her waiting quim, his thick finger entered Bev.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” That seemed to be all she could say over and over. Her legs began to quiver as an orgasm ripped through her body.

Molly felt a moment of jealousy. Though she was still playing with herself, she ached to be spread open and made to come. She could not wait to get home to Nick so that he could fuck the shit out of her, that was if he was in any state after a day golfing. Molly’s other hand grabbed onto her own breast, gently massaging it and causing the nipple to stiffen.

While Bev finished shaking on the bed, James shed the remainder of his clothes. He approached the orgasming woman. He grabbed his rigid member and leveled it at her pussy as the shaking subsided. Bev looked over her shoulder at what the large man was doing behind her. Seeing that he was targeting in on her pussy, Bev’s eyes widened and her mouth drew up into a smile.

“Yes! Give me that,” Bev begged.

As James thrust into the awaiting pussy, both women reflexively said the word “Fuck,” one practically a scream, the other a groaned whisper.

Molly raised her shirt before grabbing the underside of her bra and lifting it, allowing her pendulous boobs to drop and hang. Both hands squeezed their respective nipple. She closed her eyes.

Molly watched as James pounded into Bev. The wet squish of a vagina excessively lubricated with its own juices sounded through the room, mingled with the groans of the redhead, and the grunts of the muscled man.

One hand returned to Molly’s dripping pussy. She had to do something. The shorts were too tight on her. She couldn’t reach the spots that made her feel the best with that constriction. She seized the waistband of her shorts, accidentally grabbing the elastic of her panty at the same time. She bent at the hip and dropped both of them down her legs.

The problem with this maneuver was that her legs were now bound together at the knee. A moment of dizziness fogged through Molly’s brain and at that instant, she lost her balance slightly. She nudged forward and hit into the bathroom door. The door moved forward and audibly connected with the doorframe, before it bounced slightly back open.

Molly gasped realizing what she had done. Movement ceased in the adjoining room. Heavy footsteps approached the door. Molly could see a dark hand press against the door. Her gaze followed up the arm until she was looking the black man in the eyes. A smile of recognition spread across the man’s face.

“I remember you. How you doing?” he inquired.

Molly stood mouth agape, boobs hanging exposed against her chest, with her panties and shorts tightly bound around her knees.

James stretched his arm forward and placed it on Molly’s shoulder. “Come on in. The more the merrier.”

Responding to the invitation, Molly took one constricted step toward the bedroom, stopping on the threshold into the bedroom. She could see Bev laying on her back, head turned toward the bathroom, her hand tending to her sodden vagina. As if waking from a dream, she shook her head.

“I can’t. I shouldn’t. I’m married. I love my husband,” she replied. She tried to take a step in retreat, without realizing her legs were not completely free to move. She began to fall. And she would have if James’s strong hands hadn’t caught her. He pulled her back to standing. He bent down, and with his face on level with her snatch, and gently lowered her panties and shorts the rest of the way to the floor. Standing, he grabbed her hand, turned, and began drawing her toward the bed.

“It’s just a little fun between friends. I won’t tell if you won’t tell,” he said.

Before she knew what happened, Molly was sitting on the bed facing the now open bathroom door. From behind, she could feel her shirt being raised. She reflexively lifted her hands. After the garment was removed, she turned and saw that it had been Bev that had removed it. Bev next unfastened Molly’s bra, leaving the married woman naked. Bev reached around and fondled her large breasts.

Molly turned to face forward and saw the black man stroking his dick, still moist with the juices of her sister in law. He stepped toward her. Molly opened her mouth, inviting his cock into her mouth. As it parted her lips, she began to taste its mingled flavors. She could sense a sweat that must have been the delivery man’s. Stronger though, was the taste of Bev’s pussy, which had marinated the throbbing member.

From behind, Bev dropped a hand from Molly’s breast to her waxed vagina. The experienced hands parted the lips and found the taller woman’s clit, eliciting a gasp. Molly’s mouth bobbed on the dark meat, as his hips thrust it forward and back. Molly’s hand reached up to the cock that couldn’t reach into her throat and began stroking the base, drawing a moan from James.

“Let me get reacquainted with that pussy.” He signaled Bev to scoot back and pushed Molly onto her back. He lowered his mouth to her pussy and began to feast. Molly arched her back under his ministrations.

She looked up into the eyes of her sister in law. Bev bit her lip and looked down at Molly, an inquisitive look worn on her face. Molly nodded her head yes. Gracefully, Bev turned, straddled Molly’s head and lowered her pussy. Molly’s tongue extended greedily to meet the lowering cunt.

Despite the pleasure being applied to her, Molly was still able to manage a lucid thought. “I can’t believe I am eating pussy again.” Before the last time, she never would have believed that she would do something like that. There’s was nothing she found erotic or attractive about pussy. However, she was tonguing her sister in law’s clit. The younger woman had a trimmed auburn bush which enticed Molly, as her nose was drug through it. Molly took two fingers and aggressively jammed them into the dripping pussy.

James raised his hand and saw the brunette woman pleasuring the other. He raised himself and lined his cock up with the brunette’s aroused sex. With one smooth motion, he drove his large cock completely into her pussy. As he bottomed out, he heard a vagina muffled scream. He’d heard similar eruptions before and, undeterred, began hammering into her.

Molly’s first orgasm rapidly engulfed her mind, causing her to completely forget the pleasure she had been providing. Her entire body spasmed, knocking all awareness temporarily from her. Bev’s pussy dangled above her head, but Molly was aware of nothing around her but the earthquake that was moving through every nerve of her body. The only sound the left her mouth was a loud “Ugh.”

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